Fool me once – shame on you.

Fool me twice – shame on me!

Native Texans, it has been said, know this old adage well.

On the other hand, Texans may be unaware they’ve fallen prey to being fooled, on not just one, but two occasions, and by the same well-known Hollywood actor donned in latex stippling, which, to television viewers, created the ocular illusion he was chronologically much older than his actual age.

How appropriate, then, the proper name, to which this “late” politician and historical figure is known to history, includes the prefix CON – “as in John Connolly”.

Those familiar with American history know, the name of “John Connolly” is synonymous with one of America’s most significant and, many still believe, tragic historical events – the “assassination” of US president “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” (AKA Hollywood actor, Dennis Hopper).

The following video, which everyone will find displayed immediately below, features a performance – filmed at a Dallas hospital, soon after Kennedy’s “assassination” –  from the host actor who portrayed “John Connolly”.





When the actor’s facial mannerisms and unique facial geometry are viewed more closely, and while paying especial attention to the tone, rhythm, and timbre of the familiar voice, the identity of the man portraying “John Connolly”, a young and, at that time, obscure actor who would go on to become an award-winning Hollywood icon, should become readily identifiable to everyone.

This Hollywood actor also has a particularly conspicuous facial mannerism, which not only helped to identify him in the role of Texas governor “John Connolly”, but, as well, helped to identify him in the portrayal of yet another famous role, one which greatly effected the course of American history.


Before delving further into the subject-at-hand, there is more news to report concerning the Covid-19 psychological operation.

As prior research published at this site has revealed, the Covid-19 psychological operation is a geopolitical Trojan horse for the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the implementation of a global technocracy, designed to control every aspect of human life with AI algorithms.

SEE: Behold the UN’s Pale Trojan Horse

This hypothesis has now been confirmed by yet another researcher at

Though the article lingers heavily on the crux of a 21st century “cold war” for military superiority between the US and China, the overall premise remains valid.



The US government is a corporation, as are the governments of other nations (commercial markets).

When born or birthed, your parents sign a commercial manifest (bond) which legally designates ownership of your person (corporation/straw man).

When your parents legally consent to contracting with the governing corporation (government), you, too, become a citizen, which entails that you (corporation/human resource/strawman) are owned by the majority stockholders of the US corporation.

Your owners/stockholders are the thirteen families – Grimaldi, von Furstenberg, Orsini, Farnese, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, etc. etc. – who, with wealth accrued through many centuries, have monopolized ownership of every market (country) consisting of both human and natural resources.

Throughout the natural life of the corporation (person), you are bombarded with psychological operations and many forms of behavioral modification which are designed to, first, manipulate and to, then, condition or reinforce your perceptions and behavior(s).

This is systematically done, to ensure you (corporation/strawman) will perpetually continue to unquestioningly, obediently and, most importantly, legally consent to contract – through the payment of federal and state taxations, liens, fines, charitable donations, etc. etc.  – with the owners of the governing corporation (government) which, at birth, issued your bond (birth certificate).

The ownership of your bond is held in trust by the thirteen ruling elite families, under the umbrella of the Crown Temple in the City of London and by Vatican City, which is controlled by the Jesuit order.

As loyal readers of this site – Newsspell –  have both discovered and learned, this ongoing bombardment of psychological manipulation and Pavlovian behavioral modification – delivered through the mediums of television, movies, sports entertainment, and politics – has been termed as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

The host actor (live action role player) who has been identified in the portrayal of the fabricated political character which we are about to examine – “John Connolly” – represents merely but one example of many such actors whom – for decades and even centuries – have dutifully played out their roles in manipulating those among the general public to continue to consent to the hegemonic rule of the majority stockholders of the US corporate government (and other countries/markets/corporations), the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.


In 1983, iconic Hollywood director Woody Allen produced “Zelig”, a movie which featured a character known as a “human chameleon”.

Such a description could well apply to the subject of this installment, the Hollywood actor who has been positively identified in the portrayal, according to Wikipedia, of the 39th governor of Texas, “John Connolly”.

Most likely, everyone – astute and observant readers that you are – noticed the number of 39, which, when added together, equals 12.

The number of 12, when applied to the occult concept of numerological mirrored reversal, is equivalent to 21 which, in turn, of course, divides into 3 7’s or 777, a number with great occult significance.

Historically, 777 is also a number synonymous with Alistair Crowley (AKA former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill), who is often referred to as the modern era’s most influential occult figure.

Crowley considered the number of 777 to have magical properties, so much so, in fact, he once decided to compose a door-stopping tome – most likely ghost written – on that very arcane subject.


SEE also: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

While in dramatic portrayal of “John Connolly”, this chameleon and renowned actor –  who, later, would go on to win the Academy-Award’s ‘Oscar’ for Best Actor – not only helped to convince the American general public an historically fabricated scenario – 1963’s JFK “assassination” – was authentic, he also went on to portray significant roles associated with other events  – Gulf of Tonkin “incident”/Nixon “Gold shock” – which also became historically pivotal.

It could very well be said, this actor’s appearances upon the grand stage of American history, and at the most crucial and dramatic junctures, have repeatedly demonstrated Zelig-like capabilities.

First, however, there is the issue of Connolly’s official biographies, which, not surprisingly, are inundated with examples of gematria and masonic symbolism.


According to his official biographies, the political career of “John Connolly”, due, primarily, to his late transition from the Democratic to the Republican party, was uniquely unorthodox.

Certainly, today, considering America’s deeply antipathetical political climate, such an ideological transition would be most unwelcomed and even scorned.

Wikipedia informs us, Connolly saw fit to make this ideological transition – from the left side of the political isle to the right – wait for it, folks – in 1973 (3 7’s/777).

But this biographical detail – the transition from the left hand path to the right – included among the official chronicles of Connolly’s political career, signifies a reference to the occult concept of masonic duality.

Considering more deeply, this occult reference, made by Wikipedia, it becomes clear such “official” biographies are composed on two levels.

For most of those among the American general public, there is the superficially literal or exoteric interpretation.

For those among the highest degrees of the masonic order, however, they will surely interpret such references – the dualistic and occult principle of Republican/Democrat/red/blue/right hand/left hand path – on an esoteric level.


With furthermore consideration towards such an occult reference, it also becomes clear, the character of “John Connolly” was deliberately created to be used as both a domestic and geopolitical agent of ideological chaos.

Next, there is the problematic issue of Connolly’s “official” pedigree information, which is alleged to mark both his “birth” (2/27/1917) and his “death” (6/15/1993).

Observed more closely, everyone will notice that Alistair Crowley’s 777 code is hidden within each of the dates.

1.) Birth: 27 or 2 7’s + 1917 (7)=777

2.) Death: 6+15=21 or 3 7’s/777 and 93 or 9+3=12/21/777

Wikipedia also informs us, Connolly served – a very short-lived tenure, however – as the 61st (7) Unites States Secretary of the Treasury.

The number of seven is symbolic of the Kabbalah Zayin (seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet), the hook, or, the mind weapon.

Kabbalah Zayin:


Next, regarding the “official” biography of “John Connolly”, Wikipedia informs that, before becoming the governor of Texas and joining the Kennedy presidential administration in 1961, Connolly was employed in the office of Secretary of State James Forrestal and also worked for Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Wikipedia’s mention of both Forrestal and Eisenhower, in relation to the political career of “John Connolly”, poses the prospect of rather dubious associations.

Forrestal, according to the “official” annals of American history, served under the presidential administration of Harry Truman.

Truman, of course – it was revealed in a past installment – was a political character fabrication, portrayed by a member of one of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, Austro-German Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg AKA Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart/Glenn Miller.

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Truman AKA Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg has also been identified as the father of US president “Dwight D. Eisenhower” AKA Austro-German Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg/former Coca-Cola executive and Hollywood mogul Barry Diller, the spouse of Diane von Furstenberg AKA Barbara Walters.


Regarding Forrestal, both Wikipedia and the Washington Post, a mainstream periodical, have provided accounts of his death, allegedly by suicide, which are laden with examples of occult/masonic symbolism and numerological gematria.

The first account of James Forrestal’s death comes from Wikipedia: “They {US president Truman and Secretary James Forrestal} were often at odds and Truman forced his {Forrestal’s} resignation. His mental health was rapidly deteriorating and he underwent medical care for depression, and died after falling from a sixteenth floor window of his hospital, provoking rumors of murder.”

Again, with the number of 16, everyone likely observed the presence of gematria.

The number of 16, when divided, equals 2 8’s or 88, a number synonymous with the Jesuit order and the legend of the Roman god Saturn, an anthropomorphic symbolism – often observed in the form of a ribbon –  of the infinite time loop.

Infinite Time Loop:

An article published at the Washington Post provides yet another description of what was alleged to have been Forrestal’s suicidal demise: “According to the coroner’s report, Forrestal likely then jumped out the window and hung for some seconds suspended. The report also notes scuff marks on the cement work underneath the window, indicating reflexive kicking, or possibly terrified second thoughts. To no avail: the sash gave way and Forrestal fell thirteen floors, landing on an asphalt-and-crushed stone surface of a third-floor passageway roof. Death was instant.”

With the Post’s references to “hung” and “suspended”, the description of Forrestal’s death is meant to be interpreted as esoterically symbolic.

According to, “The Hanged Man (XII), also be known as the Traitor, is the twelfth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.”


Again, in relation to an event recorded in the annals of American history, we observe the number of 12 which, as everyone has also learned, when applied to the occult law of mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 777.

The Hanged Man Tarot:

Like Eisenhower, Truman and, yes, “John Connolly”, Secretary of State James Forrestal was yet another fabricated character scheme, and he was portrayed by a member of the Rockefeller family – David Rockefeller Senior.

As many of one’s loyal readers have been able to discover, the names of Rockefeller and Rothschild are both historical pseudonyms for the Austro-German royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor).

SEE: What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?

Thus far, every significant political affiliation of “John Connolly” has been identified as a genealogical relation of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Indeed, the alleged authenticity of his “official” biography stands on a deceptively weak foundation of brittle grass.

Nevertheless, Wikipedia goes on to inform us, “After the war {WWII} he {Connolly} became an aide to Senator Lyndon B. Johnson.”

This association exists as a major clue which leads directly to the genuine identity of “John Connolly.”

Paradoxically, the deception woven by Wikipedia leads us to a most truthful epiphany as to how the involvement of both John Connolly and Lyndon B. Johnson became instrumental in not just the execution of the JFK “assassination” hoax, but, the execution of both the “Cuban Missile Crisis” hoax and the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, psychological operations which were executed to manipulate the American general public into consenting and in to supporting the US corporate government’s proposed military escalations in relation to the “cold war” with the USSR and the ongoing “war” in Southeast Asia: “When Johnson assumed the vice presidency in 1961, he convinced President John F. Kennedy to appoint Connolly to the position of United States Secretary of the Navy. Connolly left the Kennedy administration in 1961 to run for Governor of Texas, and held that position from 1963 to 1969. Connolly was riding in the presidential limousine during the Kennedy assassination, and was seriously wounded.”

Notice how Wikipedia’s timeline of historical events – the “Cuban Missile Crisis” (1962), “Gulf of Tonkin” (1965), and the JFK “assassination” (1963) – perfectly align with the overt presence of both “John Connolly” and “Lyndon B. Johnson”, both of whom appeared to be in positions of supreme power and significant influence to manipulate the American public to the will of the US corporate government.


One should certainly think not, folks.

It turns out, incredibly, both “Connolly” and “Johnson” were portrayed by the identical host actor, a young man masked in layers of Hollywood latex facial stippling, which, while in theatrical portrayal of each high-level role – made him appear much older and even distinguished.

Such an elaborate disguise was also designed to make the public visuals of each fabricated character scheme appear to match the “official” chronological information listed in the concocted but widely contextualized historical narratives, which, for the purpose of remote posterity, were first popularized through cinema news reels during the post–war era of mid-twentieth-century America.

While viewing the following video clip, which was excerpted from the Pennsylvania Public Library Film Center and aired on American network television in 1973 (3 7’s/777), everyone will notice, at approximately the 4:44 mark of Lyndon Johnson’s interview with newsman Walter Cronkite (AKA Kermit Roosevelt/Walt Disney/Adolph Hitler/Bing Crosby), the former president demonstrates an odd facial mannerism or physical tick.

Lyndon Johnson’s final interview 1973:

At the approximate moment (4:44), previously noted, and at several more times throughout the video, displayed immediately above, “Lyndon Johnson” conspicuously flicks or smacks his tongue between his lips.

This is the identical physical mannerism which was repeatedly demonstrated by “John Connolly” during the video displayed in the introduction of this installment.

In the video clip immediately following, while carefully scrutinizing the facial mannerisms of the talk show’s featured guest – an iconic and award-winning Hollywood actor – everyone will also note this identical mannerism (flicking or smacking of the tongue) conspicuously and repeatedly demonstrated:

Robert De Niro talks about “gay dad”


Orson Welles’ performance in the classic American cinematic masterpiece Citizen Kane, stands as a premiere example of just how the illusion of the famous but fabricated character schemes – “John Connolly” and “Lyndon B. Johnson” – portrayed by Robert De Niro were so successfully executed.

The elaborate art of latex stippling applications, for the purpose of aging a young actor into the role of an older character, was mastered in Hollywood, decades before, by Orson Welles.

The final frames of Welles’s screen portrayal of Charles Foster Kane, during the cinema classic Citizen Kane, still exist as superlative examples of the transformative effects of custom-designed latex facial applications.

During the following excerpt from Citizen Kane, Welles – only twenty-four years old during the film’s production in 1941 – transforms into a character aged five decades his senior.

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane:



Yes folks, I suppose, in the final analysis, one could say, shame on the American public for allowing themselves to be fooled twice by the same Hollywood actor who portrayed both “John Connolly” and “Lyndon B. Johnson”.

Nevertheless, what if,  it were further discovered, Robert De Niro had fooled the American general public on a third occasion and, this time, in the role of a fundamentalist evangelical preacher?

Reverend Jerry Falwell:







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    1. “Barbara Walters”, among other Hollywood associated character schemes to which she has been modified into, is portrayed by Princess Ira von Furstenberg. Princess Diane von Furstenberg (AKA Diane Sawyer) is the current spouse of Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower). Prince Alexander (AKA Ron DeSantis/Joe Rogan) is the son of Princess Diane von Furstenberg. You may have encountered older articles which contradict these identifications. But the results of further investigation published in most recent articles will hopefully manage to provide greater clarification regarding the specific arrangements of these respective family relationships.

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