In this installment, I shall delve into the concept of ‘predictive programming’. Predictive programming is the true purpose of concocted network  news stories, representing public psychological operations, bent on noting other than controlling public perception through emotional manipulation. The Stevie Stevens story is prime evidence of this prevailing method of operation on the part of the media sorcerers. Many, through social and public school conditioning, desperately want to believe what they see and hear on the network televised news. The psychological dependence one has built up over the course of a lifetime, to implicitly trust messages coming from those perceived to be in positions of so-called authority, is indeed, a hard habit to break. But, as the following information shall attempt to demonstrate, the devil is indeed, to be found within the details.

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In the previous installment outlining the results of investigation into the true nature of the nationally broadcast Stevie Stevens story, it was reported the man behind the character mask, playing out his role in this public charade, was identified as rapper/actor Rochmond Dunbar. Dunbar also records as a music artist, working under the alias Kendrick Lamar.

With regard to Lamar, a most curious fact has been discovered.

Approximately two years prior to the event, Lamar recorded a duet with pop star Rihanna, entitled ‘Loyalty’.

Exactly two minutes into the track, one can clearly hear a reference to ‘Kung Fu Kenny’, which breaks down into symbolic numerology, representing a masonic master builder (K, K= 11+11=22). Proceeding from that point, both artists sing the lyrics, seemingly apropos of nothing in particular: 90, 90, 90, 10-4!, or 999=666(masonic law of reversal or reflection/number of man) and 10-4=14, or 77(masonic hoax code/G centered within the masonic square and compass logo).

Though these lyrics don’t make sense within the entire context of the track, the following lyrics rapped by Kendrick put the preceding reference into clearer focus when one considers the concept of predictive programming as related to the future details to be reported in the aftermath of the Stevie Stevens homicide/suicide story:

“All we ask for is Loyalty”, meaning loyalty to the masonic oath of silence, upon pain of death, or at the very least, social embarrassment.

Kendrick, then again, proceeds in blatant reference to the future event that would take place two years later:

“I  pull up, hop out, air out, make it look sexy!”

Now, many of you, I’m certain, will dismiss this demonstrative interpretation of what may be construed as a seemingly benign pop song, to be complete rubbish.

Well, so be it. Willful blindness of the masses is what the ruling elites rely on in maintaining their hegemonic stranglehold.

However, this is key in understanding the revelation of the method; the subtle methodology utilized in maintaining subconscious control over the masses.

While one is thinking ‘Loyalty’ is perhaps a benign pop ditty one can sing along to while doing the laundry, you are meanwhile being secretly and subconsciously programmed.

One may choose to dismiss what has been described out of hand, to go ahead and kill the messenger, rather than bothering to penetrate the message. You may go on allowing the likes of Anderson Cooper to spoon feed the elites preferred version of programmed reality straight to your cerebral cortex on a nightly basis.

Go ahead, by all means, knock yourselves completely out!

Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]But, it is important to realize, the world, and especially the media, is filled with lies and liars.

However, just consider this.

Maybe for once, rather than trusting experts, or authority figures, whether in the media, law enforcement, or public office, in telling you what to think, perhaps one should instead become accustomed to trusting themselves, trusting one’s own inherent sense of intuition. Nonetheless, the clandestine details of the Stevie Stevens story shall assuredly remain hidden to most. And yet, the identity of the true perpetrators is well known, as well as their carefully coded messages.

But, only to those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Daring to delve into such sordid details, armed with penetrating insight, enables one to glimpse the very elements of a grand conspiracy, intent on enacting order out of chaos.

Yes, folks, I said it, conspiracy-dreaded word-where between the dark spaces of scorned syllables lurks a hideous monster, lying in wait, poised to devour the most carefully laid vessels of comfortable illusion.Escape to Death - 3D

In the previous installment concerning this subject, I identified the agenda behind these concocted news stories, as well as pointing out the placement of not so well disguised celebrities (Oprah, NFL star Colin Kaepernick), to agitate and induce the public into a specified emotionally invested negative reaction. Unlike most in the conspiracy community however, I took the analysis a step further, pointing out that within the scripted nature of these televised crisis events, lie encoded messages, threads woven into what appears to be a much larger, panoramic quilt.

Could it be that within every news story, every headline, one can observe connecting messages? Taking it even further, could it be these messages are the result of some quantum calculations beyond the comprehensive devising of the actors, public officials, law enforcement and politicians involved?

Could it be, future events are scripted, in order to control mankind’s perception of the past?

With one’s senses properly attuned, it may become increasingly clear mankind is being led down the yellow brick road, towards a predetermined future, away from a past both scripted and reinterpreted, to appease the dictates and timetable of a prevailing elite agenda.siren-011971937

Religious and ideological philosophies aside, could it be, there is some non-human intelligence, or at the very least, some sort of quantum computation source responsible for the creation of this agenda intent on shattering the unity of mankind’s collective soul?

While the expression of these ideas may seem outlandish, or in the parlance of common masses, ‘crazy’, the presence of palpable codes within not only the news media, but pop music, and literature, both high and low brow, admittedly fall beyond the scope of mere coincidence.

But, could it be, the kernel of this idea is purposely distorted by paid conspiracy shills in the alternative media?

Cognizant the devil is in the details, could it be, the real messages being conveyed are not within the numerology, not within the translation of numbers into letters, but within the letters themselves, in the form of cross-referencing anagrams?

Could it be this is why human history seems to repeat itself?

Well folks, you decide!


Many who happen to visit this blog may be uncomfortable with the occult concepts discussed.

But, Shakespeare was correct, the world is indeed, a stage.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

Escape to Death - 3D

The major news stories presented to the public are nothing more than staged theater, the result of media sorcerers casting spells, modern technology representing their magic wand. Believe it or not, the NFL, as America’s most popular sports entertainment, falls under this peculiar rubric. Beyond the entertainment factor and the acquisition of billions in profits, America’s game exists for a distinct social purpose. This however, may escape the notice, or consideration of the average sports fan. In previous installments of this series of blog posts, I outlined the NFL’s dubious history, its myriad connections with not only organized crime, but it’s ongoing clandestine relationship with the Las Vegas gaming industry.

Some of it’s most renowned players have become household names, some even hoisted to the level of mythological and providential status, cults of personality transcending the parameters of the game itself. Here, one shall attempt to delve into the latter concept in order to examine it’s societal significance. Out of all the thousands of world class athletes donning NFL uniforms, why are some illuminated by the limelight, while others, just as arguably talented, pass into almost total obscurity? The answers one shall attempt to provide, shall not be expected, and as usual, considered to be unconventional, and even, by most, assuredly outlandish.

It turns out, the numbers stitched on your favorite players jersey, have more than an identifying purpose. As one shall soon observe, the elites who own the media, the banks, the US government, and yes, even the NFL, script your reality by the numbers, utilizing numerology codes.

Be that as it may, one must recognize the very man credited as the founding father of professional football, Alonzo Stagg, was himself a high degree mason. Professional football as a mass spectator sport, ostensibly represents not just a popular entertainment vehicle, but a well defined social purpose, in providing heroes to be held up as models of accepted social behavior, and in addition, a segregating microcosm of tribal warfare. The latter concept is part and parcel of how the elites maintain their hegemony over a divided, distracted, and ultimately conquered mass populace.

In previous posts, I discussed the economic structure of the NFL business model, of how the NFL’s 32 franchises, due to revenue sharing and collective bargaining, are not individual businesses, but represent a collective and monolithic entity. Player contracts explicitly stipulate the terms and conditions are not guaranteed. Therefore, no matter the stature in terms of fan popularity, these men are essentially performing slaves of their ownership masters, albeit well paid slaves.

Whether Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, all must adhere to the strict terms and conditions stipulated in their contracts, or risk the unceremonious end to their lucrative careers. In essence, rebellion risks forfeiting material wealth, applause, and worshipful mass acclaim.

Human nature being what it is, odds are that most, if not all, choose to toe the line set forth by the owners, most of whom are high degree masons, powerful men dialed in with even more powerful political connections. The players are merely their puppets, business assets managed as a side amusement, much like the impresario’s lording over the gladiator’s during the era of ancient Rome.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


This topic is bound to be controversial. And yet, one must set aside inherent emotionalism, and observe anew with both eyes and mind wide open. All owners of NFL franchises, belong to high degree masonic orders, attend the same lodges, hob nob at the same exclusive country clubs and restaurants, and can be found traveling in the same glittering social circles along with politicians, television executives, and high level government officials. Politics and professional sports, specifically the NFL, have always shared mutual self-interests, making for the best of conspiratorial bedfellows. So it is with the case of Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots star tight end, indicted, and summarily convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. However, it is unlikely Hernandez ever spent one day in any state penitentiary.

Why, you may ask? Because, like the O. J. Simpson media circus, this was a staged media hoax, of the tabloid sort the media sorcerers can always rely in garnering maximum advertising revenue and to generate political distraction, with a dash of prurient interest thrown in for good measure. In a perverse fashion, stories such as this also serve as a marketing vehicle for the NFL, in that sports talk radio becomes deluged with clueless sports fans yammering over whatever nonsense talking points happen to be thrown out by the talk hosts, brain dead ex-jock ESPN analysts, and their respective media television executives. Rest assured, so long as millions have attentions centered on the juiciest and sexiest details of some concocted tale involving one suicidal NFL gladiator, no attention whatsoever will be paid to the clandestine shenanigans of the ruling elites and their sock puppet politicians. One must realize, professional sports is merely scripted theater, but one element of the profitable enterprise of global freemasonry. siren-011971937


One may be familiar with the concept heralded by the media known as the ’27 club’. This description has normally been applied to dead pop stars such as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and most recently, Curt Cobain and British pop warbler Amy Winehouse. The number 27 is masonic code for double seven, or the ‘G’ set in the middle of the masonic square and compass. In the case of 27 year old Aaron Hernandez, we have the double 7 in combination with the manner of his reported suicide, which was death by hanging, or the masonic hang man, which also represents the number 7, equaling triple 7, or 777= ‘black jack’. The death by hanging is a reference to a story of masonic lore going back to early nineteenth century Europe. In Spain, during the inquisition, Ferdinand VII rounded up and executed several accepted and free masons, one of whom, Riego, the Hampden of Spain, was jeered by the royal hangman before he was fatally strangled: “I got you, you Freemason, you shall pay for all you have done!”

That’s right folks, the elite high degree masons in control of your scripted media reality are letting you know you’ve been hoaxed again! In addition, we have the number stitched on Hernandez New England Patriot’s jersey, 81, the reverse of which is 18 (masonic law of reversal or reflection) = 666, or the biblical number of man. Six added to seven and we get 13, which represents the capstone attached to the masonic pyramid pictured on your one dollar bill. One of the most renowned of all Freemasons, responsible for the composition of several noted Freemason texts, Manly Hall, said this about the masonic use of numerology (specifically 11/7/or 777):  “The creation myths of the world are ‘acroamatic cryptograms’, and the deities of the various pantheons are only cryptic characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a divine alphabet and number system.”

In other words, our scripted reality is a geometric construct, based upon the divine alphabet, or PI, the system of mathematics used to build the great pyramid at Giza.

The masons who own and operate the NFL are all about making myths, myths which they hope you will wholeheartedly believe. But, folks, don’t waste your time believing them for one moment!



If you’ve been following this blog lately, one may get the sense all things connect.

News stories proffered by the media sorcerers, are not only coded with masonic numerology and iconography, but represent a metaphysical quilt woven within the human mass subconscious.

The purpose of the media goes well beyond concepts of entertainment, distraction, and a source of advertising revenue.

The masses are being programmed, mass perceptions and behaviors conditioned towards an agenda, the ultimate significance of which, may seem inscrutable to prevailing pale reason.

Every news story in your local periodical, televised news cast, magazine, including popular music broadcast on the radio airwaves, or even stories told from the pages of popular supermarket paperback publications, each represent a minute stitch, one lone thread, when examined closely, reveal a collective and vast panorama.

escape-to-death_banner1071DIVIDE AND CONQUER

As a paramount method of ultimate control, the elites have always sought to divide the masses along social, economic, class, and in the case of the engineered news story of random homicide involving the fictional character Stevie Stevens, racial lines.

The agenda on display is this: to divide America by publicizing the possible violent confrontations of a contrived scenario between alternative right wing Trump supporters and the phony CIA sponsored Black Lives Matter. This, I believe, was also behind the impetus for the psychological operation performed here, in my hometown, three years ago, with the Colleen Ritzer hoax, the young teacher allegedly murdered by a young African-American student (see The terrorists are here at home parts I-III).

What is so significant about this particular story, it is unusually loaded, with not only numerology codes, but deeply symbolic gestures. Though such details may entirely escape recognition in the public’s conscious mind, the message nonetheless burrows deep in the subconscious, awaiting the right trigger to bring the desired programmed emotional response forward. In this way, the elites are able to transform human consciousness and social behavior patterns.

In other words, the public is being trained like Pavlov’s drooling dogs.

Most alternative media ‘truthers’ will only point out the superficial nature of the numerology inherent in these stories, pointing out only the translations of letters into numbers. But, here, we shall take the concept much further, and dare to point out the esoteric messages subconsciously purveyed. This encoding, represents musical stanzas, measures of notes, movements in a grand symphony composed long ago, and is still being written today, the composers of which, may be non-human entities. Due to the nature of recognizable numerology codes, it is possible to speculate, all major hoax events, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, 9/11, etc, etc, are in fact linked.

If one pays close attention to the details of the initial CNN reports concerning Stevie Stevens, the typical numerology codes become readily visible.

Since this has been well covered before in other posts, one will not belabor that aspect here.

There are, however, deeper components of this story of greater, and more intriguing interest.

Warning: You may find the following revelations stunning!

On the replay of Steven’s phone conversation, immediately proceeding the murder of seventy-four-year old Robert Godwin, he claims to have disgraced ‘Zeta Omega’.


This is a direct reference to a chapter of an international, masonic based fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, established on the campus of Howard University on November, 23, 1911, by Amos Love, James Cooper, and Frank Coleman. All were high degree masons, members of the order of the mystic shrine, or Shriner’s. Howard University has, since its inception, been a hot bed for CIA and intelligence activities, and is also linked to the phony intelligence created controlled opposition group Black Lives Matter. The date of the organization’s inception is coded: 23, or two three’s=33 (highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

Rockmond Dunbar

All participants in these televised hoaxes are actors. In this particular case, the media sorcerers used an actor with a verifiable, professional resume.

Stevie Stevens has been identified as actor/rapper Rockmond Dunbar. Dunbar has starred in, and produced, such films as Soul Food (2000), Prison Break and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (both released in 2005). One will discover when investigating Dunbar’s resume, the 8X10 still photographs appear older than the Stevie Stevens character (committed suicide at 37, or three 7’s=black jack, you’ve been hoaxed!). This is the key method of deception used in these televised hoaxes broadcast by mainstream media; backdated photos of older people to produce the fictional character simulations.

The footage of the murder broadcast by CNN is actually a composite mixture of CGI and outtakes from one of the movies listed on Dunbar’s resume, Prison Break.

Dunbar has most recently been recording as rapper Chris LeDay.

One shall recall, LeDay appeared in an interview subsequent to the event with known media sorceress Amy Goodman, claiming he had received the video of Godwin’s murder, deciding to upload it online, in the hopes that it would ‘go viral’.

Another interesting tidbit is when Stevens makes mention of Jim Jones, who coincidentally enough, is a fellow rapper signed to the same label as his alter ego, Chris LeDay.

Oh, what a web of deception has been weaved here, folks!

But, wait, the rabbit hole, as they say, goes far deeper.

handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858Featured Image -- 5549

Colin Kaepernick and Oprah Winfrey

Also subsequent to the Godwin murder, an interview took place with three of Stevens ‘former neighbors’, conducted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. One is certain, whenever Cooper is involved, there are plenty of lies and deception on display.

In this case, we have more actors involved in the contrived hoax of Stevie Stevens. Turns out, two of these, though disguised, are famous, and, unlike Chris LeDay, possess household names.

Escape to Death - 3DHelped by a friend, expert with various types of computer software wishing to remain publicly anonymous, the still screen shots of this interview have come up with some stunning revelations.

Ear bio-metrics, facial recognition, and video voice print analysis, have revealed two of Stevens three ‘neighbors’ participating in the CNN interview, to be none other than daytime television superstar Oprah Winfrey, accompanied by NFL San Francisco 49er’s star QB Colin Kaepernick.

Take a deep breath after reading that piece of information.

Most of you will no doubt dismiss such seemingly outlandish information out of hand. But, it is clear, the elites and their media sorcerers, have chosen to use celebrity African-Americans, in order to sow the demise of America along racial lines.

The irony here, is so thick, one couldn’t cut it with a sharp saber.

Believe it, folks!



Well, guess what folks? It’s official. America has become a police state. No doubt, due to the nature of the subject matter detailed in the last two installments concerning the story of ‘Colleen Ritzer’, I have officially become a target of the local police.

This isn’t idle paranoia.

They, have decided to employ gang staking tactics. Since then, I have been receiving weird phone calls, and have been confronted by strange people attempting to follow me wherever I went. Today, there was even a piece of amusing street theater performed by the Hamilton-Wenham police, and a cast of bad actors, right near my residence. This amusing incident, I shall choose to detail in a later post.

In addition, just the other night, two consecutive police cruisers rolled by my residence and gas lighted my house, shining lights straight through my bay window. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘gas lighting’, it is a counter-intelligence tactic, developed by the German secret police unit STASI, utilized to psychologically weaken a chosen target. That’s right folks, these pusillanimous cowards, needing a gun on their hip to compensate for acute penile dysfunction, are running scared.

I shall give them credit for one thing though, they do indeed possess just enough brain matter, to deduce my pen is much mightier than any loaded service revolver strapped around flabby wastes overstuffed with doughnuts.

Regular visitors here, shall recall, I talked about the Colleen Ritzer hoax in the last two installments. I began to detail, how one Homeland Security drill, performed locally, right here in my hometown, was sold to the public by the Salem Evening News, as the brutal murder of a young high school teacher, at the alleged hands of a freshman student by the name of Jim Chism.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

However, the only brutality involved, wasn’t on the part of any knife wielding student suffering from psychotic delusions. Rather, the brutality was committed by school administrators, local police, and public officials, upon both an unsuspecting community, and a high school filled with needlessly traumatized students.

And why?

Well, for the money, of course. It is always about material gratification, folks!

Featured Image -- 5549

escape-to-death_banner1071My research has revealed not only was the event a hoax, but the subsequent trial as well. That’s right folks, ‘show trials’ are routinely performed, right here in America, of the kind documented taking place in old Soviet Russia, back during the mythical days of America’s cold war. Both the victim, and the assailant, were photo shopped simulations, using back dated pictures of a Beverly YMCA employee Cindy Stone, and the former Essex county sheriff, who by the way, along with the Danvers fire and police chiefs, and town manager Wayne Marquise, soon stepped down from their posts, subsequent to the event. Of course, this simultaneous anomaly, was ‘reported’ by the Salem News as purely a matter of coincidence. But, everyone involved in this operation, played the folks in the community for fools. Unfortunately for them, I have never been one of those.

This may be idle speculation, but one or more of these pubic figures may have been compromised, or promised a significant augmentation to their retirement pension, if and when they agreed to early retirement. Perhaps, there is even a glimmer of a chance, something may have pricked their consciences.

Personally, I doubt it.

Doubtless, there was very little left of their souls, before they chose to go along in this public charade. The allure of multi’-millions from Homeland Security, stuffed into the town’s coffers, must have represented too much of a temptation to bear. Like the Godfather and Luca Brasi characters starring in Martin Scorsese’s classic cinematic production, forcing the band leader in agreeing to the contract for singer Johnny Fontane, the Danvers public officials in question, were presented with ‘an offer they couldn’t refuse’.

There is much more to reveal here about this event, the shocking details of which, happen to be too numerous to detail in this installment alone.

Featured Image -- 7438Playing devil’s advocate, I can understand the consternation of those public officials and law enforcement involved in this demonstration of blatant corruption and gross malfeasance, and why they would want it to remain covert, at all costs.

However, the only way to expose cockroaches, is to lift up the rock they are hiding under, and proceed to shine a light, then watch them scurry away like the disgustingly ugly creatures they are.


As detailed previously, I did some digging into the participants of this Homeland Security drill. A fake murder sold to the local community as the real thing.

Think it is impossible? Think again.

Seems this Cindy Stone, a former Director of the Greater Beverly YMCA children’s ‘enrichment center’, (a euphemism for day care center) had a relative working at the local Danvers high school. How about that, folks, someone in charge of the welfare of children, involved in a psychological operation, resulting in the emotional trauma of over five-hundred adolescents, not to mention an entire community. Of course, any record of her relative having been employed by the school has been meticulously scrubbed by administrators. Would you trust this woman with the welfare of your children? Digging further, I discovered several more curious facts concerning this Cindy Stone, and the Greater Beverly YMCA ‘enrichment center’. I decided to look into what some former employees had to say about their work experiences online. There are websites like, and even Craigslist, where posted comments of former employees can easily be found.

One was soon able to discover the following litany of complaints: Apparently, per former employees, and some disgruntled parents, who had enrolled their children at this ‘enrichment center’, secret files are meticulously documented concerning those outspoken few, happening to question prevailing YMCA policies. Some parents of children, formerly enrolled at Greater Beverly YMCA, found that administrators would clandestinely file false and slanderous reports about their perceived parental shortcomings with Massachusetts social services, if and whenever they complained about possible YMCA staff abuses and incompetence. Imagine that, folks, a heralded organization such as YMCA, keeping secret files, on both employees and parents of children enrolled at their day care facilities?

Hard to believe, America is still considered the home of the free, and the brave, right?

Of course, subsequent to the Colleen Ritzer event, it was reported ‘pink’ had been the deceased’s favorite color. Lo, and behold, weeks after the event, YMCA organized a ‘code pink’ cancer donation drive event, giving away ‘Step up for Colleen’ T-shirts in exchange for hefty donations.

Got to love the devious method of operation on the part of everyone involved here:

1.) Hoax a murder.  2.) Use the local Salem News and national media to pull everyone’s heart strings. 3.) Summarily pick the public’s wallets clean for a donation scam.

The public may be unaware; all of YMCA’s facilities are subsidized with both federal and state tax dollars. That’s right folks, while the public already pays for the building, maintenance, and expansion of YMCA facilities, these money grubbing scoundrels disguised as civic Samaritans, can legally and shamelessly double dip with public donation solicitations.

Such a deal!

Obviously, one can conclude, this event, in coordination with the HSLEEP drill at Danvers High school, had been planned well in advance.

One can also be certain, both the local and state police, have hacked my internet connection, and after having read this, plan to unleash more harassment and gang stalking tactics, in preventing me from revealing any more pertinent facts.

If only they had read Shakespeare’s Hamlet; they have been hoist with their own petard!

Diana: The Myth Made People’s Princess (Part II)

Diana: The Myth Made People’s Princess (Part II)

Hidden well within London’s historic environs, one of Europe’s most renowned cities, unknown to most, sits the epicenter of global financial power, known as the Crown Temple; a city within a city. One wonders, amidst the daily bustle of London, how many commuters, shuffling towards the crowded subways, those caught in the tumultuous jams of honking motorcars, ever contemplate the true significance of this hallowed one square mile, garrisoned by iron gates and ivy decorated red brick stone walls.

In truth, many remain oblivious to the ancient voices still whispering mysterious secrets from ages past, stirring on the winds blown into the city from the stormy English Channel, of  history’s specters haunting hallowed streets obscured by thick cloaks of London fog. Curious, how such imposing marble and brick facades, etched with esoterically symbolic carvings, banners, and insignia’s, could escape even cursory speculation for so long.

But, the elites ruling over us, often hide their darkest secrets in plain sight, perhaps, on the one hand, to beguile, and on the other, to mock those lacking the ears to hear, and the eyes to truly see.

To truly understand the stunning revelations soon to be presented in the final installment of this series of blog posts concerning the mythical figure of Princess Diana, that angelic monarch sold to the world as the ‘people’s princess’, more historical ground work must first be laid. In order to understand the true history of Britain’s current royal family bestowed the throne, one must delve into a revealing thumbnail history of another prominent family, that of the Rothschild’s, perhaps the most influential merchant bankers in not only all of Europe, but perhaps the entire world. In the prior installment, it was established that the Rothschild’s had intermarried with the royal family Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Now, it can be revealed that the family now inhabiting Buckingham palace are pretenders, or more accurately described as proxies. Before the beginning of the 18th century, the Rothschild’s consolidated control over the hallowed bloodlines slated to inherit the right to guard the Stone of Scone, that sacred artifact over which all British monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066 have been anointed.


The current family inhabiting the royal throne of Britain is merely acclaimed by the BBC to be legitimate. However, it is well known, although not widely publicized, that since at least 1812, the Rothschild banking dynasty has controlled the royal bloodline of Britain, and that the family known as Saxe-Coburg-Gotha has never been legitimately crowned. In the years of 1812-1815, the Rothschild’s gained control over the royal bloodline’s by effectively bankrupting them through commodity banking bursts. This meant that the Rothschild’s effectively controlled the breeding rights over the royal bloodlines. Every monarch since this pivotal historical event, has essentially been a pretender, not a legitimate monarch, but merely a proxy, working on behalf of the Rothschild dynastic banking interests.

The years 1812-1815 represented an historic transformation in the field of global finance, when it became evident the predominance of the Rothschild’s had arrived. With the creation of wars and rumors of wars, this preeminent family had elevated economic skulduggery to the level of pure art form. To families such as the Rothschild’s, war is the engine that propels forward the issue of interest bearing bonds to both governments and monarchs alike. Perhaps, for this reason alone, the battle of Waterloo proved to be a watershed event for monopolized control over Europe’s financial future, and in many ways laid the groundwork for the establishment and eventual emergence of the European Union. Although historian’s rarely, if at all, attempt to link the two events, the war of 1812 in America, and the meeting of Napoleon’s forces with those of the British Lord Wellington at Waterloo, an historic battlefield located in what is now known as Belgium, are inextricably linked. It was no accident, the end of Napoleon’s exile happened to coincide with the attack by British forces on the newly erected American capital of Washington. This conflict signaled, with the help of Rothschild agent Alexander Hamilton, the construction of  a central banking concern in the former British colonies. Creating order out of chaos has proven to be an integral element in the formation of the Rothschild family mythology. How is it, one may inquire, the Rothschild’s were able to pull off this monumental coup?  By this time in Europe’s history the Rothschild dynasty, through the issue of heavy personal loans, had most of the aristocracy in their back pocket. In essence, by the beginning of the 19th century, most of Europe’s prominent aristocracy, including such heralded historical figures as Prince Metternich and the royal house of Hesse, if not all of the royal families of Europe, were financially indebted to Rothschild banking establishments.

Given these propitious conditions, it was a relatively simple matter for Nathan Rothschild, then the family patriarch, to pull off a ruse of monumental proportions on that hot summer day on the bloody and gun powder fogged battlefield of Waterloo. Nathan dispatched a sophisticated courier system, extending from the battlefield to the French shores just a short sailing distance from London’s stock exchange. Ahead of all other couriers bringing up to date news of the battle’s progress, Nathan’s courier arrived first, heralding news that Wellington had in fact been defeated by Napoleon’s forces. The stock exchanged panicked, thinking now that Napoleon was once more loose on the European continent to commit unabated mayhem, their financial interests were in dire peril. Thoroughly duped and dismayed, the brokers looked on with glum expressions as the bond market plummeted, at which time Nathan cleverly stepped in and bought them up at bargain prices, ensuring his family’s perpetual hegemony over the London stock market. Heinrich Heine, a well known patron of the house of Rothschild, was thereafter often quoted remarking, “money is the god of our time, and the Rothschild’s are it’s greatest profits.” In addition to industrial, mining, oil, as well as gold and silver interests, the Rothschild multi-national empire was one of the first to recognize the growing need for rail travel, not only on the European continent, but across the ocean in America. To ensure Rothschild owned rail expansion in America proceeded unmolested, Nathan, the family patriarch, would hire agents to disrupt the successful efforts of competition. Rothschild agents were routinely hired to commit mayhem and outright acts of terrorism, robbing or hijacking those trains owned and operated by Rothschild competitors, and destroying newly laid tracks with dynamite. Some of these Rothschild agents are well known to American historical mythology as Jesse James and Billy the kid, proving that in the eyes of those who write the history books, terrorists can easily be transformed into mythological heroes. Such panegyrics could only be created by those controlling the printed word, and the Rothschild dynasty observed this was a central instrument in influencing financial and political perceptions, but perhaps just as importantly, public opinion. Indeed, the Rothschild’s widespread ownership of the press, not only in Europe but in America, only gained a stronger foothold as the nineteenth century progressed, a grand influence that hasn’t been challenged to the present day. It is with this instrument, held firmly within the ownership grasp of the Rothschild dynasty, that the proletarian occupation of journalism became the grand art of professional sorcery.

As one shall observe in the next installment, this is the very same magic skillfully utilized to create out of whole cloth the mythology of the people’s princess, Diana!

STAY TUNED FOR PART III, coming very soon!




One of the primary functions of the media sorcerers is to sell you myths. They are constantly satisfied  to sell you on the idea of the need for government security, and further still, selling the concept of representative democracy. It is important to remember too, that the idea of achieving the so-called “American Dream” is itself an illusion. This is created precisely to keep you focused on material acquisition, to keep you believing in the absurd notion that one can “succeed” and come out a winner when the game is hopelessly rigged. And yet, this is the false notion that keeps the debt based economic house of cards from falling right before our very eyes.

From time immemorial, humans have been tricked into believing in the notion they have to be “governed,” that they are not discerning enough, or intelligent enough to manage their own affairs, economic or social, that we must be subject to the whim and caprices of a ruling class filled with psychopathic control freaks, intent on controlling every minute aspect of one’s life while here on earth.

Tens of millions and more, despite evidence to the contrary, continue to believe if they vote for the right candidate, things just might transform somehow in their favor, that somehow they might acquire prospects for a better job, that their mundane lives might somehow become magically transformed. But why work for someone else and be defined by artificial parameters, when if only the masses would start believing in themselves, rather than looking to gods, gurus, or politicians to solve problems, it is only then the world could have a chance at true spiritual transformation.

Indeed, the revolution will not be televised, the transformation of society is not in the form of “electing” yet another puppet of the crown temple bankers, but rather exists in the process of internal introspection. And yet, many continue to keep expecting the voting process and the selected candidates to somehow deliver on hollow democratic promises.


The truth of the matter, for over 200 years or more, this country and other countries have existed as corporations, owned and operated by Crown Temple bankers based in the city of London. The so-called political process viewed on television is pure theatrics, yet another magical spell engineered to bolster the appearance of free and democratic choice.

In truth, politics isn’t free, and you have no choice in the matter! You are only granted the privilege of electing that which the ruling banking cabal has already selected. Whether democrat or republican, the game is rigged, and no matter which you choose, they win and you lose. Once again, mass perceptions and human consciousness have been manipulated in the name of profits, the very essence of the media sorcerers magic spells. While the media sorcerers have the masses arguing and divided as to whether or not Hillary Clinton is evil or Donald Trump is a racist buffoon, the real issue goes unaddressed.

That is, no one bothers to ask if any of this is real or not. It isn’t, for it is merely another scripted movie, starring characters, actors and actresses placed into roles, mythical heroes and loathsome villains. Since the bankers have owned and operated the US corporation for over two centuries, the politicians represent mere salesman proffering a predetermined agenda not to the masses advantage or benefit, laws and policies merely instruments enacted to derive massive profits from tax farmed human resources.


And just who are these bankers of the elite Crown Temple, you may wonder?  They are the owners and operators of the US corporation. By virtue of the fact you were given a fictional name and a social security identity, you are in fact an employee of that corporation, subject to the terms and conditions set down by the Crown Temple. Forget what you’ve heard about global governance arriving some time in the future, for it was long established by the time of this country’s founding. It is only that you have been conditioned by public schooling into believing in the concept of individual nations.

In truth, the masses have been conditioned since the dawn of the 20th century to incrementally accept the idea of global governance as it eventually emerges from behind the veil of “national security.” The Crown Temple, centered within the one square mile of the city of London proper, is at the hub of the globes economic and legal structures, and controls the Federal Reserve system in America, as well as having dominion over the International Bank of Settlements, and IMF. Well, you say, doesn’t the President get to appoint whom he wants to the post of Federal Reserve chairman? Yes, but it is only a mere formality, the choice having been made by the Crown Temple board of directors.

The Crown Temple is divided into four branches; the inner and middle temple, and Grey’s and Lincoln Court. All attorneys called to the bar, both in America and Britain, are sworn to take an oath to the Crown Temple, whether they realize it or not. Both the royal family of Great Britain and Parliament are subject to their edicts. Many think the Queen is merely a figurehead, but this is not quite so. In addition to vast wealth and land holdings, she has power over Parliament itself, through a secret society known as the “Order of the Garter.” Both the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, are merely internal memos of terms and conditions settled between Esquires, or attorneys, subject to the Crown Temple. All presidential candidates are chosen well in advance by members of the Crown Temple, which is connected to the Vatican, or more specifically, the Jesuit order, which secretly controls the selection of each new pope.

In essence, the real architecture of government is not with the public officials you think you’ve ‘elected’, but lies within three city states; The Vatican in Rome, The Crown Temple in London, and finally Washington D.C., which in truth serves as the enforcing military arm of this three pronged trident.


First off, our presidential elections are tantamount to ‘American Idol.” That is, they are merely spectacles put on by the ruling elite to distract the masses away from where the real architecture of governance lies. Have you never wondered why the polling numbers seem to swing wildly day to day, even hour to hour? Well, that is because they are manipulated or outright fabricated. As has been well documented, the media sorcerers so-called exit polls reported the night of the November elections are pure bunk, mere extrapolations taken from small samplings of data in turn taken from an even tinier subset of demographically derived numbers.The effects of this are purely psychological, in that tweaking public perception concerning one candidates poll numbers will make them seem more popular than they are in reality. But then again, the entire process is as far removed from reality as Alice and Wonderland!

What if it were revealed Hillary Clinton isn’t real, that she is in fact, a character played by a host actress whose true identity is well disguised by well crafted digital illusion. In fact, once one recognizes the illusion of the media sorcerers and the creative methods utilized, it is readily observable several actors and actresses may easily slip into one or more public roles without slightest detection. In the case of Hilary Clinton, one can readily observe the same actress cast in the role of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Whenever one views the news sorcerers performing on television, what is being witnessed is a broadcast news production shot exclusively on broadcast pixel cameras. In essence, computer generated models are routinely altered utilizing three dimensional modeling solutions. From a technical standpoint, this is entirely different from a real broadcast production, which is normally shot utilizing a silver pixel frame to frame base. From time to time however, if scrutinized closely, one can witness computer generated glitches in these broadcast productions, both in voice synthesis to hide the host actors identity, and in the visual frame to frame composite, which is primarily performed in post production. In order to hide these glaring glitches, disinformation agents in the growing alternative media, owned by the same elite families, are employed to lead the public away from the truth of the media sorcerers deep deceptions. They would have one believe that what you’re looking at when it comes to these glitches is some sort of supernatural transformation, of humans degenerating into reptilian form. Which of course, is utter nonsense!


How is it this illusion is maintained you might ask? Once again, the media sorcerers have a full satchel of magical tools on hand; three-dimensional computer generated images, voice synthesis, and an array of sophisticated video morphing and editing software, to name just a few. All or some of these tools were applied to create the illusion of 911, which was nothing more than an altered broadcast featuring the controlled demolition of some New York buildings and the Pentagon, sold to the public as some ridiculously conceived international terror plot, engineered by some mythical bogeyman holed up in an Afghan cave. The illusion is not just relegated to television wizardry. When the so-called candidates appear “live,” their true identities are further concealed by Hollywood makeup artists and artificially applied disguises. Conditioned and blinded by Madison Avenue image marketing, the hypnotic trance of the public is maintained and assured, and none are the wiser, until now!

Ever since the advent of photography in the 19th century, the media sorcerers have manipulated history and mass perception at will, creating myths and selling pure fiction as unadulterated fact. The business of selling lies has been profitable in maintaining the hegemony of the privileged few over the clueless and pacified many.

Television is the land of Oz, the manipulation of computer generated block matrices and sub-matrices, a virtual Strawberry Fields of make-believe created through geometric and vector color distributions, where truly nothing is real. Induced into an alpha state, over time one is transformed to a zombie-like automaton, less likely to question the edicts of those that rule over them from the shadows. Even with limited viewing, one is subjecting themselves to psychic and spiritual torture, becoming weak and ultimately vulnerable to the spells of the media sorcerers.

But a population of mindless consumers is collectively much easier to control than one that is truly well informed and well educated to the gross manipulations shaping their lives. But that is a scenario the media sorcerers and their crown temple banking masters fear the most. And so the psychological manipulation and traumatizing mind control matrix stays intact.

It becomes necessary to realize true freedom and genuine independence can never be realized until this illusion is unmasked. Ask yourself if continuing to participate in presidential elections, or any elections for that matter, has yielded anything truly beneficial or induced real and meaningful change? Have you never wondered why every twenty years the crown temple bankers create financial crisis as an excuse to commit massive corporate embezzlement?

As for Donald Trump, he too is nothing more than a host actor deceptively hidden behind computer generated wizardry. The public at large meanwhile, is brainwashed by media sorcerers into believing this is a legitimate political contest, when in fact it is nothing more than vacuous ritual, the outcome scripted and predetermined. Everything you experience through the medium of television is fake, including not just politics, but sporting events as well, the sell-out and soulless participants burgeoned to mythical proportions by the media sorcerers. Bedazzled by such digital wizardry, the public invests both its emotional and financial energy, energy that is then used against public interest to weaken, and perpetually divide between republican and democrat, warring tribes who if united and more importantly awakened, could easily smash the spells of the media sorcerers.


When finished scoffing at any of the aforementioned information, please feel free to investigate for yourself, and remember to maintain an objective, dispassionate, and above all, open mind. Once the spell of the media sorcerers wears off, you too will readily see the blinders melt away, until all that remains, is the truth!