Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard

Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard

Has one never bothered to look in the sky? Has one never bothered to investigate exactly why our skies may be sprayed with dangerous chemicals-strontium, barium, and aluminum?

Probably not, correct?

After all, one is too preoccupied staring zombie-like at the cell phone screen to notice. But, just consider this, on the odd chance you may crane your neck upwards to witness the high strangeness going on in the sky, one may find themselves inquiring about those odd and unnatural striations, gossamer-like filaments lingering at the atmosphere’s zenith. Are they indeed what is claimed by NASA and its minions of apologists, merely the residue left from jet contrails?

For those small percentage rousing the requisite curiosity to have investigated this ghastly phenomenon, the conclusions are overwhelmingly negative. Turns out geoengineering has been going on for quite some time, decades in fact. Only now, so-called scientists at Harvard University are not only admitting our skies have been sprayed with dangerous chemicals, but they have tied it in with the alleged ‘climate change’ agenda. In essence, the very environmental disasters climate change advocates have been warning about, scientists and bureaucrats are deliberately bringing about to fulfill a global agenda with social, economic, and political ramifications for the future of the human race.

And, this agenda no longer remains covert. It is the vast geoengineering industry has caused the degradation of the planet, only, they will lay the blame with what is regarded as the common masses, who shall pay for it, on the one hand with a globally legislated carbon tax, and on the other, with their very lives.   Continue reading “Geoengineering is Climate Change says Harvard”