Get ready. This may begin to change the way you feel about social media. This may make you reconsider, the next time you think you’re surfing the web in private, or the next time you log on to Facebook. You might think FB is free, but it is more than profitable for someone else.

This is the 21st century, and it is, a BRAVE NEW WORLD!


CIA deputy director Christopher Sartinski testified before a congressional committee that “Facebook is a dream come true for the agency.”

escape-to-death_banner1071If that weren’t enough, CIA agent and Facebook ‘founder’, Mark Zuckerberg, once commented, “Facebook is the greatest tool for population control ever conceived.”

Were you aware, not only is Zuckerberg a trained agent of CIA, but that he was recently given a prestigious award, for his efforts in posing as front man and public face, for what is essentially the largest, and most successful, private information gathering and intelligence matrix ever created?

But, what did Zuckerberg mean when he mentioned ‘population control’?

Well, let’s examine some salient facts.

It has been estimated that FB has over one-hundred and fifty million members, a good percentage of the American population, plus millions more overseas, and untold more in China and other countries. When you created your account, you had to provide personal information, personal information you provided of your own free will. Turns out, that information is worth billions to information starved corporations, corporations that want to sell, sell, sell their products to you. Therefore, while one may think FB is free, it isn’t, not to the corporations willing to pay FB for this personal information.  However, could it be there is another purpose in collecting these reams of personal data? In the 21st century, information is gold, and the average FB user is giving away,  for free, valuable information, a commodity advertisers are now, and will continue to profit from-BIG TIME.

But wait, it gets worse.

Not only does the personal information you freely provide on FB used to formulate sales demographics and targeted advertisements,  but the ads targeted back at you, based on the personal information provided, is routinely recorded and filed, and then, without warrant or subpoena, turned over to any government agency, including CIA, that requests it.

How does FB get away with this?

Well, remember that end user agreement you rushed through, and probably didn’t even read, the one filled with important terms and conditions? The agreement fully stipulates, the second you point and click, putting a check mark in that little box, that any and all information you provide to FB, whether in writing, or through photographs, voice recordings, and video, can and will become the property of FB, and can and will be provided to any and all interested third parties.

Want to sue? Well, good luck. Because, by virtue of your written consent, it is all legal.


This, folks, is commercial exploitation on an unimaginable scale. Not only that, but it represents the most invasive surveillance system ever devised in the history of mankind. Not even Orwell and Aldous Huxley could have imagined this. In fact, they are probably rotating in their graves faster than a wind turbine during a hurricane!

In truth, when you use FB, not only are they using your personal information to target ads and sell you products-YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

Forget for a moment this means every time you use FB, you are smothered under the blanket of the most extensive surveillance system ever devised, but this underscores everything I articulated in the blog series, How Crown Temple Rules America parts I-III. Which, by the way, I highly recommend reading-like, right now! For all intents and purposes, you are a human resource, and a valuable resource at that, exploited again and again for vast corporate profit. But, do you receive one penny of compensation in giving up this valuable information-SURELY NOT! Though many, surely don’t consider this while freely sharing virtually all personal information with the world at large, Facebook is much more than an information clearing house.

But, may there exist an more sinister purpose?

The answer, based upon verifiable research, is undoubtedly YES!

Facebook may also be secretly experimenting on its users. That’s right, Facebook is running psychological experiments in a deliberate effort to manipulate human behavior.

I can hear the sighs of exasperation now. Oh, yeah, more ‘conspiracy theory’ from some blogger likely nuttier than grandmother’s holiday fruit cake, right?

Well, STAY TUNED for part III of ‘The real purpose of social media’, coming up later tonight, and dare to find out!


  1. Hi Newsspell,
    I met you on Danny Ray’s site. That was nice of you to reblog his party. It sounds like you are not a Mark Zuckerberg fan. Do you use Facebook to promote your blog posts? I have heard the theories you mention elsewhere. I do not think you’re a “fruitcake”.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That is what I write about. I also host regular blog parties like Danny.

    1. Well, thanks for those gracious comments. And no, I spend as little time on FB as possible, only using it to promote my books and gain some exposure for my blog. I certainly shall check out your blog. I could use some help with regard to the technical aspects of making my blog more attractive to readers and finding new ways to gain more traffic.

      1. Hi Newsspell,
        Thanks for your reply. That’s what I do– I help bloggers gain traffic. I either will help you with your tech struggles or get you to a place where you can get free help.
        I shall look forward to your visit to my blog.

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