Square One Mall ‘lock down’ hoax

Are police terrorizing your children?

The local gendarmes are at it again, playing their part, wittingly or not, in spreading the virus of fear and uncertainty among the populace to psychologically reshape behaviors and public perceptions. This, is the very definition of social engineering. Though, it is often touted, how children are America’s most precious resource, the powers that be don’t seem to find anything contradictory or morally objectionable brutalizing America’s youth into obedience and submission with overt psychological terror. The latest terror hoax drill, sold to the public as an actual crisis, was recently staged at Square One Mall complex, located in Saugus, Massachusetts, just eleven miles from Boston.

Go ahead and ignore the truth. The ruling elites prefer one to wait for Jesus, Mohammed, or Buddha, or perhaps even Clark Kent to arrive on earth to save the world from evil, rather than becoming proactive in identifying and fighting evil in the hope of securing a better future for your children.

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While one is praying in vain for a hero to intervene, one’s children are being terrorized by blue lodge masonic cowards in blue suits wielding automatic weapons. And yet, this ghastly terrorism is condoned by puerile minded so-called parents, all too content in allowing this sad state of affairs to perpetuate. As with the Colleen Ritzer hoax in Danvers, Massachusetts (See: The terrorists are here at home) more than three years ago, police and local officials are once again intent on instilling fear into the communities they are sworn to protect and keep ‘safe’.

But, as so often in history, one’s protector can easily become one’s oppressor.

There can be no doubt, this was yet another drill sold as an actual ‘crisis’ to a public unaware it is being programmed, through fear, to become passive, docile, and non-critically thinking robots.

On the early morning of June 19, 2017, a SWAT team descended on Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Square One Mall in Saugus, Massachusetts upon ‘reports’ of an ‘armed suspect’. Per printed account in the Boston Globe, police responded to the Route 1 mall around 4:20 a.m. when a burglar alarm went off and an officer spotted a broken window, triggering a tactical response by law enforcement that lasted about ‘six hours’. Police, SWAT officers from NEMLAC (Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council) subsequently swarmed the mall, but although a thorough search of the store in question and the entire premises of the mall turned up only a single rifle and some ammunition stolen, the suspect was ‘found to be no longer in the vicinity’, Saugus Police Chief Dominic J. DiMella told the media at 12 a.m. that afternoon. All local public schools went in to ‘lock down’ mode, and the community at large was told that a state of ‘residence in place’ was in effect. DiMella told the Globe that the suspect gained access to the stolen weaponry by ‘bending the gun rack’.

And the unnamed ‘suspect’?

Per the Boston Globe, “the youth was arrested the following Monday at his home in Everett,” a community neighboring Saugus.


The occult significance of numbers is always present in the wake of stories published and reported by the mainstream media sorcerers. And, in the case of the phantom Square One Mall suspect, no exception was summarily demonstrated. One wonders, with so many now, even so-called non-conspiracy theorists, having picked up on this numerology phenomenon, why the true perpetrators of these hoaxes don’t attempt to conceal their attempted number spells much better. One supposes, the ruling elites still see no need to do so, reflecting both their inherent self-image of inscrutability, overt arrogance, and blatant disregard for what they no doubt regard as the utterly feeble perceptive abilities of the masses. For, they believe, and perhaps rightfully so, that a great percentage of the general public remain content wallowing in the perverse security of self-serving apathy and overwhelmingly docile subservience.

Nonetheless, one shall proceed with the number analysis:

Age of ‘suspect’: 16 or 1+6=7, symbolic of the ‘G’ displayed in the center of masonic square and compass.

Date of ‘crisis’ event: 19 or number of the sun(in masonry the eastern star of Sirius) in the deck of the Tarot=new enlightenment or new ideas.

Time of media report issued by Police Chief DiMella: noon=12, or 21 in the mirror’s reflection (as above, so below), 777=blackjack or fooled by the joker.

Location (Route 1) of Square “One” Mall: Masonic blue lodge pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Also, worthy of note, is the report of the alleged suspect ‘bending’ the gun rack to gain access to the stolen weapon. This is a sly reference to a masonic blue lodge ritual. In the text ‘The realities of Freemasonry’, on page 109, one finds this passage with regard to leaving behind a sign that a fellow mason brother has been present in the lodge, or present ‘where a mason has been at work’:

“where any masons tools lie, lay them in the form of a square; they will presently know that a free brother hath been there; or a free brother coming where Freemasons have been at work, if he takes some of his tools and lays them in the form of a square it is a sign to discover him, or if he takes one of their tools or his own staff and strike them softly on the wall and say ‘this bose or hollow?’ If there be any free brother at work he will answer, “it is solid,” which words are signs to discover each other.”

Could this mean the ‘bending’ of the rack, which presumably was in the shape of a square, was meant as a sign that a Freemason had been present in the sporting goods store, and the rifle stolen represented a ‘staff’, symbolic of the fact Freemasons were at work? Were these signs meant only to be discovered by fellow masons, but kept secret from the general public?

It is interesting to note, the house of the suspect, where he was ‘arrested’ the following Monday, was located in Everett. As it happens, Everett’s police force is enjoined with NEMLAC, the regional corporate law enforcement agency which also participated in the Colleen Ritzer hoax in Danvers, a mere three years previous.

Coincidence, folks? Not a chance.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?



The Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council is a non-profit corporation formed by 58 police agencies in Middlesex and Essex County Massachusetts. It pools police resources to provide specialized units in its service area. NEMLAC units include a dive team, SWAT unit, computer crime unit, motorcycle unit, detectives, and internal affairs. Though the unit is headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, its members include police departments from all around the region. As a private corporation, NEMLAC was able to keep its internal organizations and operations out of public view. However, as a result of a lawsuit filed by a local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union claiming the corporation utilized excessive use of SWAT for routine police matters, in 2015 it changed policy and released documents requested by the public. This lawsuit also stemmed from the corporations ‘mission statement’ which in 2014 was omitted from its website:

“The disorder associated with suburban sprawl as people migrated from larger cities, the development of the interstate highway system, the civil rights movement and the growing resistance to the Vietnam war threatened to overwhelm the serenity of the quaint, idyllic New England towns north and west of Boston.”

In examining this ‘mission statement’, it is clear the existence of this ‘non-profit’ law enforcement corporation was brought to bear to solidify the perception in the minds of the members of these ‘quaint, idyllic New England towns’ that their world is a dangerous place on the verge of descending into criminal chaos, thus necessitating the existence of an automatic weapon wielding group of armed thugs to protect them. Of course, anyone familiar with the crux of the content presented here at Newsspellcom.org, understands all too well, it is the masonic elites this corporation serves responsible for creating this prefabricated chaos, out of which shall arise a new order of social and political oppression.

Apart from the political and social agenda served by these staged crisis drills, the concept of commerce is also being well served. Due to the rising fearful perceptions of the public, the presence of greater armed force, not only with the increased number of police patrolling towns and cities, but private security conspicuously observed in public spaces such as malls and public schools, is felt justified, and most likely won’t be questioned. This new state of order out of chaos will also be reflected in terms of rising property and excise taxes.

The ruling elites may want your unfailing obedience, folks, but above all, they want your money in the form of tax revenue.

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    1. All police are connected to the blue lodge masons. The mainstream reporting of these crisis drills is rife with their fingerprints. Thank you for taking the time to graciously consider the content.

      1. I must clarify, in that I don’t think the blue lodge masons may be aware of the larger social and political agenda filtering down from the highest degrees. It may be, they see their participation in the order as merely a mutual benefit society.

      2. I can see this point. Often one isn’t aware of the greater scheme above the superficial beliefs of it only being a “mutual benefit society”. It is still a fascinating subject which you bring light too.

      3. They are a very compartmentalized organization like the military-the right hand isn’t aware of what the left is doing at any given moment.

      4. I believe the rank and file may only be aware of the 33 degrees as the highest summit. However, there are higher degrees in esoteric European Freemasonry including the ancient and primitive rights, O.T.O, the palladium, etc etc,, Here in the US, the core of Blue lodge masonry may be the Rotary and Knights of Columbus. As far as the numerology and Kabbalah, that is solely the province of esoteric rites.

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