This is how American idols are made

“In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” – Andy Warhol, while appearing in a program featuring an exhibition of his work at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden in 1968.

For many, the concept of fame is at once elusive, and yet simultaneously, insatiable and beguiling – to be loved, adored, and admired by millions of strangers – to the extent those in dogged pursuit are willing to sacrifice their priceless integrity for its treasures of material spoils.

In the post-modern age, one finds that the concept of fame has been compromised, not so much predicated on meretricious achievement, but rather, considerably more superficial and ulterior factors.

With this installment, one shall feature a demonstrative, but brief portrait, of an individual whose quixotic pursuit and rather unlikely eclipse of glorious fame, however short-lived, was no doubt manufactured for reasons other than inherent talents.  Continue reading “This is how American idols are made”



One did not have to possess the clairvoyance of a seer in order to see this coming.

In order to dodge accountability and responsibility for staging simulated terror events, the cowardly puppets in high government positions now wish to silence dissent by any means necessary. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest remarks from a televised speech on June 3, 2017, in the wake of the latest so-called ‘terror attacks’, are typical of the method of operation of puppet tyrants. To ensure compliance with globalist directives, she publicly advocates the corporate owned internet stay loaded with low level informants, trolls and shills working on behalf of criminal corporate governments bent on stamping out any opinion that doesn’t align with state derived propaganda. This tyrannical agenda has worked its way down to even the local level in each hometown and community, where even your local police, trained by private stakeholder Common Purpose, working under the auspices of Tavistock Institute in London, are involved in an ongoing program to transform your very own neighbors into informants, in order to target and marginalize those who may be perceived as non-compliant to the new order of global, political, and social affairs.

Simply put, the elite bankers and industrialists want the masses to fear them, when in truth, it is they who fear the masses.  Continue reading “MANCHESTER HOAX: NEITHER BOMBS NOR DEATH (Part IV)”