Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part II)

The government one observes broadcast on mainstream television networks is merely a scripted theatrical production. The real government is elsewhere, standing in the shadows, away from the pubic limelight. Policies and real decisions are made by individuals attached to names one is not familiar. The US government is a corporation, owned and operated by a board of directors and stockholders, meeting at the Crown Temple in the city of London. The proceedings televised on MSNBC and other corporate owned mainstream networks are nothing more than a movie, produced to both pacify and misdirect the masses. By virtue of voter registration, one is giving their legal consent in allowing the unlawful, but legal to perpetuate. Everything one has been taught via American public school civics class is a blatant deception, designed to indoctrinate one into the consumer based society ruled by multi-national Uniform Commercial Code-slavery sold as freedom. 

Politicians are actors

To conventionally indoctrinated American minds, this installment will seem quite fantastical, perhaps even ridiculous. However, the truth is often hidden in plain sight, and is plainly visible to those willing to peek behind the veil of social conditioning. Perhaps to better understand the premise hypothesized, one should first encounter an installment composed approximately nine days ago, entitled  ‘A holiday to celebrate America’s independence’.

This shall aid one in the development of understanding not only the corporate structure of the US government, and who is really in charge, but perhaps provide one with a larger perspective in terms of the necessity for the illusion of the triad of government branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

Executive decisions are not made by the President, laws are not composed and enacted in the congress or senate, nor are these laws interpreted by a panel of judges known as the ‘Supreme Court’.

Does one suppose, if this illusion were not so assiduously maintained, the masses would be so willing and dutiful in paying taxes, the annual collection of which are, in the strictest sense, though voluntary and unlawful, nonetheless legal?

Assuredly, after having perused the content presented in the aforementioned installment, one may better understand where the genuine architecture of governance sits.

Hypothetically, should the American people at large, given the assiduous maintenance of lies for almost three-hundred years, by some miracle, become aware of this nefarious state of affairs, the possibility of a genuine revolution, led by those the elites may not be able to control, could break out.

Given, the elites cannot risk any inconveniences or perils to be suffered at the expense of commerce, this is most impermissible.

The majority of the masses have yet to even conceive of the idea the unlawfully selected, though legally elected, representatives of the houses of congress and the senate, are merely actors playing out scripted roles. Though perhaps too far fetched a notion to contemplate, one shall soon begin to observe and perhaps begin to no longer subscribe to the monstrous lies presented from infancy as ‘truth’.  In being voluntarily consenting and thereby legally subject to ‘taxes’, liens, fines, penalties, and contractual obligations, one is essentially duped into supporting the very illusion continuing to both bind and blind them.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

Antonin Scalia confirmation hearings

Has one never considered, even with the often exorbitant contractual fees, and in some cases, prime gross percentages offered to lesser known and well known Hollywood actors alike, how it is one maintains such opulent and lavish lifestyles, especially given most seem to work so infrequently between projects?

In order to maintain their boats, mistresses, mansions and alimony payments, they must remain employed and under contract, practicing their craft whenever necessary, if only so their acquired skills might stay razor sharp until their agent calls, offering a starring role in some block buster film or television project.

And, what better way to hone one’s acting craft, than to agree to portray the role of a campaigning politician or public figure while in between projects?

In addition, one can only imagine the millions to be made from insider stock deals once in proximity to the ruling family of oligarchs secretly in control of the nation’s capitol.

See: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part I)

To those unfamiliar with Antonin Scalia, one shall encapsulate a brief biographical synopsis. Antonin Gregory Scalia served as an Associate Justice of the American Supreme Court from 1986 until the time of his alleged death last year in 2016 (though the famous Hollywood actor portraying fat Tony remains very much alive).

Though described as an ‘intellectual anchor’ (LOL) for a conservative interpretation of the US constitution, this description is a script writer’s conception of a character playing a role, and bears no resemblance to objective reality.

For, even if Scalia proved to be an actual Supreme Court Justice, his opinions on the US constitution were moot.

See: How Crown Temple rules America. 

The constitution was signed by esquires sworn to the Temple bar. Therefore, the document is merely an internal memo consisting of unlawful, yet legal agreements between Crown agents, and is therefore, in legal essence, superseded by Uniform Commercial Code set down by the Crown Temple in London. Thus, the legal opinions of Scalia, or any of the opinions issued by his colleagues named to the Supreme Judiciary, have no ultimate legal bearing, though they may make for engaging, if not amusing entertainment.

Turns out, Antonin Scalia is a mere character, played by Hollywood actor George Clooney:

How was such an illusion established and maintained, one may ask?

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

One must remember, the medium of television is but an illusion, utilizing a vast array of audio and visual tricks to simulate reality. One of the tricks utilized by the media sorcerers in creating and maintaining their carefully crafted illusions is a process referred to as voice concatenative synthesis. This is the process of stringing together two audio host actors to create a new voice. This, in combination with old age stippling, prosthetics, and makeup, is enough to conceal the identity of the host actor playing the role of the live character.

As one shall readily observe from the video example provided, in the case of the host actor starring in the role of Senator Peter Domenici, the post-production sound mix synthesis was performed rather hastily. Therefore, for those with keen ears, the identity of the host actor can be readily exposed. Though, the characters starring in this production, sold to the masses as public figures participating in an actual Senate Supreme Court confirmation hearing, may be well known, the actors portraying the host actor roles are even more renown. In the case of the character Senator Domenici, our own voice analysis confirms, the host actor is indeed legendary newscaster Dan Rather. Logic dictates, if there is one actor present during what appears to be a legitimate government proceeding, then the perceived authenticity of the entire process becomes dubious.

One must remember, most, if not all, so-called US political representatives, whether serving in the senate or the house, are operating under pseudonyms, and not birth names. One shall discover, upon examining this matter further, that it is in fact legal for any prospective federal office holder to operate under a pseudonym, if authenticated via third party witness.

This is the key to understanding how such an abominable and sinister illusion has been maintained for so long.

Such a legal process also shields genuine perpetrators hiding behind pseudonyms. However, it must be noted, that under oath, during a genuinely lawful proceeding, one risks perjury and contempt of court if discovered sworn under a pseudonym, rather than found sworn under the name found issued upon their personal corporate bond, or birth certificate.

This, one believes to be the Achilles heel of the corrupt American Justice system.

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