Anthony Bourdain: Suicide by the numbers

The success of the illusionist relies on their ability to blur the clear distinction between reality and fantasy until the intended audience, or the target of the psychological operation can no longer perceive any delineating demarcation. When this dynamic is expertly and properly achieved, the target will no longer possess the ability to discern between black and white, between up or down, between a lie and the truth.

When deliberated upon, this fantastical blurring damages the psychological demeanor of the target to such a degree as to induce – and through repeated targeting, reinforce – a state of acute confusion, and perhaps, when the target is continually subjected to the effects of such operations, even incipient psychosis. Within the highest degrees of the Brotherhood of Freemasonry, which is merely a front for the Jesuit order, can be found masters of this illusionist’s dynamic. Although loyal readers are aware one has articulated this idea many times, the egregious and deliberate lies broadcast to the public through the medium of the mainstream (and alternative), corporate owned media(s) represent the assiduous creations of such illusions, and are in truth, black magic spelled upon the public in the guise of “news.”

These sorts of stories proffered by mass media in the post-modern age – that of Anthony Bourdain et al. – are not just perpetrated psychological operations, but in fact are tantamount to directed energy weapons.

The death of “Anthony Bourdain” was one such illusion perpetrated upon the public, and once again, one shall reveal the identity of the host actor involved in what was essentially a Freemasonic ritual.

Stay tuned folks, this one shall be quite the entertaining and informative installment. Beyond shadow of doubt, and from all data emanating from and leading to precise analysis of the alleged suicide of “Anthony Bourdain”, what was presented to the public as the suicide of a public figure was in fact, merely Freemasonic theater.

To the perceptions of many, the accurate portrayal of magic is that which is often demonstratively illustrated by Hollywood cinema through tales of Harry Potter performing incantations accompanied by the waving of sacred wands.

But high magic, that of the sorcerers inhabiting the Freemasonic ranks employed in the mainstream media, has to do with the very shaping of human perception, and ultimately, human consciousness through the creation of order out of chaos. If one has allowed their perception to become shaped by others, by what they observe and perceive to be the “truth” conveyed through the colorful conduit of their television and computer screens, then they have truly fallen prey to a spell, and that perception of “reality” will be reflected in the manner of their behavioral expectations.

Then again, there are those in the so-called alternative media, who while they may appear to offer the public perspectives other than the standard, state controlled propaganda offered by the mainstream, corporate media, their purpose is to provide disinformation based on chiefly nothing other than pure speculation and wild conjecture. One can, in retrospect, observe this same phenomenon having taken place in the wake of the assassination of American president John F. Kennedy – more than one shooter, a conspiracy involving the mafia and perhaps even vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson, etc. etc., all deliberate misdirection and crude obfuscation.

The conspiracy that is never explored, of course, and is almost always ignored – except when such an idea is only presented or mentioned for the express purpose of being mocked – is that the event in question may have been a staged event – in essence, a complete and utter hoax.

But, if one knows what to look for, the Freemasons – like seemingly all professional purveyors of high level crimes – always leave behind their fingerprints in the way of numerology, occult signs and symbols. And, in the case of the alleged suicide of Anthony Bourdain, the first of many clues which will aid one in surmising the truth resides in plain sight – the reporting of the cause of death as “suicide by hanging.”

Symbolism of the Hang Man

The Hang Man is represented in the deck of the Tarot, and is similar to the Zayin or mind weapon of the Kabbalah, in that it represents a state of angelic (light) transformation, or metamorphosis. It is also interesting to note that in medieval literature, hanging was often associated with greed or avarice – of which Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno and the works of Thomas Aquinas are but two examples.

A volume of recent stories have recently been observed reported in the mainstream media featuring the symbolism of the Hang Man with the alleged suicide deaths of other pop stars and celebrities – Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Robin Williams and other notables. However, the death of Anthony Bourdain possesses a strange and almost eerie connection to the suicide death of yet another celebrity that also provides a clue to the identity of Bourdain’s host actor – David Carradine.

The death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain (6/8=14/77) occurred approximate to the ninth anniversary (nine years and five days/14=double 7/angelic transformation) of the suicide – allegedly by auto erotic asphyxiation – of actor David Carridine on June 3, 2009 (9/11=destruction code). Loyal readers shall no doubt recognize the numerological significance of the number nine, as it is symbolic of the Satanic principle of materialism, or the prevailing commercial global system. In occult doctrine, nine is also known as the Ennead, or Prometheus and Vulcan, signifying “freedom from strife.”

Nine is also the number that binds all others, and therefore represents the “Sphere of Fire” or the summit of the air (in occult doctrine the summit of the air is arranged according to the novenary system, or in the words of the father of geometric principle, Pythagoras, “All is number”). In other words, folks, nine represents the line of demarcation between Hell (the low vibration of the material realm), and the spiritual realm or the higher vibration possessed by the higher virtues – Heaven, love, or God, the unity of the human spirit existing at its fullest potential.

When one examined not only the career of Carradine, but the facial features of the late actor, one immediately recognized similarities in the way of facial and ear landmarks with a Hollywood mogul very much still alive – David Geffen (See: Should America buy what Elon is selling part III).

David Carradine:

David Geffen:

Best known for his roles in the successful mid-1970’s television series Kung Fu, and more recently for his role as “Bill” in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, it can now be reported, further ear biometric and facial recognition analysis has definitively revealed that indeed, David Geffen was the host actor portrayed the late character of David Carradine.


The trailer from the 2017 movie, Wasted, starring renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, represents a most interesting and revealing study. But perhaps the most revealing element of all, is the fact the movie was produced with financial assistance from none other than the Rockefeller Foundation.

Yes, folks, the ubiquitous Rockefellers have struck again, for they seem to have their sordid fingers wrapped around every conceivable field of American endeavor, most notably the film, television, and entertainment industries.

Here, in the film “Wasted”, under the guise of featuring a biographical sketch of chef Anthony Bourdain, it becomes immediately apparent when one observes the contents of the trailer, that the Rockefellers have woven in various threads of their pet propaganda projects – global warming, over population, and the need for the global regulation of food consumption. As if this propaganda pandering weren’t transparent enough, the standard method of operation to advance a political or social “cause” utilized time and again by the ruling elite Jesuit families – manufactured dynasties like the Rockefellers are used as proxies or middle men – is clearly on display.

First, through the medium of monopolized, mainstream media, celebrities, or pop culture icons are created which can assume a mantel of perceived authority.

Secondarily, when the celebrity icon’s manufactured popularity has reached a maximum level of renown and mass appeal, the character can then be used as a vehicle for various social and political agendas paramount in the minds of the ruling elites.

This is how mass consciousness and perception is not only shaped, but significantly molded.

In essence, this is the secret as to how illusions are created and maintained in the post-modern age, and through perpetual psychological and emotional manipulation, such celebrity cults of iconic personality – like Anthony Bourdain – shall no doubt persist and continue to dazzle and beguile the masses.

Yes folks, the character of Anthony Bourdain is a fraud who, despite having been posed as a world renowned culinary wizard, and given the genuine identity of the host actor, most likely wouldn’t have known the difference between a spatula and a soup spoon.

But, the most telling of all, is when the character of Bourdain – portrayed by Hollywood actor John Cassevetes – at approximately 1:12 utilizes predictive programming to make this astonishing comment in the video link displayed near the very bottom of the article:

“The more people watch this film…hung themselves in the shower out of guilt…the happier I’d be.”

Bourdain host actor Cassevetes can be seen below acting in an episode of the 1970’s popular crime drama television series, Columbo, starring Peter Falk:

John Cassevetes was a noted and award winning television and Hollywood cinema actor, as well a noted pioneer of Independent film. He is reputed for creating the concept of cinema verite, or the use of frequent improvisation. Well, guess what folks, Cassevetes, in the role of Bourdain, has improvised his way into perpetrating a hoax.

One shall notice – in the movie trailer of “Wasted” – the character of Bourdain also mentions – and one is satirically paraphrasing – that if it had been up to him, the film would have been much darker, in the way of heaping extreme guilt upon the public to get them to buy into the political and social essence of this thinly veiled propaganda hit piece spawned by the Rockefellers.

Just for one moment, contemplate folks, how much profit has been drawn thus far from You Tube’s Anthony Bourdain “click bait?” Nevertheless, that is why such characters are continually manufactured – because they have the potential to make a profit, profits drawn from the public’s emotional investment and viral curiosity factor.

One should think, that the time has come to break the spell.








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