As a wise man once said: familiarity can often breed contempt.

Or, in this case, it can also lead to the uncovering of gross and deliberate deception. 

The lust for fame, public recognition and renown often has a way of turning against the material advantages held by those who also utilize deception while seeking such fortunes.

Oftentimes, too, such covetous specimens are willingly utilized as weapons of psychological warfare, against the interests of the general public.

“Michael James Lindell” – one who has been identified as yet another fabricated character scheme – exists as one such sinister specimen.

In the case of Lindell, he has been created as a strawman character – a “conspiracy theorist” –  one who can be easily set up, entrapped, disparaged, and then dismantled.

The host actor identified in portrayal of “Mike Lindell” has played this sort of role before.

But, before then, he was also known as a popular entertainer, in the professional wrestling industry.

Unlikely as the Horatio Alger story of one “Mike Lindell” might be, one has to wonder more fully as to why, a successful private business man such as “Mike Lindell”, he would take it upon himself to suddenly become involved in the affairs of state.

Could it be, “Mike Lindell” was created as a fabricated character scheme, and the chaotic scenario, observed in the video excerpt displayed above, was designed as a public humiliation ritual, one which was also designed to make those employed by the mainstream media appear as protectors of ‘democracy’ and as the arbiters of ‘journalistic integrity’?

One of the most key elements which gave away the identification of Lindell’s host actor was his association with the term ‘conspiracy theorist’, a term which is also common to the public image and biographical description of his host actor.

As everyone whom frequents this site is certainly aware, any perspectives or opinions – no matter how well-informed or substantiated –  which do not subscribe or fall in line with the official MSM narrative are routinely deemed “conspiracy theories”.

This tactic, juvenile though it may be, nevertheless remains  effective. 

In fact, according to Wikipedia, the man identified as Lindell’s host actor – a former star of the WWF – is credited with having written a pair of books on that very subject, “American Conspiracies’ and “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read”.

Surely, with the latter title, everyone noticed the gematria – 63 – which, of course, is equivalent to 3 6’s or 666.

The official biographies of Mike Lindell feature a familiar but shopworn narrative; of a miraculous journey from rags to riches, from the dregs of poverty, tragedy, and vice addiction to the plush comforts of a rich man’s  penthouse.

Apparently, before transforming into the ‘pillow’ king of America, Lindell once suffered from both alcohol and crack-cocaine addiction. Lindell’s official biographers tell us, the start-up funds to begin his successful business – “My Pillow” –  came from a ‘thirty-thousand dollar loan from his bookie’.

Of course, the number of thirty – drop the zero = 3/EE –  is equivalent to the number of 33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry. 

Yet, we are expected to believe, Lindell rose from the dregs of obscurity – during an era of economic peril, no less – to grasp the celebrated “American Dream”.

Lindell’s story – for lack of a better description –  is the sort of which dime store and supermarket novels consist. 


Some of the first indications “Mike Lindell ” might exist as a fabricated character scheme were the numerological markers evident in his name. According to Wikipedia, Lindell is known as the “My Pillow guy” which, in English Ordinal gematria, equals the number of 178 which, in turn, reduces to the number of 7 (Kabbalah zayin, the mind weapon). In Full Reduction, “My Pillow guy” equals 61, which also reduces to the number of 7. In Reverse Ordinal, “My Pillow guy” equals 119, which reduces to the sum of 11. The same phrase, sums to  47 (Euclid’s 47th problem) in Reverse Full Reduction. The number of 47 reduces to 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin). In multiplicate, both 11 and 7 (11×7) sum to 77, a transformative number, which is symbolic of the Land of Oz, or the human mind, the most fertile ground for the sinister effects of psychological warfare.


77 is symbolically related to the Compass Rose, a symbol which is also connected to both the official logos of the CIA and NATO, organizations which are global instruments of the military/industrial complex and the international intelligence octopus.

Both organizations are also under the control of the Vatican and the Jesuit order. 

Compass Rose:

NATO logo:

CIA logo:

But there is a deeper connection between the Compass Rose and, none other than, the Great Beast, Alistair Crowley AKA former British prime minister Winston Churchill.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

According to Wikipedia ”’Liber Oz”’, or book 77 is a single page by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley purporting to declare mankind’s basic and intrinsic rights according to Crowley’s philosophy of Thelema. Written in 1941 – though based on a much earlier O.T.O initiation lecture – the work consists of five succinct and concise paragraphs, being one of the last and shortest of Crowley’s many ‘libri’, or books.” 

As everyone has likely begun to surmise, the numerological code of the number of 77 and the symbol of the Compass Rose has led us on a straight trail, in the direction of the creators and managers of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as ‘Mike Lindell’. 

It should also be noted, the corporate news organization, mentioned in the video excerpt displayed above, Newsmax, sums to 99 – 18, or 666 – which, when reversed, equals 66 –  12/21 –  or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code. 

Is it any surprise then, we should discover the host actor identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as Mike Lindell associated with either ‘conspiracy theories’, CIA and the Jesuit order.

After all, none other than “America’s Newspaper of Record” – the New York Times – published an article in 1967, detailing how the CIA, decades ago, was responsible for coining the insidious term.

According to an article published at, the link to which everyone will find immediately below, ‘In 1967 the New York Times obtained a document they requested via the Freedom of Information Act. This document was a CIA dispatch labeled ‘psych’ for ‘psychological operations’ that was distributed in 1967, indicating they coined the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission.’ 

The Warren Commission was appointed by CIA director Allen Dulles to investigate the JFK assassination hoax, with the ulterior motivation to circulate among the general public  – wait for it, folks –  ‘conspiracy theories’, theories from which the thirteen families could profit.   



After a successful career as a professional wrestler, ear biometric, facial recognition, image comparison, and voice print analysis confirm the host actor identified in portrayal of “Mike Lindell” – who can be observed performing in the video excerpt displayed immediately below – went on to an even more successful stint in the world of politics.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, “Jesse Ventura, (born James George Janos, July 15, 1951), is an American politician , political commentator, author, actor, and retired professional wrestler who served as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, from 1991 to 1995 and the 38th governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.”            


12 thoughts on “Pillow Man Pilloried by Truth

  1. The name “Janos” (Jessie Ventura’s birth surname) could also be a variant of Janus, the name of the two-faced god of ancient mythology. A play-on-name for double-cross, duality or deception. Convenient.

    As for Mike Lindell, a search on his last name brings up rather interesting results. The name has its roots in Germany and is German for “tree” (tree of life and knowledge, I suppose?). Lindell is also a variant of Lindenburg or Lindbergh, as in Charles Lindbergh, famous aviation star and participant in the famous 1932 hoax kidnapping of his son. So there’s a possible family connection.

    (Lindell is also a variant of Linden, as in *Lyndon* Baines Johnson, JFK’s VP. In the 4crests website, they mention that in 1927 Charles Lindbergh allegedly made a record crossing “from New York to Paris, some *3,610* miles in just over *33* hours.” Also the *Lindt/Lindor* chocolate truffle brand comes to mind. They always keep it within the bloodline families.)

      1. Interestingly, the month of January was named after this deity, as I hope you’ve noticed. That may also explain why since Eisenhower every presidential inauguration is held in January. Perhaps as an esoteric tribute to the two-faced god? Also, perhaps, a subtle sarcastic implication of deception and treachery on the part of the hoaxers?

        I am sure it’s also no coincidence that Mike Lindell appears to related to many famous people who carry surnames that are variants of his last name, including specialty brands.

      2. There were also Lindells who allegedly boarded the RMS Titanic, according to the House of Names website. No coincidence, either.

        “Mr. Edvard Bengtsson Lindell, aged *36*, Swedish Third Class passenger from Helsingborg, Skåne who sailed aboard the RMS Titanic and survived the sinking in collapsible A but later died…

        Mrs. Elin Gerda Lindell, (née Persson), aged 30, Swedish Third Class passenger from Helsingborg, Skåne who sailed aboard the RMS Titanic and survived the sinking in collapsible A but later died…”

    1. Deeper research shows his mother was a Levon and a Booth. I suspect “Levon” is a Jewish/Hebrew name, since it sounds similar to “Levi” or “LaVey” (e.g. Anton LaVey, famous “Satanist” from California). That makes “Mike Lindell” a crypto-Jew, since Jewishness is determined by maternal bloodline in Judaic tradition. The name Booth is obvious, since that connects him to the Lincoln assassination hoax via John Wilkes Booth and more recently to the Lusitania psyop via Alisa Booth-Jones, an 8-year-old first-class passenger. Barbara is also a Jewish name, further proving his Jewish ancestry.

      For more information:

    1. I have been told that, before persons are administered the vaccine, they must, first, sign a legal waiver, and that, secondarily, such persons are not even told which vaccine is being administered. Of course, by now, it is also an open secret all of the pharmaceuticals participating in “Operation Warp Speed” have been indemnified from any and all legal prosecution.

  2. Can’t understand why – if, beforehand, the terms and conditions were understood – anyone would fully commit to putting their signature or to willingly giving over their consent to such an agreement. In which case, I fully agree, such a state of affairs can only be described as rather tragic. Of course, there are many – among even my fellow bloggers – whom seem all-too-willing to submit.

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