The Voice of a Misled Generation

This installment shall primarily concern itself with a formerly famous comedian, Hollywood movie director and his son who music critics once dubbed, “The Voice of a Generation.”

Even if one’s loyal readers and visitors finds themselves unfamiliar with the latter’s music, everyone will no doubt find the name recognizable. Though his career met with almost instant success, one’s loyal readers shall eventually discover his fortuitous but improbable rise to music industry immortality was primarily due to – (what else?) – nepotism.

As for the popular entertainer who sired this “Voice of a Generation”, his wild and unpredictable comedic performances during the 1950’s and early 60’s also led to a similarly legendary status. Later on, this legendary comedian and actor would secretly graduate to perform on another, perhaps more prestigious stage: that of national politics and while doing so, of course, performed under the cover of an especially prepared pseudonym.

Numerology is a ubiquitous component of not only celebrity biographies. But more remarkably, the identical gematria coding can be discovered in virtually everything distributed through the mainstream, corporate owned and operated media. The identical gematria coding even seems to be present in the chronological accounts of most major events recorded in historical texts. Additionally, one has yet to discover a cogently articulated argument as to how this could be explained away as mere happenstance or coincidence.

This is a practice that seems to have originated in the historical era of the Roman empire, when letters were used to represent numbers.

Of course, there are those among the public, the numberless majority, who in response and in lieu of making a plausible argument in countering the author’s assertions or to explain away this phenomenon, will simply resort to casting the usual cliched, ad hominem slings and arrows.

Unfortunately, most find such short-cuts to problem solving better, easier and more satisfying than the more complicated process of genuine, critical thought.

In the case of all of the concocted biographical narratives created to establish the image of mythical characters, there are indeed, no coincidences.

Furthermore, one has noticed there always seems to be some dramatic, or controversial element added to the biographical narrative. Perhaps, this is done to better emotionally or psychologically sear the mythical image into the general public’s collective consciousness.

Once the public is emotionally invested, so one imagines the reasoning proceeds, the public shall never summon the wherewithal to discover the truth lying just beyond the mythical veil.

This seems to be so in the case of music legend, Bob Dylan.

The key to programming any mass population with an idea is through constant repetition. If the story is repeated often enough through sources generally perceived to be authoritative, then the story will become generally accepted among the unsuspecting masses as truth.


Most may not be aware that, prior to his contractual association with Columbia records in the early 1960’s, “Bob Dylan” had performed under many different names. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman (Z=26/2 6’s/777/double M=33/MAN=# of man/666) on May 24, 1941 (6/33/6/33/6/33/=High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Duluth, Minnesota, Dylan went on to perform, prior to his speedy rocket ride to fame and fortune, under a number of varied and seemingly inauspicious stage names: Elston Gunnn, Blind Boy Grunt, Thomas Tedam Porterhouse, Lucky Wilbury, Jack Frost, and Sergei Petrov.

Perhaps, these were monikers employed in the early stages of test marketing and development of the character attributes as well the popular musical identity of Bob Dylan.

The name “Wilbury” would resurface later on in Dylan’s career, when he teamed up with other noted musicians of the classic rock era during the late 1980’s to form what came to be known as the commercially successful recording act, “The Traveling Wilburys”.

Although it may seem strange to the casual observer, the ruling elites treat their prospective projects in the music and entertainment industries much like they would with the marketing and distribution of any other industrial product slated for sale in the marketplace. When it comes to successfully marketing their products in the music and entertainment industry, nothing is left to chance in the way of artist names, song or album titles, and even album releases and concert dates. All of these aspects are usually found to be laced with occult symbols, references to occult concepts and of course, numerology.

Dylan’s biographies claim that he lived in Duluth until the age of six (6/33).

At this time, it is claimed that his father had polio when the Dylan family decided to return to his mother’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. This biographical detail will loom large later on, when the host actor identity of not only the Bob Dylan character becomes evident, but the identity of his hidden father and of his association with the widely televised Muscular Dystrophy Telethons of decades past.

It is important to note, that the ruling elites love nothing more than to mock the public by leaving such glaring clues behind. Continuing on with an examination of Dylan’s biographies, it is claimed that Dylan witnessed the last performance of the late Buddy Holly, three (3/EE=33) days before the fateful plane crash alleged to have tragically ended his life.

At Wikipedia, there exists a quote from Dylan, made during his acceptance speech for the Noble Prize in 2008 (2 8’s/mark if the Jesuit order) regarding this momentous event:

“He {Holly} looked me straight in the eye, and he transmitted something. Something I didn’t know what. And it gave me the chills.”

Of course, such awards as the Nobel Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom etc. etc., are only handed out to those genealogically related to the ruling elite families and to those who have performed valuable and useful works in the public arena promoting their master’s social and political agendas. In the last installment appearing here at Newsspell, loyal readers observed such was the case with the fabricated character of former US presidential candidate and “Climate Change” guru, Al Gore.

Considering the fabricated nature of historical events placed front and center on the world stage, Dylan’s alleged eyewitness account in relation to the last performance of “Buddy Holly” represents the sort of detail that always seems to add dramatic flavor to such fabricated historical mythologies, thus helping to further cement, in exploitation of natural human interest and a sensual fascination with mysterious intrigue, a strong emotional connection or bond to the eventful narrative within the collective perceptions of the general public.

This historically effective technique is demonstrative of the power of suggestion, often utilized by public figures placed in an authoritative position and, is particularly effective when utilized in combination with the even greater force of mental intention.

Perhaps, one should take this opportunity to explain why the ruling elites go through such a great deal of trouble in utilizing grand deceptions to create historical myths and their accompanying mythological narratives.

Primarily, such characters are created to be utilized as vehicles through which prioritized social and political agendas can be systematically promoted to the very mass audiences to which such myths and mythical characters have become emotionally, psychologically and vicariously bonded.

Secondarily, the creation of such mythical characters creates profitable commercial markets which can be further exploited into monopolistic business enterprises.

The mythical character of Bob Dylan exists as one such prime example.

The great majority of those who fall prey to the worship of such mythical idols – in choosing to live vicariously through the achievements and accomplishments of heroes and saviors in lieu of focusing their own inherent powers and energies to chart the path of their own individual destinies – become forever blinded to the fact they have been fully entrapped in the prevailing global commercial system that seeks only their blind obedience, whether physical or spiritual, as well covets the collection of their volumes of physical and mental energy in the form of tax money.

While still at Hibbing High School in Duluth and with the blessing of parents, Abraham, an electric-appliance store owner, and mother, Beatrice “Beatty” Stone, Dylan’s biographies claim that before beginning his matriculation at the University of Minnesota, also known as the Twin Cities (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), he scored two public engagements as a backup musician for popular teen idol, Bobby Vee (EE=33).

By the way, folks, take note of Dylan’s mother’s name, Beatty.

Later, that name “Beatty” shall prove to be a colossal clue regarding Dylan’s genuine father and a role he portrayed on history’s grand stage play.

Later, while at the University of Minnesota, Dylan became a sworn member of an influential fraternal order, Sigma Alpha Mu:

There are several elements of this fraternal order’s logo that are particularly noteworthy. The first of which is the axe wrapped in the bundle of sticks representing the Roman fasces along with the 2 X’s, which are symbolic of Saturn, the master of time. The letter X in numerology sums to 23 (2 3’s/33).  Also noteworthy concerning this fraternal order’s logo is the predominance of the color of purple, which is classically symbolic of royalty.

Today, Sigma Alpha Mu’s headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is also the location of one of the largest and most well-attended Masonic Grand Lodges in mid-western America. One of this fraternal order’s eight founders was David D. Levinson. As previously documented, research seems to indicate that the moniker of Levinson may serve as a genealogical and biographical feint to hide the vast financial and commercial influence of America’s most prominent family of merchant bankers, the Rockefellers.

Having secured such high-powered masonic connections at such a tender age, it is little wonder how, with no prior experience in the music industry, Dylan ended up on stage as a backing musician with one of the most established stars during those early years when rock and roll was just emerging as a commercial force in the world of popular music.

But here, once again, we are confronted with yet another glaring biographical anomaly. And even still, considering the fact Dylan had been introduced and apparently initiated into the masonic order, how is it a completely unknown musician could land such a high-profile gig with a music industry performer so widely popular, unless, such an arrangement had been further secured through the strategic exploitation of nepotism?

Indeed, in the case of the young Bob Dylan, there can be no doubt nepotism landed the future “Voice of a Generation” his first high-profile gig and furthermore, secured his recording deal with Columbia records. And, this was all made possible due to the fact, the adolescent Dylan’s father was a famous and high-profile comedian and former vaudevillian.

In addition to his slew of comedic movie roles, comedian, actor and movie producer Jerry Lewis is perhaps best remembered for his famous partnership with pop singer Dean Martin in the beloved comedy team of Martin and Lewis.

Through the course of a decades-long career however, Lewis was able to transcend his influential role in the entertainment business to become the host of the long-running annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon which raised billions in non-profit donations. Donation scams represent the oldest con game in the ruling elite’s arsenal of psychological operations.

By virtue of the fact such confidence games routinely operate under the legal status of 501 3C (777/joker code) however, this means the profits collected for the stated “cause” are never subjected to government scrutiny via probate courts nor ever subjected to an extensive audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Yes, folks, there exists no greater joy for the ruling elites than utilizing one of their most beloved figures in the entertainment industry to rob the masses, albeit legally, of their hard-earned money while posing the entire foul operation under the guise of what appears to be some philanthropic endeavor.

But Jerry didn’t get to the top of the entertainment industry without the help of nepotism either, because as it turns out, he is the hidden son of Hollywood legend, Charlie Chaplin.

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, KBE, was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to public acclaim during the silent film era of the 1920’s.

Charlie Chaplin (CC=33)/Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin:

Sydney Chaplin:

Take note of the fact Chaplin’s middle name is biographically listed as Spencer. The Spencer name has figured prominently here at Newsspell before (See: DIANA:THE MYTH MADE PEOPLE’s PRINCESS (Part III)

Could it be, given that Sir Charles was a Knight of the British Empire, that Chaplin and his Hollywood offspring are genealogically related to the British royal family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and are genealogically related to the married-in Rothschilds in disguise?


Though his birth name is officially listed as Gary Harold Lee Levitch (EE/33/EL/biblical Elohim), Gary Lewis first came into the public eye as the musical leader of Gary and the Playboys, a pop and rock ensemble made popular during the era of the mid-1960’s. Most remarkably, the show business resume and biography of Gary Lewis neatly coincides with the career arc of Bob Dylan.

After garnering public and critical acclaim for his first two albums released on the Columbia label in the early 1960’s, Dylan’s biographies inform that his career began to meet with a steady influx of controversy over his seemingly whimsical decision to abandon his formerly acoustic and organic based folk sound in lieu of the adoption of electrically amplified rock instrumentation.

Despite the growing dismay of his flocks of rabid fans and the apparent distaste of high-brow music critics, Dylan unabashedly went on to record what are now hailed as three (33) of the most influential and “important” rock albums of the 1960’s, and all within the span of just 15 months (6/33). The Playboys were emerging into public view just as the character of Bob Dylan began to retreat, most likely, historical consensus has it, due to the fact many of his fans seemed upset at Dylan’s rather inexplicable decision to play the electric guitar onstage rather than an acoustic, instrumentation which had been more traditionally accepted by folk music purists.

Like all widely publicized controversies involving the myriad number of mythical characters created by the ruling elite families, this too, was most likely concocted by those in the mainstream print and television media owned by Dylan’s genuine family (the Rothschilds) who told them what to write if they wished to keep their jobs and “journalistic integrity” intact.

Suspect too however, is Dylan’s alleged motorcycle accident of July 29, 1966 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/29=2 6’s/12/21/777).

Though Dylan would later claim the accident was serious and resulted in the breakage of several neck vertebrae, there are no surviving records indicating an ambulance was called to the scene of the accident near his home in Woodstock, New York and, neither does there seem to exist any records indicating Dylan’s subsequent hospitalization or official documentation of any medical treatment he may have received.

Bob Dylan:

Gary Lewis:

Before Jerry’s son Gary hit the pop charts at number 1 on February 20, 1965 with his first single, “This Diamond Ring”, his group was put through a phase of musical development. As the percussionist and lead vocalist of the group, Gary Lewis was given drum tutorials by none other than Jazz great Buddy Rich and since, by Lewis’s own admission, his singing voice wasn’t his strongest suit (note that the Bob Dylan character has never been noted as a stellar vocalist) the band’s producer Snuff Garret employed vocal overdubbing tricks while in the recording studio to enhance those apparent limitations.

A cursory glance at Gary Lewis’s official biography turns up not only several numerological codes, but one also noticed the entry at Wikipedia mentions Cary Grant. In a previous installment, one identified Grant’s host actor as Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg ( See: Suicide of teen spirit smells like a hoax (Part I)

Born on July 31, 1945 (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, 31/13/summit of Freemasonic pyramid/1945=64/6X4=24/2+4=6/33) Wikipedia’s biographical entry for Gary Lewis alleges that Gary’s mother intended to name him after her favorite actor, Cary Grant, but that a clerical error led to his naming as Gary.

Oh, those pesky clerical errors can sure ruin a kid’s future, can’t they?

Added to this, the entry goes on to claim that Gary was given a set of drums for his 14th birthday (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) and that at the age of 18 (666), Gary would form what would later become known as the “Playboys”.

The band’s moniker was allegedly derived from the fact the four other members of Gary’s band were always showing up late for rehearsals. It is claimed that thereafter, Gary would jokingly refer to his bandmates as playboys and, the name happened to have stuck.

Or, could it rather have been that “playboy” conveniently sums to 6 in English Ordinal gematria (6/33)?

If it all possible while listening to the Playboy’s 1965 hit single featured in the video above, “This Diamond Ring”,  attempt to isolate your auditory senses upon merely the vocal track. Does it not seem as though Lewis’s vocal track is merely Dylan’s voice layered over with multiple overdubs and even heavier layers of reverb and echo to slick it up and cover up its more organic, nasal quality?

It is no accident that Gary Lewis AKA Bob Dylan was groomed to become a star or “The Voice of a Generation.”

The offspring of the ruling elite families, particularly those identified at an early age as artistic dilettantes or those siblings that demonstrate an aptitude for artistic talent, are often sent off to the finest performing arts academies to learn and hone the skills that will later help sustain their profitable careers as corporate, show business assets.


After clicking the link for the video featured above, fast forward to the 2:56 mark.

In this clip, excerpted from a 1978 episode of the Mike Douglas show, one shall immediately notice that soon after his introduction from the host and his appearance from behind the curtain, Jerry Lewis mentions the number 9 (9=6/occult mirror reversal/33).

But, immediately following that remark, Lewis goes off into a comic riff concerning a book written by ex-US president, Richard Nixon, stating that it is missing 18 (666) pages.

Recall the clue mentioned earlier in this installment concerning Dylan’s mother’s name of “Beatty”, as in Warren Beatty AKA “Dick Nixon”?


Yes folks, these are the sort of clues the ruling elites like to blatantly leave out in the open.

The reference Lewis makes to the missing pages of text in Nixon’s book is a comic lampoon of the ex-president’s Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s and the eighteen minutes of the Watergate tapes that were allegedly discovered deleted when they were subpoenaed by the congressional, investigating committee. And folks, though the following revelation may not be at all shocking to one’s loyal readers but perhaps to those new arrivals and visitors, there is a perfect explanation as to why Jerry Lewis would happen to have intimate knowledge of exactly what was allegedly missing or not missing on Nixon’s infamous tapes.

Lewis can joke about the entire Watergate affair because, you see, not only does Lewis have intimate knowledge of the fact the Watergate scandal was a media-driven hoax, ear biometric and facial analysis prove he was, in fact, the host actor that portrayed the nation’s 39th (12/21/777/joker code) Vice President during the reign of the Nixon administration, Spiro Agnew.

Spiro Agnew:

Jerry Lewis:

By the way folks, the manufactured moniker of Spiro Agnew sums to 127 in English Ordinal gematria (12/21/777+7=28/2 8’s=88/the mark of the Jesuit order).

True to form, those ruling elites, the thirteen families still lording it over the planet while ensconced in their golden palaces in Rome, never fail to leave their mark at the scene of the crime.











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