Americans, even in this digital age with reams of knowledge at their fingertips, will somehow never let go of the massive lies with which they have grown so comfortable. Far more comfortable to be safe among the hordes of sheep, than risk getting separated from the herd, wandering into the wild to face the fearful wolf. Daring to expose the fact this world is filled with nothing more than lies and liars, means one risks facing those deep seated monsters buried in dark crevices of the subconscious, of being ostracized for daring to be different.

Going against the grain in an intellectually incurious 21st century, adopting perspectives deviating from mainstream propaganda, is truly a dangerous gambit, for one risks transforming to social pariah. Indeed, contracting the disease of independent thinking will mean you shall stand alone at the office water cooler. Which brings us to the topic at hand, for the event known as ‘Watergate’ represents yet another chapter of scripted American history the media sorcerers love to trumpet as an example of the so-called democratic process in action. But America is neither a democracy, nor representative of such lofty ideals, and its government ceased to operate abiding by those principles long ago, for it has only ever offered the appearance of democracy, the reality is something else entirely.

For the media sorcerers to tell you ‘the system worked’ with regard to Watergate is tantamount to claiming flu vaccines are medically benign and that in fact, they are not inundated with harmful and even lethal chemicals. And yet, this is the type of psychological perception management the media sorcerers love to proffer. Because, after all, the brand  of twisted perception distributed through the voices of authority, perpetually blasting through your television speakers, is all the reality most are willing to entertain, lest they become the lonely conspiracy theorist standing solitary at the water cooler, donned with tin foil dunce hat.

Standing alone, apart from the herd, the stench of corruption would be too much to bear, to have carefully cultivated illusions, implanted virtually from the cradle, completely eviscerated and crumbled to dust, would mean one would have to solely ascertain the truth, without the aid of media sorcerers indicating what to feel, and more significantly, what to think.

Most contemporary readers perceptions of this so-called Watergate event, whether derived from relatives still living, recalling snippets of the event from first hand, or most impressions influenced by the eponymous titled cinematic production released to theaters in 1995, staring Anthony Hopkins, directed by none other than high degree mason Oliver Stone, who also brought to the world the conspiracy farce of JFK, starring Kevin Costner, amount to nothing but window dressing concealing the dirt beneath.

One would do well to remember, these particular pieces of historical fiction are presented merely as propaganda, to cement in the mind of the public how a certain historical event or character from the chosen time period, should be viewed from a contemporary perspective. In other words, this recycled ‘spin’ from the media sorcerers represents a cinematic reaffirmation of scripted history, a mere re-run of the mythical tales concocted with living archetypes from long ago, perhaps adorned with different, or more attractive scenery, and changing props.


If one has investigated my other posts, one is familiar with the idea our so-called government is a corporation, owned and operated by the Crown Temple bankers residing  within the one square mile of London. Have you never wondered why it was Obama was told if he did not bail out failing banks such as Fannie Mae, with payouts as large as seven-hundred billion, that Marshall Law would be established in every major American city? But even that event is a smokescreen (7, representing the G placed in the masonic square and compass, or an idea placed firmly in the public mind). In fact, this is merely another concocted event with a dual purpose. One, in setting up the controlled opposition movement of ‘Occupy Wall Street’, and two, in more than subtly letting the sheep in on the exact identity of their genuine Shepherd.

According to the governmental protocol Americans have been conditioned, the president is the commander in chief, and yet the bankers dictated as to whether or not troops would be deployed?

In truth, the Crown Temple bankers have owned and operated this US corporation since the Federal Reserve act of 1913, and all presidents elected since, if not before, from Woodrow Wilson up to the present day, have been witting masonic puppets, actors playing a role and selling out an agenda. Richard M. Nixon was no exception, and any assertion to the contrary is beyond absurdity. Does one really think the true owners and operators would leave to chance stewardship of the multi-trillion dollar US corporation to a truly free election? However, the media sorcerers wanted you to believe Nixon was a crook, because Watergate served to place the perception in the mind of the American public that corruption would be punished and prosecuted to the fullest extent, that indeed, the system of democracy was still capable of exalting the highest virtue of truth and justice. In truth, nothing of the sort took place. History is a distraction from truth, a cinematic production through the looking glass.

The entire Watergate show, from Woodward and Bernstein, to Howard Hunt and the bungling Cuban burglars, to Henry Kissinger and General Al Haig, to John Dean adding dramatic seasoning to the entire event in agreeing to testify before the congressional committee in a seeming act of betrayal, and even the congressional hearings, were merely scripted story points, to keep the public occupied and away from investigating the real facts, that Richard Nixon was a cruel hoax, a character played by a host actor groomed by handlers behind the scenes for the role he was to play.

Though this perspective may be disturbing to most, we shall now delve and provide reasonable doubt on the perceptions the masses have been conditioned to believe with regard to this particularly prominent event in American history. In truth, Hollywood and Washington, the nations capital, are synonymous, constantly generating live cinematic productions created and maintained for the masses. What if it were revealed that facial recognition and ear bio-metric analysis revealed the real identity of Richard Nixon to be Hollywood actor Warren Beatty? I suppose right about now, one is scoffing and moving on to another web site, and away from this post faster than a rabbit runs from a predator. One would do well to remember, computer software doesn’t lie, but people often do, especially the psychopaths sitting at the London round tables of the Crown Temple bankers!

If one is so inclined though, attempt to entertain for one moment the idea of a board of corporate overseers controlling not only the creation of money, but the manipulation of its overall value. If this be the case, and economic policy if prefabricated and maintained, both foreign and domestic, and one wished to keep this fact hidden, could you then not afford to install a well trained puppet, one guaranteed to stay ‘on message’ in the white house? As the patriarch of the infamous Rothschild’s once declared: give me control over a nations money supply, and I care not who make’s its laws!


The character of Richard Nixon was created by the Crown Temple bankers to carry out an agenda. Throughout his storied career, he was financially supported by Nelson Rockefeller. One will recall, soon after his defeat for governorship of California at the hands of populist Jerry Brown, Nixon was even given a town house at Park Avenue, and a partnership in one of Rockefeller’s law offices, near enough in proximity to be virtually sitting in Nelson’s paternal lap. But it is doubtful the character known as Nixon ever practiced law, for like most actors scripted to play a political role, he was out globe trotting most of the time, in order that credentials for his upcoming 1968 presidential run could be solidified in the minds of the American public. When one observes the historic performances of this political character, starting with ‘the Checkers speech’, it is easily observed that in fact a theatrical performance is being given, that the character of Nixon is portraying a role custom fitted, posed as a red baiting anti-communist. If one peruses the historic network footage still available on You tube, it is immediately observable the media moniker ‘Checkers’ assigned to this particular performance, is drolly indicative of Nixon’s overriding political sponsors, the high masonic order of the Scottish rite, symbolic of the elites control over the duality of man.

During the ‘kitchen debates’ involving another Rockefeller puppet, Nikita Kruschev, the entire episode seems designed as classic cold war propaganda, designed to instill fear, setting up the Soviet Union as an implacable enemy, and Nixon as a staunch defender of democratic and patriotic American virtue. This represents the exploited duality the Crown Temple bankers always utilize, in order to cement complete control over the world’s masses. The sputnik event, the kitchen debates, and the Watergate break-in are the sort of performances always created and recorded for posterity by the media sorcerers, magically transforming public perception into the desired shape.

And then there’s the Watergate break-in itself, headed by CIA agent Howard Hunt accompanied by the same group of shadowy Cubans involved in the fake attempt assassination on Fidel Castro, the same Cubans involved in the farce known as the Bay of Pigs, prior to another manufactured hoax known as the Cuban Missile crisis. One sees a pattern developing, in that American history is merely a stage upon which the same cast of actors is rotated in an out of the production, the movie created to distract the masses away from the real controllers of the global structure of prevailing governance. Hunt’s involvement in this entire fiasco is key in understanding just who was controlling the media sorcerer’s narrative and the historical perspective post-event. If one delves into the history of this particular alphabet agency, CIA established what came to be known as ‘Operation Mockingbird’, the subversive nature of which FOIA files luridly detail. This was a carefully detailed plan, much like Joseph Goebbels, to infiltrate and gain editorial control over all facets of media, whether radio, television, or print. That the operation succeeded mightily can readily be observed in the reams of propaganda disguised as news events pumped out over contemporary airwaves on a daily basis.

Many chief executives of large networks in the earlier days of television, during the decades of the sixties and seventies, men such as William Paley, and Sig Michelson, were not only intimately involved with CIA and Mockingbird, but were also, like our historical actor Nixon, high degree members of the Scottish rite masonic order, specializing in creating order out of chaos, or ultimate control of the masses and their perception of reality through consumption of mass media entertainments.

Not only do such media sorcerers create the historical events one later learns through public school history books, but they control how the event will be perceived going forward, how future generations should feel about what it is they are taught.


Now we come to one of the historical bug bears of most conspiracy theorists, Henry Kissinger. It is curious if one encounters most of the post-event literature written concerning Watergate, this fact alone has been readily admitted, that if there was anyone illicitly bugging anyone, it was Heinz Kissinger. Numerous accounts have been recorded regarding Kissinger’s utilization of covert surveillance, not only on his own staff at the NSC (national security council), but Nixon’s closest Praetorian guard. Despite his stature as an international master of ‘black bag’ diplomacy, Kissinger is yet another actor with a celebrated and scripted back story, in other words, a fraud. In fact, in terms of the Watergate television production, one could go so far as to claim Kissinger himself played a huge role in directing this historical stage play. It is also worth mentioning that like Nixon, Kissinger, as well as white house henchman Alexander Haig, were all beneficiaries of Nelson Rockefeller’s considerable financial largesse and influence in furthering their political cache. In other words, they were all actors, and the Rockefeller’s served as executive producers.


Now we shall face the coup d’ grace, the Watergate tapes themselves. It is claimed Nixon did not have access to the tapes themselves, and that early on, it was suggested he did not know that intimate white house conversations were being recorded. Both assertions are nonsense. By now, well documented accounts demonstrate either claim to be absolute absurdities. Not only was Nixon well aware he was recorded and had access to the tapes, but it is well known the previous Johnson administration utilized a similar taping system, as did most occupying heads of state going all the way back to FDR. In light of this therefore, if Nixon was a crook why did he not do with the tapes what Hilary recently did with her illicit emails, merely discard the evidence and dispense with the entire matter? He didn’t, because it wasn’t part of the script concocted by the Watergate screenplay.

With regard to the details of the tapes reported by the media sorcerers, it is well to point out the so-called eighteen minute gap supposedly erased. This is yet another masonic numerology code (18, or triple six, the number of man). It is also important to remember the Watergate hotel was owned and operated by Vatican interests. If one has read my other posts, then one is sufficiently familiar the Holy Trinity controlling Europe and the West is made up of three city states, the Vatican, the one square mile of London, and Washington D.C., the latter representing the military enforcement arm of this three pronged trident. The former two are inextricably linked, in that they represent the ecclesiastical and legal structures of what could be fashioned as the Anglo-American empire. In truth, all three, in combination, represent the actual architecture of global governance. It is also important to remember the Vatican itself is secretly controlled by the Jesuit order. So, one can readily observe the rabbit hole travels particularly deep with regard to the deception of this Watergate event.


Nixon’s resignation speech, often rebroadcast in historical flashback, is in fact a hoax of massive proportions. It is claimed this documented event for historical posterity is a live speech before the network cameras. But nothing could be further from the case. If one were to analyze the technical particulars of this production, it is in fact found to have been  prerecorded. Both the audio and video have been altered to give it the appearance of a live event. Today, with digital technology and sophisticated editing procedures available in most network news rooms, prerecorded segments are virtually indistinguishable from live events. But in the 1970’s, computer generated images and sophisticated audio voice software were not yet at the television technicians disposal. Without going into the technical details of how this was accomplished, suffice to say, if one analyzes the audio portion of Nixon’s speech, a most remarkable glitch is heard at approximately 12:44 when one can hear Nixon say, “for all of our people”. Listening keenly, you can detect a manipulation of the volume level, indicating that not only was this speech prerecorded, but manipulated in post-production with voice synthesis.

There is one particular section of the audio where the character of Nixon refers to “peace and prosperity for all of our people.” Upon repeated playbacks, one will more readily notice the significant volume fade during the phrase “for all of our people.” This is the telltale giveaway as to the real identity of the host actor playing Richard Nixon. Not only is the identity of the host actor, Warren Beatty, disguised with old age stipple and latex appliances, but during this analog voice glitch one can clearly detect that a vocal host actor has been overdubbed in post production. Ear biometric image comparison analysis also demonstrates that the host actor portrayed fictional presidential character Richard Nixon was Hollywood actor Warren Beatty (M=E/33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/X/Saturn/Mark of the Jesuit order=24/6/33).

Warren Beatty:



Richard Nixon:



Voice analysis reveals the identity of Nixon’s vocal host actor to be –  by now –  forgotten California news caster by the name of Jerry Dunphy.

This stunning revelation should clue you in to the lengths the media sorcerers go in concealing their television deceptions, which by now into the 21st century, have become too numerous to name. On a rather fascinating related note, Dunphy once interviewed Nixon just after his landslide election in 1972, recordings of which have been curiously scrubbed from all internet archives.

Conspiracies don’t exist you say? Yes, indeed they do, and they are no longer just theories!

Like all major events in American history, everything is well scripted, an ongoing mini-series to keep the masses entertained with trifles, myths, and archetypes, while the real power base of global control remains hidden, that is, until now!

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