The real purpose of social media (part VI)

Don’t believe social media is psychologically manipulating you?

Think again!

Indeed, social media was constructed for that very purpose.

The concept of social media is tantamount to a dopamine inspired, psychological feedback loop, and in this installment folks, one possesses the necessary empirical proof to definitively demonstrate, beyond shadow of doubt, the veracity of one’s assertions.

However, one shall also explain, though the 21st century digital platforms and technology that have become quite commonplace may still be considered somewhat of a novelty, the methodology of the psychological manipulations distributed by each social media platform isn’t.

In fact, the methods of psychological manipulation utilized by social media are the culmination of decades-long sociological studies conducted by both Stanford Research Center and London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations beginning during the pre and post-war American eras.

And, in fact, one shall effectively demonstrate how it is social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are both dialed into the mainstream media complex to formulate mass psychological consensus and to also, cause division and ensuing order out of mass chaos.


In order to fully understand the concept of social media, one must first delve into the creative history of the very digital vehicle made it possible. There exist many misconceptions regarding the creation of the global internet. Many, the author included, wrongly assume it was conceived from meticulously collective research and development performed by a team of computer programmers, code writers and hardware technicians.

But, this isn’t entirely so.

In fact, much to one’s surprise, the concept of the internet was borne from the mind of one man, employed by an obscure sub-department working inside the Pentagon, an American psychologist and computer scientist named Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider.

Known as computing’s “Johnny Appleseed” for having planted the technological seeds that would eventually culminate with the emergence of the digital age, Licklider was noted by many of his colleagues in the early 1960’s for having singlehandedly developed the key technological elements that were eventually extrapolated into what is now, in the 21st century, taken for granted as commercial computer technology.

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1915, Licklider began his professional career as a committee member that established the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and a psychology department for engineering students. While working with his colleagues at the laboratory, Licklider became involved with what was termed the SAGE project, which developed a ground based system of large computers and associated networking equipment that was able, with great sophistication and astounding accuracy, to coordinate data from military radar sites and process it to produce a unified image of airspace over the widest possible area. Licklider’s SAGE project later developed into what became known as NORAD, the computer imaging system used during America’s cold war with the Soviet Union to detect possible incoming missile attacks.

Licklider also developed what was known, at that time, to be the largest computer ever built, the AN/FSQ-7, which occupied an entire floor of the Pentagon, an approximated 22.000 square feet.

In 1962, supported by funding from the US Department of Defense, Licklider began to develop the technology that would become the prime precursor to today’s internet, called Arpanet. Arpanet was an early prototype packet switching network and the very first to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP. Both of these technologies, of course, became the technical foundation of the internet.

Considering Licklider’s groundbreaking work was solely funded with tax payer funds, could it be mega corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are merely fronts for the US corporation?

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Licklider’s work however, concerned his extensive research into “human factors” and ergonomics.

In short, ergonomics and human factors are concepts primarily concerned with the application of psychological and physiological principles to the engineering design of computer products, processes and systems. Corporations which engineer and manufacture latter day smart phones, lap tops, and other related and ancillary digital productions such as video game applications, have clearly adapted those concepts first studied and developed by Licklider and assuredly, on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, applied them to aspects and grand ideas of mass human resourcing and globalized social engineering.

Rest assured, the thorough study of human behavior, psychology, and group behavioral patterns has enabled the creators of social media to design and implement an almost foolproof digital system with the capabilities to not only fit the human body and its cognitive abilities, but to socially and psychologically engineer, train, and manipulate the human body and its cognitive abilities into behavioral patterns conducive and satisfying to the ruling elite families and to their global commercial interests.

In the 21st century, those concepts have been cleverly meshed, and while incorporating a number of disciplines such as psychology, physiology, engineering, sociology, industrial, interactive and visual design, they have now collectively combined to implement the revolutionary user interface known today as social media networks.

Though the perception still persists, that the concept of social media is largely a benign platform upon which one can meet like-minded individuals and chat with so-called friends concerning topics of mutual interest and benefit, the following empirical evidence may serve to prove otherwise. The creators and managers of such popular digital platforms however, are well-equipped and perhaps even content in the knowledge, the reality of the overall purpose regarding social media platforms runs wholly counter to erroneous mass perceptions.

In effect, when one engages with discussions or information posted to popular social media platforms, one does so at the risk of being subjected to what is tantamount to mass psychological manipulation, and more trenchantly, the ensuing effects are far more immediate and effective than the medium of television could ever have achieved.

Allow the author to be frank, folks, the psychological effects of social media are comparable to that of the most potent narcotics, targeting the manipulation of both the human central nervous system and the most vulnerable of the neuronal pleasure and pain centers located in the cerebellum.

Far from concealing this knowledge, there exists documented accounts of former high-level Facebook employees who admit the hidden end game of social media is mass social programming and routine psychological manipulation.

Still, one senses, even at this juncture, there are those who would dismiss out of hand such bold assertions. And yet, these are the very individuals who may have utilized social media platforms for a duration of up to several hours per day, the very individuals who have been subjected to such manipulations, and yet still remain unaware of the routine damage effected, the very individuals who are yet to become aware of the essence of what social engineering truly implies – the clever manipulation of the natural human instinct to trust, the very fabric of mankind’s social compact.

The emotional contagion generated by the millions of daily social media users who have willfully consented to providing reams of personal data is being used against their personal interests to uniformly shape mass conformity, and of course, to sell more products and generate greater profits.

However, the mainstream media sorcerers are by no means exempt from culpability.

Social media platforms are routinely monitored for the purpose of conducting impromptu studies, studies which target entire swaths of user demographics for the sole purpose of collecting selected data sets that gauge the emotional reactions of users to the content of that day’s news feed.

When a suitable and definitive analysis has been compiled by the sub-departments at CIA, CNN and FOX are able to subtly or not so subtly tweak the content of their lead stories in subsequent broadcasts, which ultimately sways the tide of mass public opinion.

Additionally, these collected digital data sets can also be used to divide targeted social media demographical groups into opposing camps, between progressive social justice warriors and alternative right-winged reactionaries. The ruling elites delight at these sorts of juvenile, ideologically based confrontations, for it keeps the masses occupied and locked into ineffectual and manufactured opposition, and can serve to shape, mitigate, or marginalize whatever traces of genuine dissent exists.

Remember too folks, the longer they can get you to stare at that television or computer screen, the greater the chance the corporations who’ve bought advertising time will become confident they can make a profit from the sale of their marketed products.

Surely, one has so often heard it said, regarding the placement of news stories on the nightly broadcasts – “if it bleeds, it leads!”

With the emergence of social media platforms, the ruling elite families have pooled their vast financial resources to create and maintain a vast behavioral modification tool, which systematically trains the masses to willfully give over their personal information and their precious, autonomous liberties in lieu of the convenience of a digitally based artificial intelligence that will someday, and perhaps very soon, learn to make decisions for them.

Has one never wondered, why all brands of personal computers, smart phones, and other commercial, retail digital products are manufactured with LCD screens?

Utilizing a concept known as Optogentics, a biological technique that involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically neurons, that have been genetically modified to express light sensitive ion channels, the systematic control of human sleep, dream, and behavioral patterns has become frighteningly possible.

That’s right folks, with rays of specialized light, emanating from LCD computer and smart phone screens, the ruling elites would like to eventually possess the capability to turn human consciousness on and off whenever expedient.

The end game of social media, per most of the executives at Facebook, Twitter and Google, is to eventually solidify a digitally based, algorithmic consensus, a global hive mind, thus making it much easier for their ruling elite masters to govern over mankind.

In essence, social media represents but one incremental step toward the emergence of the artificially forced evolution of the human species, transforming the concept of the individual possessing inherent human rights and liberties from organic and autonomous thinkers, and collectively herding them into a vast, centralized artificial intelligence model that will ultimately decide their future destinies, and perhaps, even their very fates.

Stay tuned for Part II of Howard Hughes: man of mystery revealed, coming soon!











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