Real deal about 80’s “Material Girl” (Part II)

Though not necessarily germane, allow this short preamble to remain illustrative of the lengths the so-called authorities will go to discredit those that attempt to tell the truth about the money grubbing tax driven protection rackets and goon squads respectively disguised as local governments and law enforcement. Apparently, the local police, in cooperation with their clandestine trolls, have seen fit to put my personal email under surveillance and hijack my personal information.

In doing so, they have evidently utilized that personal information to covertly sign me up at various pornography and dating sites, of the sort where barely legal local girls post photographs of themselves in the buff. No doubt, this is a puerile, and illegal attempt at entrapment. One’s spam folder has been harassed with emails that the author immediately throws in the trash. Alas, though one has since endeavored to take extra precautions in an effort to stymie such cowardly efforts, the harassment continues seemingly unabated. Wherever one goes, one has been gaslighted by town construction vehicles, ambulances, patrol cars and at home, harassed with prank phone calls on a regular basis from unfamiliar phone numbers originating from sources that appear to be immediately untraceable.

Suffice to say, one knows  from where these efforts derive, and the precise individuals involved – certain individuals belonging to the local mason hall and either directly or indirectly involved with the staging of a fake crisis event here in my hometown at the local high school. In short, they are positively frightened one is able to maintain this forum, and armed with certain information referred to in a past installment (See: THE TERRORISTS ARE HERE AT HOME), they are worried about exposure. But, this is the price one pays when one endeavors to tell the truth. That’s right folks, if these vermin can’t find anything at hand to discredit you, then they will make it up.

At any rate, thanks for your patience – and now on with the show, as it were.

In the last installment concerning 1980’s pop music superstar Madonna, one began to float the hypothesis that the family members shown to appear in her documentary expose, Madonna: Driven, may have been actors posed as family members, and that one of those alleged family members, may have been portrayed by the legendary star of  Broadway stage and Hollywood screen, Ann-Margaret.

Could it be, that Ann-Margaret is our Material Girl’s actual mother hiding behind the veil of a carefully crafted pseudonym?

The conclusion at which the author has arrived may not be surprising to those who are regular visitors. Nevertheless, such conclusions may seem shocking or even implausible to those who may be new comers to the material found here at Newsspell. Those numbered among the latter, however, should consider the empirical and photographic evidence that may not only prove one’s hypothesis to be correct, but added to those considerations, one believes to have uncovered yet another genealogical connection between American pop music’s glitterati and old European bloodlines.

Though it has been previously written, the fact that the true identities of stars of television, cinema, and pop music, of both past and present more than marginally differ from what the public has been conditioned to believe bears repeating. The shining images of those stars reflected from television and movie screens often have not hailed from working class obscurity, but rather from the position of prominent wealth and social privilege. They are oftentimes, if not almost always, the sons and daughters of the ruling elite, those prime stockholders of the globe’s commercial monopolies. And in the case of Madonna, although her host actor may no doubt possess a certain modicum of talent, her career may have been brought to the forefront of public consciousness solely as a result of Hollywood and music industry nepotism.

But this is the method of tried and true operation employed time and again by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. In order to keep the masses believing in the concept of the “American dream” and enchained to economic investiture into the prevailing global commercial system, the traditional belief in the sensually romantic tenet that anyone from any social or economic background with mere perseverance and can-do gumption can “make it” must be maintained and constantly reinforced.

By now however, considering the abundance of corroborative information, most of one’s loyal readers realize this cherished if not naïve belief is, for the most part a manifest lie. But it is a lie that must be constantly reinforced and reiterated if the ruling elites expect to maintain their economic hegemony. To keep the global tax farm intact, the ruling elites must take care to keep the peasants working, preoccupied, and ultimately enslaved. Bolstering the security of this grand economic and social prison are the creation of stars and celebrities like Madonna that keep the masses distracted from thinking too deeply concerning their unfortunate plight while burdened with perpetual tax slavery.

Celebrities – those objects of mass adoration and even blind worship, are merely images created out of whole cloth and brought to life with the psychological manipulations (black magic) of various marketing strategies utilizing the modern communication mediums of television, radio and the internet.

Celebrity creation is one of the main hubs of the global conspiracy, for the ruling elites have always realized that if the masses are first kept preoccupied with soul crushing work, and then secondarily distracted during whatever leisure hours are afforded to them with glittering and insatiable illusions, they will never endeavor to roust the necessary energy, whether mental or physical, to discern the true nature of reality.

Over the decades, the artist known as Madonna has been one of the most heavily and constantly promoted celebrities, and as one researched further, it became remarkable to note the similarities between the career arcs of Madonna and Hollywood legend Ann-Margaret, her genuine but hidden birth mother. Perhaps even more remarkable, is that Ann-Margaret may not only be among the royalty of Hollywood, but among those genealogically connected to bloodlines of European royalty.


If here, one looks at the detailed mainstream biography of Hollywood and Broadway legend Ann-Margaret, one is likely to observe what resembles yet another concocted story of a small town girl hoisted to the heights of international fame and fortune while still very young, much like our Material Girl, Madonna. Reportedly born in the obscure town of Valsjobyn, located in the rural hinterlands of Sweden, a town she was later quoted as saying was filled with nothing more than forest lands, snow and lumberjacks, Margaret soon fled to America’s shores to pursue the gilded path to fame and fortune. Most of Margaret’s biographies claim her father, Carl Gustav, left the family behind when Ann was very young, migrating to the US to work for the Johnson Electric Company. Shortly thereafter, and while still in her teens, Ann joined her father in New York City, where she soon began treading the boards as a budding star on Broadway, eventually starring in the seminal musical productions of Bye, Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas and even went on to star in the cinematic rock opera Tommy with Elton John and Tina Turner during the late to mid 1960’s.

Regarding for a moment the Johnson Electric Company, its headquarters are located in Hong Kong, and the corporate giant is not only noteworthy for having been the former employer of the alleged father of one of Hollywood’s most legendary stars, but is also one of the globe’s major manufacturers and suppliers of compact utility motors, actuators and automotive components. Established during the post-war period of the twentieth century, Johnson Electric lists the seemingly ubiquitous Vanguard Group as one of its largest corporate shareholders. One could safely conclude, that Johnson Electric is perhaps a major cog in the wheel of the global industrial complex.

Loyal readers shall perhaps recall that research into the Vegas shooting hoax revealed Vanguard as also one of the largest stockholders of the Mandalay Bay resort where the “shooting” allegedly took place.

Could this signal a red flag, folks?

And what of the name Carl Gustav – does that moniker ring a bell with anyone from a very recent installment here at Newsspell?

It should – but first, it should be pointed out that the name Carl Gustav Olsson sums to 135 in English ordinal gematria (135=9/6 flipped occult law of reversal=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). How unfortunate for Wikipedia and other mainstream biographical sources that such numerological markers are left out in the wide open where researchers can discover them? It is claimed at Find a that Carl kicked the proverbial bucket in 1973 (3 7’s/777). Further research into the Olsson family indicated genealogical documentation has been left largely and perhaps deliberately absent of any pertinent information, which is rather curious given this is the family of such a well-known and beloved celebrity.

The biggest red flag concerning Madonna’s hidden mother is the fact she dated the “king of rock” Elvis Presley, who may have been a hidden member of the Rockefeller family and son of our old friend Nelson Rockefeller. But wouldn’t you know it folks, when one further investigated Ann-Margaret’s marriage to actor and singer Roger Smith, one discovered a remarkable facial recognition resemblance between Mr. Smith and Presley.

Well, loyal readers may judge for themselves:

Roger Smith

Elvis Presley:

Michael Rockefeller:

Could it be that Michael Rockefeller, Roger Smith and the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley are indeed one and the same? If so, this could definitively bear out the author’s hypothesis that Ann-Margaret’s offspring, the artist known as the Material Girl Madonna Louise Ciccone did not, as mainstream biographers claim, hail from humble beginnings.

If one’s past research has demonstrated anything, it is that the wealthy and prominent do not consort, associate with, or enter into marital contractual agreement with those belonging to lower social and economic status, and this is especially so with those genealogically connected to royal and noble bloodlines. But perhaps more stunning, ear biometric analysis indicates that like her daughter Madonna, Ann-Margaret has portrayed multiple pop culture characters:

Rachel Welch:

Regarding Margaret’s hidden daughter Madonna, while searching other images among the Hollywood stars of both past and present, one noticed a more than eerie facial recognition resemblance with this well-known Hollywood icon, a resemblance which was soon verified by ear biometric analysis:

Angelina Jolie:

In a past installment, one was examining some of the more renowned of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families and the genealogical relations with most of Europe’s prominent royal houses. One of the European royal houses one cited in that installment (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XIII)) was that of the Farnese family and their long tradition of intermarriage with the Spanish royal house of Bourbon-Anjou, currently lead by Felipe VI. His consort is Queen Letizia:

Recognize her?

Angelina Jolie:

The Farnese family, as one of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have been involved with global merchant banking, geopolitics, and over the course of several centuries have produced many successive figures of papal renown as well bishops and cardinals who have served as direct advisors, chancellors, privy counselors and confidants for various sitting monarchs throughout the long and storied history of Europe.

However, one could not expunge the name of Margaret’s father from the mind – Carl Gustav, a name which happens to nearly match that of the sitting Swedish monarch. Examining images of the Swedish royal family, one was truly stunned to find Ann-Margaret’s host actor starring back:

Queen consort Silvia of Sweden:

Although they would wish for the masses at large to believe their power and wealth has largely been vanquished with the passage of the centuries, nothing could be further from the truth. Collectively, European royals are the secret owners and largest stockholders of the umbrella corporations under which fall all of the corporate television, radio, and music and cinema entertainment industries, and royal family members like the character known as Madonna, while hiding behind cleverly concocted pseudonyms and phony rags to riches Hollywood biographies have become the celebrities and shining stars that the masses have grown to admire and even worship.

Oh, and in case one was truly wondering about Madonna’s short lived marriage to alleged British movie producer Guy Ritchie – well, ear biometrics and facial recognition analysis strongly indicate that Ritchie is also Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke AKA Bruce Willis. It is very likely, as has been shown to be standard procedure on several occasions, that Ritchie was merely posing as a beard to help further conceal Madonna’s host actor.

Guy Ritchie:

Bruce Willis:

Mickey Rourke:




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