There exists a sage adage that history has a habit of repeating.

This begs the logical question: How many times do the same deceptions have to be displayed by the mainstream media before a significant percentage of the masses begin to notice the essence of the grand ruse? Judging from merely cursory observation, it seems the percentage of those numbered among the duped, easily surpasses the much smaller portion of those growing increasingly aware. Still others may see the deceptions, but choose not to make their observations publicly known. Perhaps the infecting virus of fear has permeated too deeply.

Though some may have acquired the eyes to see, their lips seemed determined to remain forever sealed.

Here at, one is not in the habit of remaining silent.

In terms of journalistic research, the Manchester simulated bombing event represents a treasure trove of anomalies; the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. Just when one thought all that was left to discover had been revealed, many stark revelations yet remain.

It appears folks, pop star Ariana Grande may posses a doppleganger!

Also, she may have a sibling relationship with the true identity of the actor portrayed the role of the alleged Manchester ‘bomber’!

Part of the elite method of operation when it comes to deception is to hide the nature of their calculated ruse in plain site. One would think such a method of operation would be antithetical to keeping deceptions covert.

But, quite the contrary.

Psychologically speaking, allowing the target of deception a small glimpse of the ruse can either induce or reinforce cognitive dissonance.

Indeed, this represents a cleverly conceived trap.

The target of these simulated psychological operations-the pubic-has been conditioned to affirmatively accept information derived only from those sources appearing to be ‘official’ or substantially authoritative. And yet, even though the target knows authoritative sources may have utilized deception previously, the targets subconscious social conditioning, and prevailing societal pressures, remain such a great barrier to substantial or penetrating inquiry, the target will ultimately-no matter what lingering doubts-choose to reject any notion they have in fact been deceived.

Are there in fact, more deceptions to reveal when considering the Manchester simulated bombing event?

The answer, upon further examination of certain photographs released via mainstream sources, would appear to be a resounding affirmative. The first possible deception to be examined shall be that of eight-year-old alleged victim Saffie Rose Roussos (Rose=Rosicrucian sect of Freemasonry, 8 representing the cube, or esoteric masonic/Pythagorian concept of squaring the circle), who incredibly, like some or all of the victims in the Sandy Hook simulated crisis event, may be either a total fabrication, or represent a manipulated, or younger photographic record of an individual still found to be very much alive.

SSDI (social security death index)

Reportedly, the global social security index represents the most accurate and comprehensive administrative set of genealogical records in the world. Per established standardized procedure, the death index is updated hourly, and can be accessed and cross-referenced with complete assurance regarding its administrative accuracy. It came to one’s considerable surprise to discover that not only were there no updated death records in existence for eight-year-old Manchester bombing victim Saffie Rose Roussos, but for none of the other alleged twenty-two victims either. Given SSDI is touted as the most accurate and up to date administrative system of death records in the world, and also given the highly publicized nature of the Manchester event, this clearly represented a conspicuous anomaly.

It was then one came across this: (If link doesn’t work, google “Just as predicted…Kids Choir Joins Phony Fake Show” 66USPatriot)

Although a complete forensic examination in the way of comparison and contrast has yet to be completed, there certainly appears to be a more than stark resemblance between the young girl in the video leading the chorus in honor of the Manchester victims and the eight-year-old victim Saffie Rose Roussos pictured in the photographs published and distributed by AP and Getty (both media outlets are owned and controlled by Rothschild banking interests by way of the London Crown Temple Bank).

Could this be a Sandy Hook redux?

One will certainly recall, shortly after the Sandy Hook event on December 14, 2012, there was a rather curious chorus of children performing at the Super Bowl the following year. Not only did all of the children bear a chilling resemblance to the Sandy Hook victims, the event itself catapulted a wave of speculation among the You Tube ‘conspiracy’ community. Although nothing ultimately conclusive was drawn from conspiracy community ‘truthers’, the controversial issue was immediately denounced by CNN and other mainstream outlets.

One recalls kingpin CNN anchor and CIA asset Anderson Cooper taking valuable air time to address the allegations, launching into what can only be described as a vituperative rant denouncing what to a mainstream audience would appear lunatic assertions. Upon further analysis, if the allegations of ‘conspiracy theorists’ were so easily dismissed and dismantled, why wold CNN brass have allowed Cooper, a mainstream media figure, to eat up valuable prime time network advertising blocks to address such ridiculous fodder? But, the scripted rantings of Cooper represented nothing more than a part of the psychological operation’s prefabricated script-to manufacture an ongoing and possibly explosive public polarity, between those that believed Sandy Hook was a hoax and those that did not-all to generate ratings, and ultimately profits for the network stockholders. It could also be speculated, such a stunt was planned well ahead of time as mere mainstream media bait, thrown to the fringes to further alienate those labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’.


For the moment, one shall hark back to the recent ‘terror’ incident alleged to have taken place in Times Square, New York. Once again, upon consulting SSDI, no records could be located for a verified death certificate in the name of the 18-year-old victim, Alyssa Eisemann. Much like Adam Lanza from the Sandy Hook simulated crisis event, she seems to be a phantom, existing only within the confines of cyberspace. Upon looking closer, though the mainstream photographs were badly photo shopped, making a thorough ear bio-metric analysis difficult, a cursory facial recognition analysis yielded some astonishing results when compared with the young pop star Ariana Grande. Indeed, although the examination was only preliminary, there does appear to be a stunning resemblance. Perhaps one can make their own determination here:


In a previous installment (Manchester Hoax: Neither bombs nor death (Part III), one outlined the unique particulars regarding corporate contractual arrangements. One can say in all certainty, all participants assuming roles in the Manchester bombing simulated crisis event were most likely exclusively contracted and made to agree to the strict terms and conditions therein. It has to be emphasized, these arrangements do not significantly differ from those required by pop stars such as Ariana Grande. Each contract contains stipulations, terms, and conditions that must be complied with, or else the actor may be opened to severe legal due process, and or possibly the termination of their lucrative career.

In 2013, Universal music group and Disney corporation entered into an intimate global corporate arrangement, meaning that Ariana Grande’s recording label, Republic records, was legally placed under this behemoth corporate umbrella. This more than implies Ms. Grande is the exclusive property of both Disney and Universal, and as a contracted performer, is strictly limited to the terms and conditions of the legal arrangements made therein. A similar contractual arrangement with Disney was most likely involved for the Boston bombing crisis simulation event, when one witnessed the presence of former Disney executive Michael Eisner, and his son, Michael ‘Breck’ Eisner, portraying the heroic role of Carlos Arredondo, rushing to the rescue of bombing victim Jeff Bauman.

Does one mean to imply taking a role in one or more simulated crisis events may have been part of Ariana Grande’s exclusive contract with Universal/Disney?

Since one is certainly not privy to the particular contractual negotiations, one cannot say for certain. However, from purely educated and speculative observation, it certainly appears to be the case. A mere three days ago, Grande performed a benefit concert in Manchester, featuring a star studded line-up of pop star colleagues, including Coldplay, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. It is more than fair to say, that such an entertainment extravaganza involving such major stars, was certainly not the result of impromptu scheduling subsequent to the Manchester crisis event. An entertainment spectacle such as this, would most certainly have been planned well in advance of May the 22nd, 2017. This more than implies the so-called benefit show, like the Manchester crisis event itself, were merely major components of a skillfully prepackaged coordination of events planned with intended consequences of social and political importance in mind.

This is how corporate business is conducted, and the profitability of stockholder portfolio’s worth multi-billions are maintained, through the mutual business self-interest of colluding, and yes, conspiring corporations. How business is generated is of negligible importance in comparison to considerations of commerce and the targeted profits ultimately benefited. It is estimated the BBC’s coverage of Grande’s “One Love Manchester” benefit averaged 10.9 million viewers and peaked with an audience of 14.5 million. Obviously, this was a great boon for the BBC, not only in terms of ratings, but in terms of advertising dollars, both for the network, and for the sponsors buying advertising blocks. Then there is Grande herself, whose album ‘Dangerous Woman’ will no doubt be hoisted into the upper reaches of the pop charts from all the recent exposure. Remember folks, any publicity is good publicity when it comes to the music business.


Now, get ready for this folks.

Little has been mentioned in the wake of the Manchester crisis event concerning Ariana Grande’s sibling, Frankie J. Grande. The flamboyant performer has a career of his own apparently, and has performed on television and with Ariana on stage. Both from the perspective of standard police investigation and forensic procedures, one of the telltale signs these crisis events are scripted and staged is in observing the speed with which the usually self-immolating ‘terrorist’ perpetrator is always subsequently identified. As with all role playing training drills, the scenario is always tightly adhered to unless the rare contingency is employed due to impromptu changes in the drill scenario. Given there seemed to be a lack of hesitation in immediately identifying the terrorist perpetrator, the Manchester crisis event script appears to have been followed rather closely right down to the minutest prepackaged detail. Upon further investigation into Frankie J., one noticed in his latest You Tube video, he admitted there had been a recent lull in his on line video posting. Could this mean that Frankie had been recently contracted to play the role of terrorist in Manchester, and a prioritizing of professional commitments had to be made?

Admittedly, In observing his various performances, both on line and on stage, Frankie appears to be every bit equal in stature in terms of talent when directly compared to his more renown sibling.

Just for the sake of references, here is a link to one of his latest videos apologizing to his fans for the recent on line absence:


In looking at the following CCTV footage from the alleged Manchester event, one is struck with the overly staged and even slick quality. However, looking more closely, the alleged terrorist appears to be portrayed by an actor playing out a scripted role. Observing more closely still, one can’t help but observe the facial features appear strikingly similar to that of Ariana’s sibling Frankie J.

One can make their own determination here:

If one has viewed the previous posts in this series of installments, one has outlined and detailed how, for reasons of plausible deniability and tight maintenance of crisis event integrity, family members, in both rule and practice, are always invariably employed.  Could it be Frankie J. Grande played the role of villain in the Manchester crisis event? One thing is certain, the only surefire solution to end the predominance of these crisis events and put a stop to their nefarious psychological effects, is in putting the major mainstream television news networks such as BBC and CNN out of business.

How is that achieved one may ask?  Make a commitment to stop watching television and starve the networks out of their profitable advertising margins. Right here, right now, today, make a genuine effort in committing to permanently shutting it off.

In fact, better to say, donate your television to your nearest local garbage dump.




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