In this installment, the ulterior economic motives covertly hidden by the coronavirus psychological operation/simulation exercise will be made clearer.

Also, we shall explore the masonic symbolism which has accompanied the MSM’s recently escalated fear-based campaign.

The essence of occult magic – according to the late occultist Dione Fortune – is the contrived manipulation, and ultimate control, through the well-managed contrivance of oppositional duality, of human emotion and perception.

While many have been fooled into focusing their attentions and energies on a manufactured “pandemic,” the thirteen families and their minions —- those known as both “elected” public officials and appointed administrative bureaucrats —- are continuing to work toward advancing their long-planned global economic transition; grand plans which were laid out in the UN’s Agenda 2030 (formerly labeled Agenda 21).

But there is something else, which shall shortly be revealed, regarding one of Hollywood’s most revered stars and, while she is a member of the Grimaldi family of Monaco and married to the reigning monarch, Albert II, the Principality of Monaco has also signed on with an international vaccine alliance, called Gavi.


What percentage, does everyone suppose, of those among the American general public, are at all aware of Event 201; a global pandemic exercise simulation which took place in New York, New York?

This “event” was hosted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and was executed —- over a three day period (EE=33, highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) —- in cooperation with the World Economic Forum.

Though I am not a gambling man, I’d feel confident in wagering the percentage was near nil.

Below, is a link to the event’s webpage as well as an additional link to a video of the unfolding pandemic simulation, which took place, just before the MSM’s reports of the coronavirus outbreak in October of 2019.


Event 201:

It is rather noteworthy that, during her presentation at Event 21 (777, intelligence joker code), the speaker was heard detailing the hypothetical economic ramifications of a global pandemic outbreak.

Taking this into objective consideration, and in tandem with the recent economic fallout experienced here in the West, is there anyone who might begin to suppose, the global pandemic exercise of Event 21 and the alleged coronavirus pandemic might be inextricably linked?

If so, would it not become wholly possible to conclude, the scripted pandemic scenario of Event 21 is still being gamed, to not only monitor and measure the behavioral responses of the general public, but to manufacture widespread and dire economic circumstances which would appear to further justify drastic and even draconian bureaucratic measures?

Though the Event 21 scenario was gamed to play out as a global simulation, nevertheless, the creators and participants expected the simulation to be perceived by the general public, not as hypothetical, but actual.

Therefore, they also knew, the public’s manipulated behavioral reactions and fearful perceptions would appear to justify the legal, but unlawful, bureaucratic mandating of mandatory coronavirus testing and vaccination distribution.

But was there yet another ulterior motive harbored by the participants, those who were acting with a sense of mutual self-interest while enjoined by shared private/public partnerships, and those who were also responsible for executing the gamed pandemic scenario of Event 21?

Turns out, the definitive answer would be most affirmative; an ulterior motive to set the stage for ID 2020.


According to the webpage, found at build-biometric-id-program-around-infant-immunization/, “The project {ID2020} will involve the exploration of multiple biometric identification technologies for infants, with the aim of building a biometric ID program based on the most successful approaches.”

But the next paragraph explains that this plan emanates from the centralized mandate of the UN:

“ID2020, a public-private alliance aimed at supporting the United Nations Sustainable development goal {Agenda 2030} on universal identity, has announced a new identity project in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and Gavi, a public-private alliance concerned with vaccination.”

Well, there you have it, folks, and straight, as it were, from the horse’s mouth.

Who is Gavi, everyone may be wondering?

According to an article at, Gavi is a vaccine alliance which has entered into an active financial partnership with the US corporate government, and several other subsidiary corporate governments of the Crown Temple in the City of London.

Not only that, folks, but in addition to Gavi’s partnership in this global endeavor with the US corporate government, their vaccine alliance is supported by the governments of the People’s Republic of China, Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, UK, and a slew of other countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Russia, and Switzerland, which happens to be the headquarters of the SNB (Swiss National Bank), a corporate subsidiary of the Crown Temple in the City of London, and connected to the Federal Reserve in the US.

Everyone will notice, the Principality of Monaco figures prominently on Gavi’s list of those partnered with the vaccine alliance. Monaco is ruled by the Grimaldi family, one of the richest, most powerful, and influential of those among the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Of course, behind the mask of “Donald Trump”, the “elected” US president, is hidden the identity of Monaco’s Prince Stefano Grimaldi AKA NBC newsman Brian Williams, who also portrayed the “late” US president, George H.W. Bush. His royal relative, Prince Albert Grimaldi II, the son of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, a former Hollywood actress, is one of the richest royals in all of Europe, and he is married to Princess Charlene, who is better known to American movie-going audiences as Charleze Theron, the hidden daughter of Anette Benning and Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard M. Nixon.

SEE: Powell Was One Very Tricky Dick

Princess Charlene has also portrayed the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as Chelsea Clinton.

SEE: Doctor Kerry Chant’s New World Order

Hollywood actress Charleze Theron

OIP (4)[5745]

Princess Charlene of Monaco

OIP (3)[5747]

SEE: Did Royals Fund Flat Earth Psychological Operation?


The timing of Gavi’s partnership with the US, Canada, and Italy, in particular, seems indicative of a deliberate conspiratorial pact borne of mutual and commercial self-interests.

According to the article at Gavi’s official site, the alliance’s partnership with the US corporate government, Italy, and Canada was solidified on the 10th of February, 2020.

Soon thereafter, Canada’s premiere, Justin Trudeau —- yet another Hollywood actor portraying the role of a head of state —- decided to unilaterally shutter his country’s borders.

SEE: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Hollywood Impostor?

Truly, is it any coincidence that, soon after Gavi’s vaccine alliance was legally solidified on the 20th of February, 2020, the spread of the alleged coronavirus began to proliferate, both in Italy and in the West?

Certainly, given the timing of such covert backroom wheeling and dealing, one shouldn’t think so.

Additionally, it is certainly not a matter of coincidence that in Milan, Italy, Marshall Law has reportedly and effectively shut down all economic activity.

Italy, of course, is also the headquarters of the Jesuit order, at the Vatican, in Rome.

Nor does it seem to be coincidental, there exists a direct correlation between those countries most recently effected by the coronavirus pandemic, the preplanned and systematic global rollout of 5G/60ghz millimeter waves, and the numerous countries listed at Gavi’s site as partners in their global vaccine alliance.


SEE also:

Want greater corroboration that the global rollout of 5g, the UN’s Agenda 2030, and the coronavirus psychological operation are inextricably linked?

Below, you will find a link to an article, which not only bolsters this shocking premise, but it also provides some pertinent information concerning a company called InOvio, a San Diego biotech company which, in 2018, received a sizeable grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI).

The biotech firm also claims to have recently developed a coronavirus vaccine, and they claimed to have done so, according to the article, in just two hours (2=twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), shortly after the first outbreak of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China.



Of course, the freemasonic order, which is controlled by the Jesuit order in Rome, has taken pains to leave a plethora of their fingerprints behind at the scene of the crime.

It is any surprise to discover, then, that, in gematria, the number 19, the very number attached to the coronavirus, equals AI or artificial intelligence (1=A, 9=I)?

The term COVID, in English Ordinal gematria, sums to 53, which equals 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order).

The word corona, which is a reference to the sun —- the symbolic object of divine reverence among both high-degree freemasons and those of the Jesuit order — sums to 66 (12/21/777/intelligence joker code) in English Ordinal gematria and 33 in Reverse Full Reduction (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

The utilization of the 777, or the triple seven intelligence joker code is also quite evident in the following series of recently published articles, concerning a heart-stirring story which details the emotional tribulations of a family alleged to have been mortally effected by the onslaught of the “coronavirus”.

After clicking each link, which are listed below, everyone will immediately notice each article features not only the 777 code, but also features an identically worded headline accompanied by identical familial images.

Surely, everyone will also take note, the articulation of the reportage found in each article appears to be identical, or, in some cases, and with little variation, the wording of each article appears to have only been slightly tweaked, perhaps, so as not to appear identical.

Why should this be so?

Because the articles are written, not by humans, but programmed and produced by AI or artificial intelligence bots.

Yes folks, the profession of journalism, in the 21st century age of AI and algorithms, has become virtually extinct.



SEE also:

Furthermore, regarding the ongoing coronavirus psychological operation/pandemic simulation, there is a great deal more the MSM isn’t bothering to report.

In truth, there is a plethora of activity which is occurring, as it were, behind the political curtain, and away from the scrutinizing glare of the general public.

Perhaps, this is why the concept of “social distancing” is now so widely promoted?

Assuredly, the last thing your local public officials would wish for, is to witness hordes of curious and even angry citizens crowding the corridors of their office buildings, or barging through the front doors of Town Halls, in a genuine attempt to lodge uncomfortable and socially unacceptable inquiries.

Surely, from their perspective, at least, it is far better to keep everyone locked in their homes and under virtual house arrest, where the local police can keep twenty-four-hour surveillance on your entire family, through covert Stingray software programs and microwave emitting smart meters, while, simultaneously, everyone becomes bombarded with destructive 5G/60ghz millimeter waves.

The widespread public acceptance of this draconian policy would certainly enable quick and easy confirmation of the location of any possible political dissidents —- wouldn’t it?

Perhaps, too, the idea of everyone wearing masks is part of the psychological operation; a symbolism which is designed to work on a subconscious level? One’s intuitive suspicions signal that the symbolism of the mask is designed to deliver a threefold message to the general public: 1.) Muzzle yourselves and keep your mouths shut 2.) Do what you’re told and, 3.) Submit —–  its for your own safety, of course — to coronavirus testing and a subsequent vaccination.


Before lingering doubts can persuade otherwise, everyone may want to consider the content of the following article which regarded a city council meeting, scheduled for the 18th of March in the city of Medford, Massachusetts, to discuss a proposal of small cell 5G equipment installation by Verizon.

Reportedly, and conveniently enough, due to present circumstances, the meeting was suddenly postponed.


Though there exist a plethora of politicians, nationwide, such as Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker, who appear to be making executive decisions regarding the recent “pandemic”, they are merely doing what they have been told to do but, nevertheless, have also been told by their masonic lodge masters their scripted behavioral responses will make them appear as decisive and even heroic, and will gain them considerable political capital with the general public.

But those such as Governor Charlie Baker are merely actors, playing their part in a grand charade. While posed before the public and appearing to be a decisive executive decision-maker, and even a heroic savior, Governor Baker is, in fact, merely a corporately-owned puppet, and his job is to properly regurgitate a slew of media-driven talking points which have been thoroughly scripted.

In a previous installment regarding the former US speaker of the House of Representatives, Tip O’Neil AKA the “late” Hollywood actor John “the Duke” Wayne, the host actor portraying Massachusetts governor  “Charlie Baker” was confirmed to be former television personality/comedian/talk show host Conan O’Brien AKA Quentin Tarantino.

SEE: The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

The coronavirus psychological operation is being executed along the scripted guidelines of a grand plan which, beforehand, was long in the making and, as many have surely taken notice, its sinister psychological effectiveness has well-played upon the subsequent and widespread ignorance, fear, and utter panic among the American general public.

Yes, folks, those among the thirteen families and, by extension, their willing minions and conspirators, numbered among the motely assortments of “elected” public officials, the pharmaceutical/medical complex, and those found among the legions of low-level bureaucrats and administrators —– most of whom have pledged allegiance to a masonic grand lodge or their vast networks of branch organizations —– perceive the masses of the proletarian general public as nothing more than taxed-farmed and exploitable human resources possessing the mindset of gullible, overly trusting, and obedient children.

The postponement of the meeting with Verizon officials in Medford, Massachusetts seems to correlate with the timing of the growing number of citizen protests in Wuhan and Hong Kong, China, just prior to the alleged outbreak of the coronavirus.


SEE also:

An article published at not only references an empirically-based piece written by biologist Paul Doyon  ( but also cites the fact that over 10,000 5g antennas were installed in and around Wuhan by the end of 2019.


The article at also features the following quote from Doctor Martin Hall, an esteemed Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University:

“Putting tens of millions of 5g anttennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”

Somehow, folks, I don’t think I could have said it any better myself.

45 thoughts on “Breaking the Masonic Coronavirus Magic Spell

  1. ANd Tom Hanks made a funny Instagram post of a corona typewriter and hinted at 201 sayin his wife was ahead of him that many points in gin rummy…*rolls eyes*

    1. Thank you for brining that bit of information forth, I was not aware. The substance of Hank’s post is rather telling: referring to Event ‘201=33, and ‘gin rummy’, implying his cards are on the table? – and cards=masonic black and white squares?

  2. Among other things, listening to some statements by expert virologists, this CV19 doesn’t give immunity after a supposed recovery from it. Therefore consequently, there can be no vaccine for this kind of virus. It is defined by the virologists themselves, a very fragile virus and with very limited effects, only and exclusively on people already debilitated by other previous serious pathologies.
    Here we’ll all end up like human test subject, died, or worse.

    1. Besides in conjunction with this alleged pandemic, here in Italy they are massively installing 5G antennas. No coincidence.

      1. You’re correct, the installation of 5g antennas is no coincidence. Of course, the internet is now loaded with articles attempting to debunk this notion as – to no surprise – “conspiracy theory”.

    2. The virologists, and those among the pharmaceutical/medical complex will promote whatever propaganda is necessary in pursuit of their own mutual and commercial interests. I, too, believe the primary motivation behind the promotion of the “pandemic” is to gull the unsuspecting public and, while drawing from the widest demographics of human resources, use them as unwitting test subjects for the ID2020 program.

  3. Perhaps they will leave a choice for those who want to be part of this new totalitarian regime, who must therefore have the microchip, (the biblical mark of the beast), while those who don’t want it will be recognized as dissidents and will be cut off from the new world.

    1. I think you’re assessment, for the long-term, is correct. And, of course, the bible was composed by 47 scholars employed by King James I. Your reference to the ‘mark of the beast’ is evidence enough of how far ahead the thirteen families plan to both enrich and bolster the strength of their global economic system.

    2. What is coming up next – very soon – will blow this coronavirus hoax wide open. Doctor Anthony Fauci is an utter fraud – a fabricated character played by a familiar host actor – and there’s a Charles Manson connection. Added to that,, the nonsense he’s been spouting about the nature of viruses is contradicted by established and esteemed medical journals.

  4. I watched the Netflix film, Birdbox yesterday. Have you seen it? Full of predictive programming for the Coronavirus pandemic.

    1. No, I haven’t seen it. But you’re correct. The phenomenon of predictive programming is, in itself, an element of psychological warfare. This is particularly evident, in retrospect, regarding the subject of the Apollo moon landings.

    2. Since you’re one of my most loyal readers, I shall clue you in to what’s coming up next! Doctor Anthony Fauci – Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe? – is being portrayed by a very familiar character who also portrayed a former US president and a slew of many other characters. He is the hidden son of a powerful Hollywood mogul and a former Coca-Cola executive and board member, who is also a member of the von Furstenberg family.

      1. The Faustus connection is very interesting. A doctor who evokes the original man who sold his soul could be signing us all up too!

        A biochip could form part of the coronavirus vaccine. This chip could contain a digital wallet and be used for making paymets. It ties in with the mark of the beast etc.

      2. Precisely, the circumstances appear just as you’ve implied. The “pandemic” is a trojan horse to gull the public into participating as test subjects for the ID 2020 program which is tied in with the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the covert implementation of other experimental biotechnologies. Though this may sound perverse, it is a brilliant plan they’ve concocted to incrementally and covertly attain the benchmarks of their global economic transition. Your reference to the “mark of the beast’ told of in the biblical book of Revelation is very apt. But, as I’ve pointed out countless times, the bible was written by King James’s 47 scholars, all of whom were high-degree masons, including Sir Francis Bacon AKA William Shakespeare. In that sense, what is written in the bible isn’t prophecy, but the revelation of the thirteen families’ methods through the vehicle of dramatic stories and mythical narratives.

      3. I have a feeling we might see the first stages of the transition soon. A near global lockdown enforced by the military is the perfect time to make a big move.

        They might tie it in with the Easter/pheonix resurrection with the new system rising from the ashes of the old.

      4. Yes, Trump AKA Prince Stefano Grimaldi has already spoken about the National Guard. Therefore, the military will be involved, particularly in the large cities, which will likely be locked down and coronavirus “testing” made lawfully mandatory. I believe the Boston bombing, the London 777 and Manchester bombing simulations were executed in preparation. The Phoenix symbolism is most apt and, if I’m not mistaken, such symbolism was displayed at the last Olympic games as well as at the Super bowl. Funny, isn’t it, how only a small percentage of us have managed to figure all of this out?

      5. Lots of the people who can see that something is amiss have been misdirected and are busily deciphering q anon posts. I sometimes think the rest are engaged in willful ignorance.

      6. Fundamentally, I agree with your analysis. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating state of affairs to witness. When going out in public, it is comparable to visiting an aquarium and looking from outside the glass.

      1. People think I’m crazy I have learned so much from you guys & it all resonates idk why im shocked sometimes. When the student is ready the teacher will appear thank you

      2. Thanks for taking the time to visit and to comment. Though it’s more accurate to say I’m an investigator rather than a teacher, nevertheless, I’m content to hear you found the published information beneficial.

    1. Couldn’t help but notice, you’ve taken the liberty of publishing several of the articles at under your own name, without prior permission and without bothering to cite the original source and, in some cases, the titles have been altered. Surely, you must realize, there is a considerable difference between linking posts from an original source to your own site and publishing same as if they were the product of your own research? Mercifully, I will forgive this egregious faux pas, but I must insist, as the original author, that you name the emanation of the source material’s publisher –

    1. Yes, indeed, the content of the video was very informative. By the way, Robert De Niro – who, a while ago, we discussed in relation to the character of “Bernie Madoff” – may be yet another Hollywood fabricated character scheme portrayed by David Geffen. But I’m still looking into it. My next article will expose the music industry character known as “Jay-Z”. Turns out, he’s a music industry plant portrayed by a former child pop star who was alleged to have died of a heroin overdose. There’s also a connection to “Stevie Wonder” who, as it also turns out, has never suffered from blindness.

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