Is it possible for an an entire continent to be used as a human laboratory?

Before deciding to implement the widespread use of new technologies as well as more efficient and effective methods of tyrannical population control, the ruling elites will take care to test them.

There can be no doubt that, programs of rigorously performed, attentively observed, and scientifically executed psychological operations, often in combination with the systematic testing of new technologies, have been performed on unwitting population centers.

Historically, there is also significant evidence, which more than suggests, such trial-based testing has been performed on one particular population center, more so than on any other.

In fact, one of the very largest population centers, in the entire world, has been routinely utilized as a large-scale beta testing ground: the ‘Dark Continent’, better known as Africa.

Essentially, for decades, Africa has existed as an open air human laboratory for the benefit of – you guessed it, folks – the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, to which, the subject of this revealing expose, Sir Bob Geldof, is genealogically related.

There exist even greater degrees of empirical evidence, the vast populations of the Dark Continent or Africa have been systematically and brutally utilized as guinea pigs and scientific test subjects.

Under the guise of manufactured famines and other artificially created crises, African populations have been used, to not only observe the development of new digital technologies, but, to test the biological and physiological effects of vaccination trials.

Turns out, the heralded charitable activities of a well-known celebrity, Sir Bob Geldof, have been used as an elaborate cover for the criminal activities of non-profit organizations such as Oxfam and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Added to this, greater in-depth research reveals that “Sir Bob Geldof” was also the hidden face behind a well-known award-winning Hollywood actor, the late sibling of the host actor portraying the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

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This Hollywood actor, back in the late 1960’s, also starred with Dennis Hopper (AKA “assassinated” US president John F. Kennedy) in a movie which became known as a cult classic.

But like Hopper, the hidden brother of “Jack Nicholson” AKA Prince Henrik of the Netherlands, Sir Bob Geldof also hails from European royal lineage.

Stay tuned, folks!


The sordid business connections and not-so-hidden genocidal global agenda of former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (AKA Peter Sellers/John Lennon/Lee Harvey Oswald/Johnny Carson/pop singers Rod Stewart/Steve Perry) has been previously chronicled and well documented.

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But before Gates’s eugenically-based global agenda, via the implementation of large scale vaccinations, could begin to be effectively and smoothly executed, the vaccination manufacturers – GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), and Pfizer, for example – working in tandem with Gates’s government mandated ID 2020 and GAVI Vaccine Alliance, needed a market to test their wares, and while free of meddling from government intervention and bureaucratic oversight.

Therefore, the Gates Foundation saw fit in choosing Africa’s “Dark Continent” as an active vaccination beta testing ground.

The following video, posted immediately below, details the nefarious Gates Foundation’s activities on the continent of Africa, and how the populations of several African countries have been forcibly subjected to Gates Foundation vaccination programs.

It turns out, as well, the Gates Foundation’s GAVI Vaccine Alliance, in tandem with WHO (World Health Organization) sponsored forced abortions upon tens of thousands of women among African populations.


Sir Bob Geldof, who, along with Bill Gates, has been a long-standing player on the world stage while working on behalf of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, is also no stranger when it comes to deliberately creating order out of chaos on the “Dark Continent” of Africa.


Before delving more deeply into an expose concerning “Sir Bob Geldof”, it might be instructive to listen to what he had to say, while appearing as a guest on a popular BBC talk fest, concerning “Live Aid”, the popular music concert extravaganza his herculean efforts helped to organize, over three decades ago.


At precisely the 3:25 mark of the video, everyone surely noted that Geldof utters the word “connectedness” in relation to a description of the concert, in 1985, he helped to organize, “Live Aid”.

With Geldof’s description of “Live Aid” as a congregation of “connectedness”, he is revealing the hidden purpose of “Live Aid” which, covertly, was organized as a spectacle of occult/shamanistic ritual.

Given Sir Bob Geldof’s true identity, such a revelation comes as no surprise.

Surely, while everyone noted his knowing smirk when making the remark, it becomes obvious that, Geldof – a high-degree freemason and Rosicrucian who was made an honorary Knight of the British Empire by none other than Queen Elizabeth II AKA Lucille Ball – knows all-too-well, “connectedness” is synonymous with the psychological and physiological effects of high-level occult rituals.

Large concert gatherings – it has been so documented – are fertile grounds for the execution of occult rituals.



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During such rituals, where large numbers of people have been gathered, the repetitive broadcasting of amplified sound or musical frequencies are utilized to stimulate the primeval energies of the serpent or the kundalini in the collective mob (or as Geldof would have it, to stimulate “connectedness”) and, through the psychological power of ritualized suggestion, to direct such stimulated energies for a grandly desired and, often, hidden purpose.

Geldof’s remark, as it happens, is laden with heavy irony. The very man, some three decades ago, who lobbied for saving the people of Ethiopia from starvation, also happens to be genealogically related to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and is sworn, by solemn oath, to the very highest echelons of the freemasonic order controlled by the Jesuits, those dedicated to executing the Covid-19 psychological operation, an operation which, in the end, will create widespread starvation and death for untold millions, here in the West and throughout Western Europe.

Added to this, here’s something else Sir Bob Geldof didn’t tell the BBC audience: the very methods of brutal psychological operation and overt political tyranny now being implemented in the West were, three decades ago, effectively tested on the people of Africa.


The public image of “Sir” Bob Geldof – if one believes the generally accepted mainstream consensus – has managed to transcend the world of celebrity and achieved modern-day sainthood.

Despite this elevated status among his celebrity colleagues in the entertainment industry, there have existed voices of dissent, even among those employed by MSM media outlets.

Much to Geldof’s good fortune, such dissenting voices are sporadic and infrequent, and they are often muted and even drowned by the bleating tides of accolades in praise of Geldof’s award-winning global philanthropic efforts.

But as everyone shall soon discover, darkness lurks behind the blinding light of Sir Bob Geldof’s angelic halo.

Of course, Geldof has enjoyed a successful career in the field of popular music.

At the dawn of the MTV era during the 1980’s, Geldof and his band, the Boomtown Rats, scored a chart-topping hit with “I Don’t Like Mondays”, a song which grew to acquire a dark association with the Cleveland Elementary school shooting, in 1979.

That event was proved to be another MSM generated hoax, which starred Hollywood actress Jodie Foster as the murderous protagonist.

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Geldof, however, would go on to surmount even greater heights of notoriety in the entertainment industry, when, in 1984, he endeavored to became the whirlwind catalyst behind the creation of Live Aid, a star studded concert spectacle ostensibly organized to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, one of Africa’s most poverty stricken countries.



Before the historic Live Aid event took place, at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1985, Geldof organized “Band Aid”, a motley collection of some of the most luminous popular music stars of the 1980’s MTV era.

The release of the recording which followed, composed and produced by Geldof, “Do They Know it’s Christmas”, went on to sell millions of units and, it was claimed, raised millions in donations for the Ethiopian famine relief effort.

Though, at the time, the MSM wildly and unanimously praised the efforts of both “Band Aid” and “Live Aid”, the only genuine beneficiaries seemed to be the public profile and escalating sales numbers of the participating artists and, of course, the public image of Geldof himself.

There did arise, however, detractors.

Ironically, some of the criticism, of both the charitable efforts of “Live Aid” and of Geldof, originated from mainstream news sources.

One of those sources of criticism emanated from the popular mainstream music periodical, Spin, which, subsequent to the “Live Aid” event, published an expose on the business and political improprieties of the related Ethiopian famine relief efforts, of Geldof, and of the partnering “charitable” organizations.


Soon after the hoopla had died down concerning Geldof’s triumphant “Live Aid” concerts, which simultaneously took place on July 13, 1985 in Philadelphia and at London’s Wembley Stadium, a popular mainstream music periodical – “Spin” – endeavored to publish what amounted to a scathing indictment of the concert’s philanthropic efforts relating to famine relief for the people of Ethiopia.

According to the Spin article, which was first published in 1986, the over one-hundred million dollars, allegedly raised by both Geldof’s “Band Aid” and “Live Aid”, benefitted the Western-installed Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam, rather than benefitting the Ethiopian farmers and food suppliers, whose crops were systematically destroyed by Mariam’s army of thugs, an army, according to Spin, whose training, financing, and vast cache of arms was funded by a significant portion of the donations raised by Geldof’s “Live Aid”.


Spin’s revealing expose also goes on to point out, claims of a biblical scale famine in Ethiopia had been wildly exaggerated by the Western media.

“It was clear, and very well evidenced,” a Spin journalist discovered, “that this {Ethiopian} famine, the awful depictions of which had pulled the heartstrings, was man made, by government planes deliberately napalming rebel farms.”

Do such dastardly methods of food supply control sound familiar, folks?

The destruction of America’s food supply is now ongoing, and in the name of executing both the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation and the UN’s Agenda 2030.


The following quote, from former American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (AKA NASA’s Warner von Braun/German actor Warner Bruhn), more than adequately explains how control of food supplies is utilized to bring governments to heel and under the complete control of the Crown Temple bankers in the City of London: “Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control entire continents, who controls money can control the world.”

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The article, published by Spin magazine, minutely details how the philanthropic funds, raised by “Live Aid”, were, in turn, used by the Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu, to purchase “sophisticated weapons from the Russians” (USSR) to “efficiently and viciously crush the {political} opposition.”

Of course, as everyone, by now, has discovered, the early 20th century Russian Bolshevik “revolution”, which established the brutal communist dictatorships of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin, was heavily financed and stage-managed by the Rockefeller family (AKA Rothschild/Windsor/Royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).


This is same royal family, whom, today, along with financier George Soros (AKA Constantine II of Greece/Aristotle Onassis/newsman Dan Rather) and the Crown Temple controlled IMF and World Bank, is financing and promoting the global Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation.


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The vintage Spin expose goes on to report, Geldof made telling comments, which indicated, he was more than well-aware of the genocidal scenario occurring in Ethiopia: “I’ll shake hands with the devil on my left and on my right to get to the people we are meant to help.”

Geldof’s statement represents a revelation of the occult method of geopolitical synthesis, which skillfully utilizes the concept of masonic duality, the greeting of oppositional forces in conflict to bring about a new “Order out of Chaos”.

This concept of masonic duality – as Geldof referred to it, the convergence of the left hand and the right hand paths – is symbolically represented by black and white checkered masonic tracing boards, found on the main floor of the grand lodge.

Masonic tracing board:

Even more damaging to Geldof’s saintly reputation, is this following quotation, also derived from the Spin article, regarding Geldof’s foreknowledge of the political turmoil his “philanthropic” efforts were almost singlehandedly helping to finance: “He {Geldof} drenched himself in the adulation and no one begrudged him it, until our investigation exposed the holocaust that Live Aid’s collected donations had help perpetrate.”

“Most damningly,” Spin goes on to report, “Geldof was warned, repeatedly, from the outset by several relief agencies in the field about {Ethiopian dictator} Mengistu, who was dismantling tribes, mercilessly conducting resettlement marches on which 100,000 people died, and butchering helpless people.”

It is clear, however, such dire warnings went, blissfully, ignored and unheeded by “Sir Bob Geldof”.

Perhaps, Geldof was more concerned with maintaining the appearances of his newly acquired saintly public image.

Then again, celebrities such as Bob Geldof cannot afford to get their hands dirty and sully the sterling reputations which their public relations firms have worked so assiduously to acquire for them.

Such a psychopathology is typical of most high level freemasons, who are more concerned with appearing to be good, rather than actually acquiring the rigorous discipline and maintaining the necessary moral virtue to perform good works.


Upon further examination, everyone shall be unsurprised to learn that, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm, Sir Bob Geldof harbors much darker secrets.

As usual, a key clue to Geldof’s genuine identity was discovered within the details of his official biographies. According to Wikipedia, KBE (Knight of the British Empire) Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof, alleged to have been born 5 October 1951, had a paternal grandmother, Zenon Geldof, who was a “Belgian immigrant”.

Everyone will also find it noteworthy, Geldof, in 2013, was given Freedom of the City of London.

As everyone has learned, the City of London, the “one square mile”, represents the Crown Temple, the global banking center connected to America’s Federal Reserve, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Swiss National Bank, the World Bank, and IBS (International Bank of Settlements).

No folks, “Bob Geldof” is not just an ordinary pop star.

In fact, Geldof is a character modification scheme of the late Hollywood actor, Peter Fonda, who starred in 1968’s cult classic film Easy Rider, which also starred Dennis Hopper AKA John F. Kennedy.

While performing ocular comparison analysis between the pair of images, posted below, everyone should focus on the similarities of the geometrical architecture of the eyes.

Not only is the facial geometry identical between Geldof and the “late” Fonda, but both character modification schemes are listed at the identical height of six feet, two inches.

In addition, the name “Fonda” sums to 40, while the moniker of “Geldof”, in English Ordinal gematria, sums to 49 which, in turn, reduces to the number of 4.

Since, it is customary, when summing gematria, to drop the zero, both names sum to the number of 4.


One should think not.

Bob Geldof:

Peter Fonda:

Nevertheless, the host actor behind both “Fonda” and “Geldof” is a Belgian royal, Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este. Among the royal family tree of Prince Lorenz, we discover a figure of historical import, Archduke Ferdinand, one whose alleged “assassination”, so historical scholars have told us, sparked the first deadly salvos of World War I.

Prince Lorenz of Belgium and Archduke of the House of Austria-Este

Yes folks, the royal family of the host actor behind the character masks of both “Sir Bob Geldof” and Hollywood actor “Peter Fonda”, for generations and for over one-hundred years during the modern and post-modern eras, has helped to manufacture world events to benefit the global economic hegemony of the royal thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. Posing as philanthropists like “Sir Bob Geldof” allows the ruling royal families to not only veil their true agenda, but, to also actively work on behalf of their own economic interests while under the guise of “charitable organizations” and while in plain public view.

If there are still any doubts about Geldof’s royal host actor, compare the facial geometry between Geldof’s “late” spouse Paula Yates, Prince Lorenz’s consort, Princess Astrid, and that of Peter Fonda’s “surviving” spouse, Margaret DeVogelaere.

Princess Astrid:

Paula Yates:

Margaret DeVogelaere:








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