The true enemy of mankind has shown its hidden hand.

In the arena of psychological warfare, this would appear to be a fatal error.

Unless, of course, the enemy remained confidently convinced penultimate victory was-at-hand.

Recently, MSM sources reported, “Ben Crump”, an attorney representing the “family” of “George Floyd”, addressed a letter to the United Nations (UN), asking them to intervene in the alleged case filed against the four Minneapolis municipal police officers who have been accused of first-degree murder.

“Crump”, in tandem with Al Sharpton AKA Geraldo Rivera, seems to have become a stapled fixture when it comes to acting as a willing party in the execution of these sorts of psychological operations.

Nevertheless, the sudden emergence of both “Crump” and “Sharpton”, in connection with the “George Floyd” psychological operation, should signal that something is truly amiss.

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By now, everyone has become well aware of the UN’s Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21); a global mandate for “sustainable development” and sweeping economic and social transition, both in the West and, here, in America.

It seems, those conspiratorial enemies hidden in plain view – the thirteen Jesuit families and their minions of the Crown Temple banking/legal establishment in the City of London, the puppet politicians working for the US corporation in Washington D.C., the Jesuit order in control of Vatican City, the police guilds controlled by the International Masonic Brotherhood and, of course, the monopolized MSM – have done their collective best to distract the proletariat’s attention, away from the recent publication of a single but no less significant news story.


But amid the numerously manufactured “protests” and other such fabricated agitations, we shall endeavor to further explore the historical relationship between the UN and their interconnected web of NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), the “George Floyd” psychological operation, and the “protest” movement known as Black Lives Matter. 


Public statements made by Floyd family attorney “Ben Crump”, as reported by most MSM news sources, contain several curious clues as to the staged and theatrical nature of both the “George Floyd” psychological operation and the “protests” which ensued.

An example of such telltale clues, left by Crump, exist in an article published one month ago.

In an article, published at, Crump was quoted in a statement describing, what he termed, the “chilling” “similarities” between the Arbery and Trayvon Martin shootings.


Needless to say, Crump’s comments were quite telltale and revealing.

Surely, everyone will also notice, Crump’s published statement is loaded with references to gematria; the occult art of transforming letters into symbolic numbers.

The following is an excerpt taken directly from the article at

“When you think about the fact that both of them {Arbery and Martin} were killed in the month of February – Trayvon on February 26, 2012, and Ahmaud on February 23, 2020. The fact that both of them would have been 26 years old this year had they still been living. The fact that both of them were accused of burglary, even though there was no evidence to support anything of the sort. The fact that both of their killers had guns, yet they were unarmed, and both of their killers are advancing some type of self-defense ‘stand your ground’ argument.”

1.) 26 years old=12/21/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code

2.) February 23, 2020=2+23+4(2020)=29/2 6’s=12/21/777

3.) February, 2012=2+14(2012)=16/8+8 or 2 8’s/88/aces, spades and eights/Saturn/infinite time loop/mark of the Jesuit order

Of course, Crump also wedges in a reference to the Jesuit’s gun control agenda to disarm Americans who might wish to defend themselves against their subversive infiltration and Marxist-inspired tactics.

But the legal legislation of gun control as well as the calls for the “defunding” of the police, amid what appear to be escalating riots, are all vital elements of the Jesuit’s masterfully conceived program of psychological warfare.

Behind the veil of Crump’s statement concerning the “similarities” between these well-promoted “events”, including the “murder” of “George Floyd”, stands the obvious: they were fabricated scenarios (hoaxes) deliberately staged for the purpose of promoting racially-oriented and divisive propaganda.

Regarding the case of “Trayvon Martin”, everyone may recall “Mark O’Meara”, the attorney posing in defense of George Zimmerman (something about that name George, huh, folks?), who was identified as yet another figure from the entertainment industry, David Jones AKA Roger Daltrey.

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It is also no coincidence, as everyone has likely intuited, Crump happened to be the prosecuting attorney chosen to represent the “families” of the “victims” connected to these events.

Historically, the Jesuit order has always had a need for actors who can be relied upon to never deviate from their scripts.


Among the numerous anomalies pointed out in the last published installment, regarding the “George Floyd” psychological operation, one failed to mention the symbolically glaring presence of the masonic “hidden hand”.

At the first of the following pair of links, listed below, everyone shall observe Officer “Chauvin” with his left hand jammed into his pocket.

This is symbolic of the “hidden hand” or the “left hand” path which hides the deceptive intentions of the high-degree Scottish Rite masonic perpetrators behind the “George Floyd” psychological operation.

To those who may not immediately recognize the significance of this symbolic gesture, the “hidden hand” is symbolic of the intent to deliberately incite social and political chaos so that, subsequently, a new order of affairs can be brought forth.

Below, at the second link, everyone shall also observe the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley demonstrating the identical symbolic gesture.

Dereck Chauvin & the masonic “hidden hand”:

Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley:

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From antiquity, the legendary and mythological tale of the Trojan Horse echoes into remote posterity and, still today, remains vitally instructive.

Metaphorically, this ancient tale of subterfuge and deception reveals the sinister methodology of the enemy which, now, in the 21st century, still plagues mankind.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the ancient Greek legend, the story of the Trojan Horse takes place during the Trojan War, and tells of the perilous fate of the independent City of Troy, at the hands of a clever deception engineered by the armed forces of the Greeks.

An abridged synopsis of the classic tale, drawn from the Latin epic poem, Aeneid, composed by Virgil during the 1st century imperial era of Rome, reveals, that, after a ten-year siege of Troy, the Greek armed forces, in the hope of subduing the defending Trojan forces, decided to devise a clever deception involving the construction of a massive wooden horse.

In lieu of a direct attack upon Troy, the Greeks, led by Odysseus, pretended to sail away in retreat, but were keen to leave their wooden behemoth outside of the city’s gates.

The Trojans, in fatal error, decided to place the horse, as a victory trophy, inside of their walls.

At nightfall, the Greek army snuck out of the horse and, in their ensuing rampage, proceeded to destroy the city, therefore succeeding in finally conquering a troublesome and formidable wartime foe.

Metaphorically speaking, the Trojan Horse, more than adequately, describes the deceptive nature of the United Nations and the sinister but hidden intentions behind the inflated rhetoric of their stated global program(s), those which have become known as “Sustainable Development Goals”, or Agenda 2030.


On the one hand, while the UN couches the terms and conditions of Agenda 2030 in loftily expressed buzz words, words which are neatly wrapped in a prettily colored package of honeyed humanitarianism, on the other, the expressions of such Utopian idealism serves as an opaque cloak, hiding the ulterior motives of their true intentions.

For those still unfamiliar with Agenda 2030, which is synonymous with the Kalergi Plan, the information available at the following links, listed immediately below, will help to build a greater foundation of understanding.


SEE also:

Though, superficially, the United Nations may appear as a humanist and philanthropic organization, dedicated to the concepts of universal peace and global political stability, there exists a wealth of evidence the results of its nefarious policies stand in diametric opposition to its stated goals.

Though such a fact may not be known throughout the world or to the average American, the UN has taken control of the internet, and reserves the right, on behalf of authorized third parties, to censor certain portions of its content which might be perceived to be critical of its policies.

Of course, according to the terms and conditions of the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” (Indicator 4.a.2), such censorship can be implemented under the guise of “human rights”, or “cyberbullying”.

The terms set forth by the UN in this resolution, to describe under what conditions and by what precise criteria a case of “cyberbullying” can be identified, are vaguely expressed.

As a wise man once said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


Regarding George Crump, one burning question remains: why, therefore, would the legal representative of the “Floyd” family endeavor to seek the UN’s involvement in their pending case?

Minneapolis, Minnesota is listed in connection to the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” and ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives), which is a non-government/private organization designed to legally cement public/private partnerships.

From a technical standpoint, this legally entails, the city of Minneapolis falls under the UN’s governing jurisdiction and, essentially, has given over its consent for the UN to advise, meddle, and even to intervene in its political decision-making processes.


SEE also:

But ICLEI isn’t the only NGO (Non-Government Organizations) hidden within the Trojan Horse of the UN.

Turns out, there are thousands of such organizations, working with not only local and state governments, but directly with the US corporate government.

These are NGO’s which, for decades, have been affiliated with the UN’s global efforts in implementing its grand policies.

According to an article published at, beginning in 1945, even before the “official” inception of the UN at its headquarters, located at Rockefeller Center in New York City, a global agenda of centralized corporate control was being streamlined through representatives of large organizations such as the Rotary, the international Conference of Free Trade Unions, and the International Chamber of Commerce.

The Rotary Club (“masons without aprons”), as pointed out very recently (SEE: Nasty ‘Twin” Jacksons-in-Action? ), is an organization connected to the International Brotherhood of Freemasons.


SEE also:

Suffice to say, and to put it in the simplest of terms, the UN, while posing as a humanist merchant of peace, stability, and global order, secretly works as an agent of destabilization and chaos through a globally interconnected web of “philanthropic” organizations; private and “non-profit” organizations which are merely fronts for the profit-making Fortune 500 corporations owned by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Yes folks, while working to incite crisis and chaos through its network of NGO’s, on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and to bolster its geopolitical viability and its appearance as a peacemaking global savior, the role of the UN is to offer prepackaged solutions to the global chaos it methodically creates through its connected networks of stakeholders and global actors known as NGO’s.

Turns out, Black Lives Matter is but one pertinent example of the plethora of NGO actors connected to the UN.

There have emerged numerous reports of large corporations making “donations” to Black Lives Matter.

The public, meanwhile, remains unaware of what happens to their solicited donations.


In truth, the nature of these financial solicitations are deceptive.

The very corporations which are both soliciting and receiving these donations, on behalf of “Black Lives Matter”, are merely maneuvering profits from one hand to the other, from the profit side of their ledgers to the non-profit column(s).

While, to the American general public, and in the way of public relations, such financial maneuvers may help these corporations appear to be virtuously humanitarian, they are merely taking portions of their quarterly profits, matched with those funds donated wittingly by the members of the American public, and administratively designating them as non-profit donations which, of course, as stipulated by the legal terms and conditions of 501(c)(3) designations, are not eligible for further taxation by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

This is a method of financial finagling and deceptive book keeping which, long ago, was mastered by the Rockefeller family (pseudonym for the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA the “Windsor” family).

More is to come concerning the Rockefeller family – in relation to the establishment of the United Nations and to its earliest proponent, Thomas Woodrow Wilson – a bit later.

Meanwhile, the IRS, unbeknownst to most Americans, is a private corporation controlled by the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is a subsidiary merchant bank operating under the umbrella of the Crown Temple in the City of London.


The Crown Temple, of course, is connected to the Principality of Vatican City which, in turn, is controlled by the Jesuit order.

As for the United Nations and its grand network of connected NGO’s, one of the most conspicuous of these has become known to the American public as “Black Lives Matter”.


According to an article published at (SEE:, BLM’s inception began in 2013, shortly after the “killing” of Trayvon Martin.

Also, according to Wikipedia, BLM exists, in the State of Delaware, as “Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.”

The BLM corporate foundation, Wikipedia further informs, is also registered in the State of Delaware with a”501(c)(3) tax exemption.”

The history of the State of Delaware provides a pertinent clue as to whom is connected to the founding, ideological support, and continued funding of BLM.

Although, historically, the Dutch were the first to settle in the area which became known as the State of Delaware, it was first officially and commercially colonized in 1664, when, according to Wikipedia, “the Dutch were conquered by a fleet of English ships by Sir Robert Carr under the direction of James, the Duke of York (also known as James II, King of England).”

Genealogical records, at Burkes peerage and other sites, clearly confirm both James II and Victoria of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Queen of England, through Sophia of Hanover ( who is also a relation to Caroline, the current Princess of Hanover and wife to Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Donald Trump”), were, in fact, royal cousins.

The first American president, at the behest of the Rockefeller family, to tout the formation of the “League of Nations”, the forerunner to what became known as the United Nations, was Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

During the early 20th century, “Thomas Woodrow Wilson” and the Rockefeller family both conspired to play pivotal roles in the formation of not only the “League of Nations”, but, in its transition, decades later, into the United Nations.



Turns out, however, that “Woodrow Wilson” was not only a Rockefeller in disguise, he was also Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, the offspring of Victoria’s eldest son, Edward VII AKA Teddy Roosevelt, a man who would become King of England, Ireland, and Emperor of India and, later, as “Teddy Roosevelt”, became US president.

Positive facial recognition and image comparison analysis corroborate that “Woodrow Wilson” was a pseudonym for Prince Albert Victor of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA John Davidson Rockefeller Junior.

Prince Albert Victor, who was alleged to have died on the 14th of January in 1892, like Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Donald Trump”, faked his death while still young and went on to become US president.

1.) Woodrow Wilson: WW=MM/13X2=26/2 6’s=12/21/777 (Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code).

Thomas Woodrow Wilson:

Prince Albert Victor:

John Davidson Rockefeller Junior:


BLM’s website touts thirteen guiding principles, among these are Diversity, Globalism, Empathy, Restorative Justice, and Intergenerationality.

Yes folks, hosts of two-bit Marxist ideologues, or, as Vladimir Lenin once called them, ‘useful dupes’, are often found to love nothing better than to pretend to sound articulate and intelligent while utilizing such nonsensically tortured jargon.

Like everyone else, though, I was thinking the same thing: what, exactly, is meant by “intergenerationality”?

Marxist ideologists are always such keen manipulators of language, both, in the realms of scholarly discourse and in the more mundane vernacular.

After all, so the Marxist mindset imagines, if the way in which people speak and interact can be manipulated, then, so, too, can their thoughts and perceptions.

The latter “concept”, as it is described by Wikipedia (, appears to be some sort of ill-conceived wet dream designed to give sociologists and social scientists control over the interactions of the nuclear family, as if American families need to be trained, like toddlers, to properly interact.

But this, folks, is not-at-all surprising.

After all, the Covid-19 psychological operation has been observed to utilize very similar, if not identical, tactics of fear-based behavioral modification programming.

According to Wikipedia, Black Lives Matter “exists as a decentralized network with 30 chapters worldwide, while a larger Black Lives Matter movement exists of various separate like-minded organizations such as Dream Defenders and Assata’s Daughters. The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people, as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation.”

It is well-observed that Wikipedia curiously utilizes, in describing the organizational nature of BLM, the term “decentralized”.

The utilization of such a term is but one keen example of the distractive use of semantics, to manipulate public perceptions away from the notion that BLM, in fact, exists as a centralized cult of trained agent provocateurs operating on the basis of top-down styled corporate management structures.

Like the Occupy Movement of over one decade ago, those secretly funding BLM – the thirteen royal Jesuit families – would prefer the American general public to believe their “movement” is not only organic in nature, but also leaderless and autonomous.

The term “decentralized” also serves to further bolster public perceptions that BLM is as advertised; a grassroots organization funded solely by non-profit donations.

But this is an abhorrent and manifest prevarication.

As we’ve discovered, through exhaustive investigation, those “events” , which have been widely and incessantly promoted by the MSM, of brutality “towards black people” at the hands of the masonic police guilds, have also proved to have been completely manufactured.

Both the masonic police guilds and BLM are conspiring to gaslight the American public with the creation of street theater.

The ultimate purpose of BLM’s street theater performances in conspiratorial tandem with the masonic police guilds, so it would seem, is to promote the false perception and presumption of the systematic oppression of black people.

This Marxist-driven ideology, adopted by agents of chaos such as BLM, was, long ago, well-repudiated by a “black scholar”, named Thomas Sowell.


Obviously, the scholarly work of Doctor Thomas Sowell isn’t more widely promoted because it doesn’t fall in line with the established MSM narrative of “black oppression” which is also marketed by BLM’s Marxist-trained agent provocateurs.

It should also be noted, BLM is ideologically dialed-in with the 3rd wave feminist and LGBTQ agendas, agendas which are part and parcel of the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”.

But Wikipedia, indirectly, exposes the genuine source of Marxist ideological inspiration for BLM’s provocative brand of masonic street theater and psychological warfare, when it mentions this quote from a Georgetown University (a university founded by the Jesuit order) professor and academic: “Marcia Chatelain, associate professor of history at Georgetown University, has praised BLM for allowing ‘young, queer, women {to} play a central role’ in the movement.”

Yes, folks, old Vladimir Lenin was right, behind every ideologically-driven social and political movement stand virtually unlimited droves of useful dupes and disposable idiots.


BLM is connected to Dream Defenders (DD=44/gematria destruction code), founded by (ACORN affiliated) and Working Families Party activist and Occupy Wall Street organizer Nelini Stamp, who popularized the BLM-related slogan “Hands up – Don’t shoot!”

In the Reverse Full Reduction of English Ordinal gematria, the slogan “Hands up-Don’t shoot!” sums to 75 (12/21/777/joker intelligence code) and 3 (EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

As for the Dream Defender’s chief activist, Nelini Stamp, she appears to have an acting resume detailed at her very own IMDB page.


At their website, it appears Dream Defenders logo is represented by three chevrons (777) and a star (Eastern Star/pentagram), both of which appear enclosed in an inverted pyramid, a masonic symbol representing the “chalice” or feminine energy of the goddess Isis or Sophia.


BLM is also contracted to another group of Marxist-trained revolutionaries called “Thousand Currents” led by, in their own words, “women, youth, and indigenous Peoples in the Global South”.

At their website ( everyone will readily observe, the organization is not only, like BLM, dedicated to the concepts of globalism and the promotion of 3rd wave feminism, but, the organization is also actively promoting the Covid-19 psychological operation.


One of BLM’s most significant endorsers is the Center for Popular Democracy, an organization which, according to Wikipedia, “is an American advocacy group that promotes progressive politics. CPD is a federation of groups that includes some of the old chapters of ACORN.” Also, according to Wikipedia, “CDP has received funding from the Ford Foundation, the Democracy Alliance, and the Open Society Foundations.”

This is where things begin to get interesting, folks.

The Open Society Foundations, once again, according to Wikipedia, “is an international grantmaking network founded by business magnate George Soros.”

Everyone may recall, “George Soros” AKA Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis/CBS newsman “Dan Rather” has also been identified as a fabricated character modification of the host actor, Constantine II of Greece.

SEE: The Masked Identity of Boogeyman George Soros

The royal family of Greece is genealogically related to the Dano-German branch of the House of Oldenberg, members of which, according to Burkes peerage, have ruled in Denmark, Norway, Greece, and several German states.

In addition to Constantine II of Greece, Queen Margrethe II of Demark, King Harald V of Norway, Queen Sofia of Spain, as well as Prince Phillip, the consort of British Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh are also patrilineal members of cadet branches of the Glucksberg Dynasty, and to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA Windsor family.

“Soros” and the Open Society Foundations have been connected for several decades, and the two parties have also worked in connection as the financial spearhead of many social and political upheavals around the world.

Investigating further, we discover, that, on May 28, 1984, “Soros” signed a contract between the Soros Foundation in New York and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, an agreement which effectively began Soros’s long reign as a major international financier of global chaos.

It now appears, with the Open Society Foundations’ endorsement of BLM, Soros’s work as a financier of global chaos has been imported to the West and to America.

But what is the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, everyone may be wondering?

According to Wikipedia, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, located on the bank of the Danube river, “is the most important and prestigious learned society of Hungary.” Wikipedia goes on to tell us, “its main responsibilities are the cultivation of science, dissemination of scientific findings, supporting research and development and representing Hungarian science domestically and around the world.”

Turns out, the prestigious Academy is also connected to MTA Institute for Computer Science and Control.

Yes, folks, you read that right – CONTROL.

The Institute for Computer Science and Control was established in 1964 and, today, it specializes in the research and development of cutting edge digital technologies.

What are some of those cutting edge technologies?

At their webpage (SEE:, listed under the heading “Our Innovation Mission”, the Institute states the following, “the main direction of the Institute is the research of Cyber-Physical Systems.”

What are Cyber-Physical Systems?

If you’re one of those which may have intuited such systems are designed to integrate, monitor, and control the behavior of humans and machines with the use of computer algorithms, you’ve intuited correctly.

Yes folks, the thirteen families are using the Marxist revolutionary mayhem executed by BLM and its connected network of like-minded useful dupes to necessitate the bringing in of a global technotronic smart control grid, or, to which such a system has been more commonly referred, “the Internet of Things”.

According to Wikipedia, the common applications of Cyber-Physcial Systems or CPS “typically fall under sensor-based communication-enabled autonomous systems.”

Like privacy-invading Smart Meters, for example?

“For example,” Wikipedia goes on to explain, “many wireless sensor networks monitor some aspect of the environment and relay the processed information to a central node. Other types of CPS include smart grid, autonomous systems, medical monitoring, process control systems, distributed robotics, and automatic pilot avionics.”

After reading that, everyone should have gained a greater understanding as to the ulterior motives of the Covid-19 psychological operation, right?

Yes folks, the thirteen families have not only shown their hand in the form of the UN’s Trojan Horse, they are forcing the hand of the proletariat over which they rule – with behavioral modification i.e. “social distancing” and the wearing of masks and gloves –  to unconditionally accept the unquestioned control of their computer algorithm-based global surveillance smart grid – or else!

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