Dismantling sacred cows isn’t pleasant work.

But, someone has to do it.

During childhood, one wanted, earnestly, to believe NASA had actually sent men to the moon in a rocket ship. Admittedly, from the perspective of a wide-eyed child, it seemed bold, adventurous, and even imaginatively inspiring. Now, needless to say, well into adulthood, that perspective has been supplanted. Then, it suddenly occurred to me, how is it that rockets can function in the vacuum of space? How is it, all NASA images of earth from space are admitted, right on their own web site, to be computer derived composites and photo shopped simulations? Is it possible, like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and 9/11, all space missions are simulated events, sold to the public as real, with Hollywood supplying the necessary technical infrastructure to convince the public what they’re observing is real?

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Bilked for untold millions, a significant portion of the public, remains unwilling to entertain the notion NASA’s so-called space program, may in fact represent a massive hoax, or more accurate to say, a taxpayer pyramid scheme.

And, a hugely profitable one at that.

It appears, when so-called NASA scientists announce discoveries of black holes, they aren’t referring to those existing millions of miles out into deep space, but right here on earth.

Like NASA, Space-X is not exempt from this generalized critique, and in fact is not, as generally believed, a private company. However, for the time being, since the former exists as the more greatly heralded agency, with a grander, and more storied history, one shall concentrate efforts on NASA alone.

Could it be, with vast connections, to not only multi-national contractors, and the Hollywood studio complex, the vast tax monies allotted to NASA in the annual federal budget, are used not for the furtherance of space exploration and cutting edge science, but to produce what amount to nothing more than Hollywood style propaganda films? Could it be, NASA is filming space mission simulations here on earth, and selling these productions to the public as genuine space missions?

The purpose here, is not to directly address any of the various conspiracies regarding NASA  ‘space missions’. Any evidence needed to well disprove any of NASA’s manned missions into space, has been provided by other sources, possessing greater scientific expertise.

Rather, this installment represents more of a continuation of the last article (Syrian air strike was a hoax). Perhaps not surprisingly, the same contractors named in that article, possess a deep and interconnected history with the space agency known as NASA.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


Here, we shall adhere to the sage adage applied to acquiring knowledge through detailed investigation: ‘Follow the money’.

Upon further digging, into the multi-national corporations and private contractors involved in the massive project to rebuild the decrepit infrastructure in the Middle East, long standing connections with NASA came to extraordinary light. Not only have general contractors, Raytheon, Northrop Grunman, Boeing, General Dynamics, United Technologies, been involved with NASA since its inception, but perhaps even more extraordinary, are the identities of the individual shareholders. If one consults the following link: (, immediately noticeable are four in particular; Vanguard Group, Black Rock LLC, Fidelity and State Street Corporation. Not only do these firms represent NASA’s majority stock holders, they also possess controlling interest in all Hollywood studios, including Dreamworks, Time Warner, and Disney.

What we’re dealing with here, folks, is a colossal monopoly of business interests.

Clearly, NASA, Hollywood, and corporate contractors are dialed in with Rockefeller and Rothschild multi-national banking interests, creating what is tantamount to a behemoth business complex. This sinuous financial trail can be traced directly to the Crown Temple central bank in the city of London, (consult the previous blog series, How Crown Temple rules America (parts I-III).

The primary consideration to keep in mind, is that all American tax dollars, funding the pseudoscience fraud known as NASA, are funneled directly through these top four investment firms, then diverted into the coffers of the Crown Temple bank in London.

As stated before, taxpayer dollars are a chief source of revenue for the international banking system. In other words, it has always been easier, and more importantly, profitable, for NASA to fake space missions, rather than to take grand and genuine risks on little or no return from such vast financial investments.

Like the NFL (see All in the Game: NFL fixed or legit?), NASA does not take needless chances on unknown outcomes for their product, especially with trillions of profits on the line. And what product does NASA really sell; not science, but dreams. No surprise then, to find NASA with a long and established relationship to Hollywood, and to the most famous dispenser of miraculous dreams to the American public, Disney.

Firstly, it must be well established, right from the outset, most of NASA’s budget is dedicated not to the furtherance of scientific knowledge, but public relations.

Unknown to most, NASA is not an independent agency. Rather, it is but one compartmentalized section of a larger governmental bureaucracy, placed under the umbrella of the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.

It is, in essence, a public relations arm for the US government, working hand in hand with government contractors, Hollywood, and the international Crown Temple banking complex.

Oh, what a deadly, and deceptive web!

Though many will scoff at the following notion, NASA deals in not science, but pseudoscience; a psychologically seductive combination of politics and religion, sold to the public in the guise of a scientific package. The key in understanding this is to delve into NASA’s true origins, which are, rather curious. Turns out, the idea for NASA came not from scientists, but science fiction writers.


This may seem bizarre to some, but NASA was founded by those known to have dabbled in black magic and occult practices. The most famous, or recognizable of these, is L. Ron Hubbard, who before partnering with rocket scientist Jack Parsons, was in fact a struggling science fiction writer. Most infamously, Hubbard was once quoted: “You don’t get rich writing science fiction, but you can get rich creating a religion!”

Such is irony.

Hubbard went on to found the Church of Scientology, which made him a very rich man indeed. It could be said NASA has done a masterful job of inspiring an almost fanatical cult of followers, who like the adherents of Scientology, refuse to entertain even the most insignificant of negative criticism regarding their chosen creed.

Both Parsons, Hubbard, and NASA founder Werner Von Braun, recruited to America from Nazi Germany under CIA post-war operation Paperclip, were all 33rd degree masons, and had been initiated into the shadowy masonic sect known as the Order of Demolay, the origins of which, can be traced back to the Jesuits at the Vatican.

There is much more to say regarding these founding fathers of NASA.

So, stay tuned for part II, coming soon!

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