The real purpose of social media (part III)

If the last post concerning this particular topic were not disturbing enough, this should qualify as terrifying.

We explored the idea FB may be running psychological experiments on unwitting users. Well, this shouldn’t be news to anyone by now, since stories of this sort began popping up in mainstream news sources in 2012.

Apparently, FB undertook a behavioral modification experiment involving over one half million users. This involved tinkering with its ’emoticons’, ostensibly to test user emotional responses to various types of posts and advertisements.

Keep in mind, this was done without user written consent.

escape-to-death_banner1071FB executives though, denied any alleged illegality. In fact, after this story hit mainstream news, FB PR spokespersons went so far as to reiterate the necessity for the experiment, remaining careful all the while to sidestep addressing any privacy issues that may have been breached. This is typical of what is known in intelligence parlance as a ‘limited hangout’, admitting there may have been mistakes made, while at the same time nimbly dancing around any obvious and far reaching legal ramifications. In other words, FB may have invaded the privacy of its users with this experiment, but with regard to the legal and even moral considerations, well, those can be damned. After all, would one expect soulless corporate drones to inconvenience themselves over such messy moral considerations?


Most, will no doubt file this under conspiracy theory, but it appears FB front man Mark Zuckerberg, has an even scarier agenda in store for its users. Not too long ago, he was quoted hinting FB may someday want to directly link the brains of its users into a possible digital hive mind. Sound like something out of a science fiction movie?

Well, here it is, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak:

“You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you’d like…this would be the ultimate communication technology.”

Zuckerberg apparently made these telling comments during a live question and answer period from his own FB page. At first glance, though this idea may seem far fetched to many, scientists have in fact discovered ways to construct the actual technological infrastructure to create what they term ‘computer brain interfaces’.

In essence, this means that certain types of software could have the capability to translate brain waves into actual software commands. Scientists at the University of Washington, have developed specialized headgear equipped with electrodes that would facilitate brain to brain communication through a computer interface.

Featured Image -- 7438If FB is engaging in egregiously invasive behavior now with regard to user privacy rights, one can only imagine how far they will go in utilizing this technology. Technological advances are truly wondrous. However, when put into the hands of morally bankrupt individuals, or companies like FB, with possibly nefarious intentions, those technological wonders could transform into nightmares. In the grand scheme of things, it appears this represents a sea change in the overall FB business model, from an emphasis on sharing information to personal messaging.

It appears this falls in line with what was outlined in the previous post. Rather than relying on information gathered from posts, likes, and emoticons, access straight to the human brain would go a long way in perfectly tweaking sales and advertising demographics to completely maximize company profits.

Which makes sense, given the purpose of a business is to strengthen the bottom line.

It is always about the money, folks. Sell, sell, and sell again-while moral considerations are cast aside like so much worthless detritus!

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By now, it certainly is no secret that government agencies, FBI for example, monitor social media sites like FB for possible illegal and even criminal activity.  But recently, it was discovered FB partnered with an overseas company called Recorded Future. This company, headquartered in Sweden, has performed outsourced, task based digital services for US government agencies NSA, CIA, and even FBI.

No doubt, the fact this company is headquartered overseas, allows such government agencies plausible deniability with regard to legal difficulties that may result from breaches of Americans personal privacy. Primarily, Recorded Future scans the open web, searching for IP addresses, emails, and chat room conversation data. The company’s web link was recently discovered left in the chat windows of thousands of Facebook users, meaning users are being spied upon by an overseas company, outsourced by FB, and other government agencies.

If you think there aren’t definitive links between FB and CIA after reading that, think again. Every time one logs on to FB, you are indeed risking the integrity of your own personal privacy. If you don’t care about such issues, and clearly billions do not, then by all means, knock yourselves out. Apathy breeds the sort of obedient servitude the ruling elites crave.

When asked about the possible link between Recorded Future and FB, company spokespersons once again went into a mode of dissembling, denying any connection with Recorded Future, stating that “this activity could be due to other interactions consuming URL information.”

If you believe Zuckerberg, or anyone else at FB is telling the truth about ensuring your privacy and personal security while using FB, one may want to reconsider.

Just be aware, when logging in to FB, big brother is not only watching, but he could be trying to crawl inside your head!

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