Those in control of the execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation – the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order in control of the Vatican in Rome – have always believed and understood, the success of any large scale psychological operation depends upon a full spectrum dominance of the MSM’s media narrative.

This is why – in such cases – the effective utilization of the masonic concept of duality remains pertinent and even paramount.

In the case of the Covid-19 psychological operation, both sides – pro-vax and anti-vax – represent fully controlled but preconceived narratives.

Though most haven’t bothered to notice, social media posts – both on Twitter and Facebook – which reflect the views of “anti-vaxxers” have been programmed by AI bots and distributed through fabricated accounts.

This method of operation is known as setting up a strawman which can later be discredited.

Case-in-point: “Del Bigtree”.

For those unfamiliar, “Del Bigtree” was established as a publicly conspicuous “anti-vaxxer” who, upon further investigation, has also been identified as a fabricated character scheme, one who has been created solely to play out a strawman role which the MSM can then easily discredit.

Turns out, the surname of “Bigtree” is a play-on-words, a phallic-oriented inside joke concerning yet another fabricated character scheme which was promoted by the MSM decades ago, a media generated character scheme once known to the American public as “John Wayne Bobbitt”.

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Turns out, as well, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of both “John Wayne Bobbit” and “Del Bigtree” is no stranger to the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

In fact, the family to which Bigtree’s live-action role player belongs is well known in Hollywood.

In the past, over a series of decades, both Bigtree’s hidden parents – Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando) and Lonnie Anderson (AKA Sally Field) have portrayed a slew of fabricated character schemes.

Below from L to R: Marlon Brando, Burt Reyolds

Below: Burt Reynolds, Marlon Brando, Vladimir Putin, Phil McGraw




PETROZAVODSK, RUSSIA – APRIL 28: Russian President Vladimir Putin talks during a meeting with State Duma and Council of the Federation members on April 28, 2014 in Pertozavodsk, Karelia region, Russia. Hennadiy Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, is in a critical condition after being shot by unknown gunmen amid continuing unrest in Ukraine. (Photo by Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images)



Reynolds – as proved by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses – has also been modified into the fabricated character schemes known as television personality Doctor Phil McGraw and Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin. Reynold’s other hidden son, Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, has also been identified as having portrayed another television doctor, the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Drew Pinksy”.

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For those still mired in disbelief or vexed with incredulity over the connections published on this site between the Covid-19 psychological operation, the widespread public distribution of “vaccines” (delivery system for gene therapy/Graphene-based Nano-particles), the global implementation of the crypto-currency system based on body activity known as the “Internet of Things” and, as well, the trans-humanist agenda, look no further than the link posted below to a document published by the UK government, entitled “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm”.


Furthermore, it should also be noted, the transhumanism agenda – in relation to both the “sustainability” goals (depopulation) of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the distribution of “vaccines” – is being promoted by a variety of well-funded and influential NGO’s.

Among these are the Findhorn Foundation, Council For The Human Future, and the Half-Earth Project.

It should be noted, too, these foundations are peopled with the sort of ideological zealots, useful dupes, and other such impressionable and psychologically weak personality types which, as even Vladimir Lenin understood, are necessary for the widespread promotion and ultimate success of any ideologically-driven movement.



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Of course, nothing of the sort regarding these matters or the activities of these foundations, many of which are funded by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, will be heard from the “anti-vax” activist known to the American public as “Del Bigtree”.

Instead, “Del Bigtree”, whose podcast, before it was alleged to have been removed, could be regularly seen on YouTube, concentrates his efforts on linking autism with vaccines.

The link establishing autism with vaccinations, according to an article published at, “After a court challenge questioning the scientific support behind the claim that ‘vaccines do not cause autism’, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has removed that headline from its website. The blockbuster change was made quietly last August {2020} and went largely unnoticed, with no public announcement.”


Of course, such suspicious maneuvers have become standard operating procedure for organizations such as the CDC.

While Bigtree’s efforts in this regard – promoting the confirmed but plausibly denied link between autism and vaccines – may seem to be a noble pursuit, nevertheless, as everyone has discovered through the results of in-depth investigations published on this site, strawmen fabricated character schemes such as “Del Bigtree” are oftentimes found to be wolves donned in sheep’s clothing.

While “Del Bigtree” may appear to act in opposition to the pharmaceutical industry and the unregulated commercial distribution of their products, products which have proved detrimental to the public’s health and welfare, he is covertly working on behalf of the very pharmaceutical giants whose numberless malfeasances he claims to be exposing.


According to the official but threadbare biographical entry found at Wikipedia for “Del Bigtree”, “Del Matthew Bigtree is an American television producer as well as CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network. He produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe…”

Also, according to Wikipedia, Bigtree’s anti-vaccination group, Informed Consent Action Network, was funded by the Selz Foundation, overseen by Bernard Thierry Selz, “a fund manager and anti-vaccination supporter based in Manhattan.”

Regarding “Bernard Selz”, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses has confirmed he is also yet another fabricated character scheme portrayed by the hidden father of Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando), Rod Steiger (AKA the “late” sports caster Howard Cosell).

From L to R: Bernard Selz, Howard Cosell, Rod Steiger


As extensive investigation dramatically illustrates, controlled-opposition character schemes created with fabricated biographies which are routinely custom-tailored by intelligence sources oftentimes congregate together and act in collaboration while coordinating their counter-intelligence efforts.

Turns out, even the intelligence hacks working on behalf of CIA and Wikipedia admit this to be the case with the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Del Bigtree”.

According to Wikipedia, “Bigtree still lobbies legislators to convince them to keep vaccination exemptions in place,” and has “often collaborated with Robert Kennedy Junior” in these efforts.

As everyone who frequents this site is well-aware, “Doctor Robert F. Kennedy Junior” has also been identified as a fabricated character scheme, portrayed by Hollywood actor Kevin Costner.

SEE: Hollywood Doctor Charged with Malpractice


Regarding the hypothetical premise expressed in this article’s introduction, that “Del Bigtree” is not only a fabricated character scheme but a controlled-opposition agent set up as a strawman the MSM could proceed to easily discredit, therefore, in turn, discrediting legions of those alleged to be “vaccine hesitant”, Wikipedia confirms this.

“Bigtree produced the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, based on the discredited views of Andrew Wakefield.” Wikipedia goes on to maliciously claim, “the film debuted in 2016 and was widely panned by critics. The epidemiologist Ian Lipkin wrote that, ‘as a documentary it misrepresents what science knows about autism, undermines public confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and attacks the integrity of legitimate scientists and public-health officials’.”

However, if “Del Bigtree” (EE=33, highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) was discovered to exist as an MSM-driven fabricated character scheme, a fraud created and set up to merely act as a strawman, would this fact also serve to considerably undermine the integrity of not only Ian Lipkin but also the integrity of those he deems “legitimate scientists and public-health officials”?

Would, therefore, it surprise anyone who frequents this site to discover that “Del Bigtree” is, in fact, a fabricated character scheme, one portrayed by the hidden grandson of Hollywood actor Rod Steiger (AKA Bernard Selz/Howard Cosell) and the hidden son of Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Phil McGraw/Vladimir Putin)?

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and extensive image comparison analyses confirms that the host actor (live-action role player) who portrays the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Del Bigtree” is Quinton Anderson Reynolds (AKA John Wayne Bobbitt).

L to R: Del Bigtree, John Wayne Bobbitt, Quinton Anderson Reynolds

L to R: John Wayne Bobbitt, Quinton Anderson Reynolds, Del Bigtree

6 thoughts on “Del’s Big Tree Bears Rotten Fruit

  1. I knew right away about this guy after a quick visit to his website. The 33 is in plain sight.

  2. Another superb and informative article! Thank you for explaining the Straw Man concept. It reminds me somewhat of the Honey Pot concept. Apart from the obvious deceit, I noticed that MSM is pushing this vaccine very hard. Apparently they are not happy with 64% of the population being poisoned, so now they come up with this Delta (Triad) variant, to encourage more people to get the injection. They have a target figure and heaven only knows what will happen when they reach it. There is no such thing as “herd immunity”, it is a pseudo-science, and so there has to be another agenda for wanting so many people injected. Another motive besides greed. Maybe the Georgia Guide Stones agenda?

    With the flu shot, they lowered the recommended age from 18 years to 2 years. Then got greedier and lowered it to 6 months, even though all longitudinal studies indicated it had zero impact on the last 2 groups, and that healthy people 18-64 lost a total of 3.2 hours per year due to the flu. Not 3.2 days, 3.2 hours of sick time!. The only group the flu shot helped was over 64, but they pushed it on 6 months olds and up! Thermisol (mercury) to a 6 month old???? Sounds as cruel as luciferace to a 12 year old.

    With statin drugs, during the great cholesterol hoax, they started with a targeted Optimum overall figure of 200, then every time the market got saturated, they lowered it to unhealthy numbers, as statin drugs have severe adverse side affects. It went from 200 to 175 to 150. Statin drugs depletes your body of essential nutrients and causes you to become a permanent patient. I guess that is how industry works. We should all watch the movie, game of shadows. The villain says I only want all the bullets and bandaids. He used the Hegel Dialectic to enrich his industry.

    Years ago, if you did an internet search for the hazards of vaccines, it would light up like a Christmas tree. Dr. Toni Bark and several others would explain that vaccine science is a flawed science and that even the doctors who push it know it is nothing more than a placebo to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. Now, if you do an internet search, the only thing you find is pro vaccine propaganda, and of course, now the straw man controlled opposition. If you post anything contradictory to the CDC on You Tube, the post is removed and you go straight to YouTube jail. I have several friends in YouTube jail and cant post any longer.

    Why isnt the MSM talking about all the money the pharmaceutical industry is making.
    They want 3 billon people to get multiple shots at $200.00 per poke, you do the math!. Just because the shot is free to whomever takes it, the industry still gets paid with our tax dollars. Why is MSM giving free advertising to the pharmaceutical industry? They don’t support healthy industries, such as crystals and essential oils. Maybe because crystals don’t help with population control.

    It is common knowledge in the medical field that the CDC is a stepping stone to being CEO of a large pharmeaucitical company. All of the ex-CDC higher ups now work for the pharmaceutical industry, after hawking their poisonous wares. Enough ranting for now. I guess the point I am trying to make is that your website reveals the extent of the deceit the Jesuits will go to in order to advance their agendas.

    Knowing this, everyone should recognize propaganda when they here it, and they will be much better off. Thanks again for your insightful work!

    1. Thanks for your continued interest in Newsspell. In the particular case of “Del Bigtree”, there is no doubt this is the same actor – Quinton Reynolds Anderson – who portrayed the MSM character John Wayne Bobbitt. I’ve yet to encounter a more perfect facial recognition and ear biometric match. In essence, they really scraped the bottom of the barrel to set this character up as a strawman who the MSM could easily discredit and refer to again and again as the typical “anti-vaxxer”. I’m in wholehearted agreement with respect to your reference about the plethora of information which existed, relating to the dangers of vaccination, the utterly criminal malfeasance of the pharmaceutical industry, prior to the onslaught of “Covid-19” propaganda, the source of which, as you’ve astutely pointed out, is the Jesuit order at the Vatican in Rome. I think, by now, even the dimmest among the population – at least on a subconscious level – suspects what is truly happening, they are merely too cowed, morally bankrupt or cowardly to defend themselves and their families against this obvious criminality. In a word, the scenario is quite pathetic – really.

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