For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of kings: Shakespeare, Richard II

The death of kings indeed.

No doubt, was there ever a financial wizard with grander visions than David Rockefeller Jr.?

Though it may not be politically correct to speak ill of the dead, the recent passing of one of America’s foremost captains of financial industry, represented more than a cause for celebration. By no means, however, does the sudden death of this titanic scoundrel leave a vacuum at the top of the elite power pyramid. Familiar with the calculating nature of the elites, it is certain someone was well prepared, in advance, to immediately assume the deceased patriarch’s vacant throne. For several decades, David Rockefeller Jr. wielded the power of a monarch over the West’s financial markets and presidential administrations, influencing the fate of Wall Street markets and white house executive decisions simply by picking up his office phone.

I find it quite ironic, the death of international financial titan David Rockefeller Jr. happened to coincide with this series of blog posts, essentially a bold indictment of the man, who for all intents and purposes, sat at the very hub of America’s corridors of power. However, as any reader of this blog knows by now, there are no such things as coincidences, whether in global finance, or geopolitics. No longer, can the proletariat of this world be so naive as to think conspiracies don’t exist in high places, that indeed, the elite of this world, are working against your vested interests, despite appearances, at every conceivable turn. Some, however small in number, are catching on to the true nature of elite families like the Rockefeller’s.

Some, are no longer content in being seduced by media panegyrics.

For those suddenly enlightened, the blinders have been removed, the veil torn aside, revealing the not so great Oz pulling the levers of power.

Unfortunately, too many are still fumbling along the yellow brick road, looking in vain for Toto.

Often the question is asked: “Well, how is it such grand conspiracies are pulled off, I mean, wouldn’t someone talk?”

The answer, lies in understanding that elite families, like the Rockefeller’s, always work by proxy, through carefully selected family members, and well-compromised puppets to carry out their nefarious bidding. The danger of leaks is mitigated by information compartmentalization,  and the use of cover stories, like the fairy tale of Jack Abramoff.  One must understand, when a monopoly of power; ownership of banks, media, and all major industry, is concentrated in the hands of elite families like the Rockefeller’s, it is then a simple matter to control the flow of information filtered down to the public at large.

As kingpin of Chase Manhattan bank, Rockefeller systematically carried out the policies dictating the political and financial direction of this country. In a very real sense, the history of America, from the dawn of the twentieth century to the present, is the story of the Rockefeller’s; the saga of a sorcerers dynasty.

The story of Jack Abramoff, though a small, but not insignificant chapter in this great saga,  is nonetheless indicative of the infamous covert machinations, and surreptitious, if not devious, methods of operation responsible for maintaining the Rockefeller’s position of perpetual preeminence.

With this final installment detailing the story of Jack Abramoff, one shall readily observe the Rockefeller family’s methods of operation, in relation to this story, have a long history.

For over one-hundred years, the Rockefeller family have assiduously created order out of chaos, creating straw men like Jack Abramoff, around which a carefully contrived media circus is crafted, successfully distracting public attention from the real perpetrators.

In retrospect, covert Rockefeller policies have driven America to its knees, where it now dwells in a netherworld of despair.

But this is all by grand design.

Now, with no choice of redeeming solace in sight, America has no other alternative, than to ultimately submit to the absolute control of a world governing structure. And, this state of affairs is certain to emerge, any day now, from behind the inscrutable veil of ‘national security’. All that is required, is an engineered event like 9/11, to bring this eventuality forward. Rest assured, like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and the banker bailouts of 2008, this massive event, like some grand theatrical spectacle, will have been concocted well in advance, and sold to the public as an actual crisis.

Elite’s like the Rockefeller’s know, the common man is a reactionary mass, controlled by the impulse of emotional responses, calculatingly induced to states of acute fear through the constant bombardment of media driven, psychological manipulation.

Before proceeding further with the final installment of this particular blog series, one shall provide a thumbnail historical sketch of Rockefeller malfeasance, spanning back to the days of the Nixon administration.

All presidents, since the advent of the Federal Reserve act, legislated at the dawn of the twentieth century, have been essentially puppets of international bankers, in particular the Rockefeller family.

One can clearly see, with the Rockefeller’s in full control of America’s money supply, the inhabitants installed at Pennsylvania Avenue, despite varying ideological designation, became wholly interchangeable.

Finance is the greatest of weapons, politics merely representing the will to use it.

And, the Rockefeller’s, have utilized this ultimate weapon with judicious, if not consummate skill.

With the election of Richard M. Nixon in 1968, the Rockefeller’s had a most reliable puppet in the White House. Like Jack Abramoff later on, Nixon was a theatrical character, set up not only to absorb public approbation, but on cue, dutifully fall on a sword of Damocles at the appointed time. Both characters, would unquestioningly perform their assigned roles, meticulously following the historical scripts created for them.

It was Nelson Rockefeller, David’s older brother, created and financed Nixon’s political career from the very beginning, hoisting the former naval officer into the ranks of high politics from obscure origins.

Supported by Rockefeller largess, Nixon quickly ascended to the Vice Presidency, then later to the presidency itself. His Madison Avenue concocted reputation as a conservative man of the people, served as political cover for his true intentions, in carrying out the agenda set down by his financial benefactors.

The Rockefeller’s are always careful to never show their hand.

For, America’s political and economic agenda, is always filtered down to the puppet in the white house through the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Tri-lateral Commission, non-government organizations funded with Rockefeller money.

Beginning in 1968, the Rockefeller’s program of financial destruction for America was brought to bear in haste, first with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, (congressional act prohibiting commercial and merchant banks from illegal collusion), and second, with the removal of the American dollar from the gold standard.

It is no coincidence, these events, performed without characteristic public fanfare, coincided with the Vietnam War, which in fact, acted as a cover for the nefarious financial and geopolitical schemes of Nelson and David Rockefeller.

It is also no coincidence, that beginning in 1968, the construction of the twin towers in NYC was completed, which would meet with predetermined destruction exactly thirty-three (33 is numerology code for the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) years later, in 2001.

The meticulous exhaustion of America’s gold supply was merely a transfer of Rockefeller assets and business interests to Asia, where a massive population of human resources could be exploited cheaply. The relaxed restrictions of communist regimes would mean greater profits, in that mercantile and commercial goods could be produced for a fraction of the cost, then imported back to Western markets.

With the establishment of high Western trade tariffs, goods made for a fraction of the cost in Asian countries, could then be shipped and sold in Western commercial markets at a considerable markup, meaning massive profits for the Rockefeller’s, for Rockefeller corporate partnerships, and elite Rockefeller banking minions.

While Americans centered on the horrors of a globalist engineered war in Vietnam, the Rockefeller’s were clandestinely fleecing America, all with the willing help of their puppet in the white house, Richard Nixon. This is the similar method of covert operation David Rockefeller used in covering up massive financial malfeasance years later, with the creation of the Jack Abramoff character.

While in 2008, America had its eyes riveted to the distraction of the theatrical production known as Jack Abramoff, David Rockefeller, with the blessing of yet another hand-picked puppet in the white house, swindled over 800 billion dollars from the public treasury, to fund not only a scam health care system, and the CIA front known as Homeland Security, but to create a massive hush fund, for those taking part in the media hoaxes known as Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and other federally sponsored emergency drills, subsequently sold to the fearful American public, through media driven, trauma based emotional manipulation, as actual crisis events.

So, rest in peace David Rockefeller, on whose tombstone the following epitaph should be permanently etched:



  1. Thank you for sharing the truth. The world has already begun to awaken to the truth of living within a matrix. The Rabbit hole is a satanic “bottomless” pit illustrated by the Illuminati. We are in a spiritual war, and the masses are uniting as one collectively on a higher realm/higher frequency which gives us power, since the devil feeds on a lower frequency of fear by using these low frequencies by way of the Internet, cell phones TV, media, the entertainment industry and the like. We chose to be here now before birth to assist in awakening God’s children to obtain our Freedom, which we never had since the beginning of time. I enjoyed and loved taking Literature in college. I never truly understood Shakespeare’s quote, “The World is a Stage” Now, I find myself using it a lot. Thank you,
    and God Bless you and your family💫✨💫💫✨💫✨💫

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