With the plethora of Homeland Security school disaster preparedness drills sold to the public as actual events, it is time to address the question of what might be the motivation. Though the answer may be obvious to some of the more well-informed, to most, such a revelation eludes.

Of course, if one has been visiting regularly, one is familiar with the concept of media psychological manipulation in shaping global perceptions, and stimulating corporate trade.

In other words, the proliferation of public school districts nationwide adopting private security companies to keep students safe isn’t about the children’s well- being or security, but about financial corruption, conflicts of political interest, and frankly, the upscale production of corporate profits.

This represents a cynical manipulation of public emotion to benefit private interests closely in league with government.

That proximity between corporate and government interest is the very definition of fascism is purposefully omitted by the media sorcerers.

For example, it was never reported that many of the so-called parents of Sandy Hook victims have shilled for NAVIGATE, a private security company specializing in the production of surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and other high-tech digital gadgets useful in turning public schools into gulags.

Though media sorcerers inform these are merely grieving parents concerned for the welfare of children, this is not so.

If one observes objectively, they are acting as lobbyists, actively in the pursuit of soliciting business for private interests at government expense. Meaning, while reasonable doubt is thrown onto the safety of public schools, emotionally manipulated tax payers are fleeced in the name of corporate profits.

Would that most see through this wafer thin veil protected by media sorcerers magic spells.

But alas, they do not.

Nor is it likely to occur anytime soon.

The iron grasp of political correctness tightens like a boa about public perceptions, and woe to anyone suggesting these televised Homeland Security drills are anything other than mass tragedy.

That most refuse to believe the reported victims of these theatrically staged productions are not actual, but simulation, is testament enough to the power of media sorcerers spells.

But to address the bigger picture: namely, that the all-pervasive proliferation of government surveillance as it generally  relates to the invasion of personal privacy, is merely an effect, and not the central purpose of government total information awareness campaigns.

Rather, the purpose is the pursuit of profits, profits at the expense of the people.

Many may not realize that on-line social media sites are merely information gathering portals, the legality of which is established by willful consent of those participating. Though many never read the fine print of terms and conditions, any information provided of a personal nature can be given or sold through third parties.

Information which is then utilized to formulate corporate sales demographics.

In essence, while many millions are treading social media’s wilderness of mirrors, they are legally consenting to have personal information funneled to third parties, parties which use those gigabytes of information to sell you more products, consumer goods one could surely do better without.

However, this is the culture we have wrought, one with the prevailing philosophy of craving instant gratification instantly.

If the media sorcerers continue to broadcast these drills as actual events, it is only because it is profitable.

In other words, this is the true nature of the beast, conducting business as usual.

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