Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America

Loyal readers have often observed a great deal concerning the subject of predictive programming here at Newsspell. Considering the Kavanaugh scandal, the latest hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media sorcerers, it appears that concept has clearly been parodied. For it appears, the alleged victim of sexual predation possesses psychic abilities. One is referring to a revealing snippet from the recent public testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford.

Ford recently testified to a confession she had allegedly made to her husband, six years prior to the congressional proceeding, concerning her alleged perpetrator, Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

One will not bother to recount Ford’s exact testimony here in this installment’s introduction. Rather, one shall provide one’s loyal readers with a key visual aid, so that they might better determine for themselves.

Needless to say, Ford’s implication she may have known that Brett Kavanaugh, well beforehand, would become a nominee for the Supreme Court is quite stunning, and demonstrates this formal congressional hearing to have been the poorly conceived psychological gaslighting of the American public it truly was.

Could it have been an oversight on the part of the scriptwriters or was this merely another deliberate component of the psychological operation?

Along with the author, other researchers noticed too, the Coca-Cola product placement featured throughout the proceedings. To loyal readers and regular visitors, this should not be a surprise, for Coca-Cola has long been a valuable corporate asset for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and they are never loathe to forego profitable commercial opportunities.  
By now, the ruling elite Jesuit families must be getting desperate.

Not only is it obvious the following testimony given by Christine Blasey-Ford (English Ordinal gematria sum=212/21X2=42/4+2=6/33/High degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/) in the video displayed below has been thoroughly scripted to induce the requisite emotional and dramatic effect, but the fact the alleged victim implies she knew that Brett Kavanaugh, six years prior, may become a nominee for the Supreme Court, smacks of dialogue composed for a low-grade Lifetime courtroom melodrama.

The date of Blasey-Ford’s testimony is also coded with numerology: 9/27=36/3 6’s/666 or 99/occult mirror reversal=66/12/21/777/joker code.

The moniker of Blasey-Ford also represents the scrambled anagram for ROSEBAY.

In the author’s recent installment examining the life and career of Orson Welles, one was able to provide a possible nexus between the “rosebud” of Citizen Kane and the symbolic red rose used to identity an historic British royal house.

Could it be, this anagram is a signature left behind by the true perpetrators of this psychological operation?


Sensing that their recent 21st century rehash or update of the last century’s “cold war” melodrama with Russia was failing, in lieu of this, they have decided to wheel up the #Metoo movement propaganda to unprecedented levels, forcing their latest psychological operation involving a Supreme Court nominee beleaguered by accusations of sexual misconduct into the forefront of public consciousness.

Even the recently staged confrontation involving Senator Jeff Flake (the pseudonyms attached to these fake politicians are becoming increasingly insulting and obvious, right folks?) broadcasted ad nauseum on CNN backfired miserably, and it appears, the present-day overlords have miscalculated in deciding to so unceasingly and transparently dish out their psychological bombardments with such great frequency.

Perhaps, this new generation of elite ruling families has yet to heed the essence of the rather shopworn adage, that less is oftentimes truly more.

Amid all the recent media cacophony however, one has managed to once again positively identify the host actor portraying a prominent role as the accused Supreme Court nominee in this farcically fabricated Kavanaugh scandal. He shall appear to be a most recognizable figure, who played a prominent role in the Sandy Hook simulated mass casualty exercise in 2012.

Additionally, one has been able, through ear biometric, facial and voice analysis recognition, to tie in the matriarch of this particular actor’s family to a famous name with royal genealogical relations. Loyal readers will immediately recognize her, for she has been prominently featured in some of the author’s most recent installments.


A prominent Hollywood family, the Astins have appeared numerous times throughout the decades on American network television and in Hollywood movie productions. Turns out though, folks, that Astin is yet another pseudonym concealing the family members’ actual identities. Like the Kennedys (Roosevelts), Rockefellers (Levinsons), and Rothschilds (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), the pseudonym promoted to the public is designed to conceal the true genealogical origin and to provide a shield of plausible deniability for their involvement in the phenomenon known as the actor based reality.

In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis has determined that the host actor portraying Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is likely to be McKenzie Astin, the identical host actor behind the pseudonym of Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook infamy.

McKenzie Astin:


Robbie Parker:


Brett Kavanaugh:

It appears the script writers have attempted to utilize lighting distortions and even, at various times, to help conceal the identity of the host actor, applied latex layers to certain strategic portions of not only the face, but to the lobes of the ears.

More astonishing, is the true identity of the host actor’s mother, Patty Duke-Astin:

Patty Duke-Astin:




The implications of this are staggering, folks. For it appears, Broadway and Hollywood legend Ann-Margaret, though certainly beloved by generations of her public, has portrayed several other well-known characters throughout her storied career.

And now, it appears, her hidden son is involved in this latest example of mainstream media sorcery.

Added to all of this, one harks back to an earlier installment concerning Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That examination of her biography, life and legal career, revealed that the legitimacy and credibility of America’s most authoritative and prestigious legal apparatus is suspect.

There can be no doubt, that like the hoaxed government proceedings the American public observes on television, those bodies of “elected” government are collectively, a well-conceived holographic structure, designed only for the purpose of conveying the perception American’s possess a representative body of governance based on democratic ideals, thinly veiling the seemingly inscrutable presence of the thirteen, ruling elite families, and their unelected bureaucrats who implement their globally mandated social and political agendas.

Very recently, one overheard a trio of  local, middle-aged women while shopping at a nearby convenience store discussing this tax payer funded charade as if it had been a legitimate exercise in democratic jurisprudence.

“I hope he gets what’s coming to him,” one of them remarked.

Apparently, none of them were even aware these proceedings represented a procedural inquiry only, and were not officially held under legal oath.

Judging from the reactions of these individuals one happened to have overheard, it is clear that the object of this psychological operation, to confuse public perceptions to the degree a majority can no longer discern between the legal ramifications of an accusation and a conviction, has well-taken hold, as it was intended to do.






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