George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

It just so happens, that a prominent actor examined in a recent installment, shall now figure prominently once again. There is ample evidence to adequately demonstrate, this particular actor not only portrays an iconic music legend, but he is also the host actor behind the mask of one of Hollywood’s most revered and respected movie directors.

Don’t be so shocked though, folks.

As many loyal readers have discovered by now, the major players participating in the post-modern phenomenon of the actor based reality are concentrated among a handful of families, many of whom are also genealogically related to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Heralded as one of Hollywood’s most esteemed film directors and producers, George Lucas certainly shall not require any extensive introduction. The devil however, as it were, is always found in the details, and in the case of the sparkling resume and biography of George Lucas, numerological and symbolic markers abound.

Turns out, the father of the actor posed to the general public as Hollywood director George Lucas, was also a movie director, producer, and a former US vice president (See: The Voice of a Misled Generation). Continue reading “George Lucas and his Death Star Deception”

The Voice of a Misled Generation

This installment shall primarily concern itself with a formerly famous comedian, Hollywood movie director and his son who music critics once dubbed, “The Voice of a Generation.”

Even if one’s loyal readers and visitors finds themselves unfamiliar with the latter’s music, everyone will no doubt find the name recognizable. Though his career met with almost instant success, one’s loyal readers shall eventually discover his fortuitous but improbable rise to music industry immortality was primarily due to – (what else?) – nepotism.

As for the popular entertainer who sired this “Voice of a Generation”, his wild and unpredictable comedic performances during the 1950’s and early 60’s also led to a similarly legendary status. Later on, this legendary comedian and actor would secretly graduate to perform on another, perhaps more prestigious stage: that of national politics and while doing so, of course, performed under the cover of an especially prepared pseudonym. Continue reading “The Voice of a Misled Generation”