The Truth about Facebook and Zuckerberg

Somewhere, behind deception’s inexhaustible veils hides the truth.

No matter how inexhaustible or numerous, we shall now tear those veils to utter shreds.

The following shall expose the man to whom is credited the creation of Facebook.

Breathtaking in its sheer scale as well as its social, cultural, and even political influence, the creation of Facebook, the popular social media platform, marked the inception of one of the grandest of psychological operations and human behavioral conditioning tools ever observed in mankind’s history.

Very few of its billions of adherents, however, have begun to seriously consider the darker implications of the social media platform’s vast influence over not just Western and global popular culture, but the way in which such vast influence has been utilized to, in turn, alter, mold, and reshape human behavior through its ongoing but covert psychological operations.

Facebook – for all intents and purposes – is a large scale Skinner Box filled with billions of lab rats and Pavlov’s starving dogs.

The hidden family of the man credited as its creator – the man with royal genealogical connections and concealed behind the well-crafted mask of “Mark Zuckerberg” –  are also the covert financiers of Facebook’s vast human behavioral laboratory.

The woman seated behind Zuckerberg provides a clue as to the identity of his host actor. She’s Lady Helen Taylor, relative of the British royal family, and 43rd in line of succession to the British throne. Comparative image and facial recognition analysis with the video still shot of the woman observed seated behind Zuckerberg and to his left, demonstrates identical facial geometrical architecture, particularly in the area of the cheeks, lips, and brow ridges.

Lady Helen Taylor:

The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, as they’ve done for centuries, have always sought newer, improved, and more effective methods to control the behavioral patterns of their obedient tax paying subjects. Ways which prove favorable to bolstering their social, political, and economic hegemony over those which they have always ruled.

Suffice to say, the creation of Facebook has proved effective, indeed.

What better tool to promulgate propaganda and to spread the phenomenon of psychological operations in the form of Post-Modern Reality Simulation?

For the thirteen Jesuit families, the technological development and commercial proliferation of digital technology has served as a bulwark to divide, conquer, and to solidify – by the most sinister ways and means –  the massive psychological control of billions, and at a fraction of the cost of occupying or standing armed forces.

Mark Zuckerberg’s official biographies, however, portray him as a “philanthropist” and an entrepreneur. As to the first biographical description attributed to Zuckerberg, the concept of philanthropy has proved to be merely another profit-making scheme for the ruling thirteen families. As to Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial endeavors, it seems more than likely, he is merely a figurehead and a spokesperson trotted before the public to speak in the interests of his hidden royal family. A role Zuckerberg has, admittedly, portrayed with consummate skill and youthful enthusiasm.

Zuckerberg’s family, as we shall soon learn, possesses royal genealogical connections to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The genuine identity of Zuckerberg’s host actor, on the other hand, remains concealed behind a most familiar name, a name which has come to represent a perpetual bugbear among all those deemed “conspiracy theorists”.

While Zuckerberg’s official biographies tell us – most likely, in name only – he remains majority shareholder, chief executive officer, and chairman of Facebook Inc., it is his hidden royal family who remain his and Facebook’s covert benefactors. It is also likely, his royal family has profited quite handsomely from the personal information willingly provided by its billions of users to Facebook Incorporated through a virtual global network of anonymous third parties.


Zuckerberg’s official biographical narrative provides us with the sort of penniless plebian to mansion dwelling scion concoction we’ve come to typically expect from such bogus tales. It is alleged Zuckerberg, while attending Harvard University, launched Facebook from his dormitory with the help of four of his college roommates.

Zuckerberg’s is the sort of Cinderella tale which has been sold to the public before.

Remember Napster and Sean Fanning?

It is alleged he, too, created a popular internet friendly platform from his dormitory at Northeastern University. Though, like My Space, Napster eventually went the way of the dodo bird, the file sharing program still managed to make some semblance of profit before it was purchased by Rhapsody on December 1, 2011.

Not only is Zuckerberg credited with the creation of Facebook, he is also credited with an idea known as “Solar sail” which – according to Wikipedia – is a “method of spacecraft propulsion using radiation pressure exerted by sunlight based on large mirrors.”

When investigated further, we learn the idea of “Solar sail” isn’t solely associated with Zuckerberg. The history of this concept is also associated with – wait for it, folks – SVANTE ARRENHIUS.

SEE: Greta Thunberg’s Teenaged Propaganda Rampage Part III

As many of you surely recall from a recent expose concerning the global phenomenon of “Greta Thunberg”, Arrhenius is the same man who came up with the theory of the Greenhouse effect, the very theory utilized to buttress the dubious claims of many so-called “climate scientists” hired to market and sell the psychological operation of the “climate change” agenda.

Zuckerberg is also alleged to be the co-founder of Breakthrough Starshot. Again, according to Wikipedia, Breakthrough Starshot is a “research and engineering project” (read: tax-payer money hole/farrago of private off-shore interest bearing accounts) designed “to develop a proof-of-concept fleet of light sail spacecraft named StarChip, to be capable of making the journey to Alpha Centuari star system 4.37 light-years away.”

Really folks?

Anyone notice the gematria coding?

First, there is the number 37 (3 7’s=777/intelligence joker code). Secondarily, we see the number 4 or Tetrad which, the Pythagoreans (the original Freemasons) called “the greatest miracle”, “God after another manner”, “a manifold Divinity”, and a “key bearer” to the “fountain of Nature”.


Notice too, this project is interestingly – if not tellingly – defined as a  “proof-of-concept”. Meaning, the project managers will suck as much government grant money as they can into their private off-shore accounts while simultaneously pretending, like the staff of mercenary Hollywood movie producers hired by NASA, to be working on proving the “Starshot” concept is merely feasible, all-the-while producing nothing tangibly practical.

Such is the nature of grand ideas sold to the public as conceptually-based schemes which, in reality, are nothing more than elaborate financial cons and pyramid schemes created by gaggles of professional grifters disguised as “scientists” colluding with other greed ridden criminals hiding behind the mask of “philanthropists” and “entrepreneurs”.

Moving on with our examination of Zuckerberg’s official biographies, and we are readily led to believe his parents were, respectively, a psychiatrist (mother, Karen Kempner) and a dentist (father, Edward Zuckerberg). Zuckerberg is alleged to have three siblings, Randi, Donna, and Ariel who, we are told, were raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York which – according to Wikipedia – is “a small Westchester County village about 21 miles north of Midtown Manhattan.” There again, we encounter the 777 joker intelligence code. Regarding Zuckerberg’s childhood, Wikipedia throws in this rather interesting anecdote:

“Zuckerberg was raised in a reform Jewish household, and his ancestors hailed from Germany, Austria and Poland. He had a Star Wars themed Bar Mitzvah when he turned 13 and once questioned things before deciding ‘religion is very important’.”

In addition to the number of 13 (13 Jesuit families) being quite conspicuous, there is also the telling reference to emanations of Zuckerberg’s ancestry, curious references which also hint at and happen to correspond with those European geographical regions related to the ancestry of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Another telltale and conspicuous element regarding this biographical anecdote from Zuckerberg’s youth is the allusion to Star Wars and the very man who created the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas AKA Bob Dylan/Gary Lewis, a man who, as it happens, is also no stranger to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

SEE: George Lucas And His Death Star Deception

Those who work to contrive these celebrity biographies – the cubicle dwellers at CIA in Langley – seem to have a penchant for linking all of the role playing family members in such ways.


During Zuckerberg’s youth, it is further alleged he matriculated at Ardsley High School, where he excelled at classes. Two years later, however, Zuckerberg’s biographers tell us he transferred to the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy, located in New Hampshire. There, Zuckerberg went on to achieve stellar academic performances in mathematics, astronomy, physics, and classical studies, all for which he is alleged to have won prizes.

Still later on, and before entering Harvard, Zuckerberg attended John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, at their summer retreat. Further investigation into JHTY leads us to a noted psychologist, Julian Cecil Stanley, the founder of the Talented Youth Center.

It is at this juncture, we discover Zuckerberg’s connection, through Stanley, with the military/industrial/complex.

During the Second World War, Stanley served in the Army Air Corps’ chemical warfare service. Turns out, like Zuckerberg, Stanley went on to matriculate at Harvard University. Unlike Stanley however, who went on to receive a docorate from Harvard, it is alleged Zuckerberg withdrew from the University in 2005 to further develop Facebook, and was only recently, in 2017, awarded an honorary degree.

Oddly, there seems to be only one graduation image of Zuckerberg related to the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy, an image which appears to have been heavily manipulated with photo shop software.

In fact, the following image – alleged to be from a Phillips Exeter year book – appears to be a contemporary image of Zuckerberg which was crudely manipulated with a black and white gradient shading tool to give it the illusion of appearing appropriately backdated.

Zuckerberg’s image is third from the left, top row:

Thus far, and comparative to many other such celebrity biographies, Zuckerberg’s appears to contain a plethora of requisite elements one would expect to find listed among the concocted bona fides of a counter-intelligence agent or a prefabricated character conversion scheme meant for the widest possible distribution, mass popular consumption, and MSM saturation.

While appearing to the world as a ground breaking entrepreneur and philanthropist, as his biographies so adamantly claim, it is clear Facebook Incorporated was created to be utilized as a mass behavioral modification tool, and a dopamine feedback loop.

For those not thoroughly convinced of the validity of this premise, the following video sample, displayed directly below, features a first-hand account by Jaron Lanier, a noted computer scientist, award-winning visual artist, and a former employee of Bill Gates at Microsoft. Lanier’s characterization of Facebook and social media is, to say the very least, quite alarming.

Yes folks, according to Lanier, Facebook as well as all other social media platforms are routinely manipulated by algorithms which are, ultimately, designed to manipulate dopamine levels in the human brain and, thus, able to manipulate human behavioral patterns.

This implies that regular use of social media platforms becomes tantamount to recreational drug abuse, and the subsequent addictions which can result may be just as mentally and physically debilitating. Meanwhile, the thirteen families, and the hidden royal family of “Mark Zuckerberg”, represent the covert drug pushers who are profiting handsomely.


Now that we’ve already discovered the identity of one of Zuckerberg’s hidden royal relatives, and without yet revealing the identity of the man featured in the following image, is there anyone who is able to readily recognize this individual?

Yes folks, that was Jacob Rothschild, alleged to be, like his hidden son, one of the world’s most wealthy men. The Rothschilds, however, are merely a veil for the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. How do we know this? Ear biometrics, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis reveal that Jacob Rothschild is also this man:

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent:

Prince Edward is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. His mother is Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, which makes Edward, in turn, a relative of King Constantine II of Greece AKA George Soros/Aristotle Onassis/Dan Rather, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark AKA Megan Kelly/Nicole Brown Simpson.

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Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate Jacob’s son, Nathaniel Rothschild, is the host actor hidden behind the famous pseudonym of “Mark Zuckerberg”.

Mark Zuckerberg:

Nathaniel Rothschild:

Mark Zuckerberg:

Nathaniel Rothschild:






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  1. Great article, lucid, precise, wide-ranging and with a visual overview, always necessary to understand things. All the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together…
    I also wouldn’t underestimate the very beginning of Facebook, and then the hook to create its current diffusion. It started indeed as a simple online tool to find people lost of sight for years. This is the psychological hook, part of the whole experiment.

    1. Previously, I wrote a series of articles concerning the concept of social media as a tool of psychological warfare but, even then, I remained quite unaware of just how extensive and truly sinister its ramifications. When put into historical perspective, the concept of social media was obviously a method of coaxing the masses to willingly give up their personal information for the ulterior purpose of commercial exploitation at the hands of covert third parties. This concept has now been greatly expanded to include the phenomenon of not just psychological operations but mass behavioral modification. The social media platform Instagram, for example, was just exposed for withholding “likes” from a certain percentage of its account holders. In essence, social media is a dopamine-driven psychological feedback loop, and its users are being manipulated like lab rats. The social and cultural ramifications of this are truly too astronomical to contemplate.

      1. Yes, but I think we can see something of these radical changes, contemplating the current human behavoir, intellectuall prowess and psychological state in the current society, compared to that of only a few decades ago, I find it pretty disturbing. But there is a 360 degrees control, in virtual as in real life. Your comparison with lab rats fits perfectly. Lab rats but their laborer servants, too.

    2. I wanted to inform, the subject of the next article will concern the legend of, perhaps, the most renowned occultist of the modern age, Alistair Crowley. The host actor I’ve discovered behind his historical characterization will, quite assuredly, shock many.

    1. Tragically, I find that depiction all-too-accurate. On another level, the concept of social media has formulated simulated human relations in lieu of those which are genuine.

      1. I totally agree. Genuine human relations have severely degenerated, if not completely vanished, along with the human quality itself.

        Best wishes for a prosperous new year to you and your loved ones.

      2. Thank you. Despite everything, I am very hopeful for the future. Bring on 2020! Before then, though, don’t forget to tune in for the next installment. Turns out, Alistair Crowley, like some of his fellow family members, was a man of more than one historically recognizable face.

  2. I’m more pessimistic for the future…
    I wait for the next installment about Alistair Crowley, I think it will be very interesting…

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