AOC: Has America Elected Yet Another Actor?

The ruling elites have produced yet another polarizing and popularly recognized socio-political force, this time in the form of an upstart political candidate for America’s House of Representatives from the Bronx, New York (14th district/77 code/angelic transformation/twin lightning charges of Lucifer).

But is this candidate legitimate, or is this yet another example of a fabricated character, designed to pose as the centrifugal figure of a manufactured political movement, hoisted to public prominence to become the signature face of a strategically created psychological operation?

From what we’ve learned about the nature of the phenomenon known as the actor based reality, and upon first impression, the latter speculations seem the most likely conclusions.

Not only shall the host actor behind the ruling elite’s latest puppet be revealed in this installment, but an in-depth analysis shall be provided as to why this character was created and is being heavily promoted by MSM.

Over the centuries, the thirteen ruling elite, Jesuit families have become expert planners and administrators.

This considerable expertise, combined with the systematic and expedient utilization of all manner of psychological manipulations, has only become better honed in the 21st century, and aided by the continued development and growth of digital technologies, the influence of their globalist agenda has achieved even greater levels of exponential advancement within the collective mind of the American public.

The recent advancement of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the public eye, is neither due to coincidence, nor has it occurred due to sheer accident.

As usual, the public has been presented or force fed with a fabricated but popularly prominent character, a character replete with a heart-tugging working-class biography.

Nevertheless – and like all such social and political agitators of past ages – it can easily be proved, Cortez’s stellar emergence upon the American political stage has been both heavily financed and promoted by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

But for some specific purposes.

Primarily, her character was designed to act as the centrifugal mouthpiece to promote Agenda 21 and “climate change.” Historically, these have represented two of the ruling elite families’ most heavily promoted, well-funded, and inextricably linked programs.

However, the timing of Cortez’s emergence into the public eye at this specific juncture is also noteworthy.

The emergence of Cortez as a heavily promoted, mainstream political figure, and her affiliation with various “progressive” causes, known to have been substantially funded by multi-national corporations, and a certain prominent family of American merchant bankers, represent a self-evident, and carefully planned convergence of events.

Furthermore, the manipulation of such a self-proclaimed “socialist” candidate into public office not only smacks of desperation on behalf of the ruling elites in their haste to complete the deindustrialization of the West and its incremental transformation to a service based economy by 2030, but of the desire – as a sort of trial balloon – to test a majority of the American public’s resistance or non-resistance concerning democratic socialism’s ideological viability.

One thing has also become clear regarding Cortez: the MSM’s accentuation of her gender and her alleged socio-ethnic identity have been utilized to primarily embolden the “progressive” causes she claims to espouse, and secondarily, to act as a protective shield against not only criticism directed at her consisting of a substantive nature, but any response to her ideological proclamations which could be perceived as even remotely damaging.

The Twitter link displayed below represents case in point:

Note, how the politician in question, Scott Wagner (most likely an intelligence plant), was quickly charged with accusations of “sexism” by a representative of Sunrise Movement (more on them shortly) – which has aligned itself with the candidacy of Cortez – over a disparaging comment made in response to a young activist’s dubious proclamations regarding the need for a government funded “climate change new deal.”

Many of Cortez’s youthful supporters in the Sunrise Movement appear to be “influencers” (read government-paid agents, trolls, agitators) on social media platforms, hired to harangue, harass or shame those who would legitimately dare to question the overt bankruptcy of their disgraceful tactics and puerile psychological manipulations. Cleary, the Sunrise Movement is nothing more than an online gaggle of low grade gang stalkers, trained to specialize in staged street theatrics and emotional blackmail thinly disguised as a political movement.

In other words, these so-called “activists” don’t mind stepping into the public boxing ring to mix it up, as long as their opponents are merely lifeless punching bags kept chained to their corners and aren’t allowed to punch back.

One shall also take note the logo chosen for this “political movement” is a depiction of the risen sun in the eastern sky, which eerily mirrors the logo of the Jesuit order housed at the Vatican in Rome.

Logo of Sunrise Movement:

Logo of Jesuit order:

Coincidence, folks? One shouldn’t think so.

But there are some very interesting facts about the Sunrise Movement, facts which the MSM will assuredly never inform the public. The Sunrise Movement, according to E&E news ( is a 5013c organization begun with grants from Monster Energy drinks and the Sierra Club, with additional financial support provided by Wallace Global Fund, Winslow Foundation and – wait for it folks – the Rockefeller Family Fund.

As for Sunrise’s former financial benefactor, among Monster’s largest stockholders are the Vanguard Group and Coca Cola Co., who have prepared a social justice campaign ad already slated to be aired on prime time during this year’s Super Bowl. Loyal readers are already aware of the Vanguard Group (See: Vegas shooting hoax: The real story). 

Research conducted in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting/psychological operation at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel, indicated Vanguard Group is dialed in with L3 Technologies, London based Smith Group, Blackrock Inc., and ClearBridge American Energy, companies involved in the research and development, as well the distribution and installation of Millimeter brain wave scanners, machines which have proved to emit harmful doses of electromagnetic radiation into the human brain tissue.

As for the Coca-Cola corporation, laboratory tests have demonstrated ( their beverage products contain carcinogenic levels of cancer- causing chemical 4 methylimidazole.

In fact, those same tests have shown that in the US, the average 12 once serving of Coke contains 144 micrograms of this dreaded caramel flavored carcinogen.

To put this into perspective, the state of California requires a cancer warning label attached to any product demonstrated to contain a minimum of 30 micrograms of carcinogenic ingredients.

Obviously however, the “good” folks at Coca-Cola are more concerned with hiding behind a social justice image while covertly helping their elite masters bring their UN documented Agenda 21 depopulation quotas to fruition by the year 2030.

This latter point, syncs up with the shopworn talking point regurgitated by US representative Cortez, when she asserts during her interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in the video displayed above, that “in 12 years” (21/occult mirrored reflection/777 intelligence joker code), a federally legislated “climate change new deal” would reduce “carbon” emissions in the US and the West down to near zero.

And why does Cortez and other supporters of “climate change” accentuate reducing “carbon” emissions as a key talking point? Carbon or CO2, is a vital component for human life and for photosynthesis. In fact, anyone who has studied biology is well cognizant the human anatomy consists of primarily carbon.

Thus, the UN’s Agenda 21, synonymous with the euphemisms of “climate change” and “sustainable development” –  the former term has become more familiar with a growing percentage of Americans and citizens of the West – is also synonymous with depopulation.

Nevertheless, the depopulation agenda, as it relates to “climate change” is a concept the MSM, and to a very large extent those in the alternative media’s research community, are loathe to discuss or even broach.

And yet, according to the spooks at CIA, conspiracies don’t exist?

Perhaps, in their overly zealous support of Cortez, her callow Sunrise Movement supporters don’t possess the wherewithal to reason that in stooping to such low-brow tactics, they undermine the already dubious premise of the political cause they claim to bravely champion.

And remember folks, emotionalism is often utilized in a debate when one’s opponent – whether consciously or subconsciously – realizes the premise of their feeble argument lacks either intellectual heft or the firm foundation of persuasive substance.

But utilizing women and children as agents to front revolutionary causes demonstrates yet another cynical, exploitative and ultimately pusillanimous ploy on behalf of the ruling elite families. But what else should one expect from an upstart socio-political-cultural movement backed by the Sierra Club, an organization supported by Prince Phillip, consort of the sitting British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who was once allegedly quoted as having said, “If I were reincarnated I would wish to return to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

After clicking the link listed above to the article at, one shall immediately note, in addition to the egregious emotional exploitation used by its youthful spokespersons, the article includes a preponderance of both occult symbolism and numerological markers.

Not only does the article point out that both spokespersons, Evan Weber and Dyanna Jaye, are aged 26 (12/21/777), but Sunrise co-founder, Weber, was involved in the Occupy Movement in 2011 (13/summit of masonic pyramid), which meant that during his participation, he would have been 18 (666). Occupy, of course, was another government controlled-opposition operation funded by the very banking elites that the movement purported to be protesting.

Apparently, Weber believes the Sunrise Movement’s ultimate goal is to convince the US congress to “rewrite what government should be for,” and to also convince them the best way to combat “climate change” is to do what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during the 1930’s in combatting the Great Depression. Oh yes, Franklin Roosevelt, the man whose brother, Kermit, was one of the most notorious actors in history’s grand stage play (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)

The article also touts Sunrise’s “surprise” protest staged on November 13 (11+13=24/6/33) at the office of California representative Nancy Pelosi AKA former Hollywood actress, Jane Fonda (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

This rally reportedly resulted in some 51 arrests (6/33), and according to co-founder, Dyanna Jaye, was but one step in a process that began years ago.

“We have a very limited window of time to influence the agenda of the next congress,” she said.

Yes, and what better method to garner sympathy for your “cause” than staging public arrests in cooperation with the masonic police guilds for your low-grade crisis actors posed as wide-eyed, enthusiastic and benevolent youths who simply want to save the world from impending climate doom, right Dyanna?

By the way, if one scrolls down to approximately the mid-way point of the article’s web page, one shall also note there is a photo of the young activist, Dyanna Jay, sporting a black circle which has been photo shopped around her right eye. This represents another occult marker, symbolic of the masonic eastern star.

From this point on in the article, one shall discover greater examples of numerological markers.

“Weber left Hawaii to attend college at Wesleyan University, where three (33/Scottish Rite Freemasonry) life-changing events happened in rapid succession.”

Weber goes on to explain, that after the death of his father during his freshman year (no dramatic human interest biography will simply do without pulling the reader’s heart strings, right folks?) and his participation in the Occupy movement in 2011 (Weber is obviously a professional activist) he met Matthew Lichtash, a student majoring in “environmental policies” (seems the campus of Wesleyan is a training ground for activists and future CIA spooks).

Together, the pair of students received help from “green activist” Michael Dorsey, a visiting professor (professional activist and trained spook) when they received a $30,000 (33) grant to spend the entire summer of 2013 (15/6/33) writing a plan on how to save the world from climate change.

Yes, these professional activists are always spending the public’s tax dollars to “save the world” from something, aren’t they?

But notice, the article cites a “grant” folks?

This means, your hard earned tax dollars are being passed from the filthy hands of the US corporation into the even grubbier hands of future spooks who are likely, someday, to be employed by CIA, a company whose job it is to protect the commercial hegemony of the thirteen ruling elite families, and watch over their multi-billion dollar global drug trade monopoly.

Saving the world – yeah sure – if you believe that one, I’ve got some prime land in the Florida everglades to sell, right near an algae-ridden swamp, filled with carnivorous alligators and poisonous snakes.

At any rate, the remainder of this otherwise unintentionally informative article seems to represent nothing other than a product placement ad for Monster Energy drinks.


Perhaps the most interesting facet concerning the highly touted political campaign of Cortez is the role CNN has played thus far. Rather than choosing to overtly champion her campaign with hosannas, pundits such as Anderson Cooper have, for once, chosen to appear as actual journalists.

This too though, is an obvious and cynical manipulation, designed to restore some semblance of “journalistic credibility” after the network’s cause celebre over the Nathan Phillips debacle, who as it turned out, was proved to be a veteran government operative rather than a Vietnam combat veteran, paid for his involvement and participation in yet another staged and well-organized psychological operation sponsored by the international intelligence octopus and the US corporate government.

While posing their pundits to appear as fair and balanced in their handling of Cortez’s nonsensical rhetoric, rather than merely appearing obsequious, CNN brass appears to be exercising damage control, in a desperate attempt to shed their reputation as merely a propaganda arm of the international intelligence octopus.

Politically speaking, in hoisting what appears to be a young, idealistic, vibrant, and enthusiastic political candidate into the national limelight, the Democratic party chair leaders have no doubt reasoned, that such a maneuvering gamble will begin to marshal the overwhelming support of millennial generation voters – both registered and unregistered – for the upcoming presidential election of November, 2020, thus bolstering their hopes to oust the despised Republican incumbent, Donald Trump.


A comprehensive examination of Cortez’s official biographies contains all the earmarks of a manufactured character. Cortez’s story is garnished with prestigious titles and awards, as well dolloped with Hollywood inspired human interest drama. And yes folks, there are also numerological and occult markers. What is peculiar however, is that even after her biography claims Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University (Boston has been a Freemason stronghold since America’s 18th century revolutionary conflict) with a degree in international relations and economics, she still ended up employed as a bartender and a waitress at a taco stand?

Concerning Cortez, there are several more pertinent biographical details to reveal, but suffice to say, one shall immediately recognize these plot points as having been composed by reemployed third-rate television-script writers pink-slipped by the executive brass at the Lifetime network.

It is claimed, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in the Bronx, New York City on October 13, 1989 (23/2 3’s/33/36/3 6’s/666). It is also claimed, up until the age of five (2 3’s/33)  Cortez lived with her family in an apartment in Parkchester which, according to city planning, that neighborhood is part of Bronx Community Board 9 (6 in occult mirrored reflection/33).

Later, it is claimed she attended and graduated from Yorktown High School in 2007 (9/6/33).

But get this folks, it is alleged that Cortez, while still attending classes at Yorktown, was awarded “second prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on the lifespan of the nematode C. elegans.”

But wait, what follows is even more sensational.

According to official biographies, including Wikipedia, “the International Astronomical Union named a small asteroid after her: 23238 (18=666) Ocasio-Cortez.”

Let’s see here, international relations – award-winning scientific exploration? Seems as if the intelligence script writers at Langley assigned to create the Cortez character were working off a specific blueprint. Were they attempting to unleash the world’s first distaff model based on a combination of Henry Kissinger and Jonas Salk, perhaps?

So, moving onward to the coup d’etat?

Both facial recognition and voice analysis examination indicate our Miss Cortez is portrayed by a host actor who is not only an experienced actress, but the daughter of Brian Williams AKA former American VP, Joe Biden.

Allison Williams:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

It appears, that to better bring the Cortez character to fruition, post-production CGI, lighting angles, and contact lenses were skillfully applied to the host actor while surprisingly, the tone and pitch of the host actor’s voice – though modified with the slight twang of an urban-centric Hispanic accent – does not appear to have been significantly altered in post-production.

This, in the final analysis, was what gave the host actor away.

As always however, the secret to maintaining the integrity of the post-modern phenomenon known as the actor-based-reality is to keep it in the family.









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  1. Sorry, but unless Allison underwent super extensive reconstructive surgery to shorten the chin and forehead, and change the shape of her ears, eyes, teeth and gums—a whole new face (and we can’t see her hands in the clips)—these are two different people. Not to say aoc isn’t an actress—that’s very likely, and she’s a fraud, as is her fake persona—but she’s an original and not a do-over. She and the other two newbie loons are obvious plants, and just as dangerous as baby vipers. Placed and handled by the nwo manipulators for all sorts of nefarious reasons. But the good news is that the sheep can’t stay asleep with the constant fireworks happening, and the woke can use their outrage to turn dithering into doing. Dark to light.

    1. Thanks for your gracious interest in Newsspell. However, there are a number of factors to consider. Post production CGI, lens and lighting distortions and other post-production manipulations render surgical reconstructions superfluous, Keep in mind, like any Hollywood film, most of the televised footage sold to the public as live is prerecorded and reworked in post-production. In the case of AOC, these are most likely the tools utilized to manipulate ocular perceptions and to maintain concealment of the character’s host actor. However, I welcome contrary opinions as well encourage independent inquiry and investigation. There can be no doubt the US congressional body is nothing more than staged theater and Nancy Pelosi, the senior senator from California, is portrayed by former Hollywood actress, Jane Fonda.

    1. Thank you for graciously deciding to visit Newsspell once again – and if nothing else, the articles found here are designed to stimulate interest and discussion.

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