This will make many uncomfortable, particularly those with children enrolled in the American public school system. Most do not question anything, merely taking at face value what they see and hear from experts, politicians, pundits, and news anchorpersons broadcast on television.

Perhaps, it is time to start airing some questions, from time to time?

The future of your children may depend on it. Then again, if one finds they don’t like the message written here, you could always flip over to America’s favorite disinformation agent, Alex Jones. Maybe, you can manage to dig the truth from his prepackaged Cracker Jack box filled with lies. Alas, one shall not find truths toy surprise contained within.

I guess you prefer the news from him, because he has a slicker webpage, with cool graphics, right?

Just realize this, though.

You will never get the unvarnished truth about anything from Jones, about Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Boston bombing, or anything, for that matter. He is never going to inform you who is really behind the world conspiracy. He, will never inform you about the Crown Temple bankers, and their minions in the Jesuit masonic orders, representing the vicious spider, sitting at the center of the connective web of global governance. Yes, folks, the real architecture of governance sits just beyond the veil of national security.

All ideologies sold to the masses are merely superficial brands, political voodoo.

Nevertheless, if you only care about the truth, then folks, you’ve come to the right place.

escape-to-death_banner1071The destruction of your children’s minds was planned long ago. These long range plans to systematically turn entire generations into slavish, and obedient automatons was formulated by a group of men back in the nineteenth century, men funded by elite banking families like the Rockefeller’s, DuPont’s, and the Carnegie’s.

Do those names sound familiar? To anyone having previously viewed this blog, they should. When researching the world conspiracy to enslave mankind into a global order of affairs, the same names keep popping up, again and again.

Coincidence, right? Conspiracies? NAH, couldn’t be!

But, one should not merely take my word for it.

I know you won’t anyway.

However, the burden of research lies with you.

You, must begin to ask your own questions.

Please, for your own sake, and for the sake of your children’s future’s, start using your library cards judiciously, for something other than just holding a place in your purse or wallet.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


Once again, some historical perspective is necessary in order to fully appreciate, or understand, how intricate, and well-laid, this conspiracy to collectivize America’s population into a new order of global affairs was first introduced through the creation of public schools. Well before the turn of the twentieth century, a very passionate group of American ideological leaders visited the kingdom of Prussia. There, they discovered an educational system, devised on the basis of obedience, efficiency, and order. These leaders then sought, and actively campaigned, to introduce such a system into the United States. Paramount in achieving their goals, was to first remove children from parental influence, and all ‘inappropriate cultural influences’. Keep in mind, during the time period specified, the literacy rate of Americans was at the highest peak since it’s inception, a state of affairs raising considerable alarm among the elite bankers and intellectuals, who saw these unprecedented levels of literacy as more than a possible threat to their hegemony. The last thing these elite leaders wished to see, was an empowered proletariat capable of governing their own affairs. That state of affairs, of course, would render what they regard as their sacred purpose, obsolete. They would be put out of business. Undoubtedly, the proletarian dream would serve as their ultimate nightmare. Thus, these American educationalists moved to immediately concoct a remedy, to what they saw as a growing threat. An educational model, based upon the bedrock of three basic tenets; obedience, subordination, and collective life, was formulated by these American intellectual elites. They subsequently maneuvered to enact laws promoting and accentuating the idea of civic duty, as opposed to the then prevailing sense of rugged American individualism. As William Seawell, University professor of liberal arts, wrote in 1981, the embryonic ideal of the American public school system was to produce children reliant on the dictates of the governing state, in lieu of staunch loyalty to the environmental culture of family.


Perhaps, this paraphrased quote from Horace Mann, an elite intellectual, considered by many to have been the founding father of the American public school system, will be found particularly illustrative: “We are engaged in a sacred franchise of (public) education entitled to look upon parents of all children as hostages to our cause.”

The establishment of this ’cause’ began in 1834, held in a secret drawing room in Boston, Massachusetts, attended by many prominent businessmen and chaired by William Ellery Channing, Mann’s personal secretary. After much deliberation, they agreed, per records of the Massachusetts Historical Society, that the present school system allowed too much ‘entrepreneurial exuberance’ than the system itself could presently bear. Mann’s sacred franchise, of course, had the staunch support of those harboring mutual self-interests, the elite bankers, captains of industry, and American businessmen. Objectively, this seemed to represent natural linkage. Elite business interests had successfully, by that time, compromised the administration of laws, the judicial system, and the corridors of federal governance. Establishing a grand reformation in the way of public schools, to fit elite business interests, merely represented the final frontier, culminating in the ultimate conquest of America. Initially, at least, there was resistance to Horace Mann’s dream of establishing this ‘sacred franchise’.

By 1852, the first compulsory statutory laws were enacted in Massachusetts. At the time, relatively 80% of the population was vehemently opposed to the newfangled compulsory attendance laws for public schooling. When the resistance grew to a head in some communities across the state, particularly in Barnstable, at the time a small sea side community found out on Cape Cod, it took the intervention of the militia to persuade the inhabitants to finally comply.

This proves the elites will stop at nothing to crush genuine citizen grievances. However, this also proves the American people still had the requisite backbone to fight what they perceived to be gross injustices.

Do they still?

Safe to say, one thinks, the jury is still out!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of CIA: the House that Jack Built (part III) coming very soon!

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