“Maverick” John McCain’s all-American deception

In choosing to write this installment, there are those who will undoubtedly claim the author has committed an unforgivable outrage. But one will counter the charge by pointing out those choosing to vent such scorn are numbered among the masses of the deceived, for it is thoroughly impossible to sully the memory of a man and pubic figure who has never existed. It is also quite possible, those very same have not dared to contemplate the extent to which the post-modern age of actor based CGI reality has managed to so thoroughly engulf them.

That’s right folks – the celebrated late senator, John “Maverick” McCain, was yet another archetypical character, an all-American Hollywood conceived myth. In fact, the host actor portrayed the celebrated senator even went on to star in a Hollywood produced television documentary about McCain’s ill-fated presidential campaign paired with vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, who was another CGI created, cartoon based political character.

The imagination boggles – a fake documentary about a fake presidential election featuring fake candidates. Well, as had been said many times before: something like this could only happen in America.

Once again, the ruling elites have chosen to distract the masses with the death of one of their fabricated heroes. But more than this, the distinguished senator’s death at 81 (18/occult mirror’s reflection=666) demonstrates how heroic myths are created for historical posterity, those visions stirring in the boiling brew of the wicked witch’s mainstream media cauldron, potent potions that magically transform into indelible images of sight and sound.

American senator John McCain has always been portrayed as a Vietnam era war hero and a maverick politician. What exactly that latter description means remains unclear. For, McCain has always appeared to adhere to the standard political ideologies and party line – in other words, no different than any other so-called politician inhabiting the nation’s capital. As for his war record, no one has seemed to notice how his experience as a Vietnam prisoner of war was documented on film, as if the communist North Vietnamese government would have allowed Hollywood styled camera crews into their POW camps. In light of this, McCain has always appeared to be exactly what he was, an archetypical character wheeled before the public to spout whatever scripted, jingoist nonsense happened to have floated across the teleprompter.

On the other hand, one can easily envision why the public would find themselves enamored with McCain, a character embodying – albeit superficially – all of those patriotic attributes Americans have traditionally and so desperately wanted to believe about themselves and their nation. But both the character of Senator McCain, and those patriotic attributes were carefully scripted illusions, juvenile ideals that have been perpetrated by the likes of Hollywood and the corporate entertainment/news media complex since time immemorial. McCain was merely yet another cardboard cut-out constructed from the same standard material as all intelligence agents, and trained to represent the interests of the US corporation and its true, but clandestine masters, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Remember folks, politicians of all ideological stripes, whether designated Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive, red state or blue, are identical in that they are all trained to utilize neural linguistic programming to maximum effect. All politicians are prepackaged like supermarket television dinners, and whatever the message, one can rest assured the substance of their message, or lack thereof, contains a comparatively low or non-existent nutritional quotient.

They will tell the public whatever has been discovered to garner the highest ratings of the political focus groups and, always taking pains in hitting upon those superficial issues the public has been pre-conditioned to care about. In other words, politicians are professional thespians, and shall tell the public exactly what they want to hear, without exception and nothing besides. Meanwhile, behind the scenes in the true halls of governance not televised on C-Span and other monopoly owned corporate networks, business as usual convenes, that is to say, business of an inveterately and ruthlessly criminal sort.

In the case of McCain, however, it seems his ruling elite masters attempted to create a latter day Cicero, the historically lauded senator of the ancient Roman republic. In contrast to some of his colleagues, McCain’s political character seemed designed to portray the moderate voice of reason among ideological extremists. One supposes that it is thoroughly understandable how the masses populating middle America would admire such a figure, a figure with an immaculate, scandal free record, with the added advantage of having been a triumphant prisoner of war and decorated hero surviving the brutal onslaught of what is still regarded as one of America’s most controversial foreign entanglements.

Nevertheless, McCain’s story, however romantically enticing, is a complete fabrication. The story of his imprisonment during America’s Vietnam conflict is a Hollywood conceived fiction. The filmed documentations of this event are also a result of Hollywood trickery and clever post-editing. And, not surprisingly, McCain’s biography is filled with the usual numerological markers.


John Sidney McCain, born August 29, 1936 (88/mark of the Jesuit order/3 6’s=666 +19/sun #/Lucifer), was elected a senator for the state of Arizona in 1987, a position formerly held by Barry Goldwater, who was yet another actor, a character posed as an extremist right-wing political figure and defeated in the 1964 American presidential election by another actor, a younger man wearing a much older and dignified mask, a young man who would go on to Hollywood stardom, Robert DeNiro (See: ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (Part I)). Goldwater, however, was portrayed by none other than our old friend Nelson Rockefeller, who at the time was the patriarch of one of America’s most distinguished and prominent merchant banking families. As loyal readers have discovered, various members of the prominent Rockefeller family have figured prominently in the execution of the actor based reality, and Nelson in particular has portrayed a virtual array of manufactured public and political figures, and was also instrumental as the prime agent provocateur in staging the Watergate imbroglio involving yet another Rockefeller puppet and Hollywood actor in disguise that starred as Richard Nixon the disgraced American president, Warren Beatty  (See: Watergate covered up more sinister crime (Part II)

Barry Goldwater:


Nelson Rockefeller:


In the following image of our old friend Nelson Rockefeller, one will take note the Goldwater character he portrayed is holding his finger to his lips representing the freemasonic code of silence, signaling to his fellow high-degree lodge brothers that his political role is a ruse and should be regarded as a tightly held secret, and also as a more than subtle warning that they are bound to their oath of secrecy as members in good standing upon pain of severe penalty, or perhaps even worse:


As one shall observe, high-level politics in the state of Arizona has been a hot bed for the actor based reality, with actors serving as prime senatorial representatives for a number of decades. Arizona is home to the city of Phoenix, a name with mythological and occult significance. Official biographies inform that McCain first served in the house of representatives before advancing to the senate, and then onward to his ill-fated presidential campaign in 2008 against Barack Obama AKA CIA fabricated global terrorist bogeyman Osama bin-Laden AKA television comedian Jerry Seinfeld disguised in CGI black face (See: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1).

Along the way on his political journey, McCain’s political character was both noted and lauded for his ability to swim against the established tides of political partisanship, thus cementing for himself the reputation of a political maverick. But aside from all of the Hollywood scripted political image making while allegedly fulfilling the role of public servant, the character of McCain first served as a propaganda prop during America’s long and protracted conflict in Southeast Asia at the “Hanoi Hilton” (the name of this famous Vietnam wartime landmark sums to 8 on the gematria calculator/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuits) in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The film of John McCain’s imprisonment by the North Vietnamese appears staged, thus casting its authenticity and the veracity of the chronological account into question. If one observes and examines the footage displayed by the corporate news sponsored special report featured in the previous video displayed above with a cold and objective eye, one shall witness the identical technique of photo shop video morphing utilized in seminal Hollywood productions such as the ground breaking film Forrest Gump, which starred Academy Award winning performer, Tom Hanks (who also prominently starred in another piece of American film propaganda, Apollo 13, an alleged documentary account of the dubiously fabricated space opera produced by NASA).

Therefore, given this, it is more than possible this film was produced after the fact, and composed to bolster and establish the wartime bona fides of a prominent character created by CIA slated to later appear on the American political stage. It is also quite possible more than one actor has portrayed the McCain character, and the actor featured in the footage distributed by mainstream corporate news networks was designed to cement in the minds of the American public indelible and tragic images of McCain’s youthful character incarnation.

The story of McCain’s early career in the military, and his time at the Naval Academy, are couched in the sort of tropes created by Hollywood scriptwriters, and a biographical entry at Wikipedia even makes reference to an issue often trotted out as a latter day preoccupation with so-called social justice: bullying.

“Altogether he attended about 20 schools (20/2 masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin). In 1951 (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), the family settled in Northern Virginia (one of America’s original royal commercial outposts established by royal charter) and McCain attended Episcopal High School, a private preparatory boarding school in Alexandria (reference to ancient Egypt’s ancient library that legend has it was burned by invading Roman forces). He excelled at wrestling and graduated in 1954 (9 Satan’s #). He referred to himself as an Episcopalian as recently as 2007 (9 again for 9+9=18/666) after which date he came to identify as a Baptist.”

As one can readily observe, in addition to the numerological, masonic and mythical references, the chronological details provided thus far to establish the historical provenance of the character of John McCain were designed to color his persona with attributes of god fearing adherence and genuine all-American Protestant purity.

“Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, McCain entered the United State Naval Academy at Annapolis. He was a fiend and informal leader there for many of his classmates, and sometimes stood up for targets of bullying.”

But then, of course, the script writers, in an effort to bolster, in the way of predictive programming, McCain’s future forays into the role of a political “maverick” felt it was necessary to demonstrate that his tendency to rebel against authority from time to time was established during his youth:

“He came into conflict with higher-ranking personnel and did not always obey the rules, which contributed to a low class rank (894 of 899).”

One shall notice more numerological markers extant in the numbers signifying McCain’s alleged class rank as a result of his reported insubordination: 894/21/777(intelligence joker code)/899/26/2 6’s=12/21 flipped with occult law of mirror reversal = 777.

It must be accentuated, that examining this period in American history with both a jaundiced and meticulous eye reveals that CIA, as but one department of the global intelligence octopus, remained particularly active in shaping the masses historical perception, grand historical perceptions which are still being actively bolstered today with the publication of books, periodicals, and a perpetual string of Hollywood productions blaring from the silver screens of nationwide cinema complexes.

Yes indeed, folks, while the corporate media sorcerers and their constant propaganda may never sleep, it is clear that sadly, a significant portion of the American population remain content to happily slumber.


Hollywood actor, producer, director and screenwriter Ed Harris has a long, interesting and pertinent resume. Not only did he star in the aforementioned piece of NASA propaganda Apollo 13 along with Tom Hanks, but starred with Jim Carrey in the Truman Show, a movie which, thematically, more than hinted at the scripted and illusory nature of perceived reality. Perhaps just as noteworthy, Harris starred in Oliver Stone’s (Stone’s host actor is our old friend Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Austro-German prince Eduard von Furstenberg) mythical biopic of fake American president, Richard Nixon, as CIA intelligence operative agent E. Howard Hunt (E=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). Are there any of one’s loyal readers envisioning a deliberate pattern in the nature of cinematic roles portrayed by Mr. Harris?

But his most prominent role, for which Mr. Harris will never be formally bestowed Hollywood Oscar statuettes, is that which ear biometrics analysis conclusively demonstrates Harris  portrayed the late senator from Arizona, John Sidney McCain.

John McCain:


Comparing images of McCain with that of Harris from the video displayed above, one can observe that McCain’s host actor is disguised beneath layers of facial stippling to complete the illusion of a young actor portraying a much older character. But most tellingly, Harris also portrayed McCain in 2012’s television movie Game Change, for which he earned a Golden Globe. Apparently, the ruling elites felt it was safer to publicly award Harris for his McCain portrayal, but only if that portrayal was delivered through a visual medium they knew the general public had been socially and psychologically conditioned to accept as fiction.

But, that is the irony, isn’t it folks? For, that is the twisted and distorted perceptual paradigm the ruling elites must perpetuate at all costs to maintain their hegemony.

And yes, folks, McCain’s presidential running mate in 2008, Sarah Palin, was also a fictional character portrayed by a Hollywood actor.

However, that is a subject best left for another installment.




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