Myth making is the media sorcerers favorite pastime, and it proves to be most profitable, not only in the short term, but for ongoing decades. In the case of JFK, the myth surrounding his short lived presidency continues to be magnified and lionized to the point of absurdity. It has been fifty years, and hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions of dollars in profits from publishing, Hollywood movies, and merchandising, have been generated, all in selling America a monstrous myth.

Many still do not realize the world is controlled by the very same bloodline of  banking royalty extending back to the time of Nimrod and Babylon. American presidents are merely puppets, script reading actors exalting fatuous platitudes, characters who appear for a moment before the footlights of history’s stage, hollow edifices preserved for questionable posterity. The faceless masses existing in fearful desperation cry out time and again for heroes and saviors, and the Kennedy myth of Camelot created by the media sorcerers has fit the bill quite nicely.


Let us examine for a moment the farce known as the Cuban missile crisis, a key cornerstone, solidifying for the uninitiated, the idea JFK was some sort of heroic figure, standing tall before an implacable communist enemy. But, that very communist enemy was created by the Crown Temple and Wall Street bankers. The scholar, Anthony Sutton, has meticulously detailed, the fact that the military might of the USSR was vastly overstated. In truth, it was nothing more than a sad collection of rusted and obsolete weaponry, painted over in bright hues of crimson, perhaps the most transparent paper tiger ever to appear on the pages of world history.

In his many published accounts, Sutton detailed Wall Street’s involvement in not only the creation of the Bolshevik revolution, as well as the financing of major revolutionary figures such as Trotsky and Lenin, but in formulating a clandestine plot on the part of the international banking cabals to establish “a captive market and a technical colony to be exploited by a few high powered (American) financiers and the corporations under their control.”

This process Sutton dubbed “corporate socialism,” in fact the very process we see today with the massive outsourcing of American corporations to new and emerging markets in Asia.  There, corporations find more cost effective labor pools, and less restrictive legal parameters, allowing for greater ease of exploitation, and the permanent establishment of  profiteering markets.

The prevailing philosophy of the Crown Temple bankers and their Wall Street minions has always been to acquire profits at any cost.

Marx and Engels, authors of the Communist Manifesto, were merely tools of the same corporate pirates, who during the era of the early nineteenth century established the “industrial revolution,” and came to be known later in the nascent twentieth as “robber barons.” Sutton goes on to point out, this method of operation on the part of the international banking cabals, was in fact a decisive plan, to establish “a long range program of nurturing collectivism” and fostering “corporate socialism,” in order to ensure “monopoly acquisition of wealth.”


Cuba represented a perfect opportunity for the bankers to exploit a third world nation, a nation with untold natural resources, and above all, a cheap source of essentially slave labor. The idea of an embargo on Cuba is merely a pretense to keep up the illusion of philosophical dialectic between communism and free enterprise, when in fact they are just the practice of monopoly capitalism stuck with varying labels. In a previous post, it was outlined how the legal structure for establishing world governance has always clandestinely existed, and is in fact embodied in three prominent city states; the Vatican in Rome, the Crown Temple within the one square mile of London city, and Washington D.C., which serves as the military enforcement arm in the maintenance of this three pronged global trident. The Vatican is itself clandestinely controlled by the order of the Jesuits, established by Ignatius Loyola. Fidel Castro was their hand picked puppet to help establish and spread this global program of corporate socialism. In turn, Castro and his side kick Che Guevara, were heavily financed by the Crown Temple Banking cabal. JFK himself was nothing more than an actor on the world stage, scripted to play out his rather small but not insignificant role in this complex global dialectic.

It is well known Castro was educated in Jesuit institutions, and was heavily advised by the American state department, many of whom such as Dean Rusk, would later appear in JFK’s cabinet serving in prominent positions. In fact, many of JFK’s cabinet members, those who later presided over the alleged negotiations with the Soviets during the so-called Cuban Missile crisis, were in fact tightly affiliated with not only the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, but the United Nations, which of course was established and funded by the Rockefeller’s, a prominent Wall Street banking cabal. It is also important to remember, the existence of Guantanamo military base was well established before the ousting of the Batista regime.

It stands to reason, by dint of logic, the American state department could never have been completely unaware of the activities of Castro and the Soviets, not with such a heavy American military presence well established.

The notion the American government was caught by surprise in October of 1962 by the existence of Soviet missiles a mere 90 miles off the coast of Florida was pure absurdity. It is also worth mentioning that at the time, a former Harvard professor by the name of Henry Kissinger, later serving in the Nixon administration as NSC director, then later in the Ford administration as Secretary of State, had just published a volume extolling the virtues of “limited nuclear warfare.”

Robert McNamara, JFK’s Secretary of Defense, who later served under Kennedy’s successor in the same post, and even later still as head of the Rothschild controlled World Bank, was noted as a verbal proponent of such a monstrous tactic. And then there is the existence of the “missiles” themselves, the presence of which was indeed a dubious proclamation, given that the Soviets technological capabilities at the time were vastly overstated. Whatever technology they did possess was derived from Western manufacturing.

In truth, Soviet Russia in the 1960’s, and even during the era of Papa Stalin, was very much a sprawling third world nation, its populations subsisting on beats and potatoes, at least those that weren’t starving and slaving in Siberian workers camps. Such claims of superior Soviet military and weapons technology, were propped up only so that in the midst of global crisis, the still nascent Rockefeller established United Nations could step in and act as valiant arbitrator, demonstrating the need for centralized global political control. Overstating the Soviet threat, in turn justified massive military build-up by the United States.

The key euphemism always used by government officials at the time in reference to nuclear weapons, was that they were an effective “deterrent.”  What they really meant was that they were merely a psychological tool, designed to scare not only America’s  perceived enemies, but to frighten the masses into unquestioned and hapless obedience. This had the desired effect of signalling resistance to government authority was futile. In other words, the technological capability to produce and deploy such weapons was itself bunk. Nuclear weapons were just another bogeyman hiding under the bed. The American media sorcerers, from the 1950’s onward, until the so-called collapse of USSR in the late eighties, had a field day producing monstrous “duck and cover” propaganda that struck fear in the fragile hearts of the populace. The media sorcerers methods of fear mongering propaganda never changes, only the names of the manufactured enemies. One may observe this ugly brand of government sponsored fear marketing rearing its ugly head again and again. First induce fear, then introduce predetermined solutions for prefabricated problems. Please note the claim of the Bush administration during the run up to the second gulf war of Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” weapons that in fact have, until this day, never been discovered by UN inspectors.


Then, there is the notion, that the tandem of cold war giants, mutually opposed one another in a long drawn out struggle, known as the “cold war.” If one cares to research, there is significant evidence this is simply not the case. At the very highest levels of the Politburo and the American state department, there was indeed close and intimate cooperation. Not only was the Soviet Union the beneficiary of Western technology, but a regular recipient of food stuffs, precious metals, as well as gas and rubber. All nations on this planet are merely corporate constructs owned and operated by the Crown Temple bankers, the idea of  national opposition is merely a smokescreen for the public, who remains unaware global governance has existed since before the eighteenth century. The US and USSR, were merely established as corporate colonies of the Crown Temple, endless sources of revenue derived through the creation of debt currencies, the value and production of which is controlled, monitored and tightly coordinated by international banking cabals. Many by now are aware the Apollo moon projects were a massive hoax, but remain somehow stumped as to why our mortal enemy the Soviet Union kept it a secret. They did so because in point of fact, both nations were ruled over by hidden masters who truly made the executive decisions, and not the Soviet premiere or the American president JFK.


And then there is of course the media sorcerers favorite tool of numerology coding, and the Cuban Missile crisis was no exception. The entire scenario took place during the month of October, and in ’62, which represents a double 8, a very special number to the secret societies of the Crown Temple bankers, signifying total control over the duality of man. Then there is the number of days the crisis lasted; thirteen, yet another number of great importance in the science of numerology, or casting spells. The strength of the spell cast by the media sorcerers gains its accumulative energy from the emotional investment of the public, allowing for the furtherance of hypnotically induced suggestibility. Once the media sorcerers’ spells take irreversible hold, the public can be led to believe almost anything, and in the case of the Cuban missile fiasco, they’ve believed it for over fifty years!


Much like 9/11, a massive military drill was being conducted during the entire crisis, and  declassified documents tell us it was dubbed “ORTSAC,” or Castro spelled backwards! It is now well known the US was constantly supplying USSR with regular shipments of wheat and food stuffs, and there seems to appear to have been no doubt the Cuban missile crisis was utilized as a cover for this ongoing activity.

But why wouldn’t the media have reported this you might ask?

Well, the media is owned and operated by the very same Crown Temple bankers owning and operating the US corporation. The idea the media would tell the truth about world events or about anything for that matter is stunningly naive, in fact borderline ridiculous, for the media sorcerers’ job is to spread propaganda for their Crown Temple banking masters, and nothing more.


Much like King Lear, JFK was a manufactured archetype, an actor starring in a scripted role, built up to mythical and heroic proportions, only so that later he could be tragically killed.

The ensuing emotional vortex of a grieving public, fascinated with the death of a mythical character, could then be endlessly exploited for profit generating motives.

Concerning JFK’s assassination, it is important to note the number of wild conspiracy theories propagated and encouraged by the media sorcerers. And why, you may wonder, would these not be censored?  Simply because not only are such conspiracy theories profitable for the media sorcerers and their stockholders, but in addition, they serve to lead the general public away from the truth, that the assassination, and the idea of Camelot itself, were a cleverly fabricated hoax!




  1. I also found some additional info on the JFK assassination hoax:

    It has been said that minutes before President Kennedy was “shot” while driving past the Texas Schoolbook Depository on Elm Street, there was a phone call made in California by a woman who exclaimed that the president will be killed to an employee at a telephone calling company.

    The call is said to have been made by TV show actress Karyn Kupcinet, who so happened to live in the area where the call came from. She “died” in suspicious circumstances a week after the Kennedy assassination. I believe this was another hoax death and she reappeared as Natalie Wood, who would also fake her own death (under suspicious circumstances, again) many years later.

    Natalie Wood:

    Karyn Kupcinet:–XV0E/W1ds6yeP6BI/AAAAAAAACIg/KpsQWutJ-qUcni0Mbol5cgUis0wPhYufgCLcBGAs/s1600/482286044-1024×1024.jpg

      1. Upon cursory examination, I’d say both signatures appear to be similar. In an article published some time ago, I identified Natalie Wood as the actress who portrayed “Karen Carpenter”, who, as I’m sure you recall, was one half of the 1970’s pop duo, the Carpenters, which also featured David Bowie (AKA Richard Carpenter/Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg). There can be no doubt, the JFK “assassination” hoax was a grand masonic ritual played out before the eyes of the American public. Many of the disguised perpetrators – as you’ve helped to skillfully demonstrate – were also major stars in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

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