escape-to-death_banner1071Now, I know, right from the outset, those that encounter the substance of this blog post will immediately formulate preconceived notions, based solely on the title found above.

I can hear the scoffing mantras now: “Ah ha, so he’s a Trump supporter!”

Allow me to dispel that misguided notion straight away. Those that have frequented this blog, know this writer does not, in any way, shape, or form, support, give credence, or believe, in any political candidate, for they are all puppets of the Crown Temple bank in London (See “HOW CROWN TEMPLE RULES AMERICA parts I-III).

In other words, whether one supported Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, one must realize they are both puppets, dangled from some very powerful strings. The former, is an actress playing a character, secretly a relative of the prominent European merchant bankers, the Rothschild family, and a Grand Dame of the Eastern Star, which is the high degree Freemason lodge designated for distaff initiates. The latter, is a ‘reality’ television cartoon character, elevated to his present status for simply no other reason than he happens to be a Scottish Rite Freemason, initiated into the 33rd degree of the New York Grand Lodge of the Knights of the Sacred Order of Solomon, bound to the oath of silence guarding the crimes, lies, and legal and financial shenanigans of his Freemason brothers.

One has often heard the phrase, perception is reality? Well, that is what the media sorcerers serve to you. Each successive time one endeavors to switch on the television clicker, one is preparing themselves to be socially conditioned, conditioned to accept certain ideas one wouldn’t ordinarily. One is being force fed a perception of the world that is convenient for the ruling elite. This, is the essence of magic, the molding and shaping of the public mind, mere clay in the hands of the magic practitioners. Politics, is nothing more than yet another form of inherently deceptive advertising, the candidates mere products to be sold, much like dish detergent, motor oil, or car insurance.

Think about it, when one finds themselves at the office water cooler, discussing the ‘issues’ of the day, does one objectively find the perspectives and opinions bandied about to substantially differ from those offered up by the so-called media pundits? If they do, those differences are merely superficial. To many, exercising free will amounts to the standard cop-out: “Well, what can we do about it, so I don’t bother to pay any attention!”

As to whether or not your political perspectives are genuine, the objective answer, for most, is a resounding negative. The opinions of the masses, with regard to high politics, are generally cued, derived, and ultimately substantiated through media propaganda.

One votes for Democrats and Republicans, out of a sense of nothing other than prevailing tradition, of emotional connection to a particular ‘brand’, probably because one found themselves most likely steeped in a certain ideological atmosphere while raised as a child. Or, perhaps later, during nascent adulthood, one found themselves influenced by a certain authority figure, found on college campus, that charismatic professor who happened to have left an indelible impression on one’s callow senses?

One would generally find opinions, even those informed by formal education, but especially those within the realm of politics, falling well within the conditioned duality of left and right, conservative or progressive. I’m not leaving so-called Libertarians out, as one will find that ideology falling firmly within the boundaries of preserving the established status quo of commercial trade, enforced and reinforced by the Crown Temple bankers. But, as it happens, none of these perspectives is predicated on anything other than what one has been repetitively conditioned to believe, through the constant consumption of modern media. If the masses were truly exercising free will, would they not come to the immediate conclusion they could, in fact, govern themselves?

After all, isn’t that the true definition of democracy?

Neither, shall I leave out the so-called alternative media, and their minions of deluded followers, for their opinions are based purely upon what is termed by intelligence agencies, as disinformation; a kernel of truth, prepackaged within layers upon layers of vibrantly colorful lies.ragingfalcon11838332


To underscore my premise concerning the recent Trump protests, one shall hark back to the Occupy movement allegedly derived from ‘grass roots’ sources, only to later fizzle when the marketing budget was exhausted. Not only have Americans been conditioned to accept the established political paradigm, but have also been led to believe the only viable alternative in addressing political grievances, is that of the organized street protest. This particular form of political protest gained popularity in the 1960’s, when it appeared a significant percentage of the nation’s youth were angry at what they perceived to be America’s unjust war in Vietnam. In fact, as documented previously, the so-called ‘hippy movement’ was hijacked and infiltrated, if in fact genuine at all. It was summarily infiltrated and controlled by the CIA, FBI, and other elements of ‘controlled opposition’. The protesters were trained, coached, or otherwise manipulated by certain government agents. Most of the major public figures appearing to lead the movement, Timothy Leary, Abby Hoffman, etc. etc., proved to be none other than tools of the very establishment allegedly protested against.

Stalin once put it best: The best method employed in defeating political opposition is to lead it!

Most recently, one was able to observe this very concept of ‘controlled opposition’ at work during the Occupy movement, a mass protest against the Federal Reserve and international bankers. Ironic to find then, that most of it’s major participants, were hired at the behest of NGO’s, or non-government organizations, controlled by, you guessed it-BANKERS!

Most of the leaders of these protests, taking place in major cities, were relatives of those in the international banking establishment. One example was Jennifer Greenburg, granddaughter of former AIG president Anthony Greenburg, a large private bank bailed out by the Obama administration in 2008.

In fact, with many celebrities in disguise attending these events as facilitators, the entire ‘movement’ amounted to nothing more than a spectacle, a dog and pony show to amuse the masses and soothe the consciences of those considered to be disaffected by perceived economic tyrannies.

Those numbered among the rank and file, convinced their participation may actually compel genuine change, were merely given the opportunity to make some joyful public noise. While the participants may have left feeling pleased, believing the voices of the downtrodden had been heard by the ruling establishment, the invisible puppeteers of the Crown Temple remained in control. The elites plan and execute mass protests chiefly because they serve as a social release valve whenever it is sensed the natives may be growing restless. This, time and again, is but one tried and true method of operation utilized by the Crown Temple bankers in directing the global stage play from behind the curtain.


The above tactics were particularly evident with the recent spate of protests against the newly ‘elected’ Trump administration. Many of the protesters were found to have been hired at a reported fifteen dollars per hour by paymasters that preferred, unlike before, to apparently remain not so hidden. Prominent adds were placed prior to each event, on line, soliciting the services of paid protesters, promising an hourly rate in exchange for their efforts, better than most working class people toiling in thankless jobs on a daily basis.

It appears, these days, if one wants to find gainful employment, then political dissident is indeed, an opportune occupation.

The paymasters of the nationwide Trump ‘protests’ appear to have been none other than certain non-government organizations operated by George Soros, a confidant of former New York Federal Reserve Chairman Timothy Geitner. But, like the protesters themselves, Soros is yet another puppet, a tool of the international bankers, a middle man hired to absorb the frustrations of the masses, someone to take the heat whenever one of the mob hurls a Molotov cocktail. Think about it, could these movements and protests, so well organized, tightly coordinated, and marketed, replete with billboards and T-shirts, ever truly be considered ‘grass roots’? If the movement were truly a threat to the establishment, would the media have given it credence with non-stop coverage?

One thing in all of this is certain, true grass roots movements, should such a genuine mass protest ever materialize, would never be televised.

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