This next series of blog posts will serve to connect some dots in terms of the world conspiracy, now coming to fruition in the 21st century. Recently, I composed a post, concluding Aldous Huxley’s Brave New Word was not just an imaginative dystopian work of literature. Rather, it represented an elite blueprint for social, religious, and economic global control. In addition, Huxley had not written the book from the remove of a perceptive observer. In fact, he was an insider, belonging to the bloodline of an elite family, privy to the machinations and central purpose of an overall global agenda.

But, this agenda is far from new.

In fact, the first seeds of this global agenda were planted in 1st century Rome, during the historical period when the prominent city was being fast transformed into an empire. Extending rapidly on from that era of the dim past, this grand dream of elite global control witnessed great progress centuries later, with the advent of modern technology, technologies developed by the Nazi regime under the cover of World War II.

The resulting technologies, namely television and the color transistor, would soon saturate Western markets during the post-war era. Having manipulated a post war economic boon in the West, specifically in America, this meant the masses, regardless of social or economic status, could afford a television set, making everyone subject to a steady diet of broadcast mainstream network propaganda. Now, after suffering from decades of calculated application of both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ power, that centuries old global agenda is now on the verge of bringing America under total elite global control.

Everyone is familiar with the terms sex, drugs and rock and roll, that unholy trinity used to control the collective consciousness of the masses. What is not so well known, is from where these concepts derived. One would never think there exists an intersecting nexus between the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of World War II era Germany, the hippie counter culture revolution of the 1960’s, and the creation of Music television in the early 1980’s, better known as MTV.

Unlikely as it seems, not only are their interconnections, but each is inextricably linked.

The connection: THE BLACK NOBILITY.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

What is meant by that term?

The Black Nobility are a group of elite family bloodlines, prime stockholders of the Crown Temple bank in the city of London, ruling  families controlling the Vatican and European royal thrones, and the premiere political and military classes of Washington D.C.. Collectively, they are all connected today by the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s, ancient genealogies extending as far back as the Roman Empire, if not before, perhaps all the way back to Babylon. Philosophically, the other thread connecting these families is the global occult organizations of Scottish and York Rites of international Masonry, the Grand Master of which is presently The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan William.


Mass media has been indoctrinating the masses to accept global governance since before Wold War II. The National Socialist Party and the character known as Adolph Hitler, were deliberately set up by the international Crown Temple bankers. This was done so that grand research programs, resulting into what would become Western mass media technologies and the international pharmaceutical industries, could be undertaken under the guise of war, and without the prevailing encumbrances of Western moral and legal considerations.

It is important to note that at the highest levels, the Allies and the Nazi’s, using MI6 as a conduit, were working in tight cooperation for the entire duration of the World War’s prosecution. In fact, it is no coincidence Winston Churchill, bastard offspring of Edward VII, and Hitler, another bastard offspring secretly sired by Edwin de Rothschild, were summarily installed into their respective positions of power.

In times of war, the elite banking families control and fund both sides, combatants publicly led by reliable and compromised bloodline puppets.

A prime example of this in America, would be the Clinton’s and Bush families, who are both descendants of Black Nobility families.

Bill Clinton is an illegitimate son of Winthrop Rockefeller.  escape-to-death_banner1071

One of the technologies developed prior to the beginning of the war, television, became an instrumental socialization tool in propagandizing the German population into accepting an extreme war posture. Television, which uses timed images, and carefully calculated sounds, became so effective as a social conditioning tool, that it has represented a key weapon in the propaganda arsenal of the elite families in shaping the global masses to their will ever since.

The great results benefited from Nazi human experimentation during the war, to determine the effectiveness of certain narcotics and pharmaceuticals on the human nervous system conducted by Josef Mengele, would exponentially develop in the following decades into the massive global pharmaceutical/pharmacological industry.

One of the artificially produced pharmaceuticals developed during this period, was what became known as LSD, or lysergic acid. This became a widespread tool used to control the direction of the artificially created Western hippie counter culture of the 1960’s. These experiments with media and drugs, working in combination to discover how best to synthesize the powerful results observed under laboratory conditions, would later be used in the next phase of the elite global agenda, taking place in the 1950’s and 1960’s. siren-011971937


It must be understood, that the methods of power utilized by the ruling global elites, or Black Nobility, publicly manifest in two distinct ways.

One, through the left hand path, and the other, through the path of the right, or the iron hand in the velvet glove.

The global populations presided over, are often caught between the extremities of this power duality. Sometimes, history demonstrates the elites using a clever combination of both when one or the other method seems to be losing effectiveness. Over the course of the twentieth century, the elites learned that the right hand path is often more effective and more lasting. In other words, they have found it is often better to seduce a population into obedience with distracting entertainments; sex, drugs and rock and roll, than it is to hold them perpetually at gun point or under threats of imprisonment or death.  Over the centuries, they have found tyranny works best, and is tolerated for longer periods, when it is dispensed with a smile and a pretty face, rather than at the point of a crushing jackboot. escape-to-death-21067


These two extremes in terms of the elite expression of power are best articulated in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and in George Orwell’s 1984.

Huxley’s Brave New World describes the right hand path, while Orwell’s 1984 describes the other extreme, the style of governance that chooses to administer a ‘boot coming down on the face, again and again’. Orwell’s book best describes the sort of governance employed by such tin pot elite puppets as Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. The former blueprint, articulated in Huxley’s Brave New World, the right hand, represents a style of governance that utilizes the warm and fuzzy seduction of sex drugs and rock and roll, to lull the masses into a state of apathetic obedience to its own slavery.

This ‘soft’ power method, while perhaps more humane, is in reality more sinister and insidious, in that slavery is made to appear as freedom.

This is the sort of ‘soft power’ governance America has primarily experienced since the advent of the government manufactured hippie counter culture, later finding expression in the 70’s disco culture, and still later in the 80’s with the so-called MTV revolution of plastic rebellion.

In the next installment, we shall further explore the history of this elite bloodline, known as the Black Nobility.

So, stay tuned for part II!

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