Many may not be aware that, when sitting down to watch their favorite spy finagle and charm his way out of death defying scenarios while matching wits with another of the world’s most dangerous villains, they are witnessing and actively participating in an occult ritual.

Historically speaking, the Bond film franchise has also existed as a major vehicle for the concepts of predictive, social and political programming.

Many adherents to the legend of 007 may also be unaware that Sean Connery – believed by many movie critics and aficionados of the Bond film franchise to have provided audiences with the most definitive and overall best portrayal of those cast in the iconic role – was himself a character portrayed by a host actor.

Yes folks, the truth of the post-modern phenomenon known here at Newsspell as the actor based reality has many protective layers, of which the character known for decades to the general public as Sean Connery is but merely one.

Within this informative installment, one shall discover not only paradigm changing revelations, but unexpected connections to the popular music industry, to Disney, a 90’s era “boy band”, a popular singer allegedly from Wales, and a legendary singer/songwriter from New York, known as “the piano man”, who enjoyed his hitmaking heyday of popularity during the late 1970’s and 80’s.

To those for whom it may be difficult to conceive of the idea the beloved Sean Connery – who was among the first of a string of actors to have been cast in the iconic spy role of James Bond – may be a fabricated and archetypical character performing under a pseudonym, there can be no doubt, at least among loyal readers, expectations are running high that the grand spell those counted among the former have lived under for their entire lives – to paraphrase the legendary character himself – is about to be forever shaken and not merely stirred.

Examination of Mister Connery’s official biographies offered the first of many clues something was indeed amiss, and that the actor who starred in the first seven (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) films helped establish Albert Romolo “Cubby” Broccoli’s (more on him later) James Bond/007 franchise as both a cinematic and commercial force, is not who he claims to be.

The very first telltale sign something regarding the details of Connery’s biography may indeed be awry, is the fact that he is an official Knight of the British Empire, meaning, Connery’s host actor has not only served as a valuable cog in the ever revolving wheel of the actor based reality, but has well-served his masters, the ruling elite families, and most likely has added tens and perhaps hundreds of millions to not only their financial portfolios, but as well his own.

Connery was officially knighted by British monarch Queen Elizabeth on July 5 of 2000 (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/symbolic of angelic transformation) at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Some of Connery’s official biographical accounts, including those found at Wikipedia, note this event by claiming the actor was first “nominated” for the prestigious royal award in either 1997 or ’98, but the nomination was, at first, reportedly vetoed due to his political proclivities.

Apparently, the man dubbed “the greatest living Scot” was known to oppose the popular idea of “Scottish devolution”, the need for the reinstating of a Scottish parliament within the United Kingdom, a notion that at the time, was heartily supported and advocated by Donald Campbell Dewar, the inaugural First Minister of Scotland, the man allegedly responsible for the vetoing of Connery’s knighthood nomination.

Allegedly born in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland on 25 (7, kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, August of 1930 (8+22=30/three/EE/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), we find that Connery’s biography, like those of so many other iconic stars of stage and screen examined in the past, features a working class pedigree, and it is claimed his mother was a cleaning woman while his father was employed as a factory worker and a lorry (taxi) driver.

Of course, among the anecdotal accounts of Connery’s biography, the usual numerological and occult symbolic markers can also be discovered.

This account of Connery’s youth is drawn from the pages of Wikipedia:

“Although he was small in primary school, he grew rapidly around the age of 12 (21/777), reaching his full adult height of 6 ft. 2 in. (12/21/777) at 18 (666). He was known during his teen years as ‘Big Tam’, and has stated that he lost his virginity to an adult woman in an ATS uniform at the age of 14 (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation).

In fact, before ascending to the brightly lit pantheon of fame and fortune, it is claimed Connery first found gainful employment as a milk delivery man in Edinburgh with Saint Cuthbert’s Co-operative Society.

Below, is the link to an image of a Saint Cuthbert’s milk truck drawn by a horse. Take note, that the horse drawing the Cuthbert’s milk cart is colored white, which is symbolic of the pale horse of biblical revelation.’s_%22C0-op_milk_cart…

During his visit in 2009 (11/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) to the Edinburgh Film Festival, Connery later recalled this interaction with a taxi driver to interested members of the mainstream press:

When I took a taxi during a recent Edinburgh Film Festival, the driver was amazed that I could put a name on every street we passed. “How come?” he asked. “As a boy I used to deliver milk round here,” I said. “So what do you do now?” That was rather harder to answer.

This account of Connery’s smacks of yet another of those fabricated celebrity anecdotes, and though its creators likely thought of its purpose as bolstering the host actor’s working class pedigree, the story simply does not ring true.

Primarily, are we to believe that rather than drawing from adolescent memory, Connery could not have simply read the names embossed on the street signs?

Secondarily, is it even remotely possible, that by 2009, Connery’s image wasn’t universally recognizable among those of the working class hoi polloi, especially, those residing in a region of the British Isles alleged to be his home country?

Unless, Connery’s host actor, much like Bob Dylan’s, is slyly referring to the fact the taxi driver didn’t recognize him as Connery, simply because the host actor wasn’t in character, and wanted to protect his identity?

And finally, even if one chooses to take this story at face value, does it seem even remotely likely, that a world renowned celebrity such as Connery, a Knight of the Queen’s British Empire, would deign to ride in a public taxi rather than a limousine or some other privately chartered and chauffeured vehicle, if only for reasons of security and perhaps to maintain the cushy comfort level of the celebrity lifestyle to which, over many decades, he had become accustomed?

Subsequent to his youthful employment as a milk driver for Saint Cuthbert’s, the official mainstream Connery chronicles allege that the man who would later become known as “007” joined the British Royal Navy.

Once again folks, we find yet another stint of military service in connection with an iconic star of the Hollywood entertainment industry.

There seems to exist a consensus among official biographers however, that Connery’s tenure in the Royal Navy was rather brief, and he was discharged “on medical grounds because of duodenal ulcer.” It is further claimed, this condition was biologically inherited, and common among “most of the males belonging to previous generations of his family.”

After discharge from the Queen’s Royal Navy, it is claimed Connery (Con Job/Joycean/masonic play on words), returned to his job as a milk delivery man. He also worked odd jobs as a lorry driver, a lifeguard, a laborer, an artist’s model at the Edinburgh School of Art for 15 shillings an hour (6/33), and of all things, a coffin polisher.

It is claimed, that one of the art students who painted Connery became so enamored with the stunning profile of his image that he once felt compelled to describe the future 007 spymaster as “very straight, slightly shy, too, too beautiful for words, a virtual Adonis.”

From here, the fantastical improbabilities of Connery’s biography begin to pile up.

It is claimed that Connery began body building at age 18 (666), and that from 1951 (25=7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) trained with a former instructor from the British army. Apparently, most biographers admit, though Connery would go on to compete in the 1950 (24=6/33) Mister Universe contest, and his personal website claims he placed third (33) overall, conflicting official sources document Connery competed during the 1953 contest (27/2 7’s/Lucifer’s lightning/angelic transformation), placing third (33 again) in the junior class division or “failing to place in the Tall Man classification.”

These strange biographical inconsistencies seem most anomalous, indicating that the official biographers can’t bother to get their story straight or that Connery’s biographical details are simply derived from whole cloth for the purpose of solidifying an ultra-masculine image for the host actor’s character.

The fantastical notions inhabiting Connery’s biographers don’t stop there, however, for they also claim, that while still a youth, the future 007 with a license to kill was a “keen footballer.”  While on tour during one of his first acting gigs with the theatrical company of South Pacific, Connery allegedly participated in a football match that Matt Busby, then prominently known as the manager of one of Britain’s most prestigious football clubs, Manchester United, happened to be scouting. Allegedly impressed with Connery’s demonstrated football skills, Busby offered the actor a contract worth 25 pounds a week at the conclusion of the match.

Now really folks, does this sound even remotely plausible?

Is one to ever imagine, that under any circumstances, NFL scouts are rushing out to pick up games in your neighborhood to garner high draft picks for the upcoming season?

Upon further consideration, they might, especially when biographers housed at Langley’s CIA are composing Hollywood’s bogus celebrity narratives, and then selling them to a gullible general public weened on a steady diet of reality television, soap opera melodramas and CGI-laden video games.

When asked about this stroke of good fortune at being offered the opportunity to become a privileged professional footballer, Connery is on record as having said, “I realized that a top class footballer could be over the hill by age of thirty (EE=33), and I was already 23 (2 3’s=33). I decided to become an actor and it turned out to be one of the more intelligent moves.”

Yes indeed folks, especially for Hollywood celebrities, hindsight is always so perpetually clever.



At the beginning of the video displayed above, one shall notice the familiar and iconic introduction of the Bond character, whose silhouette appears in the muzzle of a gun barrel. The visual content of this introduction, as well the name and number of the character hold occult significance. In the highest degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, the belief exists that the energy of light coming through the prism or pyramid of the sun creates the illusion of material reality. In that sense, the barrel of the gun represents the birth canal, or the vesica piscis, which is symbolic of the vortex of life, where the emerging soul combines with blood from the tree of life to properly manifest into material reality.

This imagery also ties in with the Templar degree and the idea of the Baphomet (Ba/pho=arrival of the soul into the material reality of the pyramid/prism=met).

The character name of James Bond is symbolic of the freemason pillars of Jachin and Boaz. This too, is evident in the creation of the character name of Jason Bourne, another cinematic spy character. Both of these popularly recognized character names are also tied in with the freemason or Jesuit concept of Ordo Ab Chao or the creation of a new order synthesized from deliberate or fabricated chaos.

The significance of the number 007 mirrors this concept of the arrival of the soul in the pyramid/biblical trinity or the prism of material reality (00=30/33/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/alchemical/magical process of an idea transforming into material belief).

It is also interesting to note that, the various villainous plots presented through the vehicle of the Bond/007 cinema franchise seem to mirror what the ruling elites have planned for humanity. For example, in one of the first Bond movies starring Connery in the iconic role, Goldfinger, there is this exchange between the titular villain and 007, which is also coded with occult numerology:

Bond: “You surprise me Goldfinger. You know Operation Grand Slam (gematria sum=89/8/44 destruction code) simply won’t work, and incidentally, Delta 9 (6/occult mirror reversal/33) gas is fatal.”

Goldfinger: “You’re unusually well informed, Mister Bond.”

Bond: “You’ll kill 60 (33) thousand people uselessly.”

Goldfinger: “American motorists kill that many every two years.” (pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

Bond: “Yes well, I’ve worked out some statistics of my own. Fifteen (6/33) billion dollars, in gold bullion weighs ten-thousand, five hundred tons (16/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), sixty men (33) would take twelve days (21/777) to load it onto two-hundred trucks (pillars of Boaz and Jachin). Now at the most, you’re going to have two hours (masonic pillars) before the army, navy, air force, and marines move in and make you put it back.”

Goldfinger: “Who said anything about moving it?”

Bond: “Mister Ling, at your factory is a specialist in nuclear fission – but of course! His government’s given you a bomb?”

Goldfinger: “I prefer to call it an atomic device, its small but particularly dirty.”

Bond: “Cobalt and Iodine? If you explode it in Fort Knox, the entire gold supply of the United States would be radioactive for fifty-seven years (12/21/777).”

Goldfinger: “fifty-eight (13/summit of masonic pyramid) to be exact.”

Bond: “I apologize Goldfinger, its an inspired deal. They {powers of the Eastern hemisphere/China/Russia/Japan} get what they want – economic chaos in the West, and the value of your gold increases many times.”

Goldfinger: “I conservatively estimate ten times.” (10=IO in occult mirrored reversal/alchemical/electrical transformation of energy)

If one reads between the lines, considers the historical context, and further considers this installment of the Bond franchise was released during America’s escalation of the Vietnam conflict in Southeast Asia, it may be concluded that the entire plot of this movie represents a prima facie example of the psychological process of mass predictive programming. It is also interesting to note the threat of global annihilation with atomic weapons was used as a psychological stalking horse throughout the 1970’s and the 80’s to keep the masses preoccupied with the low vibration of conscious and subconscious fear which in turn, accelerated their reliance upon and fascination with the pursuit of material wealth and the accompanying temptations derived from the perceived pleasures of materialistic and hedonistic lifestyles.

The plot of Goldfinger is particularly revelatory, in that it reveals to its intended audience the ruling elite’s grand plan for post-war deindustrialization of the West, and their plans for the subsequent transfer of grand scale industrial production and economic transfer of wealth to the Eastern hemisphere. In retrospect, this covert plan of the ruling elites, revealed as a hidden motif beneath the Bond movie’s superficial narrative, was well underway by the mid-1960’s, an era which coordinated with the emergence of the Bond film series as a viable and powerful commercial entity. This global plan of the ruling elite families, first referred to by the characters starring in Goldfinger, is just now coming to fruition through the implementation of Agenda 21 in the first quarter of the 21st century, utilizing the climate change agenda as a veil to hide their genuine but covert intentions.


The number 007 is also related to a pair of Hollywood’s largest movie studios, Columbia and MGM, joined into a conglomerate dialed in with the Pentagon, the military/industrial complex, and the international intelligence octopus. But there is further occult significance to the number of 007, related to the Legend of Tubal-Cane, said to have been the soul survivor of the race of Cain after the biblical flood. The Legend of Tubal-Cain also extends to the establishment of modern Freemasonry. Masonic historian, Albert Mackey, explains that Tubal-Cain is the Vulcan of the Pagans, and in a significant way, was connected to the idea of ancient freemasonry.

In Mackey’s text, The Lexicon of Freemasonry, the Legend of Tubal-Cain is explained:

“He was an inventor of edge-tools, and introduced many arts into society which tended towards its improvement and civilization. Tubal-Cain is the Vulcan of the Pagans, and is thought to have been closely connected with ancient Freemasonry. Faber says that ‘all the most remarkable of ancient buildings of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia Minor, were ascribed to Caribean or Cyclopean Masons,’ the descendants of Vulcan, Dhu Balcan, the god Balcan, or Tubal-Cain. Oliver says, ‘In after times Tubal Cain, under the name of Vulcan and his Cyclops, figured as workers in metals and inventors of the mysteries; and hence it is probable that he was the hierophant of a similar institution in his day, copied from the previous system of Seth, and applied to the improvement of schemes more adapted to the physical pursuits of the race to which he belonged.’

For these reasons Tubal Cain has been consecrated among Masons of the present day as an ancient brother. His introduction of the arts to civilization having given the first value to property. Tubal Cain has been considered among Masons as a symbol of worldly possessions.”

This explanation in terms of the modern development of the Freemason craft stands to reason, as the first reference one finds to Tubal Cain is in the Legend of the Craft, where he is called the founder of the smith-craft. According to legend, Tubal Cain was a master at forging weapons. Master 33rd degree mason and scholar Manly P. Hall, said this about Tubal Cain and his weapons:

“The mason must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword in to a plowshare.”

And then, there is the author of the series of books from which the Bond film franchise was adapted, Sir Ian Fleming, who was genealogically tied to the Saint Croix (Rosicrucian) family in Templar dominated Switzerland. As a youth, Fleming was educated in Geneva, Switzerland at an exclusive boarding school reserved for the children of old European aristocracy, and while there, became friends with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

It is said, that Bernhard was an aristocratic playboy who very much enjoyed the privileged and acquisitive society he had been born to, and while a young man developed an insatiable penchant for the ravenous consumption and enjoyment of fast cars, high stakes gambling, and even faster women. It has also been documented, that the playboy prince became the template upon which Fleming based the development of the Bond character.


Albert Romolo Broccoli, nicknamed “Cubby”, was the man whose filmmaking skills were instrumental in bringing the James Bond/007 film franchise to life.

Admittedly, in terms of biographical examination, Broccoli proved an interesting and even fascinating study. Born on April 5, 1909 (9/6/33/18/666) Broccoli went on to produce many of the most iconic and popular of the Bond/007 spy/action/adventure film classics.

Most of these were produced in the United Kingdom, and done in coordination with Pinewood Studios. Pinewood has proved instrumental in one’s previous research into the existence of the actor based reality, and has been a touchstone in terms of identifying many of its key participants such as Alfred Hitchcock AKA powerful Hollywood mogul Barry Diller/Austro-German prince Eduard von Furstenberg AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Although Broccoli is well known in film making circles, during the course of his life, he proved to be something of a hermit.

Turns out folks, there may have been good reason for this, for when one began to examine images of this legendary film auteur, facial recognition similarities to another legendary figure in the world of filmmaking, Orson Welles, became immediately apparent (See: Howard Hughes: Man of mystery revealed (part I) 

There is empirical evidence that not only did Orson Welles portray the illusive and fabled American billionaire Howard Hughes, but there also exists a strong link between Broccoli and Hughes. Broccoli’s biographies claim he too, like his future star Connery, emerged from out of the dregs and obscurity of the working classes, and that before his employment began in the filmmaking industry, he was employed as a casket maker. Recall that earlier in this installment, it was pointed out Connery’s official biographies claim he used to work as a “coffin polisher.”

Could it be that, the script writers creating these biographies clearly possess morbid fetishes?

It is claimed, Broccoli rose to prominence in the film industry straight from the bottom, and in 1941 (24/6/33), he began working as a gofer for Howard Hughes on the set of the Hughes’ film, the Outlaw. Funny thing is though folks, ear biometric and facial recognition demonstrate that Welles’ AKA Howard Hughes and Broccoli are one and the same:

Orson Welles:

“Cubby” Broccoli:

Note, that in the case of Broccoli, the key positioning of eye wear was utilized to once again distort the geometrical angles and ocular perception of the facial region, and aided greatly in the ultimate concealment of Welles, the host actor.

If examined more closely, one shall also note that with Broccoli, facial stippling was added to distort the geometry of the chin, as well generous portions of nose putty were added to distort the facial regions of the brow ridges. But in every case where one observes Broccoli sans eye wear, thus allowing for more genuine ocular comparisons, one can readily detect the facial similarities and characteristics between the character of Broccoli and those of the host actor, Welles.

At the time of the emergence of the Bond franchise as a commercial force, it is claimed the esteemed career of the legendary Orson Welles had fallen into the doldrums, and that he struggled to find funding for his prospective film projects. Now that positive identification of Bond film auteur Albert Broccoli and his connection with Orson Welles the host actor has been made, one can safely conclude these claims represent a clear biographical canard, and also helps to fully explain why the legendary but fabricated character of Howard Hughes was claimed to have become so illusive during this time period.

Furthermore, and comparatively speaking, if one looks at the iconic opening montage with which Bond aficionados have become accustomed and demonstrated in the video displayed earlier in this installment, there is a strong and identifiable resemblance to the stylized cinematography and occult imagery utilized in Welles’ masterpiece, Citizen Cane.

As for the character of Sean Connery, the following identification of his host actor, as well the identification of some of the other characters he has portrayed, may impress some as genuinely surprising. In every case of extensive analysis however, whether with ear biometrics or facial recognition, the host actor in common with the characters of not only Sean Connery, but pop singers/artists Tom Jones and Billy Joel, turned out to be Steve Guttenberg, a television/film actor, whose most notable role was starring with Sir Lawrence Olivier and Gregory Peck (hidden father of Hollywood icon Robert Deniro AKA former US president, Lyndon Baines Johnson) in the seminal cult film, 1978’s Boys of Brazil. Added to this, comparative facial recognition analysis of Connery’s former spouse, Diane Cilento and former supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley, the former spouse of popular music recording star Billy Joel, turned up positive.

Sean Connery:

Steve Guttenberg:

Tom Jones:

Billy Joel:

Diane Cilento:

Christie Brinkley:

Note, that the name Billy Joel mirrors the occult significance of James Bond, in that the first letters symbolically represent the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

But just to further underscore the author’s premise that nepotism exists as the guiding principle in the world of the entertainment industry, Connery’s host actor, Steve Guttenberg, has a hidden but famous son, pop singer Justin Timberlake, a former member of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club and the 1990’s boy band, NSYNC.

Justin Timberlake:

There is more to this story, folks, and a second installment may be necessary.

Hint: There may be a Beatle connection!
















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