OK folks, go ahead, call the men in the white coats!

Dare to hurl all your petty hatreds. Unleash your tantrums of righteous indignation.

Go ahead, I dare you.

But, just consider the following. The media sorcerers at CNN, ABC, NBC, and any other network one wishes to name, are dialed into both the Pentagon, and CIA.

They are purveyors of filthy propaganda, and nothing besides.

The anchorpersons and pundits you find yourself hanging on their every word and nuance, are nothing more than teleprompter reading, talking point spewing, well-paid liars!

These are the same folks reported of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ during the run up to the ‘Iraq war’. One grows increasingly weary of the hordes of mainstream pundits claiming the Wests ‘war strategy’ in the Middle East is a so-called ‘failure’.

As usual, they are incorrect.

Everything is going according to plan.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

The general public, fleeced of their tax dollars and blinded to the truth, is perpetually kept in the dark, while the elite bankers continue to wallow in piles of filthy lucre.

The blather puked out by the ‘experts’, is only dished out to preserve public perceptions, in terms of the prevailing political dialectic of left vs. right.  On the other hand, the prepackaged pablum served up by the ‘alternative media’, serves not to challenge this dialectic, rather, it serves only to psychologically preserve and reinforce it. The major alternative media figures, such as Alex Jones and David Icke, are merely well paid shills, shoveling yet another brand of prepackaged propaganda, cleverly spun to those perceived to exist on the fringes of mainstream opinion. In truth, one is merely presented with another form of cleverly conceived advertising. There are no alternative choices, the public is only presented with the same product tweaked for the sake of varying appearances, like choosing between Coke or Pepsi. In the final analysis, though the packaging appears to be different, both products ultimately taste the same.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

And, as usual, whatever brand they sell, you buy it. You keep paying, and the elite bankers, corporate industrialists, keep increasing the value of their hefty stock portfolios.

But, here you are, once again, lined up at the mainstream network news trough, slurping at the rancid water they serve up as if it were mother’s milk! The following discloses what the mainstream news liars will never inform the public.

There is no war going on in Syria.

But, there has been a lot of money making.

Over one hundred private contractors, and NGO’s (non-government organizations) are presently at work in Syria’s capital city of Damascus and surrounding environs. Many of these lucrative contracts have been awarded by the US, UK, and EU governments, to private multi-national firms, owned by elite banking families like the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s, for purposes of infrastructure reconstruction, controlled demolition, and population relocation efforts.

Yes, folks, your tax dollars, are being spent on a massive, latter day Marshal Plan, to rebuild Middle Eastern countries and their antiquated infrastructures. The threat of terrorism and war are merely thinly veiled propaganda, conditioning your mind into thinking these massive expenditures are not only humanitarian in nature, but ultimately necessary.

This represents a massive, and very profitable scam.

Here’s what the general public doesn’t understand. The concept of ‘war’, to the elite bankers and globalist industrialists, doesn’t exist in the conventional sense you’ve been conditioned to believe, having watched hundreds of Hollywood movies. There are no opposing armies strategically greeted to oppose one another on a field of battle. Most likely, the presence of government sponsored armed forces is only for purposes of security, and assisting non-government organizations with the smooth transitions of strategic population relocation efforts. To the elite bankers, ‘war’ is a strategic relocation and controlled demolition project, a multi-billion dollar business with massive profits at stake.

OK, you want proof, I hear you say?

Here are some salient facts:

Shayrat air force base, the very installation Western media claims was bombed by 60 (3+3=33, highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry) naval cruise missiles, has been operating under reconstruction contract since at least 2012.

General contractors, such as Six3, a private intelligence firm, recently bought out by CACI international, are now installing surveillance systems (facial recognition cameras, palm print modules, iris scan devices, and security camera infrastructure).

In addition, private contractors such as Raytheon, Lockhead Martin, KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown, and Root), Titan corporation (AKA TPR), Blackwater (now known as Xe) and several others listed at the following web address, have been assisting with reconstruction efforts in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries: http://www.publicintegrity.org/2007/11/19/5982/top-100-contractors-Iraq-Afghanistan

At present, battalions of Russian, British, US and European mercenaries, work hand in hand with the Syrian air force.

The Pentagon does not even try to hide this information, and much of the information regarding contractors working in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, can be verified on their web site.

But, of course, in lying by virtue of omission, the mainstream mannequin news readers will never see any hint of this revealing information scrolling across the network teleprompters.

Featured Image -- 7438Yes, folks, the mainstream news broadcast on your television sets is merely an adventure in Wonderland, straight down the rabbit hole filled with lies, a virtual wilderness of mirrors, where the truth is forever distorted and ultimately obscured.

This method of operation is quite familiar to those who have bothered to research.

On December, 14, 2012, when the mainstream news liars informed that an autistic video gamer, donned in Rambo gear, and armed with a virtual arsenal of military style automatic weapons, stormed Sandy Hook elementary school, murdering twenty-six children and adults. What they didn’t tell you, was that the school in question had been closed due to asbestos violations since 2006, and was being used merely as a colossal storage bin for obsolete school supplies.

There were no students, teachers, nor principles hiding under desks, shielding themselves from some mentally damaged, gun wielding mad man. There was only an empty shell of an abandoned building, conveniently set in an isolated location, perfectly available as a staging area for yet another HSLEEP drill, sold to the public as an actual, real life crisis event.

In the case of Shayrat air force base in Syria, and other locations around the Middle East termed ‘war zones’ by mainstream media liars, the military ordinance is merely used to clear the targeted sight of old and decrepit structures selected for demolition, facilitating the subsequent erection of new buildings and ancillary infrastructure.

The culmination of this massive, ongoing reconstruction campaign, will be sold to the worlds masses as WWIII, after which the veil of national security hiding the existence of a global governing order, shall be permanently pulled away.

The propaganda shoveled by the mainstream news liars is merely social conditioning to incrementally prepare the globe’s masses for the inevitable finally coming to fruition.

Of course, the international bankers will have financed the appearance of some charismatic global leader, in smoothly transitioning the masses to fully accept what will appear to be a new global order of peaceful affairs.

In truth, it will represent nothing more than what has always existed.

This idea may be too grand for most, or more accurate still, perhaps far-fetched.

But, folks, to the rational and objectively analytical mind, juvenile and perpetual barrages of mainstream news propaganda, can only hold against the truth for so long. Oh, and by the way, ear bio-metric analysis concludes that Syrian Premiere Bashar Assad, is in fact, Mark Rockefeller in disguise.

Bashar al-Assad:


Mark Rockefeller:


Believe it, folks!



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