The recent controversial hullaballoo surrounding Alex Jones, the self-proclaimed king of alternative media, amounts to much ado about nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing.

For, you see folks, all the manufactured media noise surrounding Alex Jones is really about the eradication from You Tube of all perceived competition to the king’s throne, and the successful and profitable launch of an Info Wars computer application.

Additionally, though, there are elements more calculating and perhaps even sinister concerning the very creation of the Alex Jones’ character image and the latest fabricated controversy enveloping it.

Alex Jones is nothing more than a controlled opposition cartoon character, a raving carnival barker, a covert confidence salesman and bogus sham created by the identical corporate mainstream media profiteers he appears to be railing against, designed to mock and discredit the very audience filled with truth seekers he appears to publicly cultivate.

And, one believes his very existence represents an enemy to free expression, freedom of thought, and the very idea of freedom itself. For, one hypothesizes that the recent purge of You Tube “truth” videos represents a genuinely deliberate, but nonetheless cleverly designed ploy, utilizing the most flimsy of legal parameters (hate speech?), not to censor Jones, but to eliminate once and for all, any perceived future competition that may threaten the hegemony of Jones and his program Info Wars’ over the existing alternative media market share.

Concerning the character of Alex Jones, embarking upon the quest for objective truth does not represent some high-minded pursuit, but merely a tool of crass manipulation, mixed with a greater degree of fear mongering than was ever dished out by his counterparts in the mainstream media.

That Jones’ main calling card is the manufacture of mass fear is not surprising, for his act is just as calculated as that observed by the grotesque galleries of pundits, news anchors, and insipid talking heads appearing on any of the mainstream, corporate networks at Fox or CNN. The only differentiating factor, is that Jones wraps his sleight of hand manipulations in a differently colored package, and labels it an “alternative” to the mainstream news sources he claims to vehemently oppose.

Therein, lies the secret to understanding the gist of deception’s magic sleight of hand continually employed by Jones, in that his act was never designed to destroy the credibility of mainstream news or to even question the validity of its reportage, but rather to ultimately validate it.

His turnabout perspective on the Sandy Hook hoax massacre stands as prime case in point.

Jones once claimed his research demonstrated the government had perpetrated a mass deception in 2012 at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school. Only now, Jones claims otherwise, and he now says his earlier perspective was somehow mistaken.

Since, one has already exposed Alex Jones’ as a media created character portrayed by a royal host actor, one shall not bother to once again traverse well-trod ground. Rather , the focus of this installment shall primarily concern itself with an in-depth analysis of the rather crude and juvenile machinations employed by this controlled opposition agent.

But first, an analysis of the numerological component and the utilization of occult symbolism hidden in plain sight should not go completely ignored. In the right hand corner of the image from the first frame of the video displayed above, one shall notice the familiar Info Wars logo, which is configured to the shape of a cube (88/mark of the Jesuit order). When flipped upward, the logo also resembles a pyramid, which, as all loyal readers by now are well aware, is a universal symbol of the international brotherhood of Freemasonry.

The numerological sum of both the Info Wars moniker and the character pseudonym utilized by Alex Jones’ host actor is 33, the significance of which by now should also be blatantly apparent.

The larger significance, is that Jones’ host actor, a European royal in disguise, is most likely a high-degree member in good standing of the international masonic brotherhood, a global organization that not only represents the occult secret hidden behind the collective veil of the world’s established, exoteric religious systems, but acts as a Byzantine, covert spy network for the Jesuit order in Rome which secretly controls the Vatican.

Speaking of which, the single determining factor indicating Jones’ fraudulence, is the fact that not once has he ever mentioned or identified the order of the Jesuits as the key  lynchpin in the global conspiracy. Nor, will one ever witness Jones mention the fact that the European royal family with which his host actor shares genealogical relations remains well affiliated with what is termed in scholarly, historical annals as the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire (known today as the European Union) is a consolidated corporate entity linked via legal treaties and mutual commercial interests. However, while historical annals may unanimously claim it no longer exists, thorough research into the series of treaties extending back before the Treaty of Peace ratified by Crown Temple signatories in Paris during the 18th century shortly after America’s so-called Revolutionary War with Britain, shall surely expose such dubious claims as a manifest lie.

One shall also notice, that Jones has frequently appeared as a guest on news programs featured by mainstream corporate networks, and that certain of his colleagues in the mainstream press have drawn sides since the advent of Jones’ controversy.

This is, once again, the shopworn Hegelian dialectic at work.

While some of Jones’ mainstream media counterparts such as Bill Maher may feign in taking his side over Jones being banned by prominent social media sites and You Tube, and warble about how the ban on Jones is a gross violation of his first amendment rights, rest assured folks, such public displays of righteous indignation are all part of the scripted reality television show that encapsulates the career of Info Wars’ Alex Jones – such as it is.

The fact remains, folks, Jones’ masters deliberately posed him as a controlled opposition agent and social agitator. The entire concept behind his character was set up as the alternative media’s sole authority, only later to be summarily knocked down and discredited. This is the identical method of operation utilized to end the CIA controlled counter culture movement of the 1960’s. Nevertheless, the distorted logic most Americans will take away from Jones’ latest controversy is that if Info Wars deserves to be banned, then other like-minded researchers uploading videos to You Tube, or utilizing other social media outlets will be labeled an equally grave threat to democracy, and by dint of distorted logic, are thereby justified in being banned as well.

In the post-modern age, dissent of any stripe is equivalent to “hate speech.”

What escapes the majority of Americans, they remain unaware that Info Wars is financed by the same ruling elite Jesuit families who own the mainstream corporate networks, and Jones’ scripted on-air outrages are designed to make him appear mentally unhinged, therefore demonstrating to those who still adhere to mainstream news sources that indeed, not only he, but Jones’ followers, or anyone who dares to question mainstream news propaganda narratives may also be mentally unhinged.

After all, the ruling elites cannot help but play the mental health meme to their perpetual advantage, because the mental health and pharmaceutical industrial complexes remain such a colossal, commercial revenue source.


The real story of the latest controversy embroiling Jones is the inception of the Info Wars laptop and phone application, from which Jones and his corporate stockholders stand to profit a princely sum. The following quote from an online article recently published at The Verge, by Shoshana Wodinsky on August 7, adequately sums up what the hubbub surrounding the buffoonish character known as Alex Jones is truly all about. The article details, how following the manufactured purge of Info Wars from social media, the Info Wars application was deluged with five star reviews. The article went on to trumpet that such a resoundingly positive reaction to the application’s launch in the wake of what appeared to have been an unconstitutional violation represents a victory for first amendment rights and the freedom of speech (

“When I have to seek out and search for the information and views I want to hear rather than them be available to me from any and all platforms, I know who’s side is corrupt and treasonous,” said one review. “I was 50/50 on the fence about Alex Jones, but now that they have taken away my rights I’m 100% sure Info Wars has been truth all along.”

The latter quote excerpted from a review for the newly launched Info Wars application perfectly sums up the synthesizing conclusion the ruling elites wished for in manufacturing the controversy involving their controlled opposition agent, Alex Jones. Now that he has appeared to have served his purpose as a public sacrifice but emerged through the trial of fire and resurrected, the end game of this psychological operation has been achieved.

After a period of precipitously plummeting ratings, and growing public doubts concerning his legitimacy as the kingpin of alternative media, and with all other so-called “truthers” who may have served as a threat to Jones and his domination of the alternative media market either minimized or outright purged from You Tube and other social media platforms, Alex Jones is the only man left standing to proclaim the “truth” and his position as the undisputed champion of alternative media has been solidified.

Meanwhile, Jones and his newly launched Info Wars application, in conjunction with the marketing of related merchandise such as T-shirts and skin care products (WTF?) will undoubtedly rake in a sizable commercial profit.

And folks, this is what the ruling elites have done with any commercial venture since time immemorial – create a product and enter an untapped market or existing market niche, assiduously destroy any competition by any means necessary, then aggressively move to monopolize the market.

Though his diehard fans will heartily proclaim long may live the king, just how much longer shall they remain utterly blind to the fact their “truth” telling emperor is a calculating liar and parades before them while completely naked?


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