Once again, the masses have been duped.

What occurred in Manchester was not an actual crisis, but a government sponsored simulation.

You’ve been fooled once again by the same family of actors present at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Gabby Giffords, and yes, even the JFK assassination events.



One must remember, nothing demonstrated by any mainstream news source should be construed as truth.

If one truly cares about the future of their family, friends, and mankind itself, one must refuse to be emotionally cajoled by the teleprompter reading robots at the major television networks. For, they are merely sock puppets of the alphabet intelligence agencies, MI6, and CIA.

One would do well to utilize whatever shred of analytical wherewithal still exists before succumbing to emotionalism, before making a final commitment in believing what occurred in Manchester on May the 22nd (22 representing a master builder designation for Scottish Rite Freemasonry) was an actual crisis. The mass populations of both the West and the globe at large are being lead to believe in the increased obsolescence of sovereign governments. To an ever greater degree, the media sorcerers are conditioning the masses for the arrival of global governance. Nonetheless, one’s in depth analysis of the Manchester event continues, with more stunning revelations. 

To everyone with eyes and ears attuned to the anomalies of these government sponsored crisis events, what follows may not be all that surprising. By now, one has surely heard the testimony of so-called eye witnesses allegedly present the evening of the Manchester event. Most of the documented accounts not only qualify as anomalous, but contradictory, and to an ever increasing degree, bizarre.

Beyond that, in the previous installment, one alluded to the consistent numerology codes the media sorcerers always program into the broadcast presentation of these ‘events’. As one shall soon discover, the numbers add up to something truly remarkable, the true significance of which, at this point, can only be met with intelligent speculation.

More on that subject, however, shall be elaborated upon later.

Believe it folks, you won’t want to miss that!

First, however, one shall detail more of the tools regularly utilized by the media to psychologically manipulate the public and to enhance their emotional investment in what they want you to ultimately define as truth. Although some of these audio and visual techniques have been in use for quite some time, the degree of sophistication in further distorting the general public’s ability to discern between fantasy and reality has increased exponentially. In light of the existence of these media techniques, often used in a sinister fashion in the service of overarching social and political agendas, one must be evermore discerning as to what may be perceived as truth.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


With the ever increasing sophistication of computer software, the information one observes, absorbs and consumes through magazines, periodicals, and especially through the medium of television, should be met with the highest degree of skepticism. The general pubic may not be aware of just how widespread the utilization of facial re-enactment software by all major television networks has proliferated. So much so, that even the content presented by your local news affiliate cannot be trusted as genuine. Facial re-enactment software allows for a novel approach for the reenactment of a monocular target video sequence. The source sequence is also a monocular video stream, captured live with a commodity webcam. The goal of this software is to animate the facial expressions of the target video by a source actor and re-render the manipulated output video in a photo-realistic fashion. When a live video is run, through the use of facial identity recovery, it is possible to track both source and target video using what is termed a ‘dense photo-metric consistency measure’. From there, reenactment is achieved by fast and efficient deformation transfer between the source and the target. The actual mouth interior that best matches the re-targeted expression is retrieved from the target sequence and warped to present an accurate representation.

In other words, folks, when you observe a world leader, or even an actor hired to perform in a scripted government sponsored crisis event, that performance may not even be real, but in truth, fabricated. A much more primitive or vintage example of this concept as it relates to television news production was alluded to and minutely described in an older post published here at

One speculates this technique may have been utilized with the Manchester event in the case of several post-event interviews.  Here is the link to what one believes to represent a pertinent example:

Facial re-enactment techniques can and often are used in combination with real-time alteration and precise modification of audio recordings. This is a voice morphing technology developed by Doctor George Papcun in the late 1990’s, enabling what has come to be known as voice cloning. The most famous example of this was the cloning of the voice of General Carl W Steiner, former commander in chief of US special operations command: “Gentlemen, I have called you together to announce we shall attempt to overthrow the US government.” One can readily see, how this technology could be utilized for sinister purposes by a morally bankrupt government, in collusion with a corporate owned media complex bent on the furtherance of a political agenda. Featured Image -- 5992Featured Image -- 4685


That’s right, folks, it can now be reported that actors originating from the same family owned production company participating in both the Sandy Hook and Columbine events were present in Manchester on the 22nd of May.

Indeed, there are no coincidences.

All things have a way of connecting.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

In the third installment of the series of blog posts entitled Columbine and Sandy Hook hoax connections, I detailed the relations between the Arnez family and CBS network through the production company started decades ago by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez Senior. Many of Lucille’s children and grandchildren not only starred in prominent roles at Columbine and Sandy Hook, but it turns out, at the recent Manchester event. The careers of Lucille Ball’s children have never been well documented, and many may not be aware she had a total of three children. It was rumored, that one of those children- her first-was given up for adoption, so that Lucille could adequately focus on her budding career.

At least, that is what the official biography would have the public attempt to believe.

Be that as it may, it can now be reported, that Julia Arnez portrayed the role of Charlotte Campbell, mother of alleged missing, and now declared deceased daughter Olivia Campbell. Her alleged husband, is an Arnez family member and actor who also portrayed the role of a grieving parent at Sandy Hook.

As for Olivia Campbell, she was portrayed by Isabelle Hodgkins, the same young woman posed as a witness to the Manchester event and interviewed in the aftermath on Good Morning Britain. One may notice, while viewing the video available at the link provided below, Hodgkins looks confused during this interview, and that is due to the fact she is wearing an ear monitor.


Clearly, Hodgkins appears to have a great deal of difficulty with multi-tasking. To be fair, fielding questions from the talent host while at the same time listening to the instructions given by the studio producer can be nerve racking during a live broadcast, and her expressions are indicative of confusion rather than confidence. Though one may see many seasoned news anchors perform these tasks with aplomb on a nightly basis, this is an acquired skill honed over a long period of on-air experience.

However that may be, why would an eyewitness need to be given instructions as to how to answer questions concerning an event she allegedly attended not more than twenty-four hours previous?

Now, that some of the actors involved in yet another government sponsored crisis event have been identified, one shall move on to detail, in the next and final installment, what has been learned concerning the numerology coded into this particular event.

In addition, one shall detail not just numerology, but the anagrams discovered mixed in with the details of the printed news accounts.

Stay tuned folks, for the revealing and exciting conclusion of part III!

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