Political ideologies are mere wisps of reeds against the hurricane force of truth.

But, just consider for a moment: What if everything one has been taught to believe about American history turned out to be a colossal lie? What if all of American history represented merely the recording of a script played out by actors? The following may serve to convince, or at the least compel one to begin to contemplate, that the meaning of Act II, Scene VII of Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’, may not have been meant to be taken metaphorically.

Rather, what if the following excerpt from the old bard was not metaphorical in nature, but meant to be interpreted on a literal basis?

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances, AND ONE MAN IN HIS TIME PLAYS MANY PARTS.”

While most of the following information is certainly controversial and indeed may be vilified, perhaps one should consider the profound significance of this query: Does one ultimately feel more comfortable remaining wedded to conditioned fictions, or is it better instead to seek out new ground, in a search for the ultimate truth?

The choice is ultimately yours.  Continue reading “ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (Part I)”