Dismantling sacred cows isn’t pleasant work.

But, someone has to do it.

During childhood, one wanted, earnestly, to believe NASA had actually sent men to the moon in a rocket ship. Admittedly, from the perspective of a wide-eyed child, it seemed bold, adventurous, and even imaginatively inspiring. Now, needless to say, well into adulthood, that perspective has been supplanted. Then, it suddenly occurred to me, how is it that rockets can function in the vacuum of space? How is it, all NASA images of earth from space are admitted, right on their own web site, to be computer derived composites and photo shopped simulations? Is it possible, like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and 9/11, all space missions are simulated events, sold to the public as real, with Hollywood supplying the necessary technical infrastructure to convince the public what they’re observing is real?

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Bilked for untold millions, a significant portion of the public, remains unwilling to entertain the notion NASA’s so-called space program, may in fact represent a massive hoax, or more accurate to say, a taxpayer pyramid scheme.

And, a hugely profitable one at that.

It appears, when so-called NASA scientists announce discoveries of black holes, they aren’t referring to those existing millions of miles out into deep space, but right here on earth.

Like NASA, Space-X is not exempt from this generalized critique, and in fact is not, as generally believed, a private company. However, for the time being, since the former exists as the more greatly heralded agency, with a grander, and more storied history, one shall concentrate efforts on NASA alone.

Could it be, with vast connections, to not only multi-national contractors, and the Hollywood studio complex, the vast tax monies allotted to NASA in the annual federal budget, are used not for the furtherance of space exploration and cutting edge science, but to produce what amount to nothing more than Hollywood style propaganda films? Could it be, NASA is filming space mission simulations here on earth, and selling these productions to the public as genuine space missions?

The purpose here, is not to directly address any of the various conspiracies regarding NASA  ‘space missions’. Any evidence needed to well disprove any of NASA’s manned missions into space, has been provided by other sources, possessing greater scientific expertise.

Rather, this installment represents more of a continuation of the last article (Syrian air strike was a hoax). Perhaps not surprisingly, the same contractors named in that article, possess a deep and interconnected history with the space agency known as NASA.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


Here, we shall adhere to the sage adage applied to acquiring knowledge through detailed investigation: ‘Follow the money’.

Upon further digging, into the multi-national corporations and private contractors involved in the massive project to rebuild the decrepit infrastructure in the Middle East, long standing connections with NASA came to extraordinary light. Not only have general contractors, Raytheon, Northrop Grunman, Boeing, General Dynamics, United Technologies, been involved with NASA since its inception, but perhaps even more extraordinary, are the identities of the individual shareholders. If one consults the following link: (, immediately noticeable are four in particular; Vanguard Group, Black Rock LLC, Fidelity and State Street Corporation. Not only do these firms represent NASA’s majority stock holders, they also possess controlling interest in all Hollywood studios, including Dreamworks, Time Warner, and Disney.

What we’re dealing with here, folks, is a colossal monopoly of business interests.

Clearly, NASA, Hollywood, and corporate contractors are dialed in with Rockefeller and Rothschild multi-national banking interests, creating what is tantamount to a behemoth business complex. This sinuous financial trail can be traced directly to the Crown Temple central bank in the city of London, (consult the previous blog series, How Crown Temple rules America (parts I-III).

The primary consideration to keep in mind, is that all American tax dollars, funding the pseudoscience fraud known as NASA, are funneled directly through these top four investment firms, then diverted into the coffers of the Crown Temple bank in London.

As stated before, taxpayer dollars are a chief source of revenue for the international banking system. In other words, it has always been easier, and more importantly, profitable, for NASA to fake space missions, rather than to take grand and genuine risks on little or no return from such vast financial investments.

Like the NFL (see All in the Game: NFL fixed or legit?), NASA does not take needless chances on unknown outcomes for their product, especially with trillions of profits on the line. And what product does NASA really sell; not science, but dreams. No surprise then, to find NASA with a long and established relationship to Hollywood, and to the most famous dispenser of miraculous dreams to the American public, Disney.

Firstly, it must be well established, right from the outset, most of NASA’s budget is dedicated not to the furtherance of scientific knowledge, but public relations.

Unknown to most, NASA is not an independent agency. Rather, it is but one compartmentalized section of a larger governmental bureaucracy, placed under the umbrella of the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.

It is, in essence, a public relations arm for the US government, working hand in hand with government contractors, Hollywood, and the international Crown Temple banking complex.

Oh, what a deadly, and deceptive web!

Though many will scoff at the following notion, NASA deals in not science, but pseudoscience; a psychologically seductive combination of politics and religion, sold to the public in the guise of a scientific package. The key in understanding this is to delve into NASA’s true origins, which are, rather curious. Turns out, the idea for NASA came not from scientists, but science fiction writers.


This may seem bizarre to some, but NASA was founded by those known to have dabbled in black magic and occult practices. The most famous, or recognizable of these, is L. Ron Hubbard, who before partnering with rocket scientist Jack Parsons, was in fact a struggling science fiction writer. Most infamously, Hubbard was once quoted: “You don’t get rich writing science fiction, but you can get rich creating a religion!”

Such is irony.

Hubbard went on to found the Church of Scientology, which made him a very rich man indeed. It could be said NASA has done a masterful job of inspiring an almost fanatical cult of followers, who like the adherents of Scientology, refuse to entertain even the most insignificant of negative criticism regarding their chosen creed.

Both Parsons, Hubbard, and NASA founder Werner Von Braun, recruited to America from Nazi Germany under CIA post-war operation Paperclip, were all 33rd degree masons, and had been initiated into the shadowy masonic sect known as the Order of Demolay, the origins of which, can be traced back to the Jesuits at the Vatican.

There is much more to say regarding these founding fathers of NASA.

So, stay tuned for part II, coming soon!



Well, guess what folks? It’s official. America has become a police state. No doubt, due to the nature of the subject matter detailed in the last two installments concerning the story of ‘Colleen Ritzer’, I have officially become a target of the local police.

This isn’t idle paranoia.

They, have decided to employ gang staking tactics. Since then, I have been receiving weird phone calls, and have been confronted by strange people attempting to follow me wherever I went. Today, there was even a piece of amusing street theater performed by the Hamilton-Wenham police, and a cast of bad actors, right near my residence. This amusing incident, I shall choose to detail in a later post.

In addition, just the other night, two consecutive police cruisers rolled by my residence and gas lighted my house, shining lights straight through my bay window. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘gas lighting’, it is a counter-intelligence tactic, developed by the German secret police unit STASI, utilized to psychologically weaken a chosen target. That’s right folks, these pusillanimous cowards, needing a gun on their hip to compensate for acute penile dysfunction, are running scared.

I shall give them credit for one thing though, they do indeed possess just enough brain matter, to deduce my pen is much mightier than any loaded service revolver strapped around flabby wastes overstuffed with doughnuts.

Regular visitors here, shall recall, I talked about the Colleen Ritzer hoax in the last two installments. I began to detail, how one Homeland Security drill, performed locally, right here in my hometown, was sold to the public by the Salem Evening News, as the brutal murder of a young high school teacher, at the alleged hands of a freshman student by the name of Jim Chism.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

However, the only brutality involved, wasn’t on the part of any knife wielding student suffering from psychotic delusions. Rather, the brutality was committed by school administrators, local police, and public officials, upon both an unsuspecting community, and a high school filled with needlessly traumatized students.

And why?

Well, for the money, of course. It is always about material gratification, folks!

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escape-to-death_banner1071My research has revealed not only was the event a hoax, but the subsequent trial as well. That’s right folks, ‘show trials’ are routinely performed, right here in America, of the kind documented taking place in old Soviet Russia, back during the mythical days of America’s cold war. Both the victim, and the assailant, were photo shopped simulations, using back dated pictures of a Beverly YMCA employee Cindy Stone, and the former Essex county sheriff, who by the way, along with the Danvers fire and police chiefs, and town manager Wayne Marquise, soon stepped down from their posts, subsequent to the event. Of course, this simultaneous anomaly, was ‘reported’ by the Salem News as purely a matter of coincidence. But, everyone involved in this operation, played the folks in the community for fools. Unfortunately for them, I have never been one of those.

This may be idle speculation, but one or more of these pubic figures may have been compromised, or promised a significant augmentation to their retirement pension, if and when they agreed to early retirement. Perhaps, there is even a glimmer of a chance, something may have pricked their consciences.

Personally, I doubt it.

Doubtless, there was very little left of their souls, before they chose to go along in this public charade. The allure of multi’-millions from Homeland Security, stuffed into the town’s coffers, must have represented too much of a temptation to bear. Like the Godfather and Luca Brasi characters starring in Martin Scorsese’s classic cinematic production, forcing the band leader in agreeing to the contract for singer Johnny Fontane, the Danvers public officials in question, were presented with ‘an offer they couldn’t refuse’.

There is much more to reveal here about this event, the shocking details of which, happen to be too numerous to detail in this installment alone.

Featured Image -- 7438Playing devil’s advocate, I can understand the consternation of those public officials and law enforcement involved in this demonstration of blatant corruption and gross malfeasance, and why they would want it to remain covert, at all costs.

However, the only way to expose cockroaches, is to lift up the rock they are hiding under, and proceed to shine a light, then watch them scurry away like the disgustingly ugly creatures they are.


As detailed previously, I did some digging into the participants of this Homeland Security drill. A fake murder sold to the local community as the real thing.

Think it is impossible? Think again.

Seems this Cindy Stone, a former Director of the Greater Beverly YMCA children’s ‘enrichment center’, (a euphemism for day care center) had a relative working at the local Danvers high school. How about that, folks, someone in charge of the welfare of children, involved in a psychological operation, resulting in the emotional trauma of over five-hundred adolescents, not to mention an entire community. Of course, any record of her relative having been employed by the school has been meticulously scrubbed by administrators. Would you trust this woman with the welfare of your children? Digging further, I discovered several more curious facts concerning this Cindy Stone, and the Greater Beverly YMCA ‘enrichment center’. I decided to look into what some former employees had to say about their work experiences online. There are websites like, and even Craigslist, where posted comments of former employees can easily be found.

One was soon able to discover the following litany of complaints: Apparently, per former employees, and some disgruntled parents, who had enrolled their children at this ‘enrichment center’, secret files are meticulously documented concerning those outspoken few, happening to question prevailing YMCA policies. Some parents of children, formerly enrolled at Greater Beverly YMCA, found that administrators would clandestinely file false and slanderous reports about their perceived parental shortcomings with Massachusetts social services, if and whenever they complained about possible YMCA staff abuses and incompetence. Imagine that, folks, a heralded organization such as YMCA, keeping secret files, on both employees and parents of children enrolled at their day care facilities?

Hard to believe, America is still considered the home of the free, and the brave, right?

Of course, subsequent to the Colleen Ritzer event, it was reported ‘pink’ had been the deceased’s favorite color. Lo, and behold, weeks after the event, YMCA organized a ‘code pink’ cancer donation drive event, giving away ‘Step up for Colleen’ T-shirts in exchange for hefty donations.

Got to love the devious method of operation on the part of everyone involved here:

1.) Hoax a murder.  2.) Use the local Salem News and national media to pull everyone’s heart strings. 3.) Summarily pick the public’s wallets clean for a donation scam.

The public may be unaware; all of YMCA’s facilities are subsidized with both federal and state tax dollars. That’s right folks, while the public already pays for the building, maintenance, and expansion of YMCA facilities, these money grubbing scoundrels disguised as civic Samaritans, can legally and shamelessly double dip with public donation solicitations.

Such a deal!

Obviously, one can conclude, this event, in coordination with the HSLEEP drill at Danvers High school, had been planned well in advance.

One can also be certain, both the local and state police, have hacked my internet connection, and after having read this, plan to unleash more harassment and gang stalking tactics, in preventing me from revealing any more pertinent facts.

If only they had read Shakespeare’s Hamlet; they have been hoist with their own petard!



OK folks, go ahead, call the men in the white coats!

Dare to hurl all your petty hatreds. Unleash your tantrums of righteous indignation.

Go ahead, I dare you.

But, just consider the following. The media sorcerers at CNN, ABC, NBC, and any other network one wishes to name, are dialed into both the Pentagon, and CIA.

They are purveyors of filthy propaganda, and nothing besides.

The anchorpersons and pundits you find yourself hanging on their every word and nuance, are nothing more than teleprompter reading, talking point spewing, well-paid liars!

These are the same folks reported of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ during the run up to the ‘Iraq war’. One grows increasingly weary of the hordes of mainstream pundits claiming the Wests ‘war strategy’ in the Middle East is a so-called ‘failure’.

As usual, they are incorrect.

Everything is going according to plan.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

The general public, fleeced of their tax dollars and blinded to the truth, is perpetually kept in the dark, while the elite bankers continue to wallow in piles of filthy lucre.

The blather puked out by the ‘experts’, is only dished out to preserve public perceptions, in terms of the prevailing political dialectic of left vs. right.  On the other hand, the prepackaged pablum served up by the ‘alternative media’, serves not to challenge this dialectic, rather, it serves only to psychologically preserve and reinforce it. The major alternative media figures, such as Alex Jones and David Icke, are merely well paid shills, shoveling yet another brand of prepackaged propaganda, cleverly spun to those perceived to exist on the fringes of mainstream opinion. In truth, one is merely presented with another form of cleverly conceived advertising. There are no alternative choices, the public is only presented with the same product tweaked for the sake of varying appearances, like choosing between Coke or Pepsi. In the final analysis, though the packaging appears to be different, both products ultimately taste the same.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

And, as usual, whatever brand they sell, you buy it. You keep paying, and the elite bankers, corporate industrialists, keep increasing the value of their hefty stock portfolios.

But, here you are, once again, lined up at the mainstream network news trough, slurping at the rancid water they serve up as if it were mother’s milk! The following discloses what the mainstream news liars will never inform the public.

There is no war going on in Syria.

But, there has been a lot of money making.

Over one hundred private contractors, and NGO’s (non-government organizations) are presently at work in Syria’s capital city of Damascus and surrounding environs. Many of these lucrative contracts have been awarded by the US, UK, and EU governments, to private multi-national firms, owned by elite banking families like the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s, for purposes of infrastructure reconstruction, controlled demolition, and population relocation efforts.

Yes, folks, your tax dollars, are being spent on a massive, latter day Marshal Plan, to rebuild Middle Eastern countries and their antiquated infrastructures. The threat of terrorism and war are merely thinly veiled propaganda, conditioning your mind into thinking these massive expenditures are not only humanitarian in nature, but ultimately necessary.

This represents a massive, and very profitable scam.

Here’s what the general public doesn’t understand. The concept of ‘war’, to the elite bankers and globalist industrialists, doesn’t exist in the conventional sense you’ve been conditioned to believe, having watched hundreds of Hollywood movies. There are no opposing armies strategically greeted to oppose one another on a field of battle. Most likely, the presence of government sponsored armed forces is only for purposes of security, and assisting non-government organizations with the smooth transitions of strategic population relocation efforts. To the elite bankers, ‘war’ is a strategic relocation and controlled demolition project, a multi-billion dollar business with massive profits at stake.

OK, you want proof, I hear you say?

Here are some salient facts:

Shayrat air force base, the very installation Western media claims was bombed by 60 (3+3=33, highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry) naval cruise missiles, has been operating under reconstruction contract since at least 2012.

General contractors, such as Six3, a private intelligence firm, recently bought out by CACI international, are now installing surveillance systems (facial recognition cameras, palm print modules, iris scan devices, and security camera infrastructure).

In addition, private contractors such as Raytheon, Lockhead Martin, KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown, and Root), Titan corporation (AKA TPR), Blackwater (now known as Xe) and several others listed at the following web address, have been assisting with reconstruction efforts in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries:

At present, battalions of Russian, British, US and European mercenaries, work hand in hand with the Syrian air force.

The Pentagon does not even try to hide this information, and much of the information regarding contractors working in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, can be verified on their web site.

But, of course, in lying by virtue of omission, the mainstream mannequin news readers will never see any hint of this revealing information scrolling across the network teleprompters.

Featured Image -- 7438Yes, folks, the mainstream news broadcast on your television sets is merely an adventure in Wonderland, straight down the rabbit hole filled with lies, a virtual wilderness of mirrors, where the truth is forever distorted and ultimately obscured.

This method of operation is quite familiar to those who have bothered to research.

On December, 14, 2012, when the mainstream news liars informed that an autistic video gamer, donned in Rambo gear, and armed with a virtual arsenal of military style automatic weapons, stormed Sandy Hook elementary school, murdering twenty-six children and adults. What they didn’t tell you, was that the school in question had been closed due to asbestos violations since 2006, and was being used merely as a colossal storage bin for obsolete school supplies.

There were no students, teachers, nor principles hiding under desks, shielding themselves from some mentally damaged, gun wielding mad man. There was only an empty shell of an abandoned building, conveniently set in an isolated location, perfectly available as a staging area for yet another HSLEEP drill, sold to the public as an actual, real life crisis event.

In the case of Shayrat air force base in Syria, and other locations around the Middle East termed ‘war zones’ by mainstream media liars, the military ordinance is merely used to clear the targeted sight of old and decrepit structures selected for demolition, facilitating the subsequent erection of new buildings and ancillary infrastructure.

The culmination of this massive, ongoing reconstruction campaign, will be sold to the worlds masses as WWIII, after which the veil of national security hiding the existence of a global governing order, shall be permanently pulled away.

The propaganda shoveled by the mainstream news liars is merely social conditioning to incrementally prepare the globe’s masses for the inevitable finally coming to fruition.

Of course, the international bankers will have financed the appearance of some charismatic global leader, in smoothly transitioning the masses to fully accept what will appear to be a new global order of peaceful affairs.

In truth, it will represent nothing more than what has always existed.

This idea may be too grand for most, or more accurate still, perhaps far-fetched.

But, folks, to the rational and objectively analytical mind, juvenile and perpetual barrages of mainstream news propaganda, can only hold against the truth for so long. Oh, and by the way, ear bio-metric analysis concludes that Syrian Premiere Bashar Assad, is in fact, Mark Rockefeller in disguise.

Bashar al-Assad:

Mark Rockefeller:

Believe it, folks!




For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground, and tell sad stories of the death of kings: Shakespeare, Richard II

The death of kings indeed.

No doubt, was there ever a financial wizard with grander visions than David Rockefeller Jr.?

Though it may not be politically correct to speak ill of the dead, the recent passing of one of America’s foremost captains of financial industry, represented more than a cause for celebration. By no means, however, does the sudden death of this titanic scoundrel leave a vacuum at the top of the elite power pyramid. Familiar with the calculating nature of the elites, it is certain someone was well prepared, in advance, to immediately assume the deceased patriarch’s vacant throne. For several decades, David Rockefeller Jr. wielded the power of a monarch over the West’s financial markets and presidential administrations, influencing the fate of Wall Street markets and white house executive decisions simply by picking up his office phone.

I find it quite ironic, the death of international financial titan David Rockefeller Jr. happened to coincide with this series of blog posts, essentially a bold indictment of the man, who for all intents and purposes, sat at the very hub of America’s corridors of power. However, as any reader of this blog knows by now, there are no such things as coincidences, whether in global finance, or geopolitics. No longer, can the proletariat of this world be so naive as to think conspiracies don’t exist in high places, that indeed, the elite of this world, are working against your vested interests, despite appearances, at every conceivable turn. Some, however small in number, are catching on to the true nature of elite families like the Rockefeller’s.

Some, are no longer content in being seduced by media panegyrics.

For those suddenly enlightened, the blinders have been removed, the veil torn aside, revealing the not so great Oz pulling the levers of power.

Unfortunately, too many are still fumbling along the yellow brick road, looking in vain for Toto.

Often the question is asked: “Well, how is it such grand conspiracies are pulled off, I mean, wouldn’t someone talk?”

The answer, lies in understanding that elite families, like the Rockefeller’s, always work by proxy, through carefully selected family members, and well-compromised puppets to carry out their nefarious bidding. The danger of leaks is mitigated by information compartmentalization,  and the use of cover stories, like the fairy tale of Jack Abramoff.  One must understand, when a monopoly of power; ownership of banks, media, and all major industry, is concentrated in the hands of elite families like the Rockefeller’s, it is then a simple matter to control the flow of information filtered down to the public at large.

As kingpin of Chase Manhattan bank, Rockefeller systematically carried out the policies dictating the political and financial direction of this country. In a very real sense, the history of America, from the dawn of the twentieth century to the present, is the story of the Rockefeller’s; the saga of a sorcerers dynasty.

The story of Jack Abramoff, though a small, but not insignificant chapter in this great saga,  is nonetheless indicative of the infamous covert machinations, and surreptitious, if not devious, methods of operation responsible for maintaining the Rockefeller’s position of perpetual preeminence.

With this final installment detailing the story of Jack Abramoff, one shall readily observe the Rockefeller family’s methods of operation, in relation to this story, have a long history.

For over one-hundred years, the Rockefeller family have assiduously created order out of chaos, creating straw men like Jack Abramoff, around which a carefully contrived media circus is crafted, successfully distracting public attention from the real perpetrators.

In retrospect, covert Rockefeller policies have driven America to its knees, where it now dwells in a netherworld of despair.

But this is all by grand design.

Now, with no choice of redeeming solace in sight, America has no other alternative, than to ultimately submit to the absolute control of a world governing structure. And, this state of affairs is certain to emerge, any day now, from behind the inscrutable veil of ‘national security’. All that is required, is an engineered event like 9/11, to bring this eventuality forward. Rest assured, like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and the banker bailouts of 2008, this massive event, like some grand theatrical spectacle, will have been concocted well in advance, and sold to the public as an actual crisis.

Elite’s like the Rockefeller’s know, the common man is a reactionary mass, controlled by the impulse of emotional responses, calculatingly induced to states of acute fear through the constant bombardment of media driven, psychological manipulation.

Before proceeding further with the final installment of this particular blog series, one shall provide a thumbnail historical sketch of Rockefeller malfeasance, spanning back to the days of the Nixon administration.

All presidents, since the advent of the Federal Reserve act, legislated at the dawn of the twentieth century, have been essentially puppets of international bankers, in particular the Rockefeller family.

One can clearly see, with the Rockefeller’s in full control of America’s money supply, the inhabitants installed at Pennsylvania Avenue, despite varying ideological designation, became wholly interchangeable.

Finance is the greatest of weapons, politics merely representing the will to use it.

And, the Rockefeller’s, have utilized this ultimate weapon with judicious, if not consummate skill.

With the election of Richard M. Nixon in 1968, the Rockefeller’s had a most reliable puppet in the White House. Like Jack Abramoff later on, Nixon was a theatrical character, set up not only to absorb public approbation, but on cue, dutifully fall on a sword of Damocles at the appointed time. Both characters, would unquestioningly perform their assigned roles, meticulously following the historical scripts created for them.

It was Nelson Rockefeller, David’s older brother, created and financed Nixon’s political career from the very beginning, hoisting the former naval officer into the ranks of high politics from obscure origins.

Supported by Rockefeller largess, Nixon quickly ascended to the Vice Presidency, then later to the presidency itself. His Madison Avenue concocted reputation as a conservative man of the people, served as political cover for his true intentions, in carrying out the agenda set down by his financial benefactors.

The Rockefeller’s are always careful to never show their hand.

For, America’s political and economic agenda, is always filtered down to the puppet in the white house through the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Tri-lateral Commission, non-government organizations funded with Rockefeller money.

Beginning in 1968, the Rockefeller’s program of financial destruction for America was brought to bear in haste, first with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, (congressional act prohibiting commercial and merchant banks from illegal collusion), and second, with the removal of the American dollar from the gold standard.

It is no coincidence, these events, performed without characteristic public fanfare, coincided with the Vietnam War, which in fact, acted as a cover for the nefarious financial and geopolitical schemes of Nelson and David Rockefeller.

It is also no coincidence, that beginning in 1968, the construction of the twin towers in NYC was completed, which would meet with predetermined destruction exactly thirty-three (33 is numerology code for the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) years later, in 2001.

The meticulous exhaustion of America’s gold supply was merely a transfer of Rockefeller assets and business interests to Asia, where a massive population of human resources could be exploited cheaply. The relaxed restrictions of communist regimes would mean greater profits, in that mercantile and commercial goods could be produced for a fraction of the cost, then imported back to Western markets.

With the establishment of high Western trade tariffs, goods made for a fraction of the cost in Asian countries, could then be shipped and sold in Western commercial markets at a considerable markup, meaning massive profits for the Rockefeller’s, for Rockefeller corporate partnerships, and elite Rockefeller banking minions.

While Americans centered on the horrors of a globalist engineered war in Vietnam, the Rockefeller’s were clandestinely fleecing America, all with the willing help of their puppet in the white house, Richard Nixon. This is the similar method of covert operation David Rockefeller used in covering up massive financial malfeasance years later, with the creation of the Jack Abramoff character.

While in 2008, America had its eyes riveted to the distraction of the theatrical production known as Jack Abramoff, David Rockefeller, with the blessing of yet another hand-picked puppet in the white house, swindled over 800 billion dollars from the public treasury, to fund not only a scam health care system, and the CIA front known as Homeland Security, but to create a massive hush fund, for those taking part in the media hoaxes known as Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, and other federally sponsored emergency drills, subsequently sold to the fearful American public, through media driven, trauma based emotional manipulation, as actual crisis events.

So, rest in peace David Rockefeller, on whose tombstone the following epitaph should be permanently etched:



This will make many uncomfortable, particularly those with children enrolled in the American public school system. Most do not question anything, merely taking at face value what they see and hear from experts, politicians, pundits, and news anchorpersons broadcast on television.

Perhaps, it is time to start airing some questions, from time to time?

The future of your children may depend on it. Then again, if one finds they don’t like the message written here, you could always flip over to America’s favorite disinformation agent, Alex Jones. Maybe, you can manage to dig the truth from his prepackaged Cracker Jack box filled with lies. Alas, one shall not find truths toy surprise contained within.

I guess you prefer the news from him, because he has a slicker webpage, with cool graphics, right?

Just realize this, though.

You will never get the unvarnished truth about anything from Jones, about Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Boston bombing, or anything, for that matter. He is never going to inform you who is really behind the world conspiracy. He, will never inform you about the Crown Temple bankers, and their minions in the Jesuit masonic orders, representing the vicious spider, sitting at the center of the connective web of global governance. Yes, folks, the real architecture of governance sits just beyond the veil of national security.

All ideologies sold to the masses are merely superficial brands, political voodoo.

Nevertheless, if you only care about the truth, then folks, you’ve come to the right place.

escape-to-death_banner1071The destruction of your children’s minds was planned long ago. These long range plans to systematically turn entire generations into slavish, and obedient automatons was formulated by a group of men back in the nineteenth century, men funded by elite banking families like the Rockefeller’s, DuPont’s, and the Carnegie’s.

Do those names sound familiar? To anyone having previously viewed this blog, they should. When researching the world conspiracy to enslave mankind into a global order of affairs, the same names keep popping up, again and again.

Coincidence, right? Conspiracies? NAH, couldn’t be!

But, one should not merely take my word for it.

I know you won’t anyway.

However, the burden of research lies with you.

You, must begin to ask your own questions.

Please, for your own sake, and for the sake of your children’s future’s, start using your library cards judiciously, for something other than just holding a place in your purse or wallet.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?


Once again, some historical perspective is necessary in order to fully appreciate, or understand, how intricate, and well-laid, this conspiracy to collectivize America’s population into a new order of global affairs was first introduced through the creation of public schools. Well before the turn of the twentieth century, a very passionate group of American ideological leaders visited the kingdom of Prussia. There, they discovered an educational system, devised on the basis of obedience, efficiency, and order. These leaders then sought, and actively campaigned, to introduce such a system into the United States. Paramount in achieving their goals, was to first remove children from parental influence, and all ‘inappropriate cultural influences’. Keep in mind, during the time period specified, the literacy rate of Americans was at the highest peak since it’s inception, a state of affairs raising considerable alarm among the elite bankers and intellectuals, who saw these unprecedented levels of literacy as more than a possible threat to their hegemony. The last thing these elite leaders wished to see, was an empowered proletariat capable of governing their own affairs. That state of affairs, of course, would render what they regard as their sacred purpose, obsolete. They would be put out of business. Undoubtedly, the proletarian dream would serve as their ultimate nightmare. Thus, these American educationalists moved to immediately concoct a remedy, to what they saw as a growing threat. An educational model, based upon the bedrock of three basic tenets; obedience, subordination, and collective life, was formulated by these American intellectual elites. They subsequently maneuvered to enact laws promoting and accentuating the idea of civic duty, as opposed to the then prevailing sense of rugged American individualism. As William Seawell, University professor of liberal arts, wrote in 1981, the embryonic ideal of the American public school system was to produce children reliant on the dictates of the governing state, in lieu of staunch loyalty to the environmental culture of family.


Perhaps, this paraphrased quote from Horace Mann, an elite intellectual, considered by many to have been the founding father of the American public school system, will be found particularly illustrative: “We are engaged in a sacred franchise of (public) education entitled to look upon parents of all children as hostages to our cause.”

The establishment of this ’cause’ began in 1834, held in a secret drawing room in Boston, Massachusetts, attended by many prominent businessmen and chaired by William Ellery Channing, Mann’s personal secretary. After much deliberation, they agreed, per records of the Massachusetts Historical Society, that the present school system allowed too much ‘entrepreneurial exuberance’ than the system itself could presently bear. Mann’s sacred franchise, of course, had the staunch support of those harboring mutual self-interests, the elite bankers, captains of industry, and American businessmen. Objectively, this seemed to represent natural linkage. Elite business interests had successfully, by that time, compromised the administration of laws, the judicial system, and the corridors of federal governance. Establishing a grand reformation in the way of public schools, to fit elite business interests, merely represented the final frontier, culminating in the ultimate conquest of America. Initially, at least, there was resistance to Horace Mann’s dream of establishing this ‘sacred franchise’.

By 1852, the first compulsory statutory laws were enacted in Massachusetts. At the time, relatively 80% of the population was vehemently opposed to the newfangled compulsory attendance laws for public schooling. When the resistance grew to a head in some communities across the state, particularly in Barnstable, at the time a small sea side community found out on Cape Cod, it took the intervention of the militia to persuade the inhabitants to finally comply.

This proves the elites will stop at nothing to crush genuine citizen grievances. However, this also proves the American people still had the requisite backbone to fight what they perceived to be gross injustices.

Do they still?

Safe to say, one thinks, the jury is still out!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of CIA: the House that Jack Built (part III) coming very soon!


This may be a perspective most regular users of social media never consider. Nevertheless, it is something many may be aware of, but only on a subconscious level. When interviewing for a job, or making friends with acquaintances perhaps met with for the first time, most folks want to present, and to project, the best possible idealized version of themselves.

So it happens with social media.

On the one hand, there is the real you, and there is the persona cultivated to social media contacts, or ‘friends’. For now, the particulars of this phenomenon we shall explore in a later post. For now, we shall attempt to discover why social media behaviors seem to become increasingly addictive.

I see you shaking your head. But you know very well what I”m talking about, don’t you?

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

When an exciting tweet, or FB post, you’ve been anticipating shows up on your screen, how you can’t wait to click it on? But, has one never considered the larger ramifications of this? Is it really worth sacrificing other, perhaps more productive things you could be doing, like interacting with real family and friends, rather than checking your smart phone every five minutes to see how many ‘likes’ you got on FB today-is this frantic, and quite frankly addictive behavior, worthy of the time and attention most seem to afford it?

In the last two installments concerning this subject, the psychological aspects of social media were discussed. Most are familiar with Pavlov, and his experiments with ‘classical conditioning’, about the ringing of the bell indicating the delivery of reward, in this case food to salivating dogs serving as test subjects.

Social media, on the other hand, demonstrates yet another type of psychological manipulation, known as ‘operant conditioning’. This occurs when a test subject deliberately alters their behavior due to some sort of effective stimulus being introduced. The most recognizable form of this is popularly termed ‘positive reinforcement’, an incentive given for changing behavior in preferred ways.

But, is there a clear relationship with this example and what occurs on social media ? Turns out, indeed, there is.

Researchers at Stanford University have attempted to explain why most cannot seem to stop looking at their Twitter feed or FB posts.  In a study involving various social media behaviors, researchers concluded that it is not the positive reinforcement in developing addictive behaviors with regard to social media platforms , rather it is the unpredictability with which the rewards are delivered that keeps you coming back for more. In other words, since we can’t tell when another rewarding social experience may occur, that acts as a prime motivator in returning to the social media platform to check, sometimes several times per hour.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

The end result being, one is more willing to sacrifice real relationships with friends, family, and even co-workers, to see what is happening with those artificially created ‘friends’ online. Besides the obvious consequences, what are the larger implications to be drawn from these addictive behaviors?

Turns out, per Stanford researchers, the end result may be feelings of deprivation, perhaps even acute depression.

In short, with regard to social media and operant conditioning, the effectiveness of a consequence is directly related to becoming deprived of that addictive stimulus.

So, in light of these findings, ask yourselves: Is it really worth it in abandoning your real relationships, for the fake ones developed on social media?


In the classic American cinematic production Citizen Kane, Charles Kane boldly declares as head of the mythical media empire he created:

“You provide the pictures, I’ll provide the war!”

This may be an overly dramatic illustration.

Nonetheless, it is a glimpse into the artificial nature of modern media, creating false perceptions again and again, until the lines between reality and fantasy are no longer distinguishable.

When engaged with journalistic pursuits, it is always best to support one’s premise with empirical facts. The following may be shocking to some. However, it is clear, not only may the big networks lie to the public on a regular basis, it may be more shocking still, to discover one’s local periodical doing the same.

So it was with the story of ‘Colleen Ritzer’, the story of the young teacher allegedly murdered by one of her own students on October 22, 2013. Upon further investigation, one has discovered even more curious anomalies with regard to this alleged story. Not only did local officials, police, and certain members of the community working for the YMCA collude to create this curious piece of reality television, but it was broadcast to millions across the nation, and apparently believed.


I grew up reading this newspaper, and like most, implicitly took the stories printed on its pages as absolute gospel. Of course, years later, perhaps due to my inherent penchant to question everything, one has learned to take Samuel Clemens perceptive adage to heart: “Don’t believe everything you hear, and less of what you read!”

So it was with the story of ‘Colleen Ritzer’.  As it turns out, nothing about this story, in the wake of the event, made sense, the details in the published accounts riddled with contradictions. For one, the Salem News claimed the alleged assailant, Jim Chism, aged fourteen, was suffering from mental illness. And yet, at the same time, it was claimed he carried out the alleged murder in a premeditated fashion, like some criminal mastermind. Last I checked, folks, most suffering from acute mental illness are incapable of carrying out anything in a premeditated fashion, much less planning and executing a murder. Keep in mind, the Salem News claimed the time of the murder was mid-afternoon, and committed on campus, simultaneous with hundreds of students and staff, still present on campus. And yet, it is alleged, Chism, lured the victim to a student bathroom, committed first sexual assault, then murder, then somehow found a janitor’s trash dolly to wheel the body out to the nearby woods, and out across a parking lot filled with tens, if not hundreds of witnesses. And yet, it is claimed, there were no apparent witnesses, this mentally incapacitated teenager miraculously more stealthy than some military trained assassin.

Lo and behold, though stealthy enough in avoiding detection while carrying out a ‘premeditated’ crime during the hectic rush of a school day, the perpetrator in question conveniently left behind important clues, like a pair of jeans soaked in the victims blood. Strangely though, when removed from the scene, the victim’s body was noticeably absent of all traces of blood, the sheet wrapping the cadaver completely white and pristine.


In addition, subsequent to having committed the alleged crime, the assailant appropriated the victim’s cell phone and credit cards, and went across town to the local Wendy’s, then to the local cinema to watch a Woody Allen movie, entitled Blue Jasmine. All of this rings highly improbable, for the following reasons. Hasn’t everyone, in this modern day and age, even a callow fourteen-year-old, watched enough crime drama on television, to know after having committed a murder, one needs to abscond from the area immediately, in order to more completely escape detection by police? As for the victim’s credit cards and cell phone, is it not possible, the assailant realized the police were capable of ‘pinging’ the phone in order to discover his immediate whereabouts? Or, is it much more likely, this was part of a scripted scenario, in order to facilitate communication between participants taking part in a Homeland Security preparedness drill? In light of these deductions, it is noteworthy the local police chief later testified in court, to the fact the responding officers were in fact not using normal police radios on the night in question.

Rather, they had been communicating via cell phone!

Furthermore, is it not possible, even if the alleged murderer managed, by virtue of providential miracle, to escape detection for a time, the purchases he made with the victim’s credit card would be electronically traced like a trail of bread crumbs? Additionally, what teenage male would be even remotely interested in a Woody Allen romantic comedy? Curiously, the Salem News changed this detail in subsequent accounts, claiming the movie in question viewed by the alleged assailant was in fact ‘Gravity’, starring Sandra Bullock. Of course, no one questioned these anomalies, apparently having swallowed them like mother’s milk!

All except, that is, one inquisitive independent novelist and blogger!

In addition, this event had all the earmarks of a HSLEEP drill, or Homeland Security emergency preparedness drill. The telltale signs of this, were the multi-jurisdictional responses, and the lack of any customary or protracted investigation before releasing the suspects name to the public, as well the efforts of the Salem News going well out of their way to accentuate the most melodramatic, if not gory of details. Moreover, the racial disparity between the assailant and the victim was repeated to a curious degree, the former having been described as a vicious, mentally unbalanced African-American, the latter as an angelic Caucasian twenty-four-year old teacher. Representing, all the earmarks of a classic psychological operation.

In this case, it is fair to say even William Randolph Hearst could not have concocted more slanderous yellow journalism.

But wait, folks, it gets even better!

Until this day, not only is there no record of any prisoner by the name of Jim Chism currently listed in the Massachusetts registrar of prisons, but when I inquired via telephone for an explanation as to this glaring anomaly, the response was curious, if not comical.

The person on the other end of the line, seemed shocked, if not personally offended someone possessed the temerity to even bother to verify the information in the first place. After being given the run around by several more administrators, I was summarily transferred to the Essex county corrections spokesperson. Although they confirmed there was no record of any Jim Chism housed in any of their prisons, either local or statutory, the spokesperson informed Chism had been transferred to a mental health facility in Dorchester, twenty-six miles away.

This is when things got strange indeed!

Upon checking for verification at the facility in question, I discovered although there were no inmates fitting the description of the alleged assailant, there was, however, a listing for a Jim Chism, aged sixty-five, a Vietnam war veteran, suffering from and being treated for severe post-traumatic stress.  If that wasn’t odd enough, I checked the man’s birth date. Are you ready for this folks:


Stay tuned for part III, because this gets more weird as we go along. Indeed, the story of the alleged murder of one Colleen Ritzer, turns out to be one deep rabbit hole, with no bottom in sight!