Media sorcery creates Olympic Massacre in Munich

Staging historical events is the predominant stock-in-trade of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families augmented by the efforts of their trusty handmaidens employed by the mainstream media.

Case in point – the so-called massacre at Munich’s Olympic village in 1972.

The ruling elites who own the global mainstream media complex are well cognizant of the fact the Olympics, ostensibly staged as a quadrennial, global spectacle dedicated to the drama of human sporting competition, exists as a colossal television ratings generator and advertising revenue bonanza. The televised Olympic games are also an opportunity to first psychologically and emotionally hook the masses with superficially intimate human interest stories, then repetitively program them with none too subtle social and political agendas.

None more demonstrative example of this occurred at the Munich Olympiad over four decades ago, when Palestinian “terrorists” calling themselves “Black September” raided the Israeli compound and took several hostages, later allegedly killing eleven athletes.

And folks, if one was to suppose today’s latter day psychological operations appear to be theatrically staged, this operation was obviously so. While the televised footage of the so-called hostage crisis was allegedly filmed in the Munich Olympic village, it appeared to have been directed and filmed on a Hollywood sound stage.

Before examining the specifics of the event alluded to in this installment’s headline, one shall provide a macro scaled analysis – or as one would refer to it in the vernacular – “the big picture.”

Corporate owned television networks are content driven businesses. In order to satisfy the investments of their stockholders, television executives have a fiduciary responsibility to create content that must consistently generate ratings, ratings that will, in turn, generate lucrative advertising revenues. If the stockholders perceive that the television executives of the corporate network in which they have vested interests have not met their fiduciary responsibilities, a board meeting is called and the executives summarily learn that their jobs may be in jeopardy.

How is it then a situation such as this can be mitigated?

With a staff of copious writers and producers at their immediate disposal, corporate television networks have the capability to create their own content. And if they can create a dramatic, and even tragic event such as the Munich Olympic hostage crisis, the network executives charged with vast fiduciary responsibilities can not only remain confident that their jobs have been secured, but that they also possess what is commonly termed in the business as a surefire “ratings grabber.”

It stands to reason therefore, in the case of the Munich Olympics, that the stockholders of the major, mainstream corporate television networks, who also happened to own majority stock in the corporation known as the United States, observed the potential for a best case scenario, whereby intersecting political and economic interests – through the fabrication of emotionally and psychologically driven stories such as the Munich Olympic massacre – could be ideally and maximally served.

In other words, folks, the televising of the massacre at the Munich Olympics represented business as usual.

The Munich Olympics of 1972 were broadcast on ABC, a network owned primarily by European royal interests, including that of the British royal family. Perhaps loyal readers will recall from a past installment that the British royal family owns Desilu Productions, a production company long affiliated with the CBS network, and directly involved in the production of the Kennedy assassination hoax (See: Columbine and Sandy Hook hoax connections part III) .

Would it surprise one to learn similar circumstances surrounded the production of 1972’s Munich Olympics? In persistently following the trail of money and stockholder majority ownership of the American corporate television networks, one can trace an unobstructed path from the British royal family, to the Orders of the royal Garter and Saint John – both of which are directly tied to London’s Grand Lodge of the Freemasons. From there, all paths lead directly to Rome’s Order of Malta, and cognizant of the fact the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry is merely a front for the Jesuit order, the final destination of this money trail ends at the Papal representatives of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, the council of the Grey Pope.

Israel – the Rothschild banking haven

Then, of course, one must hark back to the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 subsequent to the cessation of hostilities during the second world conflict which had seemingly destabilized the whole of Europe. The nation of Israel was established for two primary reasons, the first of which was to provide expansion of Rothschild central banking interests – which since the mid-19th century had entrenched themselves in Paris and London – into the Middle Eastern region of the world, and to legitimize the creation and perpetuation of the United Nations, a global governing body in which both the political and business interests of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families were heavily invested.

To legitimize the ongoing global presence of the merchant banking funded and nascent United Nations, there came about the necessity for an ongoing conflict posed between perceived combatants in the Middle Eastern region, from which a new order of global affairs could be synthesized and subsequently stabilized from manufactured chaos.

Beginning in 1948, the ruling elites observed that whatever perceived chaos ensued from the newly established nation of Israel appearing to suffer unbidden aggression from neighboring Egypt in North Africa, along with a Palestinian diaspora appearing prone to reactionary dissidence caught in the crossfire, these would stand not only to foster a modicum of international sympathy for Israel, and therefore stimulate investments from the West in the newly formed Central Bank of Israel, but serve to legitimize the negotiating arbitration of duly appointed diplomatic delegations sitting in New York at the United Nations in the eyes of the world.

The “official” history, however, reads slightly differently, and while admitting Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild laid the foundation for Jewish settlements in Palestine through his economic support for what came to be known as the First Aliyah, the wave of Jewish immigration from 1882 until 1903 prior to the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, historical annals routinely downplay the vast financial hegemony – with Paris and London holding out as the exceptions – of the Rothschild dynasty in Greater Europe during the twentieth century post-war periods.

What also is not accentuated or documented by the mainstream historians, were the vast tentacles of an omniscient intelligence octopus that began to spread with strangulating ubiquity around the European continent and eventually to the shores of America.

The ruling elite Jesuit families of the Farnese, Orsini, Garibaldi and others in Rome – with the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s acting as their proxies – had long ago recognized that one’s hegemonic financial influence could not possibly be well maintained and protected from any prospective and competing interlopers without networks of spies and surveillance overseen by bureaucracies of intelligence masters.

They also foresaw the propagandizing and profitability potential of the television and radio mediums, and moved to direct and dedicate portions of financial largess into their considerable development beginning early in the twentieth century. By the time of the post-war period of the twentieth century, with intelligence and spy networks encamped across the continent of Europe, and with the creation of the CIA stateside, the ruling elites had complete control of the flow of information directed at the public through the by now well developed corporate television and radio networks. Efficiently working the global tentacles of their intelligence octopus, the ruling elites were able to easily shape and tailor publically broadcasted information to suit whatever prevailing social and political agenda happened to be expedient to their interests.

Observing the effective influence of their cold war ruse would begin to degenerate going forward into the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict served as fertile soil from which could eventually grow the harvest of a newly planted psychological operation – that of Middle Eastern and international terrorism.

Enter the Munich Olympics of 1972, when the ruling elite Jesuit families saw a perfect opportunity to concoct a terrorist scenario, one that would not only serve to satisfy future political agendas, but would also cause the attentions of millions around the globe, and in America, to remain fixed upon a proto-reality television scenario rife with crisis, human interest, and maudlin dollops of melodrama that would immediately maximize advertising revenues.

Black September

The alleged terror group “Black September” (33), led by Luttif Afif, planned the raid and subsequent hostage siege at the Israeli compound of the Munich Olympic village reportedly in retaliation for the expulsion of Palestinian refugees from Iqrit and Biram during the 1948 Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Per Wikipedia, the group was given logistical support by German neo-Nazis (read: Stasi, German Intelligence).

Immediately, one can observe the numerological markers coded in the numbers of statistical casualties : 6 Israeli coaches, 5 Israeli athletes (11/masonic masters apprentice), 5 Black September members, 1 West German police officer (5+1=6/masonic mark of highest degree Scottish Rite) (11X6=66/6+6=12/21/777/intelligence joker code).

Even for allegedly “professional terrorists”, the entire plan of Afif and his Black September cohorts smacks of imbecility, for they had to realize, if their ultimate goal was to gain sympathy for the plight of their displaced and aggrieved Palestinian countrymen, kidnapping and subsequently killing Israeli athletes would only serve to achieve the opposite effect, that of sympathy for Israel in the eyes of the world, which was no doubt the plan of the ruling elites from the beginning.

Reportedly, soon after the hostage crisis began on September 5 (11+5=16/1+6=7/zayin/Kabbalah mind weapon), at 4:31 am, the Black September commander, Afif (nicknamed “Issa”/numerological reductions/48 in English Ordinal=12/21/77, 12 in full reduction=12/21/777, 60 in reverse ordinal=33, and 33 in reverse full reduction=highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) demanded that 234 (9/Satan’s #) Palestinian prisoners held captive in Israel, along with some German mercenaries allegedly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause be released.

The German authorities responded with perhaps an even more imbecilic plan to deploy two Bell UH-1 helicopters (2=convergence of left and right brain hemispheres/black and white duality/bell ring alerting the mind to the opening of the Kabbalah door of perception) to transport the hostages and the terrorists to a nearby NATO airbase.

No doubt, folks, this is a clue as to who was coordinating, aiding and abetting this operation. While negotiators assured the terrorists of safe and unmolested passage to the airbase, the authorities, who reportedly travelled in a third helicopter, had devised an ulterior plan involving an armed assault.

Five German policeman (5/darkness of the subconscious opening to the light of the conscious mind) were reportedly deployed in strategic positions around the airport in sniper roles. However, as to these so-called “snipers”, it was later revealed through a subsequent investigation that none of the policeman deployed were in fact sharp shooters.

More telltale still, none of the officers involved in the sharpshooting operation subsequently testified to having ever performed extensive training, nor did they, on the day in question, possess the H&K G3 (3 7’s/21/777), the ordinary battle weapon of the German Armed Forces, equipped with telescopic sights or infrared scopes. It is claimed by Wikipedia – get this folks – that each of the policeman was chosen for the mission because they “shot competitively on the weekends.” During the subsequent investigation, again per Wikipedia, it is claimed one of the snipers, identified only as “sniper #2”, stated: “I am of the opinion that I am not a sharpshooter.”

More incredibly, Zvi Zamir, a Mossad agent, was reportedly on scene at the airport with the assembled German policeman. As has been detailed before in previous installments, the police are connected in fraternal brotherhood to the Freemasons.

But this alleged ambush of the terrorists planned by the German authorities soon degenerated into the slapstick realm of a comedy of errors.

A portion of the German police contingent awaiting the arrival of the helicopter transports at the designated NATO airbase at Furstenfeldbruck, decided to inexplicably abandon their mission without informing their high command. As if that action alone doesn’t seem unlikely enough, what reportedly ensued, per Time magazine, reads like a bad Hollywood movie script even more ill-conceived than the alleged rescue plan drawn up by the German authorities. This dubious account is drawn from Wikipedia:

“The helicopters landed just after 10:30 (13/summit of masonic pyramid) and the four pilots and six of the kidnappers emerged. While four of the Black September members held the pilots at gunpoint (breaking an earlier promise that they would not take any Germans hostage), Issa and Tony (a Palestinian terrorist named Tony?)  walked over to inspect the jet (a 727/14X2=28/2 8’s/aces and eights/mark of Saturn/the Jesuits), only to find it empty. Realizing they had been lured into a trap, they sprinted back toward the helicopters. As they ran past the control tower, Sniper 3 took one last opportunity to eliminate “Issa”, which would have left the group leaderless. However, due to poor lighting, he struggled to see his target and missed, hitting “Tony” in the thigh instead. Meanwhile, the German authorities gave the order for the snipers positioned nearby to open fire, which occurred around 11:00. In the ensuing chaos, Ahmed Chic Thaa and Afif Ahmed Hamid, the two kidnappers holding the helicopter pilots, were killed while the remaining gunmen – some possibly already wounded – scrambled to safety, returning fire from behind and beneath the helicopters, out of the sniper’s line of sight, shooting out many of the airport lights. A German policeman in the control tower, Anton Fliegerbauer, was killed by the gunfire. The helicopter pilots fled; the hostages, tied up inside the craft, could not. During the gun battle, the hostages secretly worked on loosening their bonds and teeth marks were found on some of the ropes after the gunfire had ended.”

Reportedly, and perhaps conveniently, the cause of death for many of the eleven Israeli hostages could not be determined, because the corpses were burned beyond recognition due to explosions caused by hand grenades wielded by the terrorists.

And in the aftermath, on September 6, at 3:24 am (11+6+3+2+4=26/2 6’s/12/21/777), these numerology coded remarks were broadcast to the American public from ABC sports analyst Jim McKay, reportedly fed to him through an earpiece by network president, Roone Arledge:

“We just got the final word…you know, when I was a kid, my father used to say “Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.” Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They’ve now said there were eleven hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.”

Fear, folks, that is the predominant state of mind the ruling elites prefer for the masses – as indicated by an ensuing article appearing in Time magazine on September 18:

“The difficulty in concerting international action was demonstrated last week when 17 nations met in Washington to seek agreement on measures against skyjackers – and failed. Even if governments could agree, the Black September gangsters would be hard to eliminate, since they move so stealthily. Quite probably, the world will have to endure more Munichs before it learns how to curb them.”

And by the scripted words printed by their handmaidens in the mainstream media, they, the ruling elites, are hoist on their own petard.

From the reported presence of agent Zamir, one may find it also possible to conclude that Mossad, the premiere Israeli intelligence apparatus, was clearly coordinating their efforts along with Stasi, the branch of the international intelligence octopus representing German intelligence. Further, therefore, it may also be inferred the Munich massacre, like so many other similarly executed major news events featuring the terrorist meme, was yet another staged, simulated crisis event, executed under the direction of NATO, and with the compliance and collusion of intelligence operatives working in close cooperation with German police.

Admittedly, after perusing the dubious narrative of the alleged Munich massacre proffered by the mainstream, corporate media, one is truly aghast anyone with two brain cells functioning believed this utter manure shoveled by the American mainstream media. And, if the aforementioned nonsensical details are not enough to convince one the alleged Munich Massacre was an egregious hoax, then by all means, please listen to this special “report” (pre-approved propaganda) by ABC news:

The ABC report narrated by newscaster Howard K. Smith at the beginning of the video featured above demonstrates a virtual clinic in neural linguistic programming. In other words, folks, this is how the ruling elites throw their spells upon the masses to shape their conscious perception. One shall immediately notice the occult hexagram displayed behind the newscaster (advertised to the masses as the benign and exoteric Star of David).

To practicing Kabbalists, however, the esoteric Seal of Solomon (Sol=the light of the sun/ABC logo=the black sun/light’s opposite reflection/duality) is a deeply symbolic tool of alchemy and astrology, representing the duality of male and female energy along with the four elements – each of which, in turn, represent character attributes and characters of emotion. Although not readily admitted by Kabbalists, the legendary King David himself (the same character known to Geoffrey Monmouth’s tales of King Arthur and his magic Excalibur) was known to be a magi, and utilized the Seal of Solomon to maintain a psychological foothold over his kingdom.

That’s right folks, the story of the Munich massacre was yet another psychological operation, designed to induce mass emotional investment, and thus, in the occult magic of alchemy, animating and transforming the story’s narrative (creation/idea) and giving it life upon the material plane, out from the darkness of the subconscious and into the light of the conscious mind.

In the published text, Masonic and Occult Symbols illustrated, Doctor Cathy Burns claims the hexagram was utilized as a talisman of Saturn worship. High level Freemasons are known to hold reverence for both Saturn and the Sun (God/Satan/Heaven/Hell).

The Star of David, or Seal of Solomon, relates to the mind, the dual triangles utilized to form the hexagram represent the dual hemispheres of the brain, both male and female, the left and right portions of the brain that through repetitive discipline (such as the repetitive information broadcast by a television newscaster) can dictate emotion, analysis, and perception.

That’s right folks, the television is nothing more than a tool used by the ruling elites to cast spells, because media lies are truly black magic in disguise.


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