Tale of “Reality Winner” is a big loser

Is there anyone among one’s loyal readers who, like the author, would definitively agree the corporate mainstream news has, utilizing familiar industry jargon, officially “jumped the shark”?

Well, with this latest fabricated tale of leaked documents and Russian spies interfering to manipulate a recent American presidential “election”, that may indeed be an accurate depiction as to what has exactly occurred.

Never, has one observed a mainstream news story more transparently fabricated, more ruthlessly manipulative than the story of convicted Air Force enlistee “Reality Winner”, allegedly sentenced and subsequently incarcerated for leaking documents concerning the alleged electronic manipulation of the most recent American presidential election – by alleged Russian agents, if you please.

This story is demonstrative of what is tantamount to a backlash from the masonic morons in the mainstream media towards those, who like the author and his loyal readers, have dared to pierce the thin veil of their petty witchcraft and CGI-based carnival of illusions.

Allow the author to point out, that if you believe a single shred of this story folks, then one would like to offer for sale some prime swampland in the Florida Everglades thrown in with a bridge located in Brooklyn as a bonus. And, what of the alleged name of the incarcerated for this dredged-up crime – Reality Winner? Really folks, just how insatiably gullible do the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families and their masonic handmaidens possessing the chutzpah to call themselves journalists believe the general public to be?

Well, the author graciously invites one to kindly read on and find out!

Through meticulous research and examination of news stories presented to the general public by the corporately owned mainstream media, both the author, one’s loyal readers and regular visitors have learned that indeed, the actor based reality is a genuine phenomenon. The story of “Reality Winner” (how that very name transparently implies a mocking sneer as well reeks of rancid irony) and the leaking of government documents shall stand as a prime case in point. The story of Miss Winner seems all too heavily derivative, a tired retread of the Pentagon Papers and Christopher Boyce double agent spy scandals of the early 1970’s, and of the most recent CIA created Wikileaks scandal involving the CIA created character of Edward Snowden. In other words folks, the mainstream media sorcerers are repeatedly running the identical psychological operation with different characters like some long-running television mini-series, carrying with it the inherent message to the masses at large that resistance to the hegemonic governance of the US corporation is an exercise in futility.

Be that as it may, this fact should never be misconstrued: repetition is the hallmark of psychological operations and the mainstream media’s attempts at mass perception management. Though the names, characters and the elaborate scenery may alter over time, the staged and bogus nature of this sort of whistleblowing story does not. And most certainly, this latest story of whistleblower Miss Winner merely represents the sort of identical nonsense created and controlled by the upper grade, Jesuit and masonic agents inhabiting the shadowy cubicles and basement sub-departments at Langley, Virginia.

No doubt, there are those CIA Mockingbird style operatives who even now, are literally emptying their bladders in riotous laughter while ensconced in the privacy of their executive washrooms, amused at the successfully credulous manner with which the targeted masses time and again except this nonsensical Pablum, at how they remain content to buy such badly conceived dreck wholesale then proceed to ravenously consume it. Nevertheless, and once again folks, the star of this show, Miss Winner herself, has been found to be a badly designed character portrayed by a host actor who, at least through the inquisitive eyes of the author, appeared to be immediately and shockingly all too familiar.

Perhaps, the agents housed at CIA probably figure both the maximum memory and intellectual capacity of the average American – at least these days – resembles that of a fruit fly. However, perhaps they didn’t count on the loyal readers of Newsspell who, are readily able to detect the fraudulent nature of their ill-conceived theatrical shlock.

Well, the author now enjoins with you in calling their bluff.

What one reads next may appear to be an unnecessary digression. Forgive the author, but the relevance shall soon be observed.


The Olympic games are counted upon to be a ratings bonanza for not only the corporate networks, but to also represent a profitable boon to the corporate sponsors who buy advertising blocks to be aired during the broadcast, and with a major controversy generated during one of its more memorable incarnations, 1994’s Lillehammer Winter Olympics proved to be no exception. There can be no doubt that, like everything else one observes reported by mainstream corporate news, the controversy the media drummed up almost twenty-five years ago between two favored contestants competing for the gold medal in the final round of 1994’s (2 3’s/33) Winter Olympics’ figure skating competition – the pristine “good girl” Nancy Kerrigan from middle-class, suburban Massachusetts versus the “bad girl” Tonya Harding hailing from the seedy trailer parks of Portland, Oregon – in the final analysis represented yet another televised theatrical display deliberately designed to generate profits, ad revenues, and television ratings.

When one looks back at the network footage from this confrontational and controversial event it indeed appears, comparable to the latter day scenario involving Miss Reality Winner, to have been spectacularly but ridiculously staged. For those who may not recall the incident, or may not even have been alive when it happened, one shall be forgiving and graciously provide a brief recap. Or, if one is so inclined, just watch the following video:

Apparently, the alleged victim and Tonya Harding’s chief rival for the figure skating gold medal Nancy Kerrigan, had just left the practice rink and was viciously struck with a blunt object by an alleged assailant named Shane Stant, later said to have conspired with Harding’s then boyfriend, Jeff Gillooly. One can be certain that since the corporately sponsored tabloid news program Inside Edition is the source of the report featured in the video, its veracity can be immediately thrown into doubt. Recently, nearly twenty-three years after the fact (2 3’s=33 high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) Harding was interviewed by ABC news (ABC=6/33 again and added together with 23=29/2 9’s/99/flipped in the mirror of occult reversal = 66/12/21/777/intelligence joker code) concerning her retrospective impressions of the incident. During the interview, Harding still denies culpability for conspiring with her ex-boyfriend and a hired thug who struck Kerrigan with, per Wikipedia, what was alleged to have been a 21 inch (777 masonic joker code) ASP (Armaments Systems and Procedures) telescopic baton.

When researching this particular weapon, one found it to be the type of baton that is routinely retractable, and mostly synonymous with British law enforcement and utilized by some departmental sub-sections of LAPD. Given this is a weapon made available only through official law enforcement issue and not found to be readily available for sale by commercial retailers, one wonders how the alleged assailant came to acquire it.

And then there is the dubious nature of the footage that Inside Edition’s news anchor claims had just been discovered and aired for the first time. If one knows what to look for, it is clear, what has been demonstrated is what is termed in the television and Hollywood movie industries as B roll footage, outtakes from a production that has been heavily edited in post-production before airtime. It is doubtful the Kerrigan attack and the scenes featuring the search for the alleged assailant were even shot on the identical day in question.

Added to this, one would do well to more closely observe the alleged witness that appears towards the end of the video displayed above. She is the blonde woman in the red coat (red/symbolic of mythical Mars the god of war) claiming to have seen Kerrigan’s fleeing assailant. Does she not look familiar? She should, because that is none other than Tonya Harding. This is yet another example of the mainstream media sorcerers on the one hand, testing the credulity and overall collective observational powers of the general public, as well simultaneously mocking their slothful inattentiveness.

One finds it to be no accident that the recently released biographical cinematic production of I, Tonya, released in 2017, takes a rather satirical approach to the retelling of Harding’s Olympic career and her life, a thematic and conceptual approach seemingly comparable to that of the cult movie Spinal Tap, the 1980’s mockumentary of the fictional British heavy metal rock act, produced by Hollywood director Rob Reiner who, by the way, also prominently starred as the bumbling coroner, Doctor Wayne Carver, in the Sandy Hook simulated massacre production of 2012.

Then again, additional details made available in the aftermath of the alleged Kerrigan-Harding event may hold additional clues as to its truly fabricated nature. Could those details again demonstrate, that indeed this was yet another example of a wholly concocted television event, staged by conspiring corporate network television executives, law enforcement, and Olympic officials?

Further examination of official mainstream accounts would seem to confirm such a premise.

The following samples are culled from Wikipedia, accompanied by the author’s customary numerological analysis concerning details of the legal proceedings and media hoopla that sprang up in the immediate aftermath of the Kerrigan-Harding event:

“On January 6, 1994, one day before the first Ladies’ Singles competition of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Nancy Kerrigan was attacked after a practice session at the Cobo Arena (7/11=77/angelic transformation) in Detroit. The assailant was later identified as Shane Stant (reverse full reduction 59/14=77), who had been contracted to break her right leg (English ordinal reduction 86/14=77).”

“After failing to find Kerrigan at her training rink in Massachusetts, Stant had taken a 20-hour (2/twin masonic pillars of Boaz/Jachin) Greyhound (Reverse full reduction 36/3 6’s=666) bus trip to Detroit (Destruction code 44/8/Mark of the Jesuit order).”

In gematria, the name Tonya Harding breaks down as such: Tonya = 75/777 Harding = 61/7. When totaled, the gematria sums to 7777 or 2 8’s/88/Mark of the Jesuit order which is the black sun or swastika, the esoteric and occult symbol of creation itself.

And then, in addition to the telltale samples cited earlier, there is this dubious snippet which appears to be further rife with numerological markers:

“Evidence examined by the {US Olympic committee} panel included the testimonies of Stant and Smith (Harding’s alleged body guard), Harding and Gillooly’s telephone records, and notes found in a Portland saloon trash receptacle on January 30 (33), 1994 (33).”

Jeff Gillooly:


Upon examining the courtroom photograph of Gillolly awaiting arraignment for his alleged misdeeds in the aftermath of the Harding-Kerrigan event, one could not help but recognize the attorney standing next to him. Facial recognition analysis reveals that indeed, that attorney is none other than David Rockefeller Jr.:


Loyal readers and regular visitors shall perhaps recall that David Rockefeller Jr. and his spouse Susan Cohn (con man) Rockefeller, a noted independent filmmaker, are involved with the financing and promotion of the Mandela Effect psychological operation. See: ‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation

Additional facial recognition analysis reveals that Gillooly is yet another media created character portrayed by none other than Mark Rockefeller:


Regarding the documented “evidence” of Gillooly’s conspiratorial plot found haphazardly tossed in the saloon receptacle, that in and of itself is prima facie evidence of deliberate fraudulence and systematic fabrication. Somehow or other, in the case of all of these fabricated news stories promoted by corporate mainstream news, incriminating evidence is always conveniently found when the storyline’s plot requires it. Of course, finding the evidence in a saloon – so the cynical reasoning of the media sorcerers no doubt proceeded – would appear to consistently align with the established “trailer trash” character attributes of Tonya Harding and, thus bolstering the story’s plausibility in the unwitting minds of the general public.

Nevertheless, the story of Tonya Harding and her conspirators against the competitive interests of her gold medal rival Nancy Kerrigan is about as plausible as the story of FBI investigators discovering an unblemished passport that was alleged to have belonged to the fake terrorists among the rubble and ashes of the collapsed Twin Towers in the days following September 11, 2001.

However, with their in-depth understanding of human psychology, the ruling elites know that once their handmaiden corporate media sorcerers have the public emotionally invested in a news story, the authenticity or lack thereof concerning the details therein become almost moot, since all vestiges of critical thinking and cold and objective analysis have been completely short circuited.

Keep in mind too folks, the International Olympic Committee has come under fire for various improprieties spanning several decades, and while certainly no stranger to controversy, certain facts having to do with Olympic shenanigans have been detailed elsewhere and in past installments here at Newsspell (The mysterious man of many famous faces (part II).

No doubt by now, loyal readers have figured out just what direction the author is taking this installment.

As usual, one applauds their keen perceptiveness. For, the aforementioned Olympic imbroglio was not the only television canard Harding has participated in. She also starred as the shamed and allegedly convicted and incarcerated (sentenced to 5 years and three months/5X3=15/5+1=6/33) Miss Reality Winner:

Reality Winner:

https://goo.gl/images/CuOK1F https://goo.gl/images/1XY1Sr

Tonya Harding:



In order to create the character, it is clear the media perpetrators utilized a time honored tactic in backdating, morphing and photo shopping younger pictures of Harding.

But, the plot thickens, because not only does one observe the convicted Miss Winner donned in an orange jumpsuit (orange=33 in gematria) but her story is inundated with other significant numerological markers. And, it turns out folks, that Tonya Harding is merely another character portrayed by a host actor – belonging to the infamous merchant banking family the Rockefellers, who have long served their Jesuit masters as court jesters, starring as prominent figures in the actor based reality. Facial recognition and voice analysis comparison have revealed Tonya’s host actor is Mark Rockefeller’s spouse, Renee Rockefeller:


This is not the first time Mark and his spouse have served as host actor for characters starring in mainstream news stories. Both Mark and his spouse have respectively starred as the Syrian President Bashar Assad and his First Lady. To loyal readers, this should not be at all surprising, since the Rockefeller family have served as not only financiers but key participants in the phenomenon of the actor based reality since before the creation of the television medium. Whether it is staging presidential elections or impeachments, creating tragic news stories, or fabricating presidential assassinations (JFK hoax), one can rest assured the Rockefellers (Levinsons) as major stockholders of the major corporate networks, will almost always be discovered at the conspiratorial heart of these media driven shenanigans. And, in the case of the story of fake whistleblower Reality Winner, it is clear that this event was conspiratorially staged by the Rockefellers with the complicity of their current puppet (Michael Rockefeller) occupying the white house once again dutifully portraying his scripted role.

This is a classic case of mainstream media misdirection; while they have the public looking overseas at the possibility of Russian spies (lest it be forgotten that it was John D. Rockefeller funded and abetted the Russian communist revolution of the early 20th century) hacking an American presidential election, the real conspirators are right here at home, standing in the public’s very midst. But, such sly sleight of hand shall always be found as the primary weapon in the mainstream media sorcerer’s arsenal of black magic tricks.






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  1. The young blonde woman wearing the red coat that you refer to is absolutely NOT Tonya Harding. I’m not sure why you make this claim, but it destroys your credibility in my eyes.

    1. You’re entitled to perform your own investigations and come to your own conclusions. Furthermore, percentages dictat3e that if merely one identification can be positively confirmed, then your perception of history and of the reality the MSM has sold to you must be held to question. As for maligning my credibility, why should one give credence to a critic who feels the need to attack while hidden behind a generic, blank faced icon?

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