If you’ve frequented YouTube lately, you’ve also noticed the ads for Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign have become nauseatingly ubiquitous.

“MIKE CAN GET IT DONE,” one Bloomberg ad’s trite slogan assures us.

Undoubtedly – at least to Bloomberg’s cynical campaign managers, who, in thinking that a majority of the American public resemble knuckle-dragging Neanderthals lacking fully functioning frontal cortexes –  such visceral but vacuous and simplistic sloganeering has always proved resoundingly effective.

After all, in the game of mass deception that is American politics, one can never let a concocted crisis, or a puerile but effective slogan go to waste.

However, there is a secret to which Bloomberg’s campaign ads will never dare allude.

New York city’s former mayor has proved to be an actor, a US presidential candidate posing under a pseudonym.

Yes, folks, “Mike Bloomberg” is yet another willing participant in the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Turns out, Bloomberg’s host actor belongs to a prominent family of European royals, some of whom have not only been US presidents, but have become renowned as some of Hollywood’s most legendary stars as well as some of its most powerful executive figures.


It seems, every MSM corporate television outlet, their regional affiliates, and even those channels which regularly feature politically oriented content and have garnered the most popularity on You Tube, have been devoting most of their air time to an analysis of Mike Bloomberg’s debut performance in the latest round of democratic presidential debates.

There’s only one problem: not one of these informational sources would dare to inform the public that such television productions are only superficially designed to appear to qualify as genuine debates.

They are merely diversionary spectacles masquerading as political debates.

In truth, the presidential “debates” are yet another scripted mainstream media circus, and designed to infest the proletariat’s collective mind with the rhythmic and hypnotic swirl of propaganda’s puerile piffle.

As for “Mike Bloomberg”, his sole purpose for participating, in this latest televised presidential debate spectacle, seemed only to serve as a verbal punching bag for the vociferous verbal blasts hurled at him by the scowling senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, of course, is merely playing the role scripted for her.

For, she, too – as one’s loyal readers are well-aware –  is nothing more than a well-trained actor, portraying a presidential candidate.

Warren AKA Hollywood actress Anette Benning, with the help of copious facial stippling and real-time CGI animation modifications, has also portrayed the political character known as Hillary Clinton.

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In fact, facial recognition (matching geometry of teeth, noses, brow ridges, and cheeks), ear biometric, and image comparison analysis demonstrate one of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s character modifications is Posie Parker, the British feminist activist.

Whenever possible, you will see, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families prefer their family members to play both sides of the political and ideological fence, while sitting back and amusing themselves over the ensuing chaos which is caused among the proletariat.

Elizabeth Warren:


Posie Parker:


SEE: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/posie-parker-free-speech-warrior/

In addition to portraying other well-known characters in the political arena (voice recognition analysis proves, she also portrayed the former presidential candidate from Alaska, Sarah Palin), Anette Benning is the spouse of Hollywood actor Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard Nixon, the son of former Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg and former US president Ike Eisenhower.


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As everyone shall soon learn, however, there was a very good reason why “Mike” was so willing to stand silent, like a stone-faced marble edifice, while taking such a verbal drubbing from “Warren.”

But Warren’s outrage over Bloomberg’s alleged ill-treatment of women employed at his company was obviously staged for maximum emotional effect upon the television audience. If you’re aware of just who “Mike Bloomberg” is, and you’re fully aware of the true nature of his familial connection with “Elizabeth Warren,” this conclusion will become self-evident.  Both Bloomberg and Warren, the “elected” senator from my home state of Massachusetts, a state which, it seems, is only slightly more politically corrupt than its proximal neighbor, Connecticut, are, in fact, related by family ties and, by further extension, to the bloodline of one of Western Europe’s most ancient families, the royal House of von Furstenberg.

Honestly, watching poor “Mike” appear sullenly resigned while getting pummeled by “Warren” seemed reminiscent of the former heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston, flopping like a hapless flounder on the canvas, in the very first round, after suffering a phantom blow from his cocky opposition, the strutting braggart, Cassius Clay.

But this state of affairs isn’t so surprising, considering, we are living amid an Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, post-modern era, dominated by the presence of the #MeToo and Women’s Empowerment agendas.

The thirteen families, through their monopolistic control of the American MSM, have effectively propagandized the West into submission while endeavoring to set the sexes at oppositional odds with one another.

The onstage feud between the respective presidential candidates — observed between Bloomberg and Warren — is meant to be theatrically symbolic as well as an illustrative exercise in mass behavioral modification.

But there exists another significant reason the American public has witnessed Bloomberg and Warren appearing to be at each other’s throats.


This feud, between former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Elizabeth Warren, is also meant to demonstrate the true nature of presidential politics.

Rather than a democratic process, which freely elects its government representatives within the political framework of a republic, America’s presidential executive is chosen according to royal family primogeniture. Whoever possesses the greater royal bloodline entitlement, that claimant, therefore, becomes the one most likely to be granted the American presidential executive office.

Even the MSM, much to their chagrin, is forced to admit this, and several articles have been published by mainstream periodicals on this very subject.

Below, are the links to just a few of these examples:


The process of presidential campaigning, which appears to be democratic in nature, is merely an exercise in public relations, to generate and, ultimately, manipulate public approval for the appointment of a European royal as head of the US corporation.

In the final analysis, and after effectively succumbing to the hypnotic and rhythmical effects of a sustained bombardment of psychological warfare, the American general  public freely gives its legal consent to this royal appointment, quadrennially, in the month of November, while, willfully, participating in the grand charade of a government sanctioned “democratic vote.”

Historically, these disguised “presidential candidates” are found to be descended from the bloodlines of the thirteen families.

The candidate for whom, it has been predetermined, possesses the greater royal genealogical entitlement, their executive appointment as head of the US corporation — on behalf of the thirteen families — becomes facilitated by the Jesuit order at the Vatican in Rome, and sanctioned by those belonging to the middle temple of the City of London’s Crown Temple.

Of course, the cubicle-dwelling hacks residing at CIA in Langley, Virginia would have you believe otherwise.

This is the purpose of Wikipedia; to spread misinformation and outright propaganda, disguised as an authoritative informational source. You can witness an example of their hackneyed work at the link, displayed immediately below, and, with objective discernment, you will notice, how, they twist themselves into virtual pretzels, while attempting to debunk what, to anyone who has bothered to properly research the matter, is patently obvious.


One of their most commonly utilized methods, as you shall see, is to claim the following: “Critics {unnamed but nevertheless alleged to be authoritative} of the theory point out that perhaps a third of all Americans may be descended from King John and that the odds of being distantly related to other royalty are even higher.”

The intelligence hacks at Wikipedia have even gone so far as to name their counter-theory: “pedigree collapse”.

Really folks?

See if your brain doesn’t collapse after painfully suffering through this deluge of pummeling rubble from Wikipedia:

“This is an effect of a phenomenon known as pedigree collapse which occurs due to the doubling of the number of person’s ancestors with each generation. In theory, each person has over one thousand ancestors after ten generations and one million after twenty, far exceeding the number of persons actually living in most regions at any point in time. In fact, most people are descended from the same ancestors multiple times through different lines while anyone living at the time of King John could have tens of millions of descendents in the present day.”

Truly amazing, how the CIA-trained hacks – in the span of merely one paragraph – went from claiming their attempt at debunking was merely articulated “in theory” to being expressed as “In fact” and, they did so, while proceeding to employ the most absurdly tortured process of expatiation.

Yes folks, this is one of the jobs of the Jesuit-controlled CIA; to dutifully create propaganda for the sole purpose of hiding the fact America is not, and never has been, an independent nation, but is, in fact, a joint-stock commercial/monopoly venture and corporate subsidiary of the City of London’s Crown Temple.

They also want to hide the fact that, the IRS, the collector of your tax dollars, in fact and not theory, exists as a private subsidiary and administrative agency of the Vatican. They also don’t want you to know something else: the tax dollars collected from the American corporation and its corporate subjects are subsequently held in offshore and high-interest bearing accounts, accounts which are kept under the legal but unlawful titles of private holding companies.

In earnest desperation, these intelligence moles will declare and write anything, and concoct any “theory” which keeps the proletariat from understanding the very royal families of old — knowledge of which they may have acquired through their public school history books –are still ruling over them, and that their presidential candidates are, in fact, direct royal descendants of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Want to debunk Wikipedia’s feeble counter-argument of “pedigree collapse” for yourself?

Merely, access the pages of Burke’s Peerage, and see if any of your personal family members, living or not, are listed among those descendants of King John or any other royal monarch. That should be enough to thoroughly collapse the ridiculous pedigree “theory” proffered by Langley’s low-level intelligence hacks charged with publishing what amounts to the most odious compost for Wikipedia.

Yes folks, to the thirteen families, you are nothing more than human resource inventory and tax farmed royal subjects, and those in their dutiful employ at Langley think you’re dumber than herds of fenced-in field cattle.


Before getting to the results of a rather intriguing analysis of Mike Bloomberg’s surname, one which reveals occult emanations, a preliminary examination of the democratic presidential candidate’s official biographies also yields interesting revelations.

Bloomberg’s official biographers inform us, he was born in Boston, Massachusetts (also the birthplace of yours truly, the author, Stephen C. Perkins) which, as past investigations have revealed, is the home of America’s oldest and very first masonic lodge.

Bloomberg’s biographers also tell us, he was born at Boston’s Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center, which is often referred to as “St. E’s.”

Right away, we can observe gematria coding closely associated with the man known as Mike Bloomberg (2 E’s=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Also, if we sum two E’s together (5+5), we get the number of 10, or the Decad, which is symbolic of divine humanity, the God-man, or Adam-Kadmon.

From an occult perspective, it becomes clear the thirteen families have composed a grand purpose for the character of “Mike Bloomberg,” or, perhaps covertly, they are attempting to tell us something about what might be planned for the life of Bloomberg’s hidden host actor. This hypothesis shall hold greater significance, when the identity of Bloomberg’s host actor is shortly revealed.

For now, however, an examination of the occult derivations of Bloomberg’s surname proved to yield a most fascinating result.

The suffix of Berg is of Northern European and Germanic origins — a toponymic clue which points us in the direction of the identity of Bloomberg’s European royal family — and translates to mean “cliff”, “mount”, or “mountain.”

More fascinating, though, is the hidden meaning of the word “Bloom.”

{Leopold} Bloom is not only the name of a character in James Joyce’s epic novel Ulysses  — which in that context, carries with it even greater occult significance — but in the case of “Mike Bloomberg”, it seems to be an occult reference to the symbolism of the lotus flower.

According to the Theosophical Society, begun by occultist Madame Helena Blavatsky in the early 20th century, the lotus flower is the prolific life giving energy of the earth, of the sacred Mount of Meru, upon which sits the four angels or princes of the four quarters of heaven.

The lotus is also symbolic of the Divine and human hermaphrodite; a being of dual sex. As everyone, by now, has figured out, there existed a great deal of thought and preparation which went into naming the character conversion scheme known to the American public as presidential candidate and the former mayor of New York, “Mike Bloomberg.”

For all intents and purposes, Bloomberg’s name paradoxically serves as a well-concealed but conspicuous element of symbolism to those inhabiting the highest degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and to those of the Jesuit order in Rome. Those at the highest levels of both orders are undoubtedly well-aware of Bloomberg’s true identity and, most assuredly, they will go to any lengths to protect their secret.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm the identity of  the former mayor of New York city, and democratic presidential candidate, “Mike Bloomberg”, to be Hollywood’s high-powered executive David Geffen, the son of former Coca-Cola executive and Hollywood mogul, Barry Diller AKA former US president Ike Eisenhower/Austro-German Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, and the grandson of Tassilo von Furstenberg AKA the late Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart AKA former US president Harry Truman AKA 1940’s popular band-leader Glenn Miller (who also perished, like the “late” NBA star Kobe Bryant, while involved in a suspiciously staged air crash).

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Additionally, Geffen and “Bloomberg” are equivalent in height at five feet and eight inches.

Also, thorough image comparison analysis of Bloomberg’s images demonstrate that layers of latex stippling have been strategically but expertly applied to various regions of the host actor’s facial geometry.

Perhaps this is so because Bloomberg’s host actor, Geffen, is not only the founder of Dreamworks SKG, one of the largest and most profitable cinema production concerns in Hollywood, but he is also one of Hollywood’s most successful and respected music recording executives.

One can only imagine, therefore, the array of make-up artists Geffen possesses at his company, and at his ready disposal.

Dreamworks is also an expansive Hollywood corporate umbrella, under which exists DGC and Asylum music recording companies.

Mike Bloomberg:


David Geffen:


Mike Bloomberg:


David Geffen:


14 thoughts on “Mike’s Bloom crashes into Truth’s Titanic ‘Berg

  1. Another royal in disguise. And people keep on voting these scammers. Sometimes I wonder what happens if no one would vote. It could also be a good cue for a storytelling with its possible scenarios. By the way, a few years ago and more recently I’ve been banned from two mainstream forums (in one case pointed out as a spammer), because of some uncomfortable truths I told about the masonic order of the world. And anyway, I don’t care about them. I’m used walking straight ahead alone.

    1. Let’s face it, most will never see this deception and, as demonstrated in the article, they still won’t be persuaded to consider the implications, even when the MSM – the very sources of authoritative information they’ve been conditioned to unquestioningly trust – blatantly leads them in that direction.
      What’s most ironic about David Geffen, the host actor portraying the character of “Mike Bloomberg,” is that he – as one of America’s most successful, decisive, and accomplished corporate executives – is probably the most qualified to become the chief executive of the US corporation, out of all the so-called democratic candidates, Another irony, is that the personality of the character Geffen is portraying, “Mike Bloomberg”, perhaps most closely reflects Geffen’s genuine executive demeanor. As for the voting process, it is manipulated – all poll numbers are manufactured as well – right down to the state and local level where, surely, you will find, all of the party chairpersons are sworn members of either the Eastern Star masonic lodge or the Grand Masonic lodge. You’re correct, however, discussing the masonic order online – particularly on any social media platform – risks getting one banned.

  2. As much as I don’t care about it at all, I think it’s not only just the poll numbers manufactured, but the whole election farce is, including results.
    I think that the most part of people just want to get on with the business of living, partly forced to it by the current Masonic order, a self-protecting system by its very nature. Then there are the media which play a very important role, of course.

    1. I would submit, apathy in the face of the mason’s gross criminality suits them very well. Nevertheless, you’re precisely correct concerning the “elections.” But, more than that, the masonic order’s monopolistic control over state and federal elections is protected by the occupying and armed forces of the blue lodge police guilds and their legions of informants.

  3. In broad termes this is what I think, but that, in my view seems clear now. Last circus, called Coronavirus is basically a global psy-op which implies a global and radical change in the world economy as a goal. It will probably be the end for many nations, as we have known them until now. And then lobotomizing vaccinations, geoengineering, 5g/6g etc… autonomous driving, drones, global communication networks and all that. In my opinion the whole thing is aimed at a progressive elimination of the world population, in favour of a super-technological and especially all robotic world.

    1. You’ve accurately summarized the UN’s Agenda 2030. You won’t want to miss the next article. In fact, it is now live, and it concerns Bill Gates. Also, there’s more about the coronavirus and greater and in-depth information about vaccines.

  4. I’ve never seen anyone so willfully obscure the distinction between Germans and Jews. That’s like conflating dachshunds with wolverines.
    “You are from your father The Devil, and the desire of your father you are willing to do; from the beginning he has been murdering men and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from what is his, because he is of falsehood and is also its father.”

    1. Your tortured analogy is borne of excrement. Meanwhile, you demonstrate a breathtaking unawareness of irony while daring to launch the implication the author is a murderous ‘devil’ while utilizing a ridiculously manufactured identity, matched with no known or current photographic image. On the other hand, my birth name stands recorded on this site’s title page as well as elsewhere, and accompanied by a professionally produced image, the emanations of which can easily be traced with merely a modicum of effort. And yet, it is I, who possesses no “truth?” I would contend that, having pointed out such a glaring irony, alone, is enough to unhorse you from the high-perch of your moral pedestal.

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