Many do not realize the climate change movement is not a recent development.

Rather, it represents a nefarious agenda planned even before the latter decades of the last century. There exists a little known tome labeled by the rather ponderous moniker of “Report from Iron Mountain.” In this rather dense and rare volume, is expressed the idea of replacing the concept of war as society’s main organizing principle. In many circles, it is claimed the very existence of this book is merely urban legend, the concepts articulated within the province of political satire, or so it was claimed when the volume was published before the close of the nineteen sixties.

As the story goes, in 1961, JFK summoned a gaggle of eminent scientists, philosophers, literary figures, and others of major cultural cache to discuss the feasibility of fostering forth the right cultural conditions, in order that mankind at large may accept this truly paradigm changing idea. In essence, these scholars were sanctioned to induce into the public mindset that mankind’s greatest enemy was not red scare communism or radicalized terrorism, but rather himself. Somehow, this Malthusian component of the entire climate change agenda is hidden under an avalanche of the most smiley faced propaganda yet observed. Have you never wondered why the mantra of these pseudo pagan climate change zealots is “we must reduce our carbon footprint?” Well, if one recalls high school biology, the human body is made up of mostly carbon. But most, unfortunately, are often blind to the suffocating hypocrisy until they are drowning, and then of course, it is much too late for redemption.

For those who have been reading my posts thus far, one has possibly researched the idea that the nations of the globe are merely corporate colonies, owned, operated and controlled by the Crown Temple bankers-and that the concept of war itself, is merely a mass exercise in plunder,  piracy, and blatant monopolization of natural resources via force of arms, often justified by patriotic fervor. However, as has often been said, patriotism is the very last refuge of scoundrels.

As we go along here, keep in mind the Crown Temple bankers who ultimately funded this academic study group, were not motivated solely by humanitarian concerns in deciding to replace the concept of war as the organizing principle of humanity. In fact, quite the contrary, for it has always been plunder, rapine, and pillage existing as the ruling elites only real stock in trade. Rather, this was a genuine attempt to merely change the method of operation with which the Crown Temple bankers could monopolize the world; its land, its inhabitants, and its natural resources. They may be psychopaths, but there is indeed a sinister, if not diabolically brilliant method to their ongoing madness.

In essence, since the academics knew the cold war spell could not enthrall for much longer, a new enemy was desperately needed to eventually replace the communist menace then so heavily propagandized. Once assembled, and the discussions began to progress over a period of years, the academics eventually agreed that a new menace would have to be created, and that enemy would center around pollution and the hazardous effects on the environment.Thus, it was decided, the environmental movement would incrementally be pushed to the forefront of mankind’s consciousness. But as usual, there was a catch, for this new enemy might not play out its role as cooperatively as others had done in the past. Mother nature cannot be paid off, bought or bribed, after all. The report on Iron Mountain concluded, that current levels of industrial pollution would have to be purposely increased. This is where the germination of geoengineering was spawned. But, since the group of academics also decided this threat would have to be built up over a period of decades, over the span of the proceeding generation, another suitable enemy would have to be immediately created to bridge the gap, after communism had lost its ability to put fear into the hearts of the hapless masses.


The terrorist bogeyman was introduced to have the immediate impact desired, until the environmental threat could gather steam. If one peruses the news accounts from the nineteen seventies onward, one will notice an immediate trend in the uptick of airline hijacks, and the emergence of terror groups such as the PLO. This too, incrementally conditioned the public to the idea of middle-eastern thugs who wanted to kill us because they hated our so-called freedoms.

In reality, the two concepts dovetailed nicely with one another, in that communism began to exit the world stage right around the time of the first Rio environmental summit in 1991. Or at least it appeared to.

In fact, the idea of communism, or any ‘ism’ for that matter, is pure pseudo intellectual wizardry, merely yet another iron hand disguised in the proverbial velvet glove. In fact, the entire concept is merely a facade for monopoly capitalism. Communism, ironically enough, was created by the industrialists in order to discredit genuine revolutionary movements. Stalin himself once said, if one wishes to control political opposition, one must move to control it. In other words, the entire movement was a sham, a trap for useful dupes.

The entire world has been ruled over by the monopoly of the Crown Temple bankers since before the beginning of the 18th century. The idea of the united workers of the world running anything, is tantamount to absolute absurdity, and even Marx and Engels admitted as much in their private correspondences. In truth, the Crown Temple bankers have seen fit, utilizing the currency of debt instruments, to redistribute wealth or capital wherever seen fit to suit their agenda. And with the climate change revolution, one can readily see it’s transparent tenets being used as grand justification for the outsourcing of America’s industry to Asian markets, where much cheaper labor pools lie in wait to be exploited.

The propaganda of the West reducing it’s “carbon footprint,” is merely a political cover for this mass redistribution of wealth and resources. Since the days of Iron Mountain, the climate change agenda has gathered an almost religious fundamentalist zeal amidst its adherents.  As with every revolutionary movement, there are always plenty of useful dupes. But try telling these robotic climate change cultists about the dearth of scientific logic supporting their cause. Try telling these baying sheep that the change of climate is not mitigated or manipulated by mankind, or carbon emissions, but by that huge burning orb high in the sky above. When duly informed of this inconvenient fact, one receives either a blank deer in the headlights stare, or the usual scornful rebuke of “tin foil hat”, or “go take your medication!”

One safely concludes none of them has ever been within reach of the “Report from Iron Mountain.”

Of course, the scientists supporting this bunk are not doing so due to any deep seated scientific convictions, but because it provides them with huge gobs of grant money. In fact, entire industries have sprang up around the climate change movement just in the last fifteen years alone. More amusing still, is to hear every politician from coast to coast extolling the virtues of “smart growth” and “sustainable living” as if they were holy mantras. Worse yet, these blithering puppets deliver inane talking points with the insufferable arrogance of one who has actually fallen prey to perilous self-deception, in actually believing these concepts derived from their own corrupted offices.

If any of these so-called scientists were to admit there is little empirical data to support the growing climate change claims, the money spigot would be shut off tomorrow, and it would be back to teaching high school science classes to brain dead public school children more interested in playing Pokemon Go.

I.C.L.E.I. (International council of localized environmental initiatives)

Once, I had the rare opportunity of confronting a certain local politician known for his zeal in regurgitating the climate change talking points now all too recognizable. Politely, I inquired of this gentlemen, if he was in fact aware, his city was enrolled in an international program, whereby tax payer dollars were being donated to I.C.L.E.I. without public knowledge, and in violation of the constitution, specifically the Logan act. What transpired, would certainly have been considered comic, if it weren’t so tragic. First, he feigned ignorance, then tried to dissemble, stating in fact he was unaware of I.C.L.E.I.

But the whites of his lies gave him away, and before he departed, informed me that there were in fact certain “environmental councils” receiving “donations” on a non-profit basis.

For a politician, one would think he’d have performed better as a practiced liar. But such was not the case, and he hastily retreated from my proletarian presence before foot was firmly inserted into regretful mouth. Now, the UN website hides its list of American towns and cities paying regular dues to I.C.L.E.I. from prying eyes and inquiring minds. I suppose if one had produced a copy of Report of Iron Mountain and waved it in the hapless politicians dismayed face, I suppose his next move would have been to pull out a vile of garlic to keep the “conspiracy theorist” vampire at bay.

What all this marshaled evidence clearly indicates, is that deception is the main method of operation utilized. On the surface, many are seduced by the feel good language desiring to improve and sustain the environment. However, superficial creatures they are, perhaps through no fault of their own, do not dig beneath the surface, in getting to the real essence of this very public revolutionary movement. For the real agenda is connected to the Crown Temple bankers and the federal reserve system. One must always follow the money, and if one wishes to see behind the veil of the climate change agenda, this is the place to start one’s in depth research.

As has been outlined in previous posts, the crown temple owns and operates the federal reserve banking system, its board of directors sitting within the one square mile of London proper. They, along with the Jesuit order secretly in control of the Vatican, represent the true architecture of global governance. The politicians one “elects,” are merely puppets, told what to say, how to say it, and when. Any deviation from this formula, will foster unfortunate circumstances perilous to their continued political career.

Don’t expect the nationally televised economists to avail anything that may reveal even a sliver of truth leading to this end, for their job is to conceal rather than to reveal. The media sorcerers promulgate only propaganda. In the case of mainstream and even alternative media outlets, never any information that may be useful in actually understanding the machinations of the ruling elite shall be offered. Keeping the masses ignorant and obedient is the ultimate goal. The social conditioning one acquired through public schooling is constantly reinforced. But all of us must acquire the strength to break the spell, and see the world through new eyes, if indeed real change is to be effected.

As all may be acutely aware, the United States has accumulated an exorbitant debt, well into the billions, at last count. Since the principle will never be paid, there must be some other method of collateral offered as payment. That collateral on this enormous debt is the land itself, and this is the true agenda behind the climate change movement, to swap the land in exchange for debt forgiveness. Once all or most of the land has been acquired, it is then the crown temple bankers shall introduce their new global carbon currency, controlled and monitored by nano-electronic chips inserted into human extremities. If one is declared “unsustainable,” then their chip shall be shut off, depriving them of the the basic human right to self-preservation.

One may observe this particular conclusion to be rather extreme, but this is the end game of the climate change movement, total control of the world’s masses, at least those that are left.  Once again, one must perform their own in depth research on this matter. The place to start is in examining the stunning conclusions of this vintage study published in “Report from Iron Mountain.” Taking the time to pour through this behemoth volume shall prove rewarding in the final analysis.

One may also refer to the UN website, where one shall find documentation entitled Agenda 21, which has, due to popular exposure on mainstream networks for purposes of spinning controlled opposition derived propaganda, been since re-branded.

Time and patience will avail what little I have detailed here. After all, one should never expect the gift of knowledge to be spoon fed, it has to be earned.



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