Transitioning back to the political arena for a very abbreviated post, I could not resist the urge to comment on the superficial and scripted spectacle recently presented to the public.

Many, sadly, still think their effort in voting for the candidate of choice represents democracy in action, or for those still steeped in cognitive dissonance, participating in some sort of ‘sacred’ franchise.

Many still have not, or worse yet refuse to consider, the tragic concept of having the privilege to elect, but not select the candidate of particular choice.

escape-to-death_banner1071For the selection process is done entirely in secret, a process the registered ‘voters’ aren’t, and never shall be, privy.

No, the televised ‘debates’ are merely the political equivalent of American Idol, a crude spectacle rife with calculated gestures, scripted talking points, a low brow demonstration of cynicism and corruption writ large, designed strictly in mind for the 21st century age of shortened attention spans and lowest common denominator.

That these critiques aim at low hanging fruit I shan’t deny, and yet these dismissive comments bear repeating.

Your country is a corporation owned and operated by Crown Temple bankers in the city of London, representing global governance waiting for the right historical moment, scripted no doubt, to emerge from behind the top secret curtain of national security.

But what else is to be expected, amidst a popular culture obsessed with instant gratification. America is a victim based culture always desperately seeking the emergence of some mythologized hero, an Arthurian noble rushing in on a white steed to bravely rescue, a culture steeped in vicarious identification with mass marketed cults of personality.


Worse yet, in moments of prudent, and perhaps deeper consideration, does one actually believe individuals in custom suits and coiffed hair, relate to the common proletarian in any fashion whatsoever?

Does one actually believe, either so-called candidate is really intent on serving the people’s interests?

From any objective criteria, the answer is a resounding negative. One must come to the realization, that the presidential debates are merely Hollywood productions to hold captive blunted attention spans long enough to sell more products, so one can be induced to purchase material goods better left without, to impress and induce strangers to evergreen shades of envy.

And yet, those that have even a sliver of an inkling the aforementioned is true, still participate, in the dim hope the paper thin actor of their choice, might actually offer something to their benefit. But, by now, such participation is tantamount to engaging with empty social ritual. Forgetting, for a moment, one of my earlier posts outlined not only the true nature of American politics as staged theater, cast with host actors playing out starring roles, but I went so far as to identify the true identity of Hilary Clinton played by none other than a certain Hollywood screen actress, Annette Bening. And, the right wing side of this cruel political dialectic doesn’t get off easy either, because Donald Trump is merely an empty carnival barker, delivering his lines on cue.

Many will scoff, and opt to take part in this empty social ritual, simply because it gives them a certain respectable cache in their chosen community. Ultimately, it is much easier to follow than lead, much simpler to go along to get along, believing in the grand illusion known as American politics.

Perhaps next time, I beg one not to be so easily duped.

One would do well to remember; it is all of us, whether rich or poor, black or white, Hispanic or Asian-American, man or woman, that are being manipulated by this hokum charade.

Please, consider what I’ve stated, before the next time one casts a so called ‘vote’!

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