Do you like supernatural suspense thrillers?

Are you looking for an entertaining and thought provoking book to curl up with this weekend?

Before answering those questions, take the time to check out the new book trailer for my newly published novel, ‘Grand Masquerade’.

‘Grand Masquerade’ launched on Amazon in February, and immediately rocketed to #1 in two categories (psychic thrillers/psychic suspense) and made Amazon’s prestigious Hot New Release list!

The ebook edition of Grand Masquerade is available now for just $2.99 @, and print editions, both in paperback and hardcover, are available now for up to 15% off Amazon list price @

Enjoy the book trailer!

But please, watch while the lights are still on!

I’d also like to offer a huge shout-out to the talented Miss Eeva Lancaster at for all of her genuine and spectacularly creative efforts!  

17 thoughts on “New Book Trailer for ‘Grand Masquerade’!

  1. In these days of great media chaos, people stress, terror of contagion, captivity, these days owith news on news, time of possible epochal change, of reading, watching videos, listening to the world’s powerfull, and everything we can see around us, with this incredible cv19 hoax that led to the greatest lockdown in the human history, arose me a thought. Did those who really lead this world need anything to change? Or rather, things as they are or were, weren’t going well for them? Could there have been another simpler way to change things? And here I have an answer, or rather I made a guess. Could it be that something is radically changing within this power, in the top of the pyramid, and behind the facade, there could be a war going on between two opposing forces with two conflicting visions of the future world? So this current chaotic moment, might it be a mirror for something deepest changing.
    As always time will tell us the truth.

    1. I add one thing, these days I noticed some important people, royals, financiers, famous shows, sports etc, who publicly declared that they were affected by CV19 and isolated themselves in quarantine. Which has got me suspicious.

      1. I just saw the report on Prince Charles. His father, Phillip, the Queen’s prince consort, was quoted as once having said, when asked about his contemplations on mortality: “In the event I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

    2. Although the economic transition which is now occurring has been planned for decades — a transition outlined in the UN’s Agenda 2030 of sustainable development, formerly Agenda 21 — the pandemic is merely being used as a cover for the covert implantation/field testing of the biotechnology known as ID 2020. Their plan is proceeding as expected and, I would suggest, perhaps more rapidly and more smoothly than expected. The thirteen families consolidated their global commercial interests with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in the 18th century, shortly after the close of the American Revolutionary war which, by the way, was another historical feint/psychological operation. At that time, and although the people (corporately-owned and legally bonded human resources) were granted rights and privileges under Admiralty Law, America has always been a corporate subsidiary of Crown Temple in the City of London. Therefore, while the families do compete, from time to time, for the opening and subsequent exploitation of new commercial markets, they are ultimately and contractually bound by mutual self-interests. Think of it this way: hegemonic control of global finance is their ultimate weapon (gun), and geo-politics represents the iron will to inevitably pull the trigger.

      1. We know what really is Hollywood behind the show facade. So what do you think about this monologue of Ricky Gervais

      2. I did see that. It seems this is a clever method of operation utilized quite frequently. Celebrity personalities are posed in such forums to say things which can be construed as controversial – as a trial balloon – to measure the public’s reaction. On the one hand, the thirteen families are always interested to see how effectively their social and political agendas are working. On the other hand, while social media channels are monitored very closely to gauge public reactions, they can extrapolate date which indicates what percentage of the general public might develop dissident tendencies.

      3. I believe that is the ancient oath of Roman jurors: to say what is objectively accurate or subjectively honest? Unfortunately, in our post-modern world, objective truth has been thoroughly sacrificed upon the alter of subjectivity, an interpretation which implies there are no absolutes, only interpretations which can be altered to fit the subjective whims of the moment.

      4. It is undeniably amusing, and the comic’s barbed delivery is sharp. He’s a good performer. Surprised, I hadn’t heard of him up until now. You won’t want to miss the next article, which should be coming up later on today. Not only have I identified the man behind the mask of Doctor Anthony Fauci, of the White House coronavirus Task Force but, I shall also detail that, in the UK, its been reported Parliament has quickly shoved through some legislation which makes the utter fascism of Homeland Security’s Patriot Act pale in comparison.

    3. While I applaud your ability to put forth an independently conceived analysis on this matter, I can assure you, if, there was to be a coups de’etat, or a changing of the palace guard – as it were – the result would not be of any benefit to the common proletariat.

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