Recently, an article appeared on the Smithsonian website claiming to debunk the existence of Geo-engineering or chemical trails in our skies. For those encountering the term for the first time, Geo-engineering is the science of weather and even climate manipulation. Despite reams of scientific evidence to the contrary, never mind the evidence derived from keen observation and ocular curiosity, the media sorcerers have gone out of their way to ‘debunk’ the obvious. This seems to smack of clear desperation at a time when certain segments of the global population are becoming more aware there is something amiss going on in the skies above.

Even though CIA has lectured on this very topic in front of the globalist minions housed at the Council on Foreign Relations, and despite empirical data supporting traces of barium, strontium, and other aluminum based metals belched into the skies over Europe and the United States, 77 ‘scientists’, (please note the significance of that number) have contributed to the ‘consensus’ that the existence of Geo-engineering is merely due to fantastical notions of tin-foil hat ‘conspiracy theorists’.

In the article, now available for view on the Smithsonian website, these 77 scientists even go so far to suggest what is clearly in evidence is merely due to jet contrails, lingering longer in the sky due to expanded jet technologies, and heavier volume of jet traffic in general. In other words, those of us researched this topic (operation Cloverleaf, government papers published in the public domain concerning weather warfare) and have arrived at a dissenting opinion, are clearly psychotic, and need to immediately schedule a visit with the nearest mental health clinic. This is a classic tactic of the media sorcerers when it is discovered any particular spell ceases to hypnotize, offering condescending mockery, in the hopes of discouraging dissent. But resorting to puerile mass psychology will only hold out against copious empirical evidence for so long.


Now to explain the significance of one of the media sorcerers greatest tools, in communicating to those with only the eyes to see and the ears to hear. The number 77 as it relates to this particular article, is an obvious freemasonry reference to the ‘G’ found in the middle of the square and compass, representing the placement of an idea or concept in the public mind. In numerology, the number seven is meant to communicate to fellow media sorcerers that this story is in fact bunk, while at the same time persuading the masses dissent from consensus or popular opinion is indeed hopelessly futile. Indeed,this is one of the most recognizable spells of the media sorcerers, utilized often in the past with rock star death hoaxes(the 27 club, or 2 7’s; Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, etc.).


Yet another prevailing tool of the media sorcerers is to pontificate while donning the mantle of authority through the power of suggestion. Since most of the population are conditioned to heavily weigh the opinions of so-called experts, this serves as a very powerful psychological element in the success of mass hypnotism. However, this particular article fails to mention specific names noteworthy in the scientific community. As usual, only the implication of ‘scientific’ consensus is implied. From a psychological standpoint, the media sorcerers realize most of the population are also conditioned to the idea of desiring instant gratification instantly. Therefore, merely with the suggestion of 77 anonymous scientists standing behind some manufactured consensus, the phenomenon of Geo-engineering is deemed debunked. Most having read this, so they reason, will dispense with the issue, and not pursue the matter further, accepting superficiality over substance. This is a tactic one sees demonstrated repeatedly in periodicals and magazines. Very cynical, cynical but effective.


In most news accounts perpetrated by the media sorcerers, one may note the bolstering of manufactured reports with the utilization of ‘officials’, or some other officious sounding moniker. During the unfolding of the Franklin high school stabbing hoax, most didn’t bother to notice none other than Hollywood icon Tom Cruise starring in the role of a ‘doctor’. Assuredly, most are so mesmerized by the sheer visceral and violent impact on the senses these manufactured events provide, that these details go largely unnoticed. Yet another favorite buzz word of the news sorcerers during the reporting of whatever disastrous hoax they happen to broadcast that particular week, is ‘fluid’. Oftentimes, one will hear one of the news sorcerers cite that the situation is fluid, giving viewers the stark impression they are  live on location reporting an actual event, when they are in fact play acting in front of a studio green screen reading from a teleprompter!


Turn off your television and radio, and performing some extensive library research on this topic, one will readily conclude this phenomenon has not, and cannot be debunked. It is a phenomenon that is clearly real, effecting the lives of generations now living, and those to come. Our weather is being modified at will, and this technology has been around since the 1970’s, only now it is being used for sinister purposes. Hurricanes, tornado’s, rain and snow storms can now be engineered to order. Hurricane Sandy was a prime example of weather modification. This is a tool utilized by globalist bankers representing a controlled demolition and strategic relocation real estate scam. When the area is destroyed and the populations relocated, the bankers, developers and other real estate scammers buy up the land for cheap, conspiring to acquire it via eminent domain. When the developments go up, the projects are heavily subsidized with federal and state taxes, which means the public is essentially footing the bill, not only for the actual construction, but for the maintenance of the project long after it’s finally completed. Since the land and sitting properties have been most likely completely destroyed by the artificially created disasters, everything is bought up at nominal prices, then flipped for maximum value. If you truly care about your fellow man, and the future of life on this planet, don’t allow the news sorcerers buzz words or psychological attacks to dissuade you from engaging the clarity of free will, sharp  intuition, or unfettered conscience.



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