Political ideologies are mere wisps of reeds against the hurricane force of truth.

But, just consider for a moment: What if everything one has been taught to believe about American history turned out to be a colossal lie? What if all of American history represented merely the recording of a script played out by actors? The following may serve to convince, or at the least compel one to begin to contemplate, that the meaning of Act II, Scene VII of Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’, may not have been meant to be taken metaphorically.

Rather, what if the following excerpt from the old bard was not metaphorical in nature, but meant to be interpreted on a literal basis?

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances, AND ONE MAN IN HIS TIME PLAYS MANY PARTS.”

While most of the following information is certainly controversial and indeed may be vilified, perhaps one should consider the profound significance of this query: Does one ultimately feel more comfortable remaining wedded to conditioned fictions, or is it better instead to seek out new ground, in a search for the ultimate truth?

The choice is ultimately yours. 

History often recognizes the American 36th president simply as LBJ.

But, LBJ never existed.

He was a character played by a young actor, an actor who in later years became one of Hollywood’s most successful, celebrated and respected.

Lyndon Baines Johnson had the reputation as a swaggering Texan, a man who reportedly held some of his meetings with cabinet members in the oval office bathroom while he relieved his bowels into the toilet. Turns out, everything one thought they’d learned about this particular historical figure, like all of his predecessor’s, is the product of myth, concocted lies designed to bury the truth.

And what is the truth?

The truth is, the mythical figure known as LBJ was portrayed by an actor charged with playing out his role on history’s stage. In the words of Shakespeare, LBJ was yet another actor, a poor player strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage until heard no more. Escape to Death - 3D

It is ironic, that those often found to scoff the loudest at the slightest notion American, and indeed all of history, is scripted like a movie, have never truly contemplated-to any penetrating degree-the beliefs instilled over the entire course of their lives may lack credibility. Nor, will intransigent mindsets ever consider they have never truly been privy as to what goes on in the corridors of power. They have never contemplated, that they are shown only what the ruling elites merely wish for them to observe through the distorted prism of the television medium. They have never dared to surmise that the televised ‘powers that be’ with which they think they are familiar, those in which such an abundance has been emotionally invested, are merely fronts for the real power sitting behind the curtain of ‘national security’. They have never contemplated what they think they know, or what they have been ‘educated’ to believe, has only been repetitively related to them through high school and collegiate text books, published and distributed under the auspices of the very same sources of power never broadcast through their living room television sets.

In the words of Samuel Clemens, it is far easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

To those inclined towards an open mind, the following information may serve to dismantle any notions LBJ’s political biography, most likely composed by CIA agents headquartered in Langley, Virginia, represents truthful historical accuracy in any way, shape or form. Shortly, it shall be demonstrated that the political legend of the man known to so-called American history as LBJ, is in truth, an absolute concocted crock. Hopefully, those that peruse, absorb, and begin to contemplate the significance of what follows, shall begin to view American history from a vastly altered perspective than they did previously.

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In a previous installment found at, entitled“Watergate covered up more sinister crime”, one explained how the scripted legend of Richard M. Nixon was created for historical posterity. It was Nixon himself who repeatedly referred to American politics as an ‘arena’.

Sage words indeed.

It is indeed ironic to note, how often the elites hide their secrets in plain sight, again and again. And yet, the revelations seem to escape the easily distracted masses. At one time, the historical character known as Richard Nixon (played by Warren Beatty) was also famously quoted as having said “Americans will never believe anything until it is broadcast on their television sets.” This is the key to understanding how the frail psychological makeup of the masses is routinely manipulated. In essence, the general public is willing to consume a steady diet of propagandized pablum simply because the rigid environment of public school has programmed them to be followers rather than leaders. By now, here in the 21st century, it must be self-evident, to even the most oblivious among the general public, that the concept of the American dream, is nothing more than a carefully crafted and assiduously maintained illusion. Politics, Hollywood, and all other fields of professional endeavor are rigged markets dominated by the concept of generational nepotism.

For, this is the common tactic of the ruling elites-placing words into the mouths of the puppet characters dangling from their metaphorical but powerful strings.

LBJ was not a flesh and blood political figure, but a mythological character portrayed by an actor, a highly skilled actor whose true identity remained well masked in make-up and prosthetics.

That is, until now.

One may ask how is this possible?

It must be understood, that since 1913, the corporation known to the public as the United States, has been owned, operated and legally consolidated under the conglomerate corporate umbrella of the Crown Temple bank in London through it’s subsidiary franchise the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor a reserve. Since all political policy, both foreign and domestic, is planned well in advance of any presidential ‘election’, the position of the executive branch, as well as the two other governmental branches, both legislative and judicial, are in fact superfluous, and are staffed with actors registered under pseudonyms, working under contract, just as any scripted actor in Hollywood is required to do. The ‘elections’ are mere spectacles of grand theater, nothing more than a television ‘reality show’, performed to give the American people the impression or perception some semblance of democratic process still exists, when in fact nothing of the sort exists, nor has ever existed.

Much like the Abraham Zapruder (who was a CIA/Rockefeller operative) film, emerging ten years after the JFK assassination hoax of 1963, presidential tapes are fake documents, scripted, acted out, and presented to the public long after the fact as cherished historical posterity.

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What is often described as a ‘live’ broadcast of a congressional session on MSNBC, is in reality prerecorded. This gives the networks greater overall quality, production, and distributive control over network programming. What one witnesses is a prerecorded program altered in post-production to appear as a live format. This gives the network the ability to cut and edit segments to be used later in prepackaged promotional and advertising slots. Television networks are in the content creation business, and quality control over content product and marketing means greater profitability for the stockholders. The creation of a mythical character like LBJ is ultimately a multi-billion dollar profit generating machine, in that his image and likeness can be spun into not only movies and television biographies, but books, magazine content, and other profitable ancillary revenue streams.


Since the dawn of the television era, myth making has developed into a perpetual and profitable content generator, for not only television networks, but Hollywood movie studios and publishing houses. Of course, and perhaps above all, there is the legacy of mythical political prestige that can always be conveniently spun into government propaganda. Recently, one came across some footage from 1966 of LBJ giving his state of the union address before congress. Employing a critical eye, one was astonished to note noticeable resemblances, in terms of mannerisms and speech patterns, between the character of LBJ and a well-known and celebrated Hollywood actor.

One was further astonished, upon performing a voice print analysis comparison between the LBJ character featured in the state of the union footage, and selected audio portions from a movie released in 2006 entitled “The Good Sheppard” starring Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro, to discover one’s initial intuitions uncannily corroborated. Further ear bio-metric and vein hand pattern analysis from specific photographs and publicity stills culled from a virtual library of online images also proved an affirmative match.

But wait, folks, there is more corroborative evidence still.

In searching for more audio-visual examples containing footage of LBJ’s 1966 state of the union address, one discovered this brilliant example that positively sealed the deal:


This could be classified as prima facie evidence that something has been amiss in the corridors of Washington power for longer than Americans would even dare to admit. This has stunning implications for everything historically related to the Johnson administration. Could it be, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Civil rights movement, and the Vietnam war were staged as well?  One must proceed with a critically based mindset, accompanied by thorough and in depth research, before coming to a final conclusion.

In the meantime, just think about it folks!



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