It turns out, Doctor Anthony Fauci — the coronavirus’s chief propagandist —- is not a doctor.

He is, however, an accomplished Hollywood music industry executive who convincingly plays one on television.

But for the man discovered to be Doctor Anthony Fauci’s host actor —-  a crafty thespian who has fooled the American public on several occasions and throughout the decades — the execution of such brilliant deceptions has become rather routine.

Some among one’s loyal readers may already be well-familiar with Fauci’s host actor.

Indeed, throughout the years, he has appeared to juggle a slew of careers in the entertainment industry, while his true identity has been left hidden behind a bevy of renowned household names.

Fauci’s host actor has been very successful, not only as one of Hollywood’s most powerful music industry executives but, most recently, he also worked in the arena of American politics.

Most recently, in fact, before portraying the role of a US presidential candidate, Anthony Fauci’s host actor was the mayor of a major American city.

But long before he was cast in those pair of high-profile roles, Fauci’s host actor also once starred as one of history’s most infamous and even feared villains.

The following video excerpt is a prime demonstration of this skillful thespian’s talents while acting in a role which, by now, has become legendary in the annals of American history.

Yes folks, the man portraying the character of Doctor Anthony Fauci happens to be one of the most accomplished and legendary stars of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

He is also connected with an ancient European royal family bloodline — the von Furstenberg family.

Fauci’s host actor is also the son of a powerful man who is not only married to Barbara Walters, one of television history’s most iconic figures but, as one of Hollywood’s most powerful corporate executives, he was also a former chairman of the board of the Coca-Cola corporation and a former US president.

Stay tuned, folks.


From the earliest of their formative years, those among the American general public —- a majority of which have been subjected to the repetitive indoctrination techniques utilized by the state-operated public school system —- have been systematically and psychologically conditioned to rely upon, and even adhere to, the “informed” and “educated” opinions of those alleged to be authoritative “experts”.

In the wake of launching the coronavirus psychological operation/pandemic simulation, the thirteen families have now introduced Doctor Anthony Fauci upon the world’s stage.

As he stands adorned in the spangled spotlight of public attentions, Doctor Fauci — in keeping with Andy Warhol’s assertion that “everyone, at least for fifteen minutes, can be a star” —–  appears to be making a genuine effort to thoroughly maximize the glorious opportunity afforded to him.

While fashioning himself as a plain-spoken advocate of the public’s general health and wellness, behind Fauci’s humble façade lurks a deplorable charlatan. Doctor Fauci, head of the White House coronavirus Task Force, is a salesman, a grifting trickster peddling nothing more than rancid propaganda and putrid potions.

You’re being fooled folks, and my investigation will prove Doctor Anthony Fauci is not a respectable physician, but a masked witch doctor toting a sinister bag of magic tricks.

In the following video excerpt, while paying especial attention to Fauci’s voice audio, a majority of you may detect the “doctor” is being disingenuous when he attempts to communicate the true nature of “viruses”.

During the interview featured in the video, displayed directly above, Fauci utilizes terms such as “fog of war” and “deployment”, terms which are derived from the psychological warfare playbook of the Jesuit order’s Knights of Malta in Rome. He also describes the nature of the coronavirus as “cyclical”, a disingenuous reference to what was once well-understood as the natural occurrence of cold and flu season, those times of year when the natural physiological processes of the human body enact endogenous germs and bacteria to excrete the build-up of harmful toxins.

Most recently, Fauci repeated his assertion concerning the “cyclical” nature of the coronavirus, or, as it is classified at, the common cold, in the following article, published at


But in either case, Fauci doesn’t bother to mention the planned deployment of weather modification (strontium/barium Nano-reflective particles, released into the atmosphere by high-altitude planes, proving detrimental to human respiratory functions) which, in combination with the widespread deployment of 5g/60ghz millimeter waves, will further inhibit the natural responsive abilities of the human body’s physiological processes, and also further weaken the healing powers of not only the human nervous system, but the natural physiological processes of germs and bacteria which, while already present in the human body, are designed to properly and efficiently excrete all traces of damaging foreign matter from the cellular tissue, damage caused by the consumption and subsequent ingestion of chemically-enhanced and artificially-processed foodstuffs.

Therefore, it isn’t difficult to surmise exactly what Fauci means when he alludes to “testing”.

What he means to imply, is that these “deployments” to which he alludes (5g/60ghz millimeter waves in tandem with strategic applications of reflective Nano-particles in the upper atmosphere) are now, under the cover of a global pandemic/simulation exercise, being strategically tweaked.

These strategic modifications are being carried out in combination with the ongoing field testing of ID2020, a biotechnological Nano-chip injected into the human body via vaccination, which, when activated, will work in symbiotic combination with geographical weather modifications and the widespread broadcasting of 5g/60mgz millimeter waves, to efficiently facilitate the planned global economic transition, from the traditionally systematic circulation of paper debt/promissory notes manufactured and distributed by the Crown Temple subsidiary Federal Reserve bank, to an automated cashless global economic system.

This is a well-detailed global plan which has been outlined in the UN’s sustainable development program of Agenda 2030.

Furthermore, if one listens more closely to what Fauci is truly alluding to when he speaks of the “spreading of the virus,” his superficial remarks appear to act as a cleverly devised cloak to conceal a hidden meaning.

Rather than the behavioral nature of endogenous germs or bacteria, which the public has been educated to believe can be readily transmitted through airborne pathogens, in truth, Fauci is alluding to the psychological effects upon the American general public, in response to a perceived and invisible threat; the behavioral virus spread by the deliberate promotion of psychological warfare which effects group human behaviors in ways more amenable to the social and political agendas of the thirteen families.

To address the generally accepted “germ theory”, there exist several examples of peer-reviewed publications and papers composed by esteemed professionals in the field of medicine. These documents detail profound findings which, everyone shall discover, are not only readily accessible, but they exist as articulate and empirically-based contradictions to the public testimonies of Doctor Antony Fauci and other health officials from the World Health Organization, regarding not only the behaviors of endogenous germs and bacteria, as they relate to the cause of disease, but to the viral nature of the alleged “coronavirus”.

Before, however, citing those particular peer-reviewed sources, there is the issue of Fauci’s name, which is an obvious fabrication; a typical but, nevertheless, clever masonic play-on-words.

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, or, to which it is more commonly referred, simply Doctor Faustus, is a theatrical tragedy composed, in the late 16th century, by Christopher Marlowe.

Marlowe’s story, so it is said, was inspired by and drawn from Germanic stories about the title character of Faustus, a tragic figure, often likened to the myth of Icarus, who falls victim to his own overwhelming sense of pride and hubris.

Some of the characters in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus include Alexander the Great and Helen of Troy.

Soon after the play debuted during the late 16th and early 17th century Jacobean era of King James I —- an era which also witnessed epic performances of some of Shakespeare’s most renowned tragedies, King Lear, Macbeth, and the Tempest —– a rumor began to circulate that, according to Wikipedia and other sources, “actual devils once appeared on the stage during a performance, to the great amazement of both the actors and the spectators.”

It was also during this era that the King James Bible was composed.

Also, during this historical era, it is interesting to note that Ben Jonson, a poet who is historically credited with creating some of the Jacobean era’s best and most well-known works, is credited as, according to Wikipedia, “an important innovator in the specialized literary subgenre of the masque.”

Regarding Jonson’s concept of the “masque”, Wikipedia goes on to elaborate the following for us:

“The masque was a form of festive courtly entertainment that flourished in the 16th and early 17th-century Europe, though it was developed earlier in Italy, in forms including the intermedio (a public version of the masque was the pageant). A masque involved music, and dancing, singing and acting {ACTING!} within an elaborate stage design…”

Wikipedia goes on to tell us, the English Queen, Anne of Denmark “frequently danced with her ladies (those who were courtiers belonging to Queen Anne’s royal court) in masques between 1603 and 1611,” and “Henry VIII and Charles I of England performed in the masques at their courts,” as did Louis XIV of France.

Well, how about that folks, those belonging to the genealogical bloodlines of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the European royals of old were, even then, adhering to the deceptive practice of wearing masks and acting.

The Jacobean era poet Jonson’s tradition of the royal masque appears to resemble the sinister concept we’ve come to understand, now in the 21st century, as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Not only that, but, it turns out, all of those European royals, cited by Wikipedia in relation to the European royal court’s tradition of the masque, also happen to be the royal ancestors of the powerful Hollywood executive hidden behind the mask of “Doctor Anthony Fauci”.

Taking the entirety of this pertinent historical information into objective consideration, is it any wonder that, during the execution of a global psychological operation/pandemic simulation, the American general public are being urged to don masks?

Yes, folks, they want to fool everyone into participating, for each to act a small role in their masked charade; a grandly staged masonic ritual of global proportions.

This 21st-century rendition of the royal “masque” —– the coronavirus hoax, with Doctor Anthony Fauci as its royal ringleader —– is being executed, not for your safety or benefit, or to the benefit of your family and friends, but to further benefit and enrich the global economic interests of the thirteen families.


Centuries ago, Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist and chemist, was credited with redefining the role of germs and bacteria in relation to the cause of human disease. Pasteur’s scientific discovery represented a paradigm-shifting redefinition, known as the “Germ Theory,” which is not only rigidly adhered to by medical professionals the world over but, still, to-this-day, is taught to the American general public via the corporately-owned public school system.

Of course, American public schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers, and not reputable campuses of higher-learning.

Since the monopolization of the American public school system, in 1965, by the Crown Temple subsidiary US corporate government, entire generations of American public school students have been indoctrinated into the prevailing global economic system of the thirteen families.

The American public school system’s insistence on the rigid concepts of repetition and wrote memorization as the predominant learning tools of curricula has served the thirteen families well.

This rigid insistence has served to keep the proletariat from ever escaping its reliance on the prevailing control of corporately federalized governments, or, from ever gaining control of the means of production; an achievement which would entail their genuine economic independence.

Rather than shown how to develop skills of analysis, logic, rational thinking, problem solving, and how to properly nurture creative potentials, most American public school students never escape the established system’s draconian mind prison to rapidly develop any modicum of individuality or individual thought.

From the earliest of their formative years, most American public school students are psychologically conditioned to forbid themselves the development of any creative formulations which could be construed as unorthodox.

Let’s face it, by the time a graduation mortar board has been placed on their heads (masonic squaring of the circle ritual), American public school students have been systematically hard-wired to eschew any conception of an original idea —- apart from those force fed to them through “textbooks” written by self-serving bureaucrats  —- which might foster the smallest notion to bravely or creatively carve their own niche into the fabric of the surrounding world, outside the rigid confines of the global economic system ruled over with an iron fist by the thirteen families.

This is why the authoritative voices of those charlatans and “experts” such as “Doctor Anthony Fauci” remain unquestioned and are never taken to task.

While one shouldn’t solely blame Louis Pasteur for these unfortunate developments, nevertheless, it is his conception of “Germ Theory” to which a majority of those now living in our 21st-century post-modern world still desperately and unquestioningly cling.

Pasteur’s germ theory has been exploited to benefit the profit margins of the thirteen families’ commercially monopolized cartels, specifically, the medical/pharmaceutical complex. Simply put, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease postulates that microorganisms known as pathogens or germs can lead to disease.

But the question no one seems to ever ask is this: If Pasteur’s findings, concerning the behavioral nature of pathogens or germs, are so widely accepted as scientific dogma, then why does Wikipedia, as do other sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine, still refer to the French microbiologist’s scientific observations as a “theory”?

According to Webster’s dictionary, this is the definition of a theory: noun, 1.) A group of linked ideas intended to explain something, a guess or speculation, or a law about things which can be tested to provide support for, or challenge a law about things which cannot be seen directly, such as electrons or evolution.

Pasteur’s theory, though generally and widely accepted, according to the established definition, is a guess or speculation which, to the best of one’s knowledge, in the face of an ongoing “pandemic” caused by something which, comparable to electrons or evolution, we cannot see directly, has not been extensively tested nor thoroughly challenged.

Nevertheless, have there been scientific challenges lodged against Pasteur’s prevailing germ theory which, due to ulterior economic motives, are not promoted through the channels of the MSM or, could it be, such challenges have been simply hidden away from the scrutiny of the American general public?

Though there are several realiable and reputable sources which cite information contradicting Pasteur’s prevailing “germ theory”, the following excerpt, taken from ‘The Poisoned Needle’, sub-titled, ‘Suppressed Facts About Vaccination’, by Eleanor McBean, perhaps, represents the most dramatic illustration existing in direct contrast to the “germ theory” of Louis Pasteur:

“The renowned Dr. Antoine Bechamp, one of the world’s foremost scientists and bacteriologists, observed that the microorganisms that are ordinarily called germs, evolve out of decaying cells they helped to build, and take part in the decomposing of the ever changing life substance and help to form it into material usable again by nature. Thus, when germs are found within a sick body it is not that they are entered from outside and caused the disease. It is because they developed from the decaying cells within the body and have an important part to play in helping to handle the waste and destruction brought about by serums, drugs, and other poisons forced upon the body from without. Perhaps our modern bacteriologists have seen this activity of the “microzymas” and jumped to the conclusion that they are anti-bodies fighting disease and that they (the doctors) must inject more of them into the body by way of vaccines. But anyone with common sense and reasoning can see this would only interfere and disrupt the well organized efforts of nature. This is the reason why vaccination has taken such a heavy toll of lives and has produced such widespread disease.”

Regarding the life’s work of Doctor Antoine Bechamp, in relation to that of the more historically well-known Louis Pasteur , it is remarkable to note that Wikipedia states the following: “In the modern day, Bechamp’s work continues to be promoted by a small group of alternative medicine proponents (also known as germ theory denialists), including advocates of alternative theories of cancer, who dismiss Pasteur’s germ theory and argue that Bechamp’s ideas were unjustly ignored. They accuse Pasteur, as did The French Academy of Sciences, of plagiarizing and then suppressing Bechamp’s work.”

Yes, folks, note that Wikipedia utilizes that catch-all term of derision, “denialists”, to pusillanimously smear anyone who may produce an original thought which contradicts the prevailing scientific theories, theories which, though remaining untested and largely unchallenged, become generally accepted by those throughout the medical professions and among a cross section of the American general public, alike.

And why should this be so?

Perhaps, it is because Bechamp’s alternative ideas, if and when unanimously accepted and even adopted across a broad spectrum of the American general public, would cause the ruthless and sociopathic criminals running the medical/pharmaceutical complex cartel to be put permanently out of business.

It would also mean, the fearmongering propaganda pitched by voodoo slinging witch doctors such as Doctor Anthony Fauci, a man who was also at the forefront of promoting similar propaganda concerning the AIDS/HIV, SARS, and ZIKA psychological operations, would be stopped in their tracks while attempting to bring about their desired psychological effects to bear upon the American general public.


Below, are listed three links to a series of images.

While performing image comparison analysis, with merely ocular recognition, between the series of images which demonstrate each facial geometry positioned at identical angles, everyone will surely note the uncanny similarities between the geometrical sloping and shaping of the chins, the identical shapes, width, and contours of the ears and brow ridges, as well as the identical geometrical similarities of the lips and chins.

Also, the geometrical contours of the eyes, demonstrated in each image, are identical.

Additionally, everyone will also notice Fauci’s host actor, Hollywood music industry executive David Geffen, is donned with eyewear which, as has been proved through the results of several previous investigations, is often utilized to distract and distort the public’s ocular perceptions of the character’s facial geometry and, therefore, concealing the identity of the character modification’s host actor.

After clicking the links to each image and studying them carefully, see if your eyes can convince you of the truth.

Charles Manson:

David Geffen:

Doctor Anthony Fauci:

More extensive image comparison, ear biometric, and facial recognition analysis confirms, beyond shadow of doubt, Hollywood music industry executive David Geffen is the host actor behind the mask of White House coronavirus Task Force chief, Doctor Anthony Fauci.

David Geffen:

Doctor Anthony Fauci:

By the way, the woman seen in the last image, posing with “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, is a family relation of the host actor David Geffen, Tatinia von Furstenberg.

Tatinia von Furstenberg:

David Geffen, the co-founder and CEO of DreamWorks Corporation, one of Hollywood’s largest and most profitable music industry/movie production concerns, is the son of former Coca-Cola chairman Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg who has also portrayed a former US president, Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, as well as a plethora of other famous characters.

SEE: Watergate Covered Up More Sinister Crime (Part II)


Just before publication of this installment, one received news that UK’s parliament is considering, amid hysteria over the coronavirus “pandemic”, passing new emergency measures which, if officially enacted, will enforce the right of the state, without legal recourse for the individual, to take biological samples, and forcibly if necessary. The bill would also, in the event of a security lockdown, avail the state of affording any legal recourse or protection to any individual forced into detention, isolation, or quarantine.

More information concerning this bill is available at the following link.


It would behoove everyone, to take the time to peruse the nightmarish details of Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122), and to do so very carefully, to maximize a comprehensive understanding.

Similar legal measures, passed without the comprehensive knowledge or informed consent of the American people, could become law here in the US, very soon.

The looming question is this: for how much longer are you going to allow scoundrels such as “Doctor Anthony Fauci” to fool you into legally consenting to your own demise and to the ultimate demise of your family, friends, and cherished loved ones?












57 thoughts on “Meet the Actor Playing Television Doctor

  1. Bravo!

    I fear these crisis protocols may be with us for some time. Governments don’t usually like relinquishing any new powers.

    “The new normal” is a phrase that’s getting used a lot across the MSM.

    1. Yes, these propagandists love their buzz words. But words and semantics are part and parcel of their psychological spells. By the way, there is no uncertainty about Geffen AKA Fauci/Manson. Undoubtedly, this guy is nailed, and I would feel confident taking my findings to court. But yes, the coronavirus bill 122 is nightmarish. Unfortunately, many who are under the spell will accept such draconian measures and even attempt to justify it.

    2. By the way, as you suggested previously, I’ve begun looking into the connection between Elvis and the Beatles. Needless to say, there have been some interesting findings which have come about from voice analysis between some of Elvis’s recordings and those of Paul McCartney. Also, I’m leaning toward the idea that Geffen AKA Bloomberg/Manson/Fauci may also be Ringo Starr.

      1. Yes I think the Elvis connection is genuine. In the early McCartney vocals you can hear what a talented singer he was. Also definite similarities with Elvis.

        With regards to Geffen, the Ringo Starr character looks a lot like Yasser Arafat.

      2. I’ve always felt the most noteworthy musical aspect of the Beatles was their stellar vocals. I’ve been comparing McCartney’s vocal track on Lady Madonna with some of Elvis’s early Sun recordings, and both the frequency of the breaths, and the ambience of the vocal dynamics are remarkably similar. He had a highly trained voice, just like Lennon AKA Sellars. Yes, I think you may be on to something about Arafat and Starr, and I intend to look further into it. The Elvis and McCartney connection would make sense, considering the timing of when Elvis went into the army and was stationed in Germany, which was right around the period of time the Beatles were playing engagements in Hamburg.

      3. I seem to recall reading something about when the Beatles went to California and visited Elvis during their first American tour, it was said, if memory serves, Presley played Paul’s bass guitar during an impromptu jam session with George Harrison.

      4. But of course he did hahaha.

        There’s a quote from Lennon where he says that Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles, Paul was. I could be wrong but I think Paul might have played drums for a very famous British rock band too.

      5. Yes, I thought so. The story of Moon’s death makes absolutely no sense and the official account is loaded with several examples of gematria coding and masonic symbolism.

      6. I shall tell you, I was also looking into the death of another British rock star named Steve Marriot who was alleged to have died at the age of 44 from smoke inhalation when his house caught fire. The details of the story are suspect and it is loaded with gematria. Sure enough, there are connections between Marriot’s former manager and an American band called Wasp which covered some of Marriot’s songs. Preliminary facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicates Marriot may have faked his death and became Wasp’s lead vocalist, a guy named Blackie Lawless.

      7. I can see the resemblance. No smoke without fire I suppose.

        Funnily enough I find it easier to identify actors from that era. I’m not sure if they have better disguises nowadays or if I associate the actor with the character more strongly.

      8. Yes, you’re quite correct, the image “tipping” and “brushing” they did decades ago is now done with CGI animation, lens distortion, and other sophisticated post-production techniques. Hollywood appendage modifications such as facial stippling, however, have existed since the 1930’s, a technique which was perfected by Orson Welles during the Citizen Kane era. I think, in our case, its become a matter of merely seeing through the veil, as it were. Once you become aware of their methods of operation, one can’t help, despite their disguises, but readily see through them to the concealed identity of the host actor. I often look for the consistency of physical mannerisms which, despite whatever character modifications they assume, remain remarkably consistent and readily identifiable. This is especially the case with Annette Benning AKA Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren. Her spouse Warren Beatty, however, is much harder to identify, due to the fact he’s a much superior actor.

      9. Regarding Moon, I’ve read that the band’s singer complained he was, in a live setting, rather a sloppy time keeper. I’ve also read that, for some of the band’s recordings, Moon was often replaced by a session player who, it was determined, could keep better and more consistent time signatures. Now, of course, popular rock and pop music is recorded with drum machines.

      10. That’s interesting because he is always mentioned in lists of best ever drummers. Another joke on the unsuspecting public.

      11. Yes, those lists are a complete joke. The truth of the matter is, the making and production of most of the popular recordings made during that era were due to the efforts of teams of studio musicians who were truly maestros but remained anonymous. Glenn Campbell, for example, who was a key member of Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew and, truth be told, composed most of the Beach Boys hits that “the genius” Brian Wilson got credit for, was quite capable of playing circles around Clapton, Hendrix, and most of his contemporaries. Yet, he is often ignored when it comes to the many lists of superlative popular musicians..

      12. Proving your point, I’m not familiar with Glenn Campbell. I’ll have a listen.

      13. I just recalled that there was a Beach Boys/Manson connection. Reportedly, Manson composed a track, “Cease to Exist”, which made it onto one of the band’s albums under another title and with altered lyrics. Of course, we now know “Manson” was merely a character modification of recording executive David Geffen, one which was designed to fulfill the specific task of fully discrediting the Counter-Culture movement, which was created and stage managed by CIA/FBI.

      14. Unbelievable. I need to start a blog looking for famous people who are exactly who they claim to be!

      15. LOL! You could also attach your quixotic quest to a theory labeled Post-Modern Reality NON-simulation. More seriously though, it does get discouraging to witness just how many are being fooled by this coronavirus nonsense. What’s most discouraging, they don’t realize, it’s not just these famous people who aren’t who they claim deliberately misleading them, it is those from the local freemason lodges, located right in their own neighborhoods and communities, helping to promote this utter ruse which, in the end, entails a game of life and death in which the naïve, the gullible, and those who remain hopelessly apathetic cannot ever hope to win.

      16. Yes it’s shocking.

        A couple of former workmates from a very mundane job I had both happily lied about a certain crisis simulation. These were ordinary people like myself and didn’t seem to care about the genuine grief and fear the event had instilled in our colleagues and community.

      17. I am reminded of the incident which occurred, here locally, in 2013, involving the alleged murder of a young high school math teacher. The event was completely contrived and was even promoted by the MSM. Though I cannot speak for personal motivations of your workmates, but they were undoubtedly motivated and manipulated by their survival instincts and the fear of being ostracized and standing alone. In which case, one would assume, having been unafraid to refuse participation in such a crisis simulation, you are far from ordinary.

      18. We weren’t involved personally. They were friends with (different) actors involved and played along. They knew the truth but were afraid to speak out.

        I didn’t pull them up on it, there didn’t seem to be any point.

      19. Consider the fact, you’re here at Newsspell, which, at least, represents some measure of consolation, or even redemption. But I don’t suppose, you would wish to divulge generalized details about the nature of this particular crisis simulation?

      20. Yes absolutely, I’ll write something tomorrow. It was a few years ago and I need to put my thoughts in order.

      21. Regarding Campbell, I believe there exist several videos on You Tube, where he can be heard discussing his work and history with both Phil Spector and the Beach Boys.

      22. Arrangements such as this are standard procedure in the music recording industry. From a business perspective, it would make sense to contractually lock up a valuable asset who can deliver or perform hit songs while acting under various pseudonyms. Meanwhile, the legends which tell of their faked deaths just add more profitability to the asset.

  2. What are your thoughts regarding Rod Blagojevich and David Shapiro being additional characters from this ones resume?

    1. Forgive me, I’m not familiar with Blagojevich. But if memory serves, I believe David I. Shapiro was a prominent attorney. Or, perhaps you’re referring to the father of the popular political commentator, Ben Shapiro?

      1. George Shapiro is a talent manager and television director whose looks are closer to Fauci than Geffen, but but may be the same actor. Sorry, I used the wrong first name.
        Blagojevich is the Chicago mayor convicted and sentenced for attempting to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barrack Obama. Blago, as he is called, was recently released from prison. Both of these characters should be easier for the normies to pair up with Fauci.

      2. Some time ago, I published an article concerning the O.J. Simpson trial and , in that article, I revealed that the host actor portraying Robert Shapiro, Simpson’s attorney, was, in fact, Hollywood executive Barry Diller, Geffen’s father. Soon after answering your initial inquiry, and upon secondary consideration, I considered, perhaps, that was the character to whom you were referring. But, there’s no need to apologize because Geffen, Diller, and relatives of the von Furstenberg family have portrayed a slew of characters – both in popular culture and the arena of politics – over a series of decades. Therefore, it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. However, I shall take you up on your suggestion and begin checking into both of George Shapiro and the former Chicago mayor, Blagojevich. It could be, you’re correct about a connection with David Geffen.

  3. I wonder one thing, why didn’t they prevent population’s uncontrolled growth since the last great world war? Now they need a rapid and drastic reduction of population. Maybe they needed it to increase their wellness and now they no longer needs of so large population.

    1. That is a very thoughtful question, but allow me to offer the following. The thirteen families established America as a corporate joint stock venture, which they intended, during the post-war years, to build up into a strong military presence and industrial producer and exporter; a thriving corporate asset, form which could be siphoned significant numbers of human resources to secure the expansion of foreign markets, both overseas, and in the Far East. If, you look at the progression of America’s foreign entanglements during the post-war period — North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan — these were new commercial markets which could only be thoroughly exploited and profited from with great numbers of security forces drawn and conscripted from the West, specifically from among the large US population. Also, as the scholar Anthony Sutton has detailed in numerous books, American tax payers were funding the industrial and military build-up of the USSR for the entire duration of the “cold war” period, This was done, so that the USSR could be later utilized as a geopolitical stalking horse, and so that it could be used to occupy Afghanistan, a turn of events which, in turn, would appear to justify the invasion of American forces. Of course, the entire scenario, as was the case with the cold war psychological operation, was a preplanned Hegelian-styled dialectal ruse, engineered so that some of the thirteen families could secure their monopolization of the heroin trade, a product which is Afghanistan’s primary export. Once those markets, both in the Middle East and in the Far East, were satisfactorily secured, monopolized, and profited from, the thirteen families no longer required America to act as a geopolitical policeman and global enforcer. Also, with the rapid development of automation, digital technologies, and robotics, large numbers of human resources to man America’s industrial infrastructure were no longer required. Therefore, America’s large-scale industrial economy and certain demographics of its human resources are being strategically downsized.
      Now, according to Forbes, ( America has defaulted on its debt payments to the Federal Reserve Crown Temple subsidiary. As was the case in 2008, when the banks were bailed out and Marshall Law was threatened, there have been, once again, calls to bail out the investment banks. In order to make good on those payments to the Crown Temple, a certain percentage of human resource capital/bonds must be offered as collateral payment, This is why, you’ve recently heard about Hollywood celebrities, most of whom are sons and daughters of the thirteen families who own the US corporation, calling for a “redistribution of wealth” or Marxism/socialism. The current “pandemic” is being used as a cover story, or as it is more formally termed, a casus belli. In other words, the Crown Temple bankers are holding America hostage to force its hand and move their planned economic transition ahead more rapidly. Their plan is to have the groundwork laid for a cashless economy in the West by 2030, (UN Agenda 2030, formerly Agenda 21). At any rate, though by no means comprehensive, that is the most condensed explanation, in answer to your question.

  4. Very interesting. I find also interesting the psychological aspect of their way of acting. Indeed we know they attach great importance to the psychological aspect of their power, which is basically founded on that, more essential factor than economic aspect. From your answer and what we continually see around us, up to the latest CV19 psy-op, it seems to indicate that they, although so powerful, somehow always seek the approval of the people for what they do. At the same time hiding themselves and the real purposes of their operations. Instead they could do that directly by force, without any problem, I think. This seems to hide their subtle fear of being exposed and of maybe having their power threatened or cracked.

    1. The families seek the proletariat’s approval, only because their legal system of Crown Temple Admiralty Law requires lawful consent. Psychological warfare has always been a key weapon in obtaining that consent. They must hide their true intentions, particularly in the West, and in America, because they have to maintain the illusion of a representative democratically-styled republic, when, in fact, their global economic system, since the time of the medieval historical period, has always resembled a two-tiered debt-based pyramid financial/protection racket, consisting of the thirteen families (the owners) and the proletariat (taxed farmed human resources/slaves). Their power mainly derives from not only the control of the means of industrial production, but from their monopoly ownership of the land, and the human and natural resources. The human resources, of course, are taxed and kept in perpetual debt in exchange for the granted privileges and rights of living on their plantation, and for the illusion of protection from the legions employed by their masonic blue lodge police guilds.

  5. Do you believe to the contagion, universal easy contagion according to modern science view? Or what Pasteur thought, the ground is all and the microbe is nothing, I think good and bad doesnt exist in nature. There is no a almighty bad little thing, not only in the bacteriological sense, of course, but in a broad sense. if the ground is poisoned, it will produce only toxic and sick fruits, A healthy and good ground according to nature, on the contrary, will produce good and healthy fruits.

    1. You’ve managed to raise yet another challenging question. Allow me, to put it to you this way. Have you never wondered why, all of the images the MSM demonstrates of the isolated virus are animated representations, much like NASA’s images of space? That alone, apart from all the other documented evidence this “pandemic” is a simulation, should raise suspicions.

      1. Yep, I apologize, but I like to raise new questions and indipendent analisys of things. Precisely that. I think it is part of their reality simulation. In depth that also hide a subtle concept of division, to take advantage on proletariat, dividing and alienating people one another (now the ridiculous one meter distance). It’s another system that ensures a means of control over individuals.
        Incidentally, in ancient pre-Christian times there was no concept of contagion, arose just in medieval times, alongside the figure of the plague-spreader.

      2. The original strain of the thirteen families can be traced back to the unique strain of Levi?

      3. Yes, throughout history, it appears that Levi or Levinson, in addition to Rockefeller and Rothschild, are but some of the many genealogical veils behind which members of the royal family of Saxe-Coburg Gotha as well as others belonging to the thirteen families have hidden their true identity.

  6. In the current scenery, what do you think on the possibility they could shut down internet temporarily.

    1. Speculatively, it could be decided certain websites, such as this one, could be shut down under the thinnest of legal pretenses. However, to shut down the entire internet structure, one should think, wouldn’t be conducive to maintaining continued surveillance on the American general public while a great percentage remain in their homes. Also, Amazon, and other similar companies – businesses which thrive on the online sale, distribution, and home delivery of commercial products – would certainly be opposed to such a maneuver given their profit margins are currently skyrocketing.

      1. You’re right. I considered that, but I thogugt the shutdown may affect some areas in particular.
        Anyhow about cv19 hoax and more generally about the virology and contagion misleading concept of modern pseudo science, I would point out these two links

      2. Thanks for graciously providing the video links, they could be useful for further research. The series of videos concerning Event 201 featured a roundtable discussion of how they planned to empower governments to police “unreliable sources of information”, the very measures to which you alluded. Also, while very closely observing the effects of this psychological operation upon human behavior, I’ve determined the method of operation being utilized is very similar to that of the infamous Milgram experiment performed by Yale University. I believe some of the thirteen families – those original settlers of what became the American colonies – also employed a similar method of operation during the Salem Witch trials.

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