In an era when the words ‘conspiracy theorist’ are utilized primarily in the pejorative, the following admittedly serves as a small, and yet not insignificant vindication. For free thinkers everywhere, the findings of an independent study entitled “15 Years Later: On the physics of high rise building collapses”, written in collaboration with eminent scientists from prestigious universities located around the globe, will indeed go a long way to soothing the wounds suffered from the verbal slings and arrows cast by those utilizing ad hominem attacks, truly  indicative of shallow minds interested only in short cuts to actual thinking.

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For those still prone to scoffing, consider, that this report, released, perhaps fittingly, precisely a decade and one half after that fateful day, forecasting the most foreboding of futures, contains the testimony of John Skilling, in fact the head structural engineer of the fallen Twin Towers. The key component of his well documented testimony concludes that a high rise building consisting of steel frames has never been collapsed from fire, that it is more likely, the Twin Towers, and other surrounding structures, were brought down to their very foundations by high explosives, strategically placed in the buildings, well in advance of September, 11, 2001. Adding credibility to the findings, is the fact three other buildings collapsed that day, including building #7, buildings which were never claimed to have been stuck by any terrorist hijacked commercial aircraft.

In other words, unless  one believes it possible the laws of physics were especially suspended on September 11, 2001, then what was witnessed on that fateful day represented a fantastic anomaly.

But, fantastical notions promoted by media sorcerers can’t hold out for very long against assiduous scientific inquiry and logical conclusions, or can they?


The question remains, how much longer will a significant portion of the American population continue to delude themselves with the wild tales of terrorists and box cutters, of hijackers barely able to fly a small craft airplane, suddenly and miraculously capable of piloting a commercial aircraft with the skill of cracker jack Top Gun Naval aerial artists? Irony, it seems, is often lost on an American public too often seduced by the ‘conspiracy theories’ of the media sorcerers and ‘elected’ political puppets, those  interested only in telling whatever lies shall aid them in the continual maintenance of prime public positions affording the great material comforts of wealth and privilege.

No, the real conspiracy lies not with some robe clad terrorist rogues hiding in a cave half a world away in some remote cave plotting death and destruction abroad, but with the conspiratorial lies of the media sorcerers and their morally bankrupt political minions, attempting to spin wild yarns as providential truth.

In cooperation with the aforementioned, there is also the visual evidence of the photos taken in the wake of the attack on the Afghan compound leading to the death of the alleged terrorist villain ‘Osama bin Laden’. Indeed, the photographic proof presented by the US government was badly photo shopped, meaning it was concocted out of thin air, representing, to any free thinking individual capable of rational analysis, a badly conceived hoax. Also, the fact that certain high level US government operatives testified before the 911 commission that Pentagon ‘war games’ had been planned, and in fact were activated on September 11, 2001, proves that something was more than greatly amiss. Truly,  such grave considerations more than imply inconceivable ramifications. Is it not more likely the ‘terrorist attack’ of September 11, 2001, represented a grand simulation, rather than an actual event?

Considered in total, how can any independent thinking individual, with the true facts readily at hand, conclude anything other than the US population was bamboozled by its own government into believing in nothing other than a badly conceived fairy tale, a fairy tale designed to emotionally manipulate, a fairy tale that sent sons and daughters half way around the world, to countries most could not find on a map, to be horribly and physically maimed, ruthlessly and psychologically damaged, needlessly killed amidst the horrors of a despicable and unnecessary war?

How much longer will one allow themselves to be duped, time and again, will one finally wake up, or will one remain gutless, awaiting some sort of social cue, alerting it is now acceptable to change your mind and express doubts?

Or, will you begin to think independently, daring to cast off the suffocating cloak of socially conditioned lies?

Dare to label one hopelessly nihilistic, but is it possible to maintain, one will pusillanimously continue to go along to get along, thinking, like those ‘elected’ ruling over you, of nothing other than the minute satisfaction of petty and material desires, while the crushing boot of tyranny continues to stamp out whatever shred of liberty and freedom one thinks may still exist?

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