The ruling thirteen families’ rapid economic dismantling, downsizing, and ultimate destruction of the American “Dream” continues apace.

The staged riots, which have been recently witnessed in several American major cities, represent but another narrative chapter in the Jesuit order’s grandly scripted dialectical game of psychological warfare.

The staged “death” of “George Floyd”, on the 25th of May, represented a symbolic flame, designed to appear as a violent catalyst with which to ignite a virtual tinderbox of nationwide rioting.

Historically, those initiated at the highest levels of the Jesuit order, in the pursuit of synthesizing a new order out of the orchestrated chaos between oppositional forces, have always well-understood, every “revolution” needs a centralizing, catalyzing, and symbolically sacrificial cult of human personality, to both rally and to perpetuate its transformational momentum.

But like the anarchic uprisings of the ‘hippie’ counter-culture movement, the “Civil Rights” marches of Selma, Alabama, the Chicago “riots” during the 1968 Democratic National Convention and, more recently, the so-called “LA riots” of the early 1990’s, this most recent spate of chaotic incidents were also wholly planned, scripted, and staged by the Jesuit-controlled alphabet-lettered intelligence agencies.

Predictably, these most recent “riots” were executed by legions of trained agent provocateurs and plainclothes members of the ‘blue’ lodge level masonic police guilds, disguised as “protestors”.

Additionally, as could be expected, a pair of ‘celebrity’ figures from the upper ranks of the Hollywood entertainment industry were discovered to have been respectively cast in the starring roles of the sacrificial and revolutionary catalyzing Christ-like figure, “George Floyd”, and the villainous Minneapolis police officer, “Dereck Chauvin”.

Also, with this particular psychological operation, the name of “Chauvin” represents a clue, linking the “Rothschild” family to the “George Floyd” psychological operation.

Yes folks, there are always royal perpetrators behind the curtain of these sorts of deceptive psychological operations, but, due to a prevailing sense of inscrutability and insufferable arrogance, these royals just can’t resist leaving their fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

As we’ve learned from past investigations, “Rothschild” (Red Shield/Vatican bankers) is an historical pseudonym for the ancient bloodline of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

The host actors identified in the roles of “George Floyd” and “Dereck Chauvin”, however, both hail from the sports and entertainment industry.

In fact, Floyd’s host actor has been identified as a former professional athlete by the name of Jackson (Jack of Spades/the joker).

During this athlete’s professional career, not only did he gain a reputation for possessing a mercurial temperament, both on and off the field of sport, he also became notorious for several confrontations with law enforcement.

More infamously, this man also once became embroiled in a violent melee which, thereafter, was legendarily dubbed by sports writers as the “Malice at the Palace”.


During the early 20th century, there once lived an infamous political puppet named Vladimir Lenin, who, while acting under the covert influence and direction of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (better known by the historical pseudonym of “Rothschild”) is said to have made the following insightful comment concerning the dialectical process of Jesuit-controlled global revolutions: “The best way to control the {political} opposition is to lead it.”

Surely, there are newly arrived visitors to this site, who may still be having difficulty with conceiving, or, are continuing to wrestle with a comprehensive understanding of the conceptual elements of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Apart from one’s loyal readers, there are those who may still have difficulty believing that major news events – the “riots” now plaguing major American cities, catalyzed by inflammatory narratives such as the “murder” of “George Floyd” at the hands of Minneapolis police, for example – are thoroughly contrived, rather than having been organically inspired.

Therefore, how, these doubting but newly arrived visitors to this site may attempt to reason, with so many activists, protestors, and conspiratorial elements involved, could such psychological operation campaigns be so well-orchestrated, without their secretive integrity or hidden ulterior motives succumbing to the threat of becoming compromised or even exposed?

Wouldn’t some disgruntled participant eventually emerge, to report what they knew, such doubters might say?

Doesn’t the possibility exist, others may very well wish to ask, a revealing piece of information, given the grand scope of such operations, could eventually leak out?

How, in this era of digital technology and instant communication, some may still wonder, could the perpetrators keep the conspiratorial details of such a well-orchestrated operation secret from the general public?

In the context of the post-modern age, the major reasons for the success of such pre-orchestrated psychological operations are these: 1. ) Monopoly control of the media by specialized financial interests, and, 2.) the airtight integrity provided by the strict compartmentalization of information incrementally distributed through centralized sources.

To begin to understand how these operations are, time-and-again, successfully executed, one must first begin to consider and wholly conceive of the idea that all “news” and “information”, whether distributed by Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and even from the most popular “alternative” media outlets such as InfoWars, derives from centralized sources such as AP (Associated Press) and UPI (United Press International).

Both AP and UPI are centralized “news” sources which are meticulously controlled by the alphabet-lettered agencies of the international intelligence ‘octopus’, and they are owned and monopolized by the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and others of the thirteen ruling families.

The only differing element between the reportage distributed to the public from each corporate news outlet is not the content, but, the appearance of the packaging, presentation and, or, the ‘spin’ with which such identical “news” content and “information” is marketed to certain well-defined demographics of the American general public.

Each strand of the global intelligence network, which consists of CIA, MI5, MI6, Mossad, Stasi, NSA, and Homeland Security, has been spun into a global web, and, at its center, sits the gruesome and venomous spider of the Jesuit order in Rome’s Vatican City.

The MSM as well as the so-called alternative media, like other profitable commercial cartels, were, long ago, effectively monopolized by the financial and corporate interests of the thirteen royal families, the very same bloodlines who have been ruling over the proletariat since the historical era of the Roman Empire.

On a street-level scale, today’s psychological operations are executed with the willing assistance of the well-connected nationwide networks of the masonic police guilds.

The freemasons of America’s York Rite ‘blue’ lodges routinely work in tandem with privatized non-government organizations (NGO’s) which have been contracted or ‘outsourced’ to provide legions of trained provocateurs and “protestors’.

These paid operatives or hired “protestors”, while held to the strictest terms and conditions of confidentiality agreements, have been well-trained to convincingly play out their roles of scripted chaos.

Though, to most Americans, the acts of violence, looting, and public disorder committed by such “protestors” may appear to have been organically inspired and may cause most to emotively react with shock and outrage, the ensuing mayhem represents but another profit-making venture for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Let’s face it, folks, a mere few months ago, before the execution of the Covid-19 and “George Floyd”/Black Lives Matter psychological operations commenced, the MSM was on the verge of utter and complete irrelevance.

Now, however, with Americans “locked-down” in their homes and glued to the spectacles of violence playing out on their living room television sets, corporate network television executives can feel more than justified in charging premium rates to all prospective and competing advertisers.

As for the ‘end game’ of the “George Floyd” psychological operation, the ultimate goal is to goad a significant portion of the American public to join these paid agent provocateurs in the streets, in the hope that, amid the expected escalation of ensuing chaos and mayhem, the US corporate government will appear justified in calling for Marshall Law.

The following video excerpt will serve to further illuminate how the planning of psychological operations are compartmentalized and subsequently executed.

The video, displayed immediately below, will also highlight the business procedures of one particular professional organization which claims to provide the necessary services and resources to efficiently organize and effectively execute any desired psychological operation campaign.

Still not convinced the recent riots in American cities can be staged and scripted?

Then, take a look at the following MSM footage of a “protest” which was alleged to have recently taken place in Australia.

Notice the badly canned acting performance of the MSM “reporter” observed in the video, who just happens to be present, along with his camera and sound crew, right before the small band of police in riot gear begin throwing what appears to be tear gas at a small band of “protestors”.

At exactly the juncture of 1:37 in the video featured just above, everyone will notice, too, there is an isolated “protestor” standing in a billowing cloud of “tear gas” smoke.

Miraculously, rather than overcome with smoke inhalation from the volleys of “tear gas” cannisters cast by the line of “riot” police, the “protestor” remains erect, with both of his arms raised high above his head.

Clearly, this is a symbolic gesture associated with the ranks of freemasons.

Masonic ‘sign’ of distress:

Rather than resembling a reporter, the MSM “journalist” on-the-scene resembles a commenting play-by-play sporting announcer, as if this staged farce of a “protest” were an American Monday Night Football spectacle.

That’s right folks, long ago, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families figured out that “revolutions”, just like any other business venture or market, could be packaged, commodified, and profitably commercialized.

Nevertheless, everyone is certain to agree, given the poorly executed performance of this “reporter” and considering the ill-conceived nature of the made-for-television production in which he has been cast, neither he nor the documentary of this “protest” can be expected to be listed among the nominations for any Emmy Awards or Hollywood Oscars, any time soon.


In much the same manner, as can be observed in the video displayed above, similarly staged psychological operation campaigns, though on a much smaller and microcosmic scale, were recently executed in your very own hometowns and communities during the Covid-19 “pandemic”.

These ‘campaigns’ were activated to influence human behavioral patterns to exactly mirror what is still being promoted by the MSM as the “new normal”.

These participating operatives, along with their close relatives and family members, are often found to be related to or themselves sworn members of the local masonic lodges, albeit only, at the “blue” lodge levels, consisting of the first three degrees.

Perhaps more insidiously, there are those among you who may remain unaware those more familiarly known as your “neighbors”, or even co-workers, have also been deployed as covert activists or ‘informants’ working on behalf of local masonic lodges or even grand lodges.

Though some of you may also remain unaware such covert activities exist and are ongoing, these masonic operatives have been instructed by their lodge masters to use any psychological means possible, no matter how primitive or juvenile, to provoke, influence, and to help shape your habitual behaviors, and those of everyone in your hometown or community.

Yes folks, those sworn by initiation into your local mason halls as well as those (“masons without aprons”) belonging to their ancillary branch organizations (Lions/Rotary/Knights of Columbus, YMCA, Boy Scouts, etc. etc.), want you to merely don your mask, wash your hands, keep your mouth shut, and go along to get along while maintaining strict adherence to “social distancing” policies.

Of course, your submissive and strict adherence to this “new normal” will not be to your benefit, but to the benefit of those with jeweled crowns and royal titles.


Turns out, “George Floyd” was dead long before May 25th, 2020.

The “official” biography of the younger surviving brother of George Floyd’s host actor, available at Wikipedia, contains a key clue as to what is meant by the MSM’s recent claims that Floyd had a “twin” brother.

This particular bit of biographical information also informs us how, exactly, the character fabrication now known to the public as “George Floyd” was created.

Be forewarned, folks, the deceptive ruse utilized with this operation was most deliberate and, it seems very probable, the “George Floyd” psychological operation was planned well-in-advance.

Before getting to the subject of the identity of George Floyd’s host actor, however, the detailed MSM reportage of the “George Floyd” event, more so than usual, was discovered to be littered with a preponderance of numerological markers.

The foundational basis for our analytical formulation shall begin with the “official” narrative, as it was uniformly presented to the American general public, straight from the mouths of the MSM’s teleprompter reading drones, and, of course, from that other, most familiar, source of propaganda pollution: Wikipedia.

On both accounts, as to the reported details of the “death” of “George Floyd”, the “official” narrative, distributed by the MSM, appears to be in a constant state of flux.

The intelligence hacks writing for Wikipedia have even taken the trouble, while undoubtedly, first and foremost, to ensure their legal bases are covered, to notify readers of the fluidity of the “George Floyd” narrative.

Surely, everyone has noticed this pattern of incremental narrative finagling on the part of those employed by the MSM.

Such conspicuous and frequent narrative alterations became most noticeable, first, with the Covid-19 psychological operation. Then, too, with this latest racially divisive bunk involving the staged riots, the CIA-controlled counter-intelligence operatives known as Black Lives Matter and, of course, the alleged “murder” of “George Floyd”.

Numerous narrative alterations have been incrementally woven into both the Covid-19 and “George Floyd” stories, to sew the putrid seeds of confusion and ambiguity; hallmarks of the Jesuit order’s playbook of psychological warfare.

In other words, folks, both the MSM and Wikipedia are involved in the selling of lies; the most vile of damaged commodities.

Everyone, too, can be guaranteed that, once a majority of the American general public commit to buying the tarnished goods these filthy alchemists are selling, there won’t be any refunds because, on this occasion, the criminal retailers are playing for keeps.

Nevertheless, we shall attempt, first, by observing the infamous video which allegedly chronicles the “arrest” and subsequent “death” of “George Floyd” at the hands of the Minneapolis police, to determine, identify, and to make a comprehensive analysis of any narrative and visual anomalies which might be conspicuously present.

And, on this occasion, folks, there are enough anomalies to fill the hull of the sinking Titanic.


As we’ve observed, in the past, many, if not all, news stories reported by MSM sources are coded with numerological markers, displays of symbolic colors, and examples of masonic symbolism.

As we’ve also learned, many of the most popular of high-profile news anchors, while delivering the “news”, routinely utilize a hypnotizing and rhythmical speech pattern, called Neural Linguistic Programming.


Many of the most popular among these high-profile news anchors, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBC’s Lester Holt, and “Brian Williams”, as prime examples, are also among those who have proved most masterful at effectively using the art of NLP.

Neural Linguistic Programming has also always proved to be an effective weapon towards achieving the goals of any psychological warfare campaign launched against the American general public.

This effective technique of linguistically-based behavioral modification and perception management has also been mastered by many so-called “motivational speakers”, “self-help” gurus, and religious fundamentalist evangelists.

What is NLP, for those still unfamiliar?

Simply put, according to sources at Google, “NLP is all about bringing about changes in perception, responsible communication and developing choices of responses or communication in a given situation.”

Now, compare and contrast Google’s definition of NLP with this statement about the process of “magic” from a renowned 20th century occultist, Dion Fortune: “Magic is the art of causing changes in consciousness to occur in accordance with the will.”

That’s right folks, NLP is used to influence your perceptions and, through emotively-based manipulations, is also used to alter your consciousness in accordance with, not your own will, but the will of those who wish to manipulate you.

Some of NLP’s most effective methods are the following: 1.) Dissociation, 2.) Content Reframing, 3.) Anchoring the audience in to a ‘hive’ or ‘alpha’ mind state, 4.) Establishing personal rapport or familiarity, and 5.) Establishing influence and persuasion through the power of psychological suggestion.

Each news anchor, including many of those working for local and regional corporate affiliates, has been well-trained to use NLP, in tandem with especially-prepared visual graphics, vocal inflections, hand gestures, and musical frequencies, to effectively induce the desired emotive effect from the targeted demographic of their news broadcasts.

While listening to the audio of the NBC news anchor as he delivers the story of “George Floyd”, everyone should be able to identify some of the sinister methods of NLP which he is attempting to use.

Pay especial attention, to the news anchor’s voice and the consistent rhythmic cadence which he expertly utilizes.


The MSM has officially reported that, on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, the Minneapolis municipal police were alleged to have been summoned to Cup Foods, a store located at the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Surely, regarding the listed date of George Floyd’s “death”, along with the proper name of the store, everyone intuited the presence of telltale numerological markers?

1.) May, the 5th month, when added to 2 and 5, equals 12, but, when applied to the occult law of mirrored reversal, 12 also equals 21 which, in turn, divides into 3 7’s or 777 (Alistair Crowley’s Liber Al or joker intelligence code).

2.) Cup Foods, in English Ordinal gematria, sums to 99, a number which, once again, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 66 or 6+6=12/21/777.


There is also the MSM’s reported detail of Floyd’s alleged ‘counterfeit’ twenty-dollar bill.

Yes folks, the MSM has provided us with another clue that this entire episode, combining a heavily promoted ruse featuring racially divisive propaganda mixed with elements of police brutality, has been counterfeited and, that, paradoxically, its genuine nature is purely theatrical.

The number of 20, after omitting the zero, as is customary when summing gematria, we are left with, of course, the number of 2 which, in an occulted context, is symbolic of the twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Masonic Pillars of Boaz and Jachin:


Historically, the twenty-dollar bill has featured the likeness of America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson.

The surname of Andrew Jackson, associated with the MSM’s narrative detail of the ‘counterfeit” twenty-dollar bill, also happens to be the identical surname of a surviving relative of the host actor who was cast in the role of “George Floyd”.

If memory serves, President Andrew Jackson harbored a distaste for the central merchant bankers, who, at the time, were maneuvering to control the mass production of America’s currency.

The narrative focal point of Floyd’s alleged “counterfeit” bill also coincides with the rapid economic transition, now underway in both America and the West, from the mass production and circulation of debt-based paper or promissory notes to a ‘cashless’ digital currency, which will, eventually, be administered through the interface of an AI-controlled microchip.

There is also an urban legend associated with the twenty-dollar bill, in relation to the art of origami and the transformative historical event which occurred on September 11, 2001.

20 dollar bill and the World Trade Center:

Are these coincidences?

Surely, they are not.


The MSM’s “official” narrative of what occurred before the alleged “arrest” and “murder” of “George Floyd” at the hands of Minneapolis police officer “Dereck Chauvin”, as everyone shall soon observe, is positively rife, not only with greater narrative anomalies, but, with conspicuously ample numerological coding and masonic symbolism.

According to Wikipedia, “Just before 8:00 p.m., two Cup Foods employees left the store and crossed the street to an SUV parked in front of a restaurant. Floyd was in the driver’s seat, and two adult passengers were in the vehicle. The employees demanded that Floyd return the cigarettes, and he refused. The interaction was filmed by the restaurant’s security camera.”

Concerning the alleged suspect, “George Floyd”, Wikipedia goes on to report: “At 8:01, a store employee called 9-1-1 to report that Floyd had passed “fake bills”, was “awfully drunk”, and not in control of himself. At 8:08, {Minneapolis municipal police officer} Lane drew his gun and ordered Floyd to put his hands on the steering wheel; Floyd complied and Lane holstered his weapon. Following a brief struggle, Lane pulled Floyd from the SUV. Floyd briefly resisted while Lane handcuffed him. But after Lane explained to Floyd why he was being arrested Floyd became compliant.”

As previously alluded, Wikipedia’s report is loaded with numerological codes: 1.) 8:01= 9/6/33, high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry, 2.) 8:08 (aces and eights)=the mark of the Jesuit order and Saturn, the universe’s infinite time loop, 3.) 911=an idea or spirit brought out from the darkness and into the light, the concept of alchemy; light into stone.

For the sake of comparison and contrast, let’s refer back to the MSM Today Show’s video excerpt, displayed at an earlier juncture in this article, which features what is alleged to be the “official” footage of Floyd’s arrest.

When paused at exactly 3 seconds, everyone shall be able to see Officer Lane open the back door of the police cruiser closest to the sidewalk, but, this is a deliberate attempt at ocular misdirection – a magicians trick.

Yes folks, there appears to be some serious hocus pocus going on here.

Why should the video’s content be described as such, everyone may wonder?

Looking more closely, while the video is still paused at exactly the 3 second mark, everyone will observe, what appears to be, the head of “George Floyd”, the alleged suspect, poking up over the roof, while standing on the opposite side of the police cruiser which faces the street. Also too, when examined ever more closely, the head of the figure appears glazed in a halo-like distortion of light. Other portions of the video in question appear washed out and, at times, even appear to be blurred.

Such an anomaly is a telltale sign the video excerpt, aired by the Today Show, has been composited by a post-production technique called video morphing, the identical technique which was utilized on September 11, 2001, to fool a majority of the American public that the New York’s twin World Trade Center towers were collapsed due to collisions with hijacked commercial airliners.

Turns out, those planes were phantoms, and so isn’t the image of “George Floyd”.

But, a more comprehensive explanation of this visual phenomenon shall, for now, have to wait.

From the content of the Today Show’s video excerpt, displayed above, everyone will also notice that, while Floyd stands in the street outside of the police cruiser, and not in the custody of the arresting officers, the door closest to the alleged suspect also appears to be completely ajar.

Why then, the question looms, would the two arresting officers allow Floyd to be standing in the street and outside of the cruiser, while unaccompanied and not in apparent custody, and with the police vehicle’s passenger side back door completely ajar?

Could it be, the performing actors in this scripted piece of masonic street theater, both Floyd and his arresting officers, were waiting for the star of the show, Officer “Dereck Chauvin”, to be cued and make his entrance?

If, at this point in the narrative, the suspect was claimed to have been under arrest, why, whether or not he had already been handcuffed by Officer Lane, was Floyd left alone to stand in the street and outside of the police cruiser while not secured in custody?

According to the CIA-trained intelligence hacks employed at Wikipedia, Floyd claimed he was “claustrophobic”.

Perhaps, every prospective criminal and their hired defense attorneys should remember to trot out that feeble excuse when faced with either arrest or legal prosecution?

Certainly, the odd behavior and highly-irregular procedural methodology demonstrated by the pair of Floyd’s arresting officers, in the Today Show’s video excerpt, appears to violate what one would normally expect of police protocol while properly handling the arrest of a suspect.

Even while intoxicated and handcuffed, as the Cup Foods store clerks testified, could Floyd not have decided to flee, while left unguarded by the two responding officers?

Furthermore, if, Officer Lane’s suspect, Floyd, is left standing alone near the street side of the police cruiser, opposite the sidewalk running along in front of Cup Foods, then, why are the two arresting officers bothering to open the door closest to the sidewalk to retrieve or to subdue their suspect, when, presumably, it is apparent, with Floyd observed to be outside of the cruiser, the backseat of the police vehicle has been vacated?

This detail is certainly anomalous, and contradicts the “official” narrative.

Curiously, though everyone readily sees it is the officer identified as “Lane” struggling with Floyd in the Today Show’s video excerpt, Wikipedia claims, after it was explained the reason for his arrest, Floyd became ‘compliant’, and did not begin to more significantly and dangerously struggle with the arresting officers until the patrol car transporting Officer Chauvin arrived to the scene at 8:17 .

Could it have been, sewing the seeds of such narrative confusion was all part of the staged masonic street theater, designed to more thoroughly consume and harass the American population with psychological and emotional trauma, as well as to stir up maximal levels of racial division?

Underscoring this thesis, it is certainly no coincidence that, predictably, the Reverend Al Sharpton, an infamous fear merchant skilled in the sordid art of peddling racially divisive politics, was chosen to deliver Floyd’s eulogy and, in addition, Sharpton has most recently announced, he plans to organize a march on the nation’s capitol.

One’s loyal readers may readily recall, Sharpton has been identified as a fabricated character modification of veteran news personality, Geraldo Rivera.

SEE: “Superman” Sharpton comes to rescue Sacramento

Given these circumstances, and given the anomalous discovery everyone surely witnessed demonstrated in the Today Show’s video excerpt, the probability exists, it would appear the entire “George Floyd” narrative was yet another prime example of a scripted psychological operation, conceived by those residing at the highest echelons of the Jesuit order at the Vatican, in Rome.


Before continuing with more of Wikipedia’s “official” account, did everyone notice, the name of the restaurant establishment in Minneapolis on Chicago Avenue, alluded to earlier by Wikipedia, near Cup Foods, was left curiously unnamed?

Turns out, there is a very good reason for this because, to have done so, would, as they say, give the entire ballgame away.

After consulting with street level views of the alleged crime scene, available at Google Earth Maps, to confirm the location of the alleged ‘restaurant’, more examples of telltale masonic symbolism were revealed.

The name of the “restaurant”, “Blackeye”, located at 3732 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is also located directly adjacent to a Speedway gas and convenience establishment, and also appears to be located across the street from Cup Foods, the scene of the alleged “murder” of “George Floyd”.

SEE Google Maps @ 3732 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Take especial note of that name, folks: “Blackeye”.

Additionally, it should also be noted that not more than three miles from Chicago Avenue, the alleged scene of the “murder” of “George Floyd”, is located Minneapolis’s Prince Hall Masonic Grand Lodge (SEE:

But, first, everyone surely noticed the numerological coding of the restaurant establishment’s street address?

With the first portion of the address, we have 37 or 3 7’s, which equals Alistair Crowley’s Liber Al or the 777 joker intelligence code.

The last pair of numbers, related to the address of “Blackeye”, are, of course, 32 or 2 3’s, for the number of 33 (highest-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

From the very last installment published here at Newsspell (SEE: FDA Lies & Loses its Religion) , everyone should recall the symbolic significance of the Black Sun, which, regarding the lore of the occult and that of high-degree freemasonry, symbolically represents the hidden star of Sirius, from which emanates the ‘light’ of Lucifer coming through the portal or pyramid of the Sun to shine upon the world.

While looking more closely at the bricked façade (bricks are symbolic of the freemason’s Scottish Rite) of the “Blackeye” restaurant, everyone will also notice that, in addition to what appears to be a logo featuring the “Eye of Horus” (symbolic of the ‘third eye’ or the human pineal gland), there are three diamonds, etched in brick, perched above a bright red door.

Two of the diamonds above the red door are encompassed by what appear to be white lines aligned in the shape of two pillars (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

Pillars of Boaz and Jachin:

Eye of Horus:

The esoteric concept of the door is symbolic of a metaphorical veil, behind which is hidden the secrets to the art of alchemy of turning light into stone, while the color of red symbolically represents the feminine and divine energy of Isis or Sophia.

Red, along with the color of black, as we’ve also learned, is a color which has been traditionally associated with the Jesuit order at the Vatican City in Rome and the Roman God of War, Mars.

Immediately below, is a link to an insightful video which more fully explains the esoteric concept of the ‘door’ as an interdimensional portal:

In the Full Reduction of English Ordinal gematria, the word diamond sums to the number of 33 which, of course, is the highest degree of the Scottish Rite of freemasonry.

Numerically summed together, the three diamonds (33X3) are equal to the number of 99 which, when applied to the law of occult reversal, also equal 66 (12/21/777).

The remaining example of diamond symbolism, which adorns the red doored entrance of the “Blackeye” establishment, is observed to be placed at the center of a ‘square’, and is also etched into the bricked façade.

Considered within the context of the layout of a freemasonic lodge, this ‘square’ is symbolic of the black and white tracing boards, or, the grand chessboard.

Inside the masonic lodge, the symbolic portals of the pillars of Boaz and Jachin are always found to be arrayed upon the black and white surface of the tracing board.


Wikipedia goes on to tell us, what occurred after the arrival of the alleged villain, Officer “Derek Chauvin”: “At 8:17, a third police car arrived with officers Derek Michael Chauvin and Tuo Thao, who joined {officers} Keung and Lane. Around 8:18, securiy footage from Cup Foods shows Keung struggling with Floyd for at least a minute in the driver’s side backseat while Tao watches. At 8:19, standing on the passenger side of the vehicle, Chauvin pulled Floyd across the backseat from the driver’s side of the passenger side, then out of the car. Floyd, still handcuffed, fell to the pavement where he lay on his chest with his cheek to the ground. Floyd stopped moving around 8:20, though he was still conscious.”

Wikipedia goes on to account: “Floyd can be heard repeatedly saying,”I can’t breathe.”

In English Ordinal gematria, the phrase ‘I can’t breathe’ sums to 106 or 16 which, when divided, equals 2 8’s (aces, spades, and eights, mark of the Jesuits).

There is a very good reason “George Floyd” couldn’t breathe – he was already dead, and long before the date of May the 25th, 2020.

At an earlier juncture of this article, it was pointed out the video excerpt drawn from the MSM’s Today Show’s broadcast demonstrated telltale visual evidence it had been composited together with video morphing technology. Meaning, in the final analysis, “George Floyd”, much like the hijacked commercial aircraft alleged to have crashed into New York’s twin World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001, was a CGI phantom created with video morphing technology.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, the capabilities of this particular technology have grown exponentially more sophisticated. With the sophistication of video morphing, augmented by photo shop/CGI animation software packages, it is more than possible, to create an animated three-dimensional image from backdated still photographs, and even analog recorded films.


In addition to this key observation, a former professional athlete, Stephen Jackson, has recently stated that he “mourns” for his “twin” brother, “George Floyd”.


Minneapolis, the scene of the alleged “murder” of “George Floyd”, has historically been referred to as the “Twin Cities”.

Jackson is also currently feuding with one of his fellow colleagues in the arena of professional sports, Drew Brees (more on him in a moment), who, also, at-the-moment, is in the midst of a childish Twitter feud with none other than US president “Donald Trump” AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince.)

Stephen Jackson feuds with NFL’s Drew Brees:


For those unfamiliar with the biographical details of his career as a professional athlete, Stephen Jackson, the temperamentally mercurial former NBA star, remains most famous, or, rather, infamous for his involvement as a chief catalyst in the violent game-time melee which sports writers have now infamously dubbed the “Malice at the Palace”.

Malice at the Palace:

According to his official biography, available at Wikipedia, Jackson had an older brother , Donald Buckner, who – wait for it, folks – died several years ago, at the age of 25 (7/Kabbalah mind weapon).

“At the age of 16, Jackson’s half-brother Donald Buckner died at 25 years old from head injuries after being jumped. Following the violent tragedy, Jackson said he wished he could have been there to assist and protect a member of his family. ‘You can’t tell me seeing his brother die that way hasn’t had an effect,’ recalls {Indiana} Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh. ‘To me, it’s why he {Jackson} is always coming to the help of his teammates’.”

Steven Jackson AKA “Terrence Floyd”:

“George Floyd” AKA the late Donald Buckner:

After clicking the link to observe the second image of “Terrence Floyd”, you will notice his host actor, Stephen Jackson, has donned especially customized eye wear.

During our numerous investigations into the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, it has been discovered, brands of eye wear are often utilized by fabricated character modifications to not only distract and distort the public’s ocular perceptions, but, to conceal the identity of the portraying host actor.

Stephen Jackson, the surviving half-brother of George Floyd’s host actor, may know all-too-well it was the updated images of the late Donald Buckner, the heavily animated and modified images of a man who was already dead, which were morphed into the Today Show’s video excerpt and aired before the American public.

Regarding, once again, the capabilities of video morphing and CGI animation technology, it is much easier to update images featuring younger faces to make them appear older, as was done to decades-old still images and analog films of Jackson’s late half-brother, Donald Buckner AKA “George Floyd”, which were not only video morphed and modified with CGI photo shop animation enabling Buckner AKA George Floyd’s images to appear to the American general public as if he had been involved in a tragic confrontation with Minneapolis police, but, such digital modifications also enabled Buckner’s decades-old likeness to appear, on May 25, 2020, as a three-dimensionally animated image which resembled the former NBA star Stephen Jackson’s genealogical “twin”.

It is these decades-old but modified images of Jackson’s late half-brother, Donald Buckner, which also appear as a younger “George Floyd” on social media sites and search engines.

Meanwhile, to complicate the blatant and deliberate deception further still, it is the late Donald Buckner’s younger and surviving half-brother, Stephen Jackson, the former NBA star, who now appears before the American general public in the guise of George Floyd’s surviving “twin” brother, Terrence.


Of course, to exacerbate the massive onslaught of psychological trauma committed upon the American general public still further, the MSM can’t resist mixing their race-baiting psychological operation with those contrived elements of the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation.

On June 4, according to an article published at, “a medical examiner’s autopsy reveals George Floyd had positive test for coronavirus.”

Nevertheless, as we now know, both the alleged results of Floyd’s “autopsy” and “positive coronavirus test” are complete bunk.

After all, how can any competent medical examiner perform an autopsy, or any other series of medical tests, for that matter, on CGI video morphed images of a young man who died, decades ago, at the age of 25?



The name Chauvin derives from Mary Chauvin du Treuil, better known as Mary de Rothschild, the former spouse of the late Baron James Gustave Jules Alain de Rothschild, a French banker and philanthropist. According to Wikipedia, Mary de Rothschild was a twentieth-century American socialite who married Alain de Rothschild in 1938, an era of time which nearly corresponds with the abdication of British King Edward VIII, and his marriage to Wallis Simpson.

In fact, upon performing preliminary ocular examination and image comparison analysis, and although it has yet to be confirmed, it appears both Alain and Mary de Rothschild closely resemble Wallis Simpson, the king’s paramour, and Edward VIII, who, soon after his abdication from the British throne, went on to wed Simpson in 1937.

Both Edward VIII, the former British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Alain de Rothschild, it has been historically documented, both lived in France during the latter stages of the twentieth century.

This connection with the country of France, and the number of 9, are both pertinent to the “George Floyd” psychological operation and directly correspond to the logo of the sports franchise in relation to the identity of the host actor who portrayed the villainous Minneapolis police officer, Officer “Dereck Chauvin”.

Alain de Rothschild:

Edward VIII:

Wallis Simpson:

Mary Chauvin du Treuil AKA Mary de Rothschild:

Image comparison and facial recognition analysis have determined that the image of professional athlete Drew Brees was utilized in the portrayal of the Minneapolis police officer now known to the American public as the alleged “murderer” of “George Floyd”, Minneapolis police officer, “Dereck Chauvin”.

Not only is Brees, as was mentioned earlier, presently involved in public disputes with both former professional NBA star Stephen Jackson and US president “Donald Trump” AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco, but, for most of the latter portion of his professional career in the NFL, Brees has played for the New Orleans Saints, an American professional football franchise represented by a logo which depicts the Fleur de Lis, a symbolic royal coat of arms which, historically, has been associated with the French monarchy.

It should also be noted, the MSM has, lately, been continually touting the number 9 in relation to the length of time Officer “Dereck Chauvin” knelt on the neck of “George Floyd”.

For his entire career with the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, Brees has worn the number of 9 on his player’s jersey.

The number of 9, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 6 which, in turn, of course, equals 33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry.

Brees has also been associated, according to Wikipedia, as a national spokesperson with AdvoCare International, L.P., an American dietary supplement company and former multi-level marketing company which, also according to Wikipedia, “was determined by the US Federal Trade Commission to be operating a pyramid scheme.”

Speculatively, Brees’ business associations with AdvoCare could have been how he was ultimately blackmailed in to participating in the “George Floyd” psychological operation.

Fleur de lis of the French monarchy:

Logo of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints:

Dereck Chauvin:

Drew Brees:

Dereck Chauvin:

Drew Brees:


As for Officer Dereck Chauvin’s now divorced spouse, “Kellie Chauvin”, image comparison and facial recognition analysis has determined she is also likely to be Melissa “Imani” Showalter, the recently divorced spouse of Stephen Jackson.


Melissa Imani Showalter:

Kellie Chauvin:

Everyone surely noticed, the telltale letters emblazoned on Kellie Chauvin’s beauty pageant banner: “Mrs. Minnesota”?

MM=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry

The color of Chauvin’s gown, green, symbolically represents the energy of regeneration,  resurrection, and renewal; the feminine energies of Isis or Sophia.

It has been the occult application of that feminine energy principle which has resurrected a dead man, the half-brother of Stephen Jackson, Donald Buckner; the alchemical transformation of light into stone, an occult transformation which has now embroiled America in the throes of civil strife and racial disharmony, as intended by the hidden culprits, the very same Jesuit order which controls both the International Brotherhood of the Freemasons and the Vatican in Rome.

With the execution of the “George Floyd” psychological operation, the emissaries of Satan himself, the Jesuits, have, indeed, performed their work well at the behest and on behalf of the interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Yes folks, when it comes to the Jesuit order and their execution of grand psychological operations, everything connects.









10 thoughts on “Nasty ‘Twin” Jacksons-in-Action?

  1. Today there is the deep fake technique too. In this hoax there are many 7 and 8. I think the real power lies in the Vatican banksters=Rotschild. Thinking about the papal edict of 1455 – 2nd Trust or fiduciary right: ROMANUS PONTIFEX, who for the first time attributed a “de jure” ownership of the conquered goods and territories to the royals, through King Alfonso V, transferring in practice a part of vatican gesuit power to the royal houses. Probably to get an extended armed support to their power.
    I also thought to the ritual of bow which I saw lately about some protesters and characters/politicians, as symbol of racial protests after this Floyd psy-op, and it reminds me of bow of theTemplars.

    1. I’ve not examined that particular Papal Edict, but from what you’ve articulated, it appears to be valuable subject matter which, upon further investigation, could certainly prove to be the sound foundational basis for a future article. The techniques explained in the article – the manipulation of existing or raw video footage for the purposes of propaganda – have been utilized on numerous occasions by the MSM, and have grown ever more sophisticated. Regarding the ritual of kneeling, once again, as usual, you’re quite correct, there is a direct correlation to the rituals of the Templars, and the masonic orders of both the York and Scottish Rites. Masonic candidates must kneel when initiated into the third degree, during the ritual of Hiram Abiff, who, according to masonic lore, was the mythical holder of the Keys of Solomon. Masonic legend also has it, Hiram was attacked, beaten and killed by three ruffians. According to masonic texts, his sacrificial body, after its burial, was marked with a symbolic sprig of acacia.

      1. Your words about the ritual of kneeling are very interesting. By the way, I remember when you recently wrote about the Admoralty’s Law. So I read something about that, and now I think it would be very interesting your investigation about the origin of current power system, juridically based on three Papal Edicts connected to Maritime Law (biblical) and Admiralty’s Law, with the unwitting consent of the people. It’s a very complex matter, but I think we should get out of this system, to recovery and claim our real individuality in the superior Natural Law.

      2. Your suggestion, regarding Admiralty Law, is very well taken. Along with the Papal Edict, you mentioned earlier, both topics, tied in with commentary on the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation and the centralized banking sources which have funded the manufactured “protests”, will figure prominently and explored further in the next article.

      3. Yesterday the pope has likened the figure of Christ to immunization concept. So they now speak openly about vaccine as a cure for our body and soul! They dropped their mask now, all of them did. In this sentence:” The Lord left us a memorial that “heals our memory” marked by wounds and sadness, transforming us into carriers of joy and capable of taking care of those who are hungry. I noticed the concept of “transformation”, too, connected to Jesuit’s concept of alchemical transformation and reborn, to perpetuate themselves through millennia. But the most extraordinary thing is that the greater mass of people, hasn’t yet awareness of what’s happening.

      4. Yes, indeed, the Jesuits have allowed their mask to slip. Meanwhile, blind to the face of the enemy, even when exposed, most Americans will remain blissfully unaware while obediently donning their masks and gloves, and washing their hands with rancid gobs of sanitizer. Thanks again for the information, regarding the Papal Bull, which you kindly provided in your last comment. It proved most helpful during my research for the next article, which concerns the connections between Floyd family attorney Ben Crump, Black Lives Matter, and the UN’s interconnected web of NGO’s.

  2. It’s terrible how they manipulate the masses, especially along racial lines. The suffering is tremendous, and all manufactured. To me, these riots seem like a cover for a giant transfer of wealth. Social media influencers are raising money for ‘charities.’ Amazon is donating 10 million to various organizations. George Floyd’s Go Fund Me raised 13 million. It seems like money is being transferred from businesses to ‘front’ organizations. Some of these numbers might be made-up, too. We don’t have receipts. The public trusts what they’re told on the surface, but they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    1. As usual, you’ve contributed astute commentary, especially regarding the economic aspects of these psychological operations. Both the Covid-19 and George Floyd/BLM psychological operations are being executed under the umbrella of UN Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). More than a decade ago, cities and town across America signed on with ICLEI (International Council on Environmental Initiatives), a global program tied in with a slew of NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) and with Agenda 2030, a grand plan to economically restructure both America and the West. The public officials at the highest levels of town and municipal management are quite aware of this, though they may deny it when confronted publicly. This global economic restructuring is being executed from the top down, with the conspiratorial elements of the Crown Temple in the City of London (global banking and legal headquarters), the Jesuit order at the Vatican, in Rome, and the headquarters of the US corporation in Washington’s District of Columbia, which is also home to the Columbia Grand masonic lodge, the sister lodge of the Order of the Garter at London’s Grand Lodge, which is overseen by Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent AKA Baron Jacob de Rothschild and Queen Elizabeth II.

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