Within the greater context of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, false claims are almost always likely to become perceived as valid. Especially, when they’re backed by the force of arms, repetitive and crude psychological manipulations which influence public opinion, and the machinations of the so-called “justice” system conspiring with law enforcement and the US corporate government.

Under such deceptive conditions, the general public’s credulity becomes mere putty in the scheming hands of propagandizing elements which may wish to manipulate and shape it into any desired form.

From there, the sinister and primal dynamics of group psychology take acute effect.

This is how the MSM’s fantastical narratives are alchemized into perceivable reality.

With this installment, not only will it be proved the identity of one of the victims of the Saugus High School “shooting” was a fabricated simulation/character modification and created by deceptive means but, also, it will be demonstrated how this was done.

The symbolic significance of the school “quad”, where the shooting at Saugus High School is alleged to have taken place, will also be explained.

Both the MSM and a Los Angeles County Sheriff claim, on November 14, 2019 at 7:30 am before the start of classes at Saugus High School, located in Santa Clarita, California, an alleged shooter, reportedly on the day of his sixteenth birthday, killed two of his fellow students, wounded three others and, armed with a .45 caliber “ghost gun”, took his own life.

But this official scenario is problematic because it can be proved, beyond any modicum of doubt, one of the victims was a simulation, which was modified from the genuine identity and backdated images of a role playing actor who also portrayed the role of a choir teacher for the sake of the television cameras.

Aside from the obvious contradictions with the official testimony of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, made during his post-event press conference, there are also the usual numerological markers present.

First, there is the date of the event: November (11) + 14 = 25/7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon). According to the testimony of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva –  which can be heard in the video sample, displayed above – there were six shots fired which led to six casualties, including the shooter: 6+6=12 (21/occult mirrored reversal/777/intelligence joker code).

Also, there is the numerological significance of the reported time at which the shooter was alleged to have opened fire before the official start of classes: 7:30 am (3 7’s=777). More numerological codes were evident with the reported age of the shooter on the day of the alleged event, and the elapsed time frame within which the shots were alleged to have been fired on the day of the event, the 14th of November.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva testified, the elapsed time of the six shots was 16 (7) seconds and, the day of the event, on the 14th, the alleged assailant had turned 16 years-of-age (7).

Regarding the elapsed time frame of the gun shots, one wonders how it is, exactly, Villanueva could make such a claim? Was there someone in the Saugus High School’s quad area holding a stop watch while the gun shots were fired?

Nevertheless, in both cases, when added to the date of the event (14+7), we arrive at the number of 21/777, or the triple seven/intelligence joker code.

In addition, there is the occulted symbolic significance of the school’s quad area, where the shooting event was alleged to have occurred.

A thorough analysis of that particular element will be shortly forthcoming.

For now, we shall deal with more of the many inconsistencies and anomalies of this event’s details, those which were uniformly regurgitated by the MSM.


At the outset, the most glaring inconsistency appears to be with the public testimony of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, regarding the nature of the alleged assailant’s behavior.

NBC news reported that, shortly after 7:30, the shooter absconded from the quad area of the school’s campus and, for most of the following morning, remained at large.

Sheriff Villanueva, however, publicly testified that, after firing five shots which mortally wounded two of his fellow classmates and severely injured three more, the alleged shooter took his own life with the sixth and final shot from his .45 caliber “ghost” weapon. Villanueva also testified, the alleged shooter’s body was found and recovered in the quad area of the Saugus High School’s campus, along with the other alleged victims.

An additional problem rests with reports of yet another unidentified student, who, according to the public testimonies of Saugus High School’s choir teacher Kaitlyn Holt (more on her later), entered the choir room and was subsequently treated for two gunshot wounds to the shoulder and to the abdomen.

This particular testimony represents yet another glaring inconsistency regarding the official statements of Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Villanueva claimed, the bodies of five victims, the alleged shooter included, were recovered from the quad area of the Saugus High School’s campus, and were either wounded or killed with one .45 caliber round each.

If each of the shooter’s five known victims suffered from one gun shot each, and the shooter took his own life with the sixth shot from his .45 caliber “ghost” gun, as Villanueva publicly testified, from where, and from what weapon, did the other two shots derive?

Clearly, both the MSM and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office weren’t able to properly coordinate their official narratives, or, it seems more likely, these anomalies represent a deliberate attempt to sow mass confusion among the American general public.

If so, then, the American public, once again, has been subjected to deliberate gaslighting, a subversive tactic seemingly common to most of these law enforcement psychological operations/drill simulations which are, of course, sponsored with the implicit consent of the government of the US corporation.


Apparently, according to the USA Today, an “active shooter” video training production was shot on the Saugus High School’s campus earlier in the school year, two months prior to November 14.

“We were just preparing for the worst, but we never thought anything would occur in a suburb like Santa Clarita. It’s such a lovely place,” Saugus High School student, Elijah Miims, 15, told USA Today.

SEE: https://usatoday.com/amp/4193379002

The article goes on to detail the presence of campus “resource officers” who were tasked with developing “relationships” with both students and school staff.

Yes, I’ll bet they were, in the identical manner the police are so adroit at clandestinely recruiting neighborhood snitches and police informants, who, for the most part, are proved to be family members of those belonging to the local masonic lodge.

Undoubtedly, the role of these “officers” was to both recruit and compartmentalize students, teachers, and administrative staff who, later, when interviewed for the television cameras, would assuredly and strictly adhere to their assigned talking points regarding the official narrative(s).

Evidence of such prior preparation is quite evident, since many of the Saugus High School’s students, when asked by the MSM to describe the sound of the gun shots, uniformly claimed the gun fire sounded similar to either “balloons, a chip bag or milk cartons popping.”

SEE: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/14/santa-clarita-california-saugus-high-school-police-shooting

While reading the article, you will also not fail to notice how, uniformly, the alleged shooter’s fellow students seemed able to provide specific testimonies as to his personal traits and to the personal history of the shooter’s alleged father (a hunter who “made bullets”).

The uniformed nature of these testimonies also points toward the fact such personality traits have been thoroughly scripted.

It seems likely, such scripting was done to establish and hone specific law enforcement profiles, and to program the general public’s suspicions concerning individuals who might appear to fit those specific profiles.

In turn, this provides law enforcement, along with their neighborhood snitch patrols and low-level masonic informants, further impetus to justify greater levels of surveillance.

This is a classic Marxist subversionary tactic.

The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the true owners of the US corporation, want Americans to be suspicious of one another, and to direct suspicions away from their minions, those who are the hidden perpetrators and enablers of such sinister subversion: law enforcement, their fellow masons/public officials/clerks, civil servants, school administrators/teachers and, of course, the MSM.


The evident presence of specific numerological markers in correlation with Saugus High School’s simulated shooting event seem to hold greater significance, in relation to “the quad” which, reportedly, was the on-campus location of the alleged shooting.

When looking at these specific numerological markers, they seem to correlate with those numbers common to a specific type of what is known, in high-level masonic circles, as a “Magic Square”.

Many of the numbers associated with the Saugus school shooting event, seem to exist in commonality with those known to a specific type of masonic Magic Square, such as that found in the Parshavnath Temple.

Parshavnath Magic Square:


This particular type of 4X4 (quad) magic square can be found inscribed on the wall of the Parshavnath temple, built in the 12th century and located in Khajuraho, India. It is known as the Chautisa Yantra because its magic sum is equivalent to 34 (7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon). Reportedly, a particular fascination with this type of magic or pandiagonal square led to further study – according to Wikipedia – by prominent 19th century mathematicians.

There is also a well-known legend, originating from as far back as 650 BC, about the scroll of the river Lo Shu.

The following is an account of the Lo Shu legend from Wikipedia:

“According to legend, there was at one time in Ancient China a huge flood. While the great King Yu was trying to channel the water out to sea, a turtle emerged from it with a curious pattern on its shell: a 3X3 grid in which circular dots of numbers were arranged, such that the sum of the numbers in each row, column and diagonal was the same: 15. According to the legend, thereafter people were able to protect themselves from floods.”

The hidden invocation of the legend of the Magic Square, in relation to Saugus High School’s simulated shooting event, would seem to hold a similar symbolic purpose to that of the legend of Lo Shu: psychologically conditioning the American public to surrender greater levels of personal security, and to submit to even greater levels of surveillance, at the hands of the masonic law enforcement’s police guilds.


Search results at findagrave.com to verify the burial details of 15 year-old Gracie Muehlberger, one of the two alleged “victims” of the alleged shooting at Saugus High School, indicate the following: “Burial Details Unknown”.

Turns out, there is a very good reason her burial details are unknown.

“Gracie Anne Muehlberger” was a victim simulation, a fabricated identity modified from backdated photographic images (photographic images from a decade ago) associated with the crisis drill simulation host actor’s genuine identity.

Searches on both intelius.com and whitepages.com for the victim’s father, Bryan Muehlberger, turned up a connection to a Kathryn Grace Muehlberger, aged 25.

When subsequent searches turned up related images, linked to both social media and other pertinent sites, immediately, there appeared to be facial geometric similarities, between not only Kathryn Grace Muehlberger and alleged Saugus High School shooting victim Gracie Muehlberger, but with Saugus High School’s alleged choir teacher, Kaitlyn Holt.

Further facial comparison analysis indicated “Gracie Muehlberger” was a fabricated victim simulation, created to add realism to a simulated event, and modified from the host actor identity of Kathryn Grace Muehlberger, of Milford Ma., a marketing and communications specialist at Accdon, LLC Publishing Services, a graduate of both Milford High School’s class of 2012, and Wheaton College.

Kathryn has a relative, Edward P. Muehlberger, employed by New England Media Group and the Boston Globe, a prominent mainstream news periodical complicit in the promotion of another well-remembered crisis drill simulation, the Boston bombing of 2013.

SEE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-muehlberger–454b00111

SEE also: https://images.app.goo.gl/NkAbeSt9V7ZMk8b78 (Kathryn Muehlberger is standing third from the left in the second row)

SEE also: 2012 Milford High School graduation list @ https://patch.com/massachusettes/milford-ma/milford-high-class-of-2012

SEE also: https://m.facebook.com/kathy.muehlberger

When viewing the following images, in succession, of “Gracie Muehlberger”, Kathryn Grace Muehlberger, and alleged Saugus High School choir instructor Kaitlyn Holt, you will notice more than coincidental similarities – confirmed by facial recognition analysis – between several facets of facial geometry, especially regarding the architectures of the chins, lips, brow ridges, cheeks, and eyes.

Gracie Muehlberger:


Kathryn Grace Muehlberger:


Kaitlyn Holt:
























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  1. Officer “Villanueva” (Newtown?) sounds like a Sandy Hook reference. The magic square is interesting, and it implies that they’re doing sorcery.

    1. Good to hear from you, once again. Indeed, magic square proved the most conspicuous element of this entire psychological operation. I think you’re intuition – in terms of a Sandy Hook connection – about the surname of “Villanueva” is correct Everything the masonic order does is connected with numbers, letters, names, and codes. All of those components are utilized as part of their sorcery and are also integral to the maintenance of their grand psychological subversions.

    1. Hope you’re having an enjoyable Holiday season. And, thank you, for kindly providing links to more research material. Backdated photos and images, which are modified with photo shop/animation markers, are routinely utilized to create the slews of victim simulations and characterizations for these psychological operations. Regarding Muehlberger, it is very likely she has participated in other events such as Las Vegas. It seems also very likely, she, as well as her sister and mother, may be sworn members of the Eastern Star.

  2. Thanks for the well-wishes. I’m having a nice holiday and hope you are too. Good call on the son/sun reference in Melanson. “Melano” means black, so this looks like a reference to the black sun.

    1. Yes, it is symbolic of the black sun of the Jesuit order. You’ll notice too, whenever alleged “live” coverage is presented by the MSM of these simulated crisis events, the colors of black and red – which also, is symbolic of the Jesuit order – are nearly ubiquitous.

  3. Regarding Santa Clarita, the money-making/laundering is frighteningly obvious. On Go Fund Me, the victims, Gracie and Dominick, got well over 100k *each.* And the names of some of the donors seem fake. Plus, the donors leave strange comments advertising websites, like Jehovah’s Witnesses and yet another site for Gracie with a donate button. These people have no emotion. They’re all about money and directing traffic to websites and social media.

    1. I believe you’re correct. The Go-Fund-Me operation is a money laundering operation, as is Nasa. And yes, you’re correct, the primary concern of the thirteen families and their minions is commerce/profits. The crisis management industry has proved very profitable for all concerned.

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