handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858For those of you making previous visits to this blog, one is more than familiar with the controversial nature of the concepts discussed. One of those, has consistently been the fact that everything one visualizes on television network news is but a mere illusion. In truth, network news is nothing more than a sorcerers spell, designed to construct ideas in the public mind, ideas that will not only be firmly believed, but acted upon.

And how is it this is achieved, one may inquire?

Ever since that fateful day on the morning of September 11, 2001, most Americans have been led to believe the threat of terrorism exists in every neighborhood, in every city, on every street corner. But now, not surprisingly, there exists a new threat at once equally monstrous, and perhaps, according to the media sorcerers, even inscrutable: ISIS!

The question never asked, is from where do these armed militants, intent on such widespread destruction, acquire their weaponry, their specialized training in committing acts of skilled bombings, close quarters killings, carried out with such complete success, and all without the slightest detection, until after the fact? Has the public never wondered how it is, a group of violent political dissidents, hailing from a geographical area of the world not known for an abundance of munitions and arms factories, is able, with relative ease, to acquire such deadly weaponry; automatic weapons, troop carrying armored vehicles, and sophisticated bomb making material? Could it be, that someone is supplying ISIS with such materials, and if so, for what ultimate purpose, and to what effect? Is it a coincidence that ISIS exactly resembles the identical moniker for Israeli intelligence? To perhaps effectively answer these and other pertinent questions, once again, providing some much needed historical perspective may be necessary.

Plans for a greater Israel

The state of Israel was created in 1948 by the prominent merchant banking family the Rothschild’s, in cooperation with the UN, itself an organization representing a wafer thin geopolitical front for international banking interests. In the nineteen eighties, a document was circulated among the corridors of the State Department and Pentagon, known as “Plans for a Greater Israel.” This document outlined a plan of destabilization in certain middle eastern countries such as Syria, Iran, and Iraq. The catalyst for this geopolitical mayhem would be the creation of CIA sponsored terror groups, which would necessitate a greater NATO military presence in certain targeted regions of the Middle East. War is the centralizing economic and governing principle of this planet. To the ruling elites, war represents commerce, the constant trading of profitable goods and services, a systematic binding of national governments to the prevailing debt ridden economic global system of centralized banking. The US and Israel, collectively represent the engine driving this economic vehicle constantly forward. In order to keep this debt driven system from collapsing, new wars, complete with new and ever more exotic and threatening enemies, must constantly be concocted, justifying public support in the form of greater taxation accompanied by even greater emotional investment through patriotic exploitation. In order for the bankers to retain public support for the continuation of this system, the media machine must be employed to create the perception that the world is a perilous place, that the freedoms and liberties the public has been trained to believe are so central to their well-being, are constantly under threat from enemies real or imagined. The bankers primary tool, or weapon, in convincing the masses the need for greater security, surveillance and military build-up in regions of the world most cannot locate on a map if their lives depended, is the employment of the mass media; television, radio, and yes, the internet. In the case of ISIS, the enemy is a complete fabrication, born out by historical analysis. For anyone not paying attention, the Middle East is rife with natural resources; crude oil, precious metals, and narcotics trades, more specifically the refinement of heroin.  The control of these natural resources is most attractive to multi-national banking interests, representing profits exceeding trillions of dollars.

1954: IRAN revolution

At the behest of its multi-national banking benefactors, CIA planned and executed a coup in Tehran, to remove the Iranian Premiere, Mohammed Mosaddegh, in favor of a political puppet, someone more favorable to Western banking interests. Elaborate plans involving the removal of Mosaddegh were hatched during the Eisenhower administration, in cooperation with Allen Dulles, head of the newly formed CIA, and Kermit Roosevelt, brother of the late American president. Apparently, Mosaddegh wanted to nationalize all oil interests in Iran, a maneuver which alarmed the British government. At the behest of MI6, Dulles and CIA were instructed to hire professionally trained dissidents to oust Mosaddegh, efforts which culminated in success on August 19, 1954. In the place of the deposed Premiere, was placed Fazollah Zahed, a figure, along with the reigning Shah, Reza Pahlavi, proving readily amendable to Western interests, and the interests of the multi-national bankers secretly in control of the  Federal Reserve.

Afghanistan, and the ‘Soviet Vietnam’

Utilizing much the same method of operation years later in Afghanistan, Western banking interests set their eyes on complete control of the main source of the vast heroin producing trades centered in Afghanistan, historically controlled by warring Afghan tribes. Afghanistan’s primary export has always been poppies, the mass production of which entire plantations in the remote wastes of Afghanistan have long been dedicated. This crop, once harvested, is transported through the vast oil pipeline matrix running through the Middle Eastern region. From there, it reaches refineries in Iran, Iraq, and Syria. When the crop is finally properly refined, it is then delivered to European organized crime elements, historically represented by French Marseille importers in cooperation with British organized crime elements, traditionally represented by the Cray brothers headquartered in London. From there it is distributed down to the street level syndicates in Europe and America, secretly controlled by factions of multi-national banking elements, with the protection of government agencies, i.e. Interpol and FBI, who in turn are employed to eliminate, or marginally disrupt, all forms of threatening competition.

The ‘cold war’, spanning from the post-World War two era until the latter stages of the twentieth century, so vividly outlined in Western history books, was nothing more than a proxy smokescreen to hide warring factions of multi-national banking interests over control of this profitable narcotics trade. In his book, ‘The Grand Chessboard’, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined a plan to create certain terrorist elements which would induce the Soviet Union to attack Afghanistan. Once again, in cooperation with CIA and MI6, these terrorist elements were trained and armed to commit mayhem upon those heroin plantations secretly controlled by rival banking factions centered in the Soviet Union.

As Henry Kissinger once noted, military men are merely utilized in the service of geopolitics. To the elite banking interests, wars are merely business negotiations, and armed military’s are often used as bargaining chips in order to gain a greater negotiating foothold.

Needless to say, the calculated coup was successful, bogging down the Soviet military in a protracted and exhaustive campaign. Is it any coincidence then, shortly thereafter, American president Ronald Reagan called for the tearing down of the Berlin wall, signalling the collapse of the Soviet regime? No, there are no coincidences in history, because much like a Hollywood production, history is tightly scripted, complete with actors playing out their roles on the international stage. Neither, is it coincidence, that these marauding bands of trained CIA militants were later re-branded by the Pentagon and the American State Department as Al-Qaeda, thus justifying a greater Western military presence in a remote, but profitable region of the world. When the fear factor generated by Al-Qaeda began to eventually fade in the minds of most Americans long after 9/11, a new enemy had to be created, in order to justify the continued military presence and escalating build-up in the Middle East.

Thus, enter ISIS, stage left!

Stay tuned for part III of Diana: the myth made people’s princess, coming very soon!

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